28 March, 2012

He loves me - He loves me not

Happy Birthday Saravana! I'm so glad and happy to share this post of mine on his birthday. When it came to write a post for his blog, I knew I would end up writing something related to love since he is so much in love with his dream girl, I couldn't stop myself, sharing this very post with you all. It was a post I was actually writing during the same time when he had written that beautiful post 'Be a voice of love to change the world around!' This post is in it's own way related to it. I hope you like it! And buddy thank you for being there... being as someone special! May your this day and days ahead be full of bliss, joy, success, colours, creativity and grace! Gracious ALways!!!

He loves me he loves me not..he loves me he loves me not...
How many times you have played around with the petals of the flowers and only to guess whether that guy actually loves you! It's not that a stable relationship is enough to be prove to know how much someone loves you but even a long stable serious relationship brings out some random questions.

Your man is busy watching television instead of looking at you, and you wonder for a split second, 'Does he loves me?'
Your man is not paying proper attention to what you are saying, and you think again, 'Does he still loves me?'
You have some misunderstanding and you literary ask him, 'Do you love me?' This should be probably asking him same thing over 8th time in a day!
You get upset with something on him and you end up saying, 'You don't love me anymore!'

They say women are often nagging while they keep asking 'Do you love me?' even after years they just want to know!
Don't know why but as far as I know Women don't want to know but love to hear what you say.
It's crazy but so true..it happens, it really does, every lovely conversation ends up with some fight, a fight which we(girls) long for, because we love it utterly when guy try to make up...we like it... it is not the feeling to be powerful or dominating but when guys say sorry and all that silly stuff... they actually forget one single line of three words to address which would have mend everything instantly. If they say that in first place the fight would never be stretched further. Finally all that drama in guy's opinion was actually only to hear those miraculous three words in sync to glory.

But what if he simply doesn't says...

In my own little way I have tried to recapture in points certain things which I personally have looked and believed observing mine as well as my friends behavior in relationships. Interestingly no matter how different you and me are in real life, when it comes to love, we tend act and behave often similarly with an urge edge.

He actually say it :
I have seen very few people who are actually good in expressing in good lines and words. People sometimes are brought up in such a way that they think saying would not be important to show love. A lot of men assume that their women know they are being loved. If he says those three words and says them often, count yourself lucky. Men have difficulty in saying those three words more often accept that.

He shows you :
He would order the food that you like. Might get you something that you like it. Not like he is showing his money-power, but his own personal way to show he cares. He might play your favorite song in his laptop or in the car when you are around. Isn't it wonderful to see how he is trying little thing to make a mark on you. Did you forget, action speaks louder than words! He loves you but he has this a different approach in letting you know!!

He's happy around you :
He would change his plans to meet his friends if you say or ask or you are not willing to go. He will know that you are feeling low and have not spent time together lately so he simply comes to you.He would abruptly close down his work/laptop only to be with you. Please don't call it carelessness in work. He needs a break from his works and knows that to be with you is the first best option to feel good.

He listens to you :
This is one of the most tricky thing you can ever ask or imagine. Every time when you are saying something he is either looking into TV or reading a newspaper or surfing internet. But when he actually looks at you while you are babbling something randomly, you must read his eyes. Or take it like you are talking to him and he is not watching you suddenly you stop saying and he looks at you. Understand he was listening you actually but he just have that bad habit of pretending to look busy and indulged. Come on! dear Man..look into the beautiful eyes, sink in buddy, listen to that pretty voice, give a bit of attention, show her you are concerned to her concerns even if they are not important issues. You say something and your words are like his commands! Celebrate! You are treated as a princess even if it mean he is bringing you water, spilling all half of the hallway!

He compliments you
He notices those earring. Or notices the effort you made to look good or dressing up right. He appreciates your efforts and tells you that certain colour suits you or he likes certain colour which mean he is hinting you that he would like that colour on you. Max making a deliberate effort he will end up saying, 'you look good today', ahh you know you look actually stunning and you will and you definitely matter to him.

He takes care of you
He calls you and says he was in sipping coffee, had a break so called you or he might like to call you and ask if you had your lunch. Or might call to ask what he needs to bring while coming back from work. When you are ill, he will take care of you like your parents. Take you, force you to see the doctor. You will know that he was undoubtedly devoted to you and your health. He might even come to help you to fix the dinner or other household work after his long hours of work only to bring a bit of ease to you. Moreover, if you take the garbage out without being asked, probabilities are you'll be getting a big smile in return when you come back.

His friends and family respects you
One of the vital point to notice is to see how his family members and friends treats you. Sometimes you can determine how a man exactly feels about you from the way his circle of friends and close family behave with you. If you see all comfort and celebration around, if they hold you in high regard, you can be sure he's been telling them just how happy he is to have you in his life.

He appreciates your worth
He might not tell those three words often but you will see how he adores the work you do. If you are working, then he will be support you in your career. He will appreciate your talent, praise about your hobby or any other special skill you got. This could even be like, 'She keeps the clothes in the cupboard nicely and neatly.' Or he might not compliment you everyday for the lovely food you make for him but surprisingly you hear him saying between friends that you make certain dish very well. These are little indirect ways to tell how much he is amazed with you presence.

He asks for your opinion
Whether things are directly related to you or not, he does anything or every thing but takes your opinion. Your view of point or idea from buying a house to making a big or small investment, he takes your prospective on it and likes to act upon it deliberately. He doesn't want to disappoint you!

He takes your feelings into account
If something upsets you concerning his family or friends, he tries to see your side of it. He is not shy to share his emotional side for certain things and people whom he calls his loved ones. He feels for you and even if he's seen you cry number of times before, he still tries to make you feel better. And that one warm hug while you are still in tears is only to show he cares.

He's interested in what you want too
Let's say you like to eat certain thing and he ends up eating and sharing the same thing in the restaurant instead ordering his favorite dish. Or lets you watch your choice of T.V. show, missing his live sports show. You must know how much he loves to see you happy. And if he actually sits through it just because he wants to be by your side. Bingo, you won a jackpot Man heart! All little efforts are only for your happiness!

Not that you don't know that you are being loved but it's in a human nature to be a bit curious and suspiciously designed emotions which needs to be reassured from time to time. Specially when it comes to girls, they do not act over-protective and possessive like guys are all the time but definitely she have more obsessive nature.

Now, girls stop cribbing to hear for those three nasty words. Your man sure loves you and you know it well. Guy, don't make you princess beg to hear those little lovely words. She deserves to be heard and hear all the time, every time, each time she asks 'Do you love me?' It's all that much affordable to say those three words than to please with diamonds. Moreover, it takes only 5 seconds to say and make her world glow. Don't be shy, say it, practice it daily 'I Love You, honey'! umm...sounds like caramel sweetness melting words..say it one more it Sweetheart!!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. I liked the post Rachana..you did well...but let me share one thing..it is experienced by most of the older couples..that real fun of marriage starts only after one crosses 40...or may be 50...

    You inspired a haiku here:

    Quiet understanding
    with occasional disquiet;
    a happy marriage..


  2. I'm really really happy Rachana.. I dunno what to type new so I'm typing the same...

    "Dear Rachana...!

    Thank you so much for your sweet wish. Happy! Happy! Happy! (I love to echo and you know that very well na)...

    yeah I'm 25.. Wow! I'm so excited...!

    I'm so so glad and happy to read a post on love in my place.. Thanks dear for blessing the post!

    "He loves me he loves me not.." ~ typical women...! I so love your post for this.. a perfect reflection of a women feelings, and you know what, that's how men are..

    Men actually try to mess up things but they never wish to do.. They want to show that they care for women, they listen, and they compliment they most beautiful better half.

    Men loves to take care of women more than their parents did. They take women feelings into account when needed and they do appreciate their lovable life (wife)...

    and all the above you said.. Thanks for this wonderful post.. Happy! Happy! and yeah post is like caramel in my blog...


    Someone is Special

  3. Well written, Rachana. So true of what a lot of women in love feel. Good advice too :-)

  4. your blogs are always an inspiration for me rachana dii . whenever you post something its always related to someone or something else but it always touches the soul of a person . thnx to you and your blogs

  5. Nice posting ...
    My english is not quite well.. but i know what you write about ..


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