01 January, 2012

My resolution of New Year

What is your resolution for New Year?

A New Year Resolution means a firm determination to do something.
Having a solution for your problem/trouble or your trouble, troubling others.
~ Excuse me... I don’t have any problem and on the funny note if any trouble I got... I will not wait for New Year to start to resolve it.

A New Year Resolution means reforming a habit or brings a change in the lifestyle. It is a mindset to start something good and also try the best to finish it.
~ Oh, you mean just the way I say mission accomplished! TiNG!
~ Or you meant Running Race_ Start and Finish!

Sure you mean to have,
"Let there be scintillating beginnings and sparkling conclusions!"

O dear..A New Year Resolutions simply means...
either you are determined not to do certain thing
or you are persistent to do certain thing!

What do you choose?
Someone just few days back asked me, ‘What shall be your resolution for the New Year, 2012 ?’

There was no second thought, after years of riding an emotional rollercoaster of setting and breaking resolutions, I instantly replied... ‘I don’t make any resolutions in New Year...I have certainly never believed this formula ever in my life have worked!’
~ Genuinely grace the one who believe on the contrary!!!
When I was a kid going school, every New Year I used to make one of the so called resolution that I shall study harder yet to be really honest it never happened the way I thought.

Wasn’t I committed?
Oh! The goals were achieved anyways yet there was no satisfaction!
I was but only for a week or a month latter doing the routine stuff made me feel dull and I choose to go into a practice that was convenient to me.
I preferred something that was not just convenient but made me feel comfortable and happy finally!

I want to be HAPPY!
It’s just so SIMPLE!

The question is now...what makes you happy and content?
Well, definitely lots and lots of things. Of course there is an endless numbers in list, like shopping, walking, cycling, travelling, cooking and so on.... Even a thought of eating ripped red tomatoes with a pinch of salt makes me feel so Happy!
My way of exploring new fine practices to follow resolutions!

Okay, seriously tell me...
What make you feel CONTENT?
Something that makes you feel WORTH!
Great! Now here is the question so crisp.

'Well! The thing for which I'm passionate about', I replied!
Now what exactly is the passion! Isn't passion the routine stuff?

Don’t you see talented dancers, dancing or great singers singing almost every day like for ages...isn’t that boring and the routine stuff? A routine almost like a school timetable, everyday teacher shall come in the class, will teach and walk away.

...passion is effortless routine practice but rejuvenating process...
But sweets!
Passion is a routine that cannot make you feel bore or repetitive. Ironically every time you repeat, you create something new, you discover the light in you, absolutely regenerating you. The practice makes you perfect. And the practice which is powered by passion is much positive. Indeed, the practice of passion is such a rejuvenating process that leads to bliss and joy.

And when people are passionate about something or somebody, they effortlessly try to relate every bit of their thought, vision and act to their passion. Redefining the purpose of life. And something I have always believed that if one has pure passion he/she shall develop more compassion in life.

What makes me feel content...
I wondered for a while and definitely I was sure with the answer that was an echo of two words to describe the best of single minded thoughts of mine!

  • It is the CREATIVITY
  • And the COLOURS!
Creativity could be while dancing or singing or indeed performing anything you are passionate about.

To be more specific about creativity is something that I’m capable of doing, I can control and create on my own...words...that means writing and painting or sketching are the aspects I’m passionate about and this is something that makes me feel worth.

So this New Year, I want to be more PASSIONATE!

So do you want or wish to be...passionate?
Now if I wish...I shall wait for the destiny to take its own course and grace me with my wish.
But I want it...I shall work hard to posses my needs and create my own will-power to make it work for me.

Between I’m not against anyone who is strong-minded and have a resolution for the New Year! One who thinks to bring good change for thyself or people around can go forward with positive thought. It is their right to do right.

However, I honestly prefer prayers over resolutions.
My little prayers works fine for me. I have seen it, especially when the humble prayers are for others they are always heard positively. Prayers are more rewarding for me and fulfilling for others. It gives such a sense of satisfaction.

So where the life could be so fragile and sweet moments are silently fleeting away, I need to hold passionately the cords of hearts to play the best music to restore harmony power within prayers.

A balance between
Feeling and the Future Hopes
That holds for that glow!

Travel warmth chapter
Develop deep connection
Redirect to real

A commitment for recovered change,
Step back ones only to empathise the situation!
Step forward only to strengthen further the spirit!!

People define their own philosophy of having a resolution in New Year.
Interesting even I got one mine to follow and believe in my own way.

Besides the real definition of the resolution,
the explanation of resolution can also describe as how clear a screen can display. TiNG!Welcome Technology Touching our real life Ones MOre!

A screen with better picture, brighter colors, improved sound and overall much detailed, deeper connecting every dot developing into a broader view with much of clarity in focus.
So going with the today's technology term of brief... let’s enlighten with High-Definition (HD) the hearts with prayers for each other. Let each one have a better and broad views, beautiful thoughts and great idea in life.
Get a better resolution of prospect of life.
Awwe!! My resolution of life, a fresh start coming New Year!
Let the HD resolution be the the Resolution of the New Year, 2012 and Ahead!

  • The picture above is taken from the movie, 1942 A Love Story featuring Manisha Koriala
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  1. Rachana,.. Happy New Year... I prefer Prayers too and I wish your HD resolution stay good for this year.... :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. Well Rachana.. a beauiful write.. and tell you what.. I have always believed .. how can one breath without passion and for me colours have always kept my creativity going... Read my last Haiku My Heart Entry and you will know what I am talking about... I also wrote in my book and put on my blog somewhere:

    Where does a rainbow come from
    And where does it go
    I am deeply in love with it
    so not really bothered to know..

    RS: )

  3. "Step forward only to strengthen further the spirit!!"

    I think this is such a great thought and one I would truly love to follow. Prayers are better than resolutions any day and praying for others is especially a nice thing to do.

    Thank you ever so much for sharing so many thoughts with us here at Theme Thursday, I hope that you will continue to do so.

    Happy New Year's wishes for you and your family.

    God bless.

  4. I like how you placed your haiku in the middle of your essay. A nice touch there. Lovely haiku too.

  5. I wish you the best for the new year ~

    Be passionate about your life ~

    Cheers ~

  6. happy new year.
    excellent resolutions.

  7. A wonderful post. I wish the best of blessings for you in 2012!


  8. we make new connections when we travel

  9. To realize your passion is a gift in and of itself. Wonderful piece!

  10. Hi Rach...I don't really make new year's resolutions...i just take things one day at a time, but i know that making one is a good practice!

    Tis a wonderful new year post from you!

    Happy new year dear!

    Lots of love,


  11. i love your style...your haiku embedded in the mid section of your piece. true, prayers are the best!
    God bless you and wish you all the best in 2012!

  12. What a wonderful 'stream of words' I love the haiku.

    Happy New Year


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