26 March, 2007


I often wonder which r the 5 major things in my life,
i can't live witout..
Not going into deep..i know the answer..


No matter how much nuclear in nature we turn..loved ones wit ur success & sadness r important.

One who loves u UNCONDITIONALLY..who have FAITH in u , no matter u go against their wish bt they r there wit all the steps u take..sometimes supporting yet sometimes scolding u.

anyway u say..they r right with u when u NEED them.


CHANGE is the only CONSTANT...and FREEDOM to move with these change is really important for me. i beleive that freedom is not the one in which u r not supposed to commite a mistake..but freedom is one in which u r free to commit mistake..learn & move on..


Travel for young is a part of learning things...but for elder is the part of experience..
Being at different places u get to learn so much abt different thing..enhancing directly or indirectly ur view of point and thought process.


Now this is really interesting..rachi creations..is a passion..an urge to live dreams. Its an act that without any sweat or a frown is expressed easily.You will know it more checking this link.


Hey ! without the technology..how could i show up to u whats in my HUMM!NG M!ND..

Note: Few photographs used in this post are taken from the google image search, in case some photograph is a copyright, please mail me.

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