12 December, 2010

Seasons Greetings Card

This is just the beginning towards the best and better days to come ahead and celebrate!
Wishing all my loved ones grace - bliss - spark!
Cherish with rachi creations..

The Christmas is down the corner in rush
Rachi Creations.. are token of affection and love
Convey for the treasured and care
Flattering the moment in joyous flare!

Bright faithful frosty flurry
Sugarplums tend to snuggle
Sweet candies, muffins and cuddle cream
Fills me in desires and lucid fulfilled dreams..

Holidays together in cozy home-caves
Hugs and Happiness is all that I share and crave
Warmth in the chilly wave truly saves
So here, THE Christmas card spreads cheerful parade!

Enchanting tiny silver stars; Engaging little golden bells
Sparkling and tingling roll over the Christmas tree
Angels around glowing graciously
Enough to help my grin unwind,
Wishing YOU all a refined radiancy!

~ Celebrate Life.. Celebrate friendship..
~ Keep the Spark ALive..

Red nose reindeer
rachi creations.. wishes you Celebrations of Seasons


  1. Hi Dear !

    Just too Good it is.... You must get more greetings printed for everyone...

    The post SHINES with beautiful words n Gives warmth with loving lines :)

    Keep the heart -touching work going.

    Best Wishes 4 Christmas
    Happy New yr.


  2. Awesome Card complimented with beautiful rhyme.. u'r great Rachana u'r great :)

  3. Seasons greeting to you too... and the drawing is really nice. Cute.


  4. Lovely Winters, may bring joy to your heart.

  5. beautiful and bright... just the way we want our new year to be... greeting to you to :)

  6. you have a beautiful talent Rachana.. Loved your poetry and your art work.. Hats off..

    Someone is Special


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