07 May, 2010

Best Posts of Blog - Year 2008

“...Most of what you will create is for your enrichment or is a stepping stone to other better, more insightful work. Maybe once or twice in a lifetime you will be recognized with the kudos of the public, so in the meantime, create for yourself.  quotes: Don Hahn quotes

Hola friends and Readers,

Best Posts Yr.2008
~ Best Posts of Yr. 2008 ~
Check the Best-post list of .2007 before reading Ahead.
Yes I know it took a bit long coming up with this post…but I’m all set to present much longer and longing list of my favorite best-post list of Year.2008. The list published on the yearly basis with a tiny snippet of my true thoughts behind the particular post!

~ Year.2008 had been an enriching period or rewarding era for me in the blogging, hence you will notice a slight variation but a good change in my posts. I opened up more experiment to know what I enjoyed in writing. It was all together a beautiful year to have got a good crunch and much large bunch of blogs.

The list could be longer but I might just create another post over Popular Posts of the blog.
Perhaps, till than enjoy this sweet snippet direct dil se..

In year 2008 there were in total 41 posts making mark in the archive.

~So here I have selected fifteen posts as my favorite best-post list of year 2008.
~ If you love me than you might Read this post to know more about me..! lol.

~ One of my favorite posts for it includes feature traits of my adorable people of my life.

~ A perfect peas and cottage cheese quick recipe to make to relish.

~ One of my first efforts of creating a perfect photo presentation to guide you in making of the recipe of Paratha, Indian Flat Bread.

~ Sure my excitement crowns this post with the details of my shopping and experience during my Monsoon Wedding!

~ A very content and caring Love-Letter for my Paa on the Golden Jubilee of his Birthday. Read and cherish your bond with your father.

~ An innovative day and finally I discovered eating the hot golden crispy banana cutlets as snacks. Easy and sweet recipe!

~ If you can Read this, than Say…Thank you Teachers! An inspiring post to celebrate Teachers Day!

~ An inspiring post with a short story and a perfect Pria’s poem attached. You might agree or disagree with the post views, but You will love the Story conveyed.

~An inspiring post with much stimulating short story, which I heard in my childhood from my grand parents.

~ One of my very first attempts of presenting a True experience of my life. This post has humor and an irony attached to a Traveling and Journey.

~A mail delivered in my inbox on my birthday...as a miracle, completely unexpected and truly amazing experience to read!

~ A post on the Silver Jubilee of my life, 25th birthday with all nostalgic sweet moments.

~ My strong affection with colorful butterflies. Learn more about the Butterfly trail.

~ Now more if you love than read more Humming Today :P Luv you All!

  • The next shall follow my list of Year.2009 for do follow for updates:)
  • ~Thank you for the consistent love, support and acceptance!


  1. You always come up with beautiful things. Your post inspires me and including people who visit here. Great posts of 2008 indeed.

    Rachana, the layout is good but the background color doesn't go well with the purple at the bottom. Thaz what I feel. May be other readers can come out with their ideas.

  2. your template is now refreshing..and bright..know what..? your blog 's content always make me smile though im not part of your life in that year..im sure those posts contain so much lessons in life :D

  3. yes.. u have lovely ideas for posts indeed..

    but i always felt black=beautiful...


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