07 October, 2010

Three Cheers - Indiblogger Meet and more

Three in one!
Nope..this post is not on some printer or some instrument that is three dimensionally multi-linguistic...however...it’s about a historic day that is 3rd. October, 2010.
For me there were mega three events in the day to observe.


Ever since I knew the venue of the Indiblogger meet was changed, I was a bit unsure to attend it.

Indiblogger had their 5th successful blogger meet in Bangalore. I thought I simply did not want to miss this time.

However I had a little confusion cloud even in the early morning that day. I kept tossing the coin, to decide to choose the right. It was long awaited weekend and my hubby had a holiday. It was supposed to be a day to spend together, having fun and going out. (..sometimes decision-making in choosing the best between the two unique best is really tough!)

Out of the blue while having morning tea, my hubby reading a newspaper reminded me of the Indiblogger meet. I told him that I was a bit unsure to attend. He insisted to go and asked me to get ready quickly. We had a bit of thought process, searched the route in the Google-map of the venue and finally I was ready to head towards the meet.

...bringing talent and thoughts together with
 hub of harmony and happiness..with honour!
The miraculous magic begins when one is not expecting anything and yet a bundle of surprises are stored to roll. Indiblogger meet has been one of them.

I was extremely excited to go and meet the people in person whom I have sure known them virtually through their blogs and other friendship-sites.

Plus I had a desire to meet the indiblogger team,  whose efforts have been behind beautiful concept of Indiblogger site bringing talent and thoughts together to twinkle the hub of harmony and happiness simultaneously with honour.

And as their tag-line say 'We Blog..Therefore We are', perhaps we blog not because we have to but because we want to :)

All the way while going I was wondering what my hubby will do at home alone while I shall be busy in attending this Meet. Well honestly I was actually thinking will he be cooking something for me as a surprise dish for the dinner! After all in my absence that day the kitchen was all his and he does prepare some of my favorite dishes with brilliance ;)

The venue was quite far from my home. Also it was a weekend and with lot of traffic around on the road I reached there in around 45mins. My hubby left me at the Fortune Park Hotel’s Corridors and went for the car parking.
Because I was already 10 minutes late, I gave a quick see-off to hubby and just rushed at the 7th heaven’s floor of the Hotel.

+ Got warm welcomed and soon registered myself.
+ As goes the first step after affectionate greeting, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed absolutely. And perhaps, I also knew then that I would have certainly missed so much if I hadn't come!

I was looking around slowly to get a glance of someone virtually I know. But you know sometimes it is so difficult to actually recognize and distinguish people in real and in photo.
Everyone look so different and yet so familiar.
However after waiting for couple of minutes, I noticed Nethra, I felt she was Nethra though I was not all that so sure. Suddenly I noticed her passing a sweet smile before I could and I knew my instincts were correct.

Who else...do I know, I wondered?
This is where I make out, 'the world is not that small'; however we interact with each other 24/7 through facebook or twitter or blogging or technology yet meeting in person is entirely different experience to look forward.

Suddenly my phone rang...It was my hubby, wondered why he was calling now in few minutes for it takes more than an hour to reach home. As I attended the phone, he said he was sitting in the same hall as a back-bencher. I was a bit amused to see him. I instantly went towards him, he said I could carry on with my stuff; he just came to see the function.
Well this was absolutely better than I telling him the whole story of the day, ten thousand times at home than he himself experiencing and getting more familiar with it. It was truly so wonderful having him around. All the time I was just muttering something into his ears about someone or something.

There was a good intro round and finally I saw few more people whom I’m familiar with. Tavish [absolute sensible], Leo(Vinay) [King of Rhymes without reasons], Avada Kadavra (Ashwini) [truly sweet gurl], Ayyangar Sir,[pioneer at opinion] Lakshmi Rajan Sir [founder of awesome Ginger Chai Site], Mr. Birla [owner of my fav. restaurant Potluck, guys you must try moong dal ka halwa there..its awesome. Address* LINK] and whole remarkable team of Indiblogger...Really it was so wonderful to meeting them and many more in person.

There were people of all genres and age,
Some made me feel as if I knew them,
Yet other time I felt I don’t know some,
Some know me and yet there were some we knew mutually!

In all it was a beautiful amalgamation of creative thoughts and blend of joy in every passing minute. Also got introduced to many new view people had and followed so passionately. Thoughts had a depth from gardening to environment concerns supporting the best of Green causes.

And sure there were some lucky guys who got the prize ‘HP-Printer’!
What else one could ask for better, gift as HP-Printers, free t-shirt, lovely snacks and delight for boozers initiate by the hotel for the Indibloggers only!
But my best part was being surrounded by the best and talented people around.
Perhaps, not every day is that blessed that we actually overcome all kind of difference to meet and exchange words to express so freely. Having said that all, I cannot just ignore the wonderful liveliness everyone was sharing with each other so willingly.

Above all because we were planning to buy Printers we were well impart through the presentation the HP guys gave over the new technology HP and their printers are working on.

Though Indiblogger have been conducting successful meets for Bloggers past some years at different metro junction all around India, I attended it first time. And was so much thrilled to see varied sections of ways to keep us engaged and with the composition of the Indi-meet. ‘Live and let comment’, ‘All hell breaks loose-IndiForum’, ‘Spirit of Bangalore’(photo contest) were some of the slice of fun and passion shared.

+ When the meet was over, I realised I had developed a bit of sweet hangover over the meet.
+ Mused over about the people I meet and about the experience I had over all.
While coming back at home all the way it was raining so heavily and I was recollecting the moments about the meet. Truly I was so touched to see the warm welcome towards me and my hubby got from my blogger friends...something I shall cherish for a long...may be till we meet again!

~ And little chain of moments of joy and bliss!

2) Common Wealth Games(CWG) commence: LINK

I thought I was lucky of being present in this Indiblogger-meet at Bangalore with sincere +250 people around than actually attending CWG in Delhi. Yes! It’s sad to make any such statement but then so much of negative-publicity about CWG seen on air really hurts. Indeed, it’s such an unpleasant feeling to have and declare with so much of difficulty...

Finally after reaching home, we had evening tea.
And I was ones again scanning in mind every moment spent at Indiblogger meet.

Switched on the television and surprisingly intended to watch the nineteenth Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at New Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. A tune into the theme song ’O yaaron’ of Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi by Oscar winner music composer A R Rahman...echoed. (to download the tune LINK)  Startlingly an inspiring and magnificent ceremony stretched out without a hiccup, portraying the best of India and Indian Culture.

+ I was so so happy to actually prove thyself wrong for having a negative perception over the arrangements. There was only so much of Uniquely India and shades of talent people had. More than 65,000 spectators and mesmerizing applaud echoed.
I was absolutely divinely proud as an Indian to see the reflection of dazzling art work India showcased. The glorious opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010 has truly surpassed all our expectations and perceptions...

3) Popular reality show Bigg Boss-Season4

And there after the state of new season popular reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Salman Khan(bollywood Actor) began at night on Colors Channel. It was a thrilling opening of the show with some much unexpected guests of honours of house.

Just like a little Amelie, I kept weaving my thoughts and wondered what if I’m trapped with certain group of bloggers in one house like Bigg Boss show concept... What will then the scenario would be...and perhaps who would actually win the race at the end.

One that have a popular blog,
Or one who is more popular than the blog,
Or one who gets 20 comments on an average in every post,
Or the one who is friendly despite of all the odds with almost zero comment!

I kept my dreaming caps on and found no unique conclusion than having a fun together under one roof with bunch of creative excellence followers! Ahh! Imagination...perhaps have no boundaries of any kind.

Everything was at the perfection, on 3rd of October, 2010...
Everything was grand and worth every endeavour!

  • 'Indiblogger meet@ Bangalore' followed by
  • ‘CWG Common Wealth Games’ organised first time India and
  • Than commence of 'bigg boss season-4'..

..three-in-one _mark of magic back to back multiplying delight in a single day!Three cheers to every creative mind..!
Perhaps, looks like after three awesome events I might just watch again 3Idiots movie tomorrow :)

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Hi Rach,

    Wow, you have quite an exciting-one-of-a-kind Indimeet, thanks for sharing Rach, how i wish India/Bangalore is just adjacent of Philippines :-)

  2. i didn't know that this is the 5th meet in Bangalore. Wish there is one in Minneapolis too, but I guess I'm the only one here :P
    thanks for the writeup of the event. And, the picture is sooo good! "my blog, my bond.. my blogger" - send it over to the blogger guys! they'll sure love it :D
    as u say always, keep the spark alive!

  3. hi
    Let me know more about Blogging
    do u have to know software codings like HTML or anything else!!

    I too want to start blogging soon after my new apple laptop arrives!!

    Please give me a short idea about the same!!


  4. I missed the CWG opening ceremony otherwise everything else was near perfect on 3rd October and it was nice meeting you at indiblogger's.

  5. My 5th post on B'lore Indiblogger Meet and it's wonderful to know a bit more through your eyes! Meeting virtual friends in reality...damn cool! :)

    CWG opening was simply grand awesome and we continue to do better even in the games...hope all goes fantastically well and all the initial negativity gets wiped off...of course the guilty must be prosecuted!!

    Liked the concept of 3 on 3rd Oct...3 Cheers :)))

  6. Well written. Nice to meet you at the meet.
    After so much of negative comments about CWG, it was a relief to see the wonderful opening ceremony after finishing bloggers meet!

  7. It was nice meeting you Rachana and a nice article on the meet :)

  8. @Amity I want to tell you Amity..I truly missed you there!

  9. @Vee... Humm...after attending one of them..I sure feel the MEET must be conducted more often...bringing more and more people around. It was sure a delight being there!

    And I'm truly loyal to blogger(blogspot), hence may be the the pic (My blog, my bond..my blogger)reflects the best of the sincere. Thanks for liking it! hehee...

    Hope I meet all my blogger bonds someday through such meet conducted!!

  10. @shankar

    Sure Shanker...mail me your any query related to blogging and I shall address you the same with easy fix!

    For blogging..learning HTML is not that necessary..everything these days are ready made available..so no worries...get on your shoes and welcome to the world of words shared!

    ~Keep the spark ALive..

  11. @Nethra

    Same here Nethra..still feel like a sweet dream to have meet you all!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. @Shilpa Garg

    Yes..three cheer to that day!
    Humm...it is truly wonderful to have meet some virtual friends...above all I never felt I was meeting them first time!
    Beautiful acceptance expression!

    _CWG opening ceremony was awesome...beyond divinity! Looks like it is playing also well..(fingers still cross)
    Three cheers to India..

  13. @S.R.Ayyangar

    I was so happy to see you there Sir..such meets must be arranged often :)

  14. @Avada Kedavra

    Thanks so much Ashwini!
    It was truly a pleasure meeting you!!
    And I meant it with all my heart :)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  15. I luv luv luv this post of yrs....actually more than d post I luv d fact that u attended d meet ...I want to hear abt it more on ph :) .. How I wish I were also a part of d same .... N special cheers 4 yr so supportive hubby ....


  16. very interesting and very weell written.
    Check mine too and support Me!

  17. Hey Ms Keep the spark alive!! hehe... i like that name for you

    I loved this review... mainly because it was attached with so many other things that happned that day for you... it was really nice meeting u and ur hubby... it was nice that u got him along too...

    and once agian "Keep the spark alive!" :P

  18. Good for u girl and nice post.

  19. And here you are. I was looking for you account of the meet. As expected, top notch.
    Thanks for scratching my back :P
    Memory jog: LR (ginger chai) took your snap commenting on my back in the meet. remember??


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