02 August, 2011

Perfection at its best – Best Cake in Bangalore

When you eat cake does it make you think anything....?

Well most of the time I’m so into the cake and chocolate that I forget all my stress of the day and indulge into the sweetness of the cake. No doubt studies on chocolates have proved that Chocolate works as a stress reliever apart from adding as a tint of celebration in life.

In the beginning of this month, it was my uncle’s birthday; he brought a chocolate cake at home. Well what is so different about that cake...okay...it is just a cake, a silly chocolate cake!

O Heavens! It is chocolate cake...and nothing casual about it, I swear!

I being a foodie am very specific about food and texture it bring while eating. Apart from while eating and enjoying the moment, I look forward to the flavour and feeling that brings in mind and mouth latter on after eating.

That day chocolate cake was heaven melting in mouth leaving a long lasting smooth texture of pure dark chocolate. But the thing that struck me about the cake which makes it unique is that after three days keeping in the fridge, it tastes the same. The cake lives through the same as the day it was made fresh. The sponge sandwiched between the chocolate layering making a high layer note. They are still intact, sweet, soft, and moist at the same time not at all soggy or mushy in nature.

Well this is the best part of the cake that after three days also you are not disappointed and feel the same rejuvenation after having even a small bite of the heaven chocolate cake. (Of course I love cake but I can’t eat 2.2 pound cake in one day :P )

Few days back again, it was my marriage anniversary, I thought of getting the cake from that same place. But for a change I thought of having a Vanilla/fruit cake.

Now how interesting could be the simple fruit cake, decorated with fresh kiwis, pieces of pineapple, red juice cherries on top and raspberry sauce layering in between dashing a sweet tangy the vanilla flavour sponges. Well I know, it sounds usual but what matters at the end of the day in the cake is the cream. The rich cream and so well prepared that even after three days the cream does not tastes sour at all.

It was just as so sweet and so smooths rich in texture, just an absolute perfection lasting longer in mind as a sweet memory of the flavour and food.

Yesterday in a party I interesting got an opportunity to meet those chefs + team who are simply magicians in the bakery.

Young, smart, vibrant...wonder who says one need to be old to be skilled and experienced. One being skilled is God Gifted. And definitely such chefs are gifted who pays attention to little details which reflects perfection in very gesture. Passion diffusing in all little and big efforts bringing in smiling at the guest face. A guest, who remembers and recalls every sweet memory that sweet smell and taste buds created by the chef in the kitchen and celebrates every day.

I still remember and recall the chef who made cake at my birthday in my childhood. (ref. A life time journey from Bombay to Mumbai) And always lots of blessing flow from heart for them who makes our days so unforgettable and exclusive.

Now I give a credit to the techniques taught by the establishment/hotel which teaches some major secrets to create some exceptionally marvelous recipes and also absolutely I adore the gifted skills of the chefs working practically putting together the secrets of the establishment rules and skills of personal experience.

When we asked them, what is the secret of their awesome work? They did not say anything but gave a smile! I think even they are not aware what every time clicks into the perfect cake...is it the recipe in total or an individual skilled hand making a difference or the texture and temperature of the dish!

I believe the secret ingredient of the perfect cake is the happy mood motivating the cake sweetening the celebration!

Tons of thanks to Taj!
Wishing all grace to Chef Gopal and Chef Muthanna!

The Taj West End
#25, Race Course Road Bangalore
Call today to get your delicious cake Tel: (91-80) 6660 5660
NOTE: I’m not here to compare the cakes of other shops or being paid to give a good review....this is my personal view and here I share my taste-buds experience! Share your sweet cake story!


  1. First of the cake looks yummyyyy :) Honestly, I am not bigggg fan of cakes but there are some flavours (or shall I say some flavours we get in some specific places) which I cannot resist.. :) & chocolate - well it is something loved globally.. (I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't like chocolate flavour, well there may be, but I am sure they are less)

    And yeah, everyone cannot make the magic.. Perhaps, that is why it is a Profession and they are called professionals..

    Sweet post about Cakes :)

  2. How did I miss this here.. I read it on FB but... Hmmm.. Chocolatty post Rachana.. Once again a beautiful template.. You are so inspiring.. ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

    Someone is Special

  3. Thank you guys! I truly appreciate your thoughts! And I have same conveys to the chefs too.

    Your words means a big support!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  4. You are right. The secret ingredient of good cooking is a happy mood.
    I wish I could have tasted that yummy cake.
    Happy Eating

  5. Cake looks very delicious and wishing you happy marriage anniversary..

    Chennai cake


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