27 February, 2010

Hello Honey - 55fiction #06

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

HELLO honey! ~ 55fiction

Since evening;
HE has made call at least seven times,
Desperately yet another time
he tries luck and
calls in an hour again.
I took the handset in my hand and..
..replied firmly,
"SHE has not yet returned home.."
He could not identify my voice again;
perhaps thought that he was speaking to my MOM !!

  • Have you ever tried fooling others on phone..!?
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  • The above drawing is made by ME as a part and extention of  my art in...  Rachi Creations..1 ~ "Rachi Creations..2"

1st The Colors Magazine’s blog post contest “Show your best” have choose Oh what an F-word post of this blog as the Winner for the month January as for being a little bit more creative, a little bit more original, a little bit more attractive. Click the links and enjoy!

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19 February, 2010

Smile Surrender Survive - dedicated Service

Fittest will Survive
Finest will Smile
Smile will surrender...
...I will Survive to Smile
and Surrender to the Service..

Smile is one and only language that world understands effortlessly. Perhaps, please don’t forget to brush your teeth ;) before you smile.
Also remember to (Dedication to GREEN-Blog),
keep the water-tap closed when water not used~ 
however let the smile flow and be always inviting and bringing people more closure!
at your smile and
I will blush that does how will create together the

It is always such a relieved feeling to see a smile in person's face, you know they are happy and you know now looking at the mesmerizing smile you are Happy as well with a smile on your lips too. That's the magic of the curve on the lips.

Many philosophers, artists, photographers’ painters and poets gave created their beautiful version of happiness and remarkable art pieces. They have been inspired, impressed and bowed to the expression smile.

Perhaps, we often forget that the best piece and million dollar art piece is the one that we carry on our own lips, an apparent Smile indeed!

Flash and ignite the aura with your smile.
Know that someone is capturing your smile in their heart forever.
Let it be the finest pose of you and the best gift that you can give to someone!
The reasons are many, perhaps some I have expressed below…to show how Smile have inspired me everytime:

Smile Captured by Amit Semwal
Smile captured (c) Amit Semwal ~ Click to see enlarge view of Photo

  • Smile fond of Happiness:
Smile and uplift the aura instantly with the sparkles of happiness. Smile can add you bonus as brace from your long tiring busy working hours. See when you smile you instantly vanish the force and pressure of work in a flash, leaving you ignited and all excited. Get yourself a smile and enhance the aura around. Let people notice and remenber you as a cheerful person :)

  • Play it safe and sound with smile:
Don’t you show your grin when people does not want it. It will only worsen your situation. Sometimes you really need to be calm and understanding to the things, people and issues around you. Don’t try making others feel uncomfortable with your unnecessary loud laugh, perhaps always remember showing teeth can also be mistaken to making-fun, which you definitely did not wanted to happen...!
~ Smile has its own sensuality, preserve it.

  • Smile has no Age Barrier:
Be it a little kid or old person, smile creates magic in all ages and give you immense happiness.
Smile adds to your age. When you smile it boost your confidence making you feel alive again and even encourages you to smile as it does improves your face value after all.
Any age, get a smile pill everyday and it will get you instant glow.
~ Take a mirror and practice smile, look how prettier you look now!

  • Smile makes you tasks Effortless:
When you smile you instantly pass the positive vibe to others. It does brighten up your day.
Consider this, when you smile to a person, who is the part of the daily routine, it makes the duties easier. You look forward to the warmth and feeling of being secured that smile carries with it.

~ Person works so hard and at the end of a day it is definitely a smile that rejuvenates the cells and give energy.
~ Do you Remember that cute smile of a sweet little girl who broke a vase but her smile made your anger vanished!
~ Give a smile to a guy at the coffee shop…check how nice coffee with the quick service is made.

Well this is definitely not the misuse perhaps the proper human way one must do.
I smile in dismay on the people who think smile can be misused.
~ Smile is never a waste!
~ All gain straight away with a Curve on the lips.
O yes! You definitely got something to smile about and feel good too. And somebody rightly said,
"If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook."

  • Smile assists you to shine:
A cute smile sure puts you in a positive mindset almost everyday and every time.
It can make you add more effort and attention to the work. All you need to smile and appreciate other’s affection! Smile is just a reminder that you are fortunate to have a beautiful life and a much beautiful day.
~ Smile, why hide your beam that which brightens the aura and you shine like supreme!

  • Smile boosts your confidence and shoots the ego:
Very important, Smile and surrender you ego!
You know you haven’t spoken that person for ages perhaps the wonder that words could not do, a smile might just click that right spot. Smile and ego falls. It’s like face the fear and fear is no more. You face it with a smile and everyone around surrenders you.
~ Nothing can be bigger and intense than a smile!
~ One cannot ignore or dilute the upshot and after effect of the smile.
It definitely brings one down to earth and humbles enough to act in response back quickly with a kind smile. Smile reciprocates only a smile very naturally.
Smile is like a mirror,  a Smile reflects back the same :)
  • Here I remember the perfect lines of my fav. Singer Shania Twain song ‘Up

Even something as simple as
Forgettin' to fill up on gas
There ain't no explanation why--
things like that can make you cry
Just gotta learn to have a laugh..

So when things get mess…Learn to take a laugh!
~ They choose to scream but you prefer a smile.
SMILE is the quickest fix to all the Bad Mood, perhaps I want you to smile and I shall follow you back, multiplying the giggles with a cranckling miraculous sound, making your pain and worries vanishes!

~ When I see you smile, it makes me smile too...hope You are smiling right now :)

  • The above picture is captured by Amit Semwal aka the Photographer. Wonder is this magic of his photography skills or in real sense the inherent ingenious human smile! Cheer to u buddy! You always win in inspiring me.
  • Also promoting :) Mahesh's idea to create a Green-Blog! Yep..one is also a green blog :-) ~Thanks a ton for introducing me this Green concept!!

  • Let the video loads completely:
  • Njoy dats one of  my fav. vedio of my fav. singer ;)
  • Remb. Smile Dil se..

...I will Survive to Smile
and Surrender to the Service..
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10 February, 2010

Everyone needs a Personal Cheerleader

Few weeks back I was watching “Australian Open” match, and something that captured my attention apart from the enforced match between the players was the cheerleaders present there. It took courage in me to convey my regards to have made the things willingly wonderful.

I got speechless but the words ran in my mind with true emotions in my heart. An echo with bang in my head,

I would have been in vain. I would not have been ME. Worst would have been that there would not have been MORE of ME. I would not have been the Creation and the creativity within and beyond.
I would have never believed to say “I’m my happiness”, which my friend propagated me to inspire.
Trust me if I didn’t had my own Cheerleader, I would have lost to all my loses and lost to all my wins, perhaps been a complete gone astray!

Hence, I owe me to you, my dear the cheerleader!
~ And I proclaim this with pride.

Icheer4U ~::Click here to see the Enlarge Photo for better view!

Because charity begins from home, my personal cheerleaders list has my maa-paa on top, followed by my all the Teachers, my close school friends, my colleges, my loved-ones, my hubby and my Creator!
I didn’t wait for my cheerleaders ever to motivate me; perhaps they habitually consistently came along the path of my life and destiny with a genuine appreciation. Yes Guys, I’m truly blessed like anyone else!

  • There was no too much of praise to make me dependent on their words,
  • There was no unfairness to welcome my work unwillingly,
  • There was no manipulation for personal gains,
  • There was no exaggeration to harm the bond being shared between me and them.
  • Rather it was seldom when I was ever left alone wondering. Perhaps, they often took me in admiration with their presence.
  • They had been there to pat my back when I did well and slap me ‘Chapak’ when I devalue, and gave me the big bear hug when I needed the most.
They empathetically understood and reciprocated the same in all situations. And someone truly said, There has been enough Liberty from someone only when u thinks that he/she is close enough to be given that Leverage.
Perhaps, everyone need their Personal Cheerleaders!
~ And I got some mine, truly mine!

Cheerleaders when clapped, applaud me at the best, though being at the last row, made noise and called the name loud. This only multiplied the enthusiasm with their wings of love fluttered.

~ I wanted to tell them all always but I never got chance perhaps through this post want to take chance to say that U been too good to me. More than I could expect...and beyond that I could ever tell U...Luv u for that Always :)

Cheerleaders’ always uncomplicated the situation and redefined the undefined relationship.
They themselves being so dynamic brought their best positive vibe to create a flow of the best in you and boosts up your confidence. Their strength and the selfless unconditional love have been unbeatable. It does not matter you win or lose the match, but they will be there with and besides you comforting you. They helped me to conquer my disappointment and doubts, in their own beautiful cheering way.

My cheerleaders were not only to stand beside me and congratulate me for my doings but they were also there when I lost my interest. When nothing urged me to rejuvenate, my cheerleaders brought back the inspiration with an aspiration to cherish and celebrate further.

And like some Management Guru said, “One has to derive various ways to motivate the mankind skillfully, so that he/she can feel in real sense charged towards discharging their duty with pleasure.” It is like, “Motivation helps the mankind to enhance the productivity in all works of life.”

Sometimes I definitely look forward to the unfair compliment when I cook the meal awfully bad or make repetitive boring drawing. It is like managing the meal with the merging thoughts to make it even better next time. Possibly, I wish to get my share of due for my humble little efforts made.
~ Praiseful words most of the time does not do harm but only enhance the things around, and I like to accept this as true. Undoubtedly, I’m aware and am working on my weakness.
Perhaps, without my cheerleader I wouldn’t have bounced back to recreate and reflect anything but words that are more delicious...munch and enjoy them.

So this is a payback time, let me give it a green house effect!
A tight teddy bear hug for you, under the big lustrous Green leafy Tree where we converse the most...conceivably am not talking about of the Chipku Movement. But a green generated the good between..
~ While this time I sit at the other side of the table,
Sipping a Coffee Cuppa and
Cheer for you always..
.. in the Contest of Life!

  • Big thank you to all My CheerLeaders…each one of you are considered uniquely special to have made a huge difference into my life mission and am truly blessed to owe you! God Bless:)
And Yes! I want to believe that you got the Best Cheerleader in Me for You!
  • Would'nt you make an effort to Thank, your Cheerleaders of Life..!
  • The collage ABOVE ^ with the colorful patch pasting of old magazine paper chits ((kinda promoting the Recycle Process in the Creative Form)) has been created by ME and inspired by very talented Madhulika's adorable art work. ~Check her blog Link to see more of creative idea.

...All I want to say to Her that,
Look Gurl! What unbelievable infinite finest thing have you brought in me, with your little kind praiseful words...which provoked me to sing and dance on one toe to discover the divine being in me!

Check out The Colors Magazine for their new Show Your Best Contest. The post I announce for the contest is the First post of my this be very new brilliant year, "Oh what an F-Word!". This is Lena's Best way to Cheer :)

Icheer4U ~ keep the spark Alive..
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