08 January, 2010

Oh what an F-word

1st The Colors Magazine’s blog post contest “Show your best” have choose this post as the Winner for the month Januaryas for being a little bit more creative, a little bit more original,a little bit more attractive. Click the link and enjoy!

Oh what an F-Word

Oh what an F-word!
I want to fly high with the feathers in my arms.
Lead a fearless life and feat into the feast of living.
I desire fleeting away from the fake and fission of moments.
Ground my feet tight but fly and touch the heights.
I want to flock with my friends and family.
Flourish and float in ease of froth and forth fun.

Oh what an F-word!
Further I want to fuss the rule-book and create my own recipe of life.
A formula that defines a fusion of flame and frost of the dimensions intervene.
I want to rise above the failure and fortify the situation.
Experience the freedom and fulfill my fortune.
Few forget leads to the new found.
Let me be a little fool only to learn all.
Let me follow someone only to lean more.
Let me fold my arms and focus the core.
Let me enhance fossil and leave back the footprints.
Let me in the comming future open my fist to fetch opportunistic hints.

Oh what an F-word!
The fog gets clear in my fine mind.
And here I enjoy the flambé food at the New Year dine.
Flowers fragrance and cultural flavors welcomes all.
Remove the fence, the festivity recalls.
I want to fix everything before it overflows.
I would like to finish my pending things as the plan goes.
Fasten the feelings and the flare in fascinations.
I want to fantasize and recreate the fairy land to live in.

Oh what an F-word!
From formal to flair nature I roll in joy within,
I want the green fertile fields and flamboyant fashion.
I want the unwise nature of human towards the flora and fauna fade and diminish day by day.
Let each child is feed enough and allowed to education and play.
No famine, no floods, no fatigue, no fights, no faults searching.
Only the faith, fate and flint to create fire are needed.

Oh what an F-word!
I frown sometimes to the F-word.
And most of the times I wish only to flutter,
I attain against any flounder.
And fill in happiness and fizz the flak.
I fancy flipping from the old.
I want to flaunt into the flexibility.
I wish to hold up the facts over the false story.
I am bound to fly freely being a proud blossoming Female!
I shall and I want you all to protect and foster the virtue of the Feminism.

P.S. Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year,2010


  1. Happy New Year Rachana

    What a wonderful collection of the F-words and an excellent poetry to start the onset of an all new decade.

    Keep up the wonderful work and hope you have a wonderful wish fulfilling new year :)


  2. Fantabulous ....Innovative.
    fleeting pleasantly...
    a perfect F post... :)

    And it indeed inspiring me to try this genre of narration.....thanks......
    Keep spreading your flavours in this green new year too....
    Have green blogging ... :)

  3. what a "F" antastic poem :)

  4. Hi rachana..
    Fabulously fashioned funny fabrication fanatically flaunting faddish farrago 'f facets 'f "F" felicitating feelings, fascinations & feminism :)
    Oh what an F word... :)

    a very cool,happy, prosperous n symmetric new yr to u also dear :) :)

  5. @ Chatterbox

    Thanks CB for the wishes. Yeah! In a way this was a tricky act but I guess I have managed it fine with the F-word :)

    Glad you liked this strange experiment!

  6. @ Mahesh

    Wow, this post pleases you that you would like to try same style of narration…this is a complete compliment for me, surely boosting my confidence :)
    It is the New Year and my first post, quite a likeable one…feels Fantabulous!
    I was not sure with the output when I was writing it…and was wondering how the same vibe shall flow. But now I think “All is Fair…”

    Bwt: Happy Green Blogging!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  7. @ Srivats

    Thanks Srivats! Glad that you liked it :)

    Bwt: Wishing you a very Happy New Year,2010

  8. @ Ayu

    O dear! It was a bit difficult to create meaningful lines with the word-F, yet add rhyme to it. This multiplies my happiness to see that you liked the concept and appreciate the effort made.

    Bwt: Happy New Year,2010. Lets Rock Together!!

  9. What an F-Poem !!

    Happy New Year Rachana and have a great blogging year ahead.

    May Peace Be with us.


  10. [i]hApPy nEw yEaR MS !! :)[/i]
    dats a F-antabulous way to start a great blogging year...keep entertaining us dear !!


  11. fluttering fins of humming bee..!

    nice one...

    Keep Smiling!

  12. Just WOW! Excellent poetry And I liked the idea of using exquisite f-words all through the poem! A perfect post!

  13. Your blog has a great visual appeal. Will come back later to read some.

  14. Where have you been? Long time, since I read a new post from you....

    BTW, thanks a ton for that msg you left in my blog..take care and keep writing!!!!

  15. fantastic ... and I love your choice of F words because my friends call me F lady (short for Farida ;))

  16. Congrats, you deserve it very much!
    Anna :)

  17. I try to avoid the "F" word!!



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