18 February, 2012

my sweet Tea Cup

unusual but a unique love story with a robust Saucer...

There are plenty of tea cups and saucers at my home scattered in my kitchen drawers.
Some totally matching and some which have lost their beloved pair.
The cup's saucer breaks by loneliness.
Whereas a cup cracks in despair of losing a saucer.
But really, do the cup and saucer need to match perfectly? Is there any set rule to follow to bring a Cup and Saucer side by side? Does anything in life lies as in only in perfection? Does everything comes in perfect pair?
All I know without any doubts that when we are busy in getting everything to be perfect, we tend to forget enjoying life.

There are so many legendary love stories, where pair of lovers at the end couldn't meet. They would have met or not met their infinite love defines them eternal lovers and decades after we still recall them as the potent symbol of everlasting love. Certainly if the enduring pair of lovers had met they would have just created new incredible painting redefining love with the a high-spirited tune and vast vibrant sky shades colors of their love. However, precisely the pair of lovers, the immortal souls don't really have to be their together physically always. Some relationships have no name and those make out as the most beautiful one to cherish. A presence of pure love in one's life and the happiness of other's world where you are not the part of it in anyways is still enough to enlighten and lead a lovely life ahead.

Anyways, I love anything which is coupled with creativity and celebration.
Can't the tea cup match the other saucer far from the set they were actually paired with. My solo answer to all above puzzles is that they can always be paired with the other colored or patterns, permanently or momentary, until and unless they look good together, as long as they mutually makes us happy.

So I began combining teacups and saucers that were not originally meant to go together and later found that they made some pretty combinations, some truly sweet pairs absolutely. Little did the lonely teacup and solely saucer knew then that they were so much more then just solitary soul.

The real purpose of teacups and saucer is to serve at the end doesn't matters me. I know they already essentially owe a permanent place pleasing my kitchen in my little house. They have a special spot in my humble heart too distinctively because these originally unpaired colorful teacups and saucers together coupled teach me to all intents and purposes something more unfathomable depths as 'Variety is the spice of life!'

Sitting gazing them makes me overwhelmed with their persistence beauty. The lonely souls of teacups and saucer united sometimes with matching combos, and sometimes not. I always look at them. Often touch them, to feel them and absolutely admire them.

My teacup and a saucer originally unpaired look at each other in genuine love.
Gazing reflectively and unwilling to be separated. It is difficult to displace.
Sometimes they are looking for someone special in love with them holding them in warm hands.
And sometimes it's the silly strong aromatic tea in the tea-cup waiting for someone special to be sipped sweetly, warming the hearts!

as long as I could
still until I stood
wondering why did I pour a second cup of tea
a small teacup settled strongly over the mismatched secure saucer..
night melting down into the dawn,
like sugar disappear and crystals just settle down to
spring dreams, bottom of the cup
dawn dissolves in twilight
ready to be stirred up

a second cup of life, this misty morning
my flooded with tears eyes blinked twice and saw
the waft gently oozes out of the warm teacup,
I felt like,
I heard like,
I read like...
I am here for you,
I will always be here for you!
You haven’t had tea till I’ve made a cup for you :)

  • This post was completely like my cup of tea! Enjoyed writing it absolutely.
  • Hope you liked the post too just as much as loved it, please do share in you comments below what mysterious you found about the post which was indeed hidden in the words.

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012 - Day 19 – February 19th – Theme: Seasons Type: Kigo


  1. I don't want to be rude...but your post is not a haiku poem; this a free verse poem ~

    1. Hi Grace,
      I don't think you were rude at all!
      I respect honest approach be it in anything.
      I heartily apologies to have written a verse which somewhere in the middle includes Haiku. I'm not that good in understanding poetry & Haiku as well, still learning and hope to do the same in future!
      Will keep your suggestions in mind next time :)
      Thanks for dropping a line!
      Means a lots for sure!


  2. creator! only one can create posts like this and that's 'U'.. 'Some relationships have no name and those make out as the most beautiful one to cherish'.. The poem is too good.. Totally loved it so much..

    Someone is Special

    1. :) Thanks SiS!
      So happy that certain lines could touch your heart!!
      I feel worth writing up this post!
      Between, I'm apologetic to have written such a long post including Haiku in it... since I should have written only a Haiku than a post...
      Let me know if it does not works fine with you & your terms of Haiku.
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  3. Nice composed. Loved reading this one.

    1. Thankyou Cherefeuille!!!
      Means a lot indeed!!!!

  4. There's some powerful thoughts here - night melting down into the dawn, and 'dawn dissolves in twilight'.

    This misty morning
    Night melting down into dawn
    Dissolves in twilight

    1. That was truly sweet of you SweetTalkingGuy!!!
      So satisfied that you found this haiku worth & powerful reading it...

      You sure made my day :)))
      Truly an encouragement!!!!

  5. I'm going to drink deep, so I reach those spring dreams at the bottom of the cup!


    Would you please consider turning off Blogger's word verification? It is really annoying, not to mention difficult to read. Thank you.

    1. hehe...Thats cute Magical Mystical teacher!
      Have a sound sleep and stir your dreams at the bottom of the cup :)

      Yes! I have removed that word verification, Hope you find it more apt now!
      Please so visit more often!! Love your personal touch of lines!

      Smiles always!!!

  6. Enjoyable read ... I like the mismatch of cups and saucers ... the same for large plates and salad plates ... unique combinations are a delight in my eye. Thank you for sharing.

    Day 19

    1. I'm so happy Becca so have agreed on the same thought & imaginations!!!
      Glad you found this idea amazing!!!!
      Thanks for reading!!!

  7. I always think of my mom when I think of tea. I have her antique teacups now. Special memories.

    1. Wow thats amazing Cloakedmonk. You sure should share those pics of the antique teacups! Would love to see them and cherish as well!
      May you have more such wonderful memories to celebrate in future!!!!
      ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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