16 December, 2007

Wah Taj..!

Taj Mahal the symbol of love..which gets propogated through its cool & calm colour of the marble..most brighter than the Moon-light. The world sees the purity & peace in the architechture and beautiful mosaic carved in the monument. A monument which peeps into a deep history of art, culture and Love.

Location: Yamuna River banks in Agra,Uttar Pradesh, India.
Construction time: 1631-1653
Spread Over: 42 acres
Built By: Mughal Emperor "Shah Jahan"
Built For: In memory of the Emperor’s dead wife "Mumtaj Mahal"
Significance: One of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Taj got listed as ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ in 1983 as a universally admired master piece of world heritage.
Taj Mahal is now part of the elite list of New Seven Wonders of The World. According to initial reports received, the Indian monument of love received one of the highest shares of votes in the poll, which was conducted through Internet, SMS and on the phone. About 100 million people had voted in the campaign through SMS and email. The campaign was begun in 1999 by Bernard Weber. And finally on the 07.07.2007, the TAj Mahal was declared the a clear winner.

Above all, the Taj Mahal was a monument to a woman...very well reflecting the beauty and honour of the soul.

Awesome pics been taken by the PHOTOGRAPHER Amit, on his Agra trip.. reflecting the vibes of Indian people and incredible marble monument with the moments captured in the camera...with the mesmerizing things.
Please take time to check out some of the most classic looks of India and its identity...the Incredible Taj Mahal..
Indeed, Taj Mahal is the pride of India, and we need to save, conserve and not to pollute it..
All I can now simple say Wah TAj..!..Wah Omit..!

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