26 April, 2010

Pursuit of Passion - creations of cartoons

Greek keyboardist and composer quotes, "All you need is passion. If you have a passion for something, you'll create the talent." ~Kindly Read the previous post on Passion, "Live with passion-Live Your Passion" and then read ahead...

Rachi Creations..
~ My Passion - Rachi Creations..
Above drawing made on PaintBrush - Yr.2003
My favorite people/pioneer souls who have inspired me in certain way with their leisure novelty pursuits of Passion in creativity are as follows:-
I really love the start in the lane of thoughts and innovations with legends…
~ They could have created code to their original art/work but they preferred to be Creative and flaunt their euphoric ideas, hence the commitment and consistent urge to do the best is incredible!

  • R.K.Laxmanthe common Man
~ Early morning when I wake up, the first thing that I look is my newspaper and of course it has to be Times of India. I look for the amused thoughts of the The Common Man of India. The Common Man cartoon creation belongs to R.K.Laxman Sir (Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Iyer Laxman), yet we all owe and share our thoughts with it. He joined The Times of India, in the beginning of his career that has spanned for over fifty creative years. I consider his presence in the newspaper, a stunning revolution of churning history of India.

CommonMan of India and Gattu
(left) The Common Man - Asian Paints Gattu (right)
to Enlarge CLICK here

  • Creativity-Churn
~ Coming from the small town Mysore, Karnataka, he always loved drawing since childhood. The doodling he made was very much praised by the teachers at school. He applied to the esteem school of arts in Bombay hoping to concentrate on his lifelong interests of drawing and painting. But the dean of the school could not recognize the legend in him and refused the admission saying that he lacked “the kind of talent to qualify for enrollment in our institution as a student". He finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mysore. In the meantime he continued his freelance artistic activities and contributed cartoons to other forums. His distinctive illustrations in several books, most notably for the Malgudi stories written by his elder brother R.K. Narayan are very memorable.

RKLaxman's CommonMan Catoons
R.K.Laxman's -The Common Man cartoons
to Enlarge CLICK here

R.K.Laxman is an Indian cartoonist, illustrator, and humorist. Perhaps, India's greatest-ever cartoonist who embraces the solitaire idea of creativity in creating cartoons in The Common Man of India. Perhaps, his distinctive illustrations and creativity marks away high where his passion also made him penned a few novels too.
His cartoons distinctive rolling acts reflecting the humor, absorbing the facts delights every mind! Such powerful art he posses and have been flaunting for ages!

  • Eustace Fernandes - the Amul Girl Moppet
Eustace Fernandes
Eustace Fernandes
~ Advertisements are many in India yet nothing can score higher and privileged than the iconic Amul girl, which turns 44 this year, is all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest running campaign in the world.
The White Revolution heralded by Amul under the leadership of Dr.Verghese Kurien boosted India's milk production, which ranked at No. 21 in the world based on the milk production during the year 2007 making a journey with the revolutionary ads sharing the success with this original creation of Amul girl.

  • Creativity-Churn
Amul Girl logo
Amul Girl
to Enlarge CLICK here
~ Eustace Fernandes, the creator of the Amul girl, passed away at the age of 75. He is again the finest remembered as a cartoonist and an illustrator for his very cute creation of the Amul girl, dressed up in polka dots with blue hair and orange face, which ruled the hearts of millions of Indians, since 1966. The ad became a roar with the tagline 'Utterly butterly delicious Amul'.

Today, Amul outdoor advertising uses billboards, with a humorous take on current events and is updated frequently but with the trace of Amul girl looks.

Amul Posters
Amul Posters
to enlarge CLICK here
The Limca logo, the early LIC ads, cosmetic ads and James Finlay (fashion brand) were all created by this creative genius brilliant artist. He supported the "Sneha Sadan - A home for homeless children" org. for more than 45years unleashing heart.
And I bow him completely for his excellence in a very delightful presence of Amul girl which have influenced me a lot in my girl oriented drawings unconsciously in rachi creations..

  • Walter Elias "Walt" DisneyMickey Mouse
Walt Disney
Walt Disney
~ Childhood and cartoons are interlinked. A cute Mickey mouse pops in mind immediately. Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from his old pet mouse he used to have on his farm. Mickey Mouse, a cartoon character with big round ears and with white gloves was created by Walt Disney in 1928.

    Micket Mouse and Disney World
    Mickey Mouse - Disney World Characters/Cartoons
  • Creativity-Churn
~ Passionate Walt Disney was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon and philanthropist. He dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen to join the Army, but the army rejected him because he was underage. Latter he served the Red Cross. Perhaps could not leave his passion of creating ads for newspapers, magazines. He took up an interest in the field of animation and since then there was no looking back. An esteem innovator in animation created a theme park design Disney open for all Age people to cherish Childhood with Cartoons!
Today everyone associates his/her childhood with the cartoons of Disney and perhaps the credit goes to very passionate zeal to creativity and innovation, Walt Disney presented!

  • Here comes One man Show ~ Satish Acharya
A young self-taught cartoonist, earned MBA finance degree perhaps whose passion for creating cartoon and drawings is just far more than anything that adds happiness to his and other’s life through his creations. He is a full time daily contributor of cartoons with the irony and humor twist to profound Mid-Day Newspapers. He made his remarkable mark and recently turns out to have an extra-inning to his life with the introduction of the first exhibition of talent, this May, 2010.

~ Join him on his journey, check Link in his Blog for free-invitation to the world of creativity and passion! - Invitation to my first Exhibition

Satish Acharya
- Satish Acharya Cartoons -
to enlarge CLICK here

I found his blog link “World of an Indian Cartoonist” in year 2007 almost when I started blogging and ever since than I have been following his every post and regard his creations some of the best depiction of daily moments of India with a robust roaring messages!
He has been consistent and truly remarkable in catching the tag lines and adding the twist-tale to his creations of cartoons! Here’s wishing him further success and further creative instincts unfolding in the future endeavors. Blog Link: http://cartoonistsatish.blogspot.com/

~ Creations of Cartoons ~

It’s not just the check and the columns,
It is some curves, cartoons, creativity and a Clair view,
Oh! It is not is about the cost definitely!!
Life is much precious with Passion..
A sketch that match,
And the livelihood is sure patched!
Blocks yet it does not block..
Block made the strong wall!
Yet with no block on thoughts,
The colors just flock,
Torment and pain with tints and Paint
Trace the human race
Perhaps an irony reflects..in every pattern..
Strokes of Brush
Yet not a sheer stroke against but
Brushes away the rough strokes
Creativity in cartoons, carries the care of the passion
With humble action and reaction!
Thank God! They don't make fools..
They made Cartoons with fun!
with passion Live
Your Passion..!

These are some of the historic mascots! Indeed, What a remarkable mind and a soul to have created such enduring eternal character through passionate creativity!

A strive that left all speechless with their presence of mind and those tiny hand and little minds working together to create a legendary history…through every page, passage, and the cartoons of coarse!

  • Do see Enlarged View of Pictures. 
  • Please ask before taking a picture for this Blog,I might just say Yes!
  • Pursuit of Passion is to be cont. with every creative dream and Passion believed in!
  • Be a Celebrity or a Common person, Celebration of Life With Passion Continues to blossom :)
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21 April, 2010

Live with passion - Live your passion

Every child has an inspiration that often turns into an aspiration when grown up. I had a huge fascination with “Alice in Wonderland”, and used to always imagine that there is a different beautiful nature oriented world and some day sure I shall get through there. In a way I can say I’m still in search of that world but somewhere sure I know my quest stops when I paint!

People ask me, “How do you feel…you can draw so well! Why don’t you turn into that profession?
And my reply as ever is,
~ Painting/drawing is my hobby and drawing money through it has been never my aim yet I want to possess just Drawing and proclaim the heights of creativity and imagination through the lines I make with my paintbrush!
Perhaps, I’m pretty happy with the reply and happier the way life-book turns its page automatically leaving me mesmerized every time!

My Passion
~ My Passion @ rachi creations.. ~
to Enlarge CLICK here

However, how many of you have cash on what you liked doing! Or have been still in continuity to your only passion like dancing, singing, painting, writing, playing football or even collecting coins or stamps. Do you continue and are consistent in passion that comes effortlessly to you without a sweat on your forehead, regardless of your earnings and shedding sweat on your job.

Surviving to your livelihood is important but getting the life is no less when you get back rejuvenated doing or accomplishing what you like the most apart from the routine job! Perhaps, the sideline carries the charm of life!

There have been people who do and have been doing the things that are their only life-mission, the passion they follow and bow to! The people of entertainment business or sportsman or a musician have been following their hearts! However there are also some, who are genius in certain subject and enjoy teaching their skills in forums, schools and colleges…it is their way to rejoice!

~ Passion multiplies your productivity, power and creates something that when you look back your past brings out a Proud feeling!

Perhaps there are, also few in fact many that are born to earn and only earn money sacrificing their inner urges. Not to blame them, they have been brought up in such a way that they have forgotten their likes and choose to work like machines. Hence, follows a break down and a serious instruction to go to hill-station to spend some time for a change, compose their thoughts and perceive calmness in life.

  • People like Boman Irani a famous actor of Bollywood, holds a polytechnic diploma turned as a professional photographer serving ages until he discovered his new acute passion in acting at the age of 40s. 
  • Nikhil Chinapa popularly known as VJ Nikhil is graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from a profound Institute turned to his passion being an Indian Radio jockey followed by being a popular Video Jockey in MTV Channel.
  • Jaspal Bhatti graduated as an electrical engineer latter becoming a cartoonist in the Tribune Newspaper in Chandigarh. He took a step further and became pioneer of  creating home-made comedy serials and humor.
  • Very famous and talented Harsha Bhogle holds a Chemical Engineer graduate degree and went to the esteem IIM-A and then pursuing a job in an advertisement company but preferred being a Live Cricket Commentator to follow his passion and love for the game Cricket.
  • Shobhaa De after making her name as a model in India, she began a career in journalism and is a successful freelance writer following her words.
  • Preity Zinta has earned a postgraduate degree in criminal psychology, but later took up modeling making her best name in Liril Soap and Perk Chocolate Ads followed by extraordinary talent in acting in movies, Though her still prime passion is reading and writing where she have also written series of columns for BBC News Online South Asia. 
  • Shahrukh Khan earned his Bachelors degree in Economics (honors). Though he pursued a Masters Degree in Mass Communications, he was accomplished in sports, drama, and academics but opted out to make his career in Bollywood. Now popularly known as King Khan and rest follows a huge history!

One life and left without options-open is a waste!
People in the hush of life and running behind the money have lead and left people to lose their passions for the hobbies. But there are also other’s who do opt what they are best in and perhaps life holds the best for them there. Names and example are many with ecstatic experiences and life stimulating stories.

Let you too again pick your guitar and play some tune or create a doodle in the A4 size paper or just pulling up your socks and heals to dance pose! Do anything that your love…kiss your dog, go for a walk or pack your bags, go for trekking! Pick your camera and click the tiny ants, take out your chessboard and win a queen...Bottom line - do anything YOU LIKE!

~ Perhaps say that,When I grow up, I thy never grow up…to leave my passions and my childhood aspirations!

Not everything can be traced and tracked or planned in life…certain things comes in natural pace and tickles. One need to flow with it, alone or with friends around but surrounded with green lashing trees!

Go trekking, be a travelogue and tackle life!
~ Just don’t forgetting the zeal, the fire you hold in thyself. Let it ignite and glitter. Let your face too shines and posses gleam. Give a retouch to your talent and add a novelty!

Life is not about only
Calculations and counting Money,
Life is about the
Celebrations and counted Moments!
Career for livelihood is the part of life..
Creativity actually gives you a Life..
~ Relive, Rejoice, Rediscover, Renew and Revive it!
Never give up..
Live with Passion
Live your Passion!

  • "Pursuits of Passion" is my next take, where I have presented the post with my favorite people/pioneer souls who have inspired me in certain way with their leisure novelty pursuits of Passion…perhaps for following the one religion rigorously that is CREATIVITY! SO do follow up with the updates and check the link :)
  • Drawing is my passion and the above painting is created thyself as an extension of rachi creations..
  • What is your passion that gives purpose to your life..?share with us :):)

My Blog post selected HERE~The post "Live with Passion-Live Your Passion" has been selected by Blogadda as one of the Tangy Tuesday pick.
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19 April, 2010

Best Posts of Blog - Year 2007

Best Posts Yr.2007
~ Best Posts of Yr. 2007 ~
~ There is a beautiful saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..!" perhaps now I know..!

Hiya dearest friends and Readers!

~ Recently my blog, “Humming Today” completed Three successful years.

So I decided to snap back in archive and show list of my favorite posts, perhaps something that I enjoyed to pen down! The journey has been beautiful and indeed there had been so much to explore and expedite to excel.

The list shall be published on the yearly basis with a tiny snippet of my true thoughts behind the particular post! This post has the list of Year.2007

~ Year.2007 had been a learning period or foundation era for me in the blogging, hence you will find quite raw and unfinished posts. Though, each post is special for me and to choose is difficult. They do not count from good or bad parameter for me. Perhaps they are special posts as to have come up right from the heart and have groomed me and my humming mind...!

In year 2007 there were in total 25 posts making mark in the archive.
~So here I have picked eight posts as my first favorite best-post list of year 2007.

~ Just was wondering in true real senses which were five things the most important to me and my life!
~ My first Diwali festival after Marriage and My kitchen full of sweet smoke!
~ One of my very first post depicting what I don’t like and latter like a Black Swan theory ending up to in loving it on the journey of cooking!
~ Saw this wonderful movie and could not stop myself being nostalgic and trying my way to capturing and reflecting the essence of childhood and teachers!
~ A post comes through a quote of my friend…ensuing me to think and share my thoughts over Make-Up!
~ My very close, wonderful and very talented friend who captures the time in photographs with so much of emotions making each angle so memorable. This post is my way to tribute this post for Him and his talent!
~ A beautiful Coffee Café chain in Bangalore and its exquisite flavors story with a strange twist tale that leads to the havoc situation for elephants...read and know the truth being the gulps of coffee we take!
~ Biryani is world wide popular...but my very favorite is Hyderabadi Biryani!

  • The next shall follow my list of Year.2008 for do follow for updates:)
  • ~Thank you for the consistent love and support!
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14 April, 2010

Soya/Dill weeds with Potatoes - Soya Bhaji

It been after a long, I have come up with the recipe, though this recipe will not take a long to cook.
~ This is definitely the one of the quickest, easiest, and delicious with few ingredients of recipe to fulfill your appetite and heart with its sweet aroma and flavor. It is Soya/dill weeds with potato or Soya Bhaji.
Perhaps, I don't mind to say this recipe also comes specially for my dear Lazy friends.

The soya/dill weed/leaves have slender stems, which are finely divided and have lovely green soft delicate leaves, slightly broader than the similar leaves of fennel leaves are just amazing. In fact, I don’t mind munching few tiny twigs just before cooking them.

~ Nutrition Value:
Above all the nutrition chart will indulge you to eat and relish it.
This popular herb contains no cholesterol; but is rich in anti-oxidants and dietary fibers which help to control blood cholesterol levels. It is also rich in many vital vitamins including folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin-C that are essential for optimum health. Dill weed is a good source of minerals like copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

In addition to it, 100 g of dill weed provides only 43 calories, but its phyto-nutrients profile is no less than any other high calorie food source; be it nuts, pulses, cereals or meat group.
So, let us scroll a bit of history of the Dill/Soya weeds before stepping up to the recipe.

Soya/Dill Weeds with potatoes
Soya/Dill Weeds with Potatoes
To Enlarge CLICK here

~ History:
Dill originated in Eastern Europe. Although several twigs of dill were found in the tomb of Amenhotep II (was the seventh Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Amenhotep inherited a vast kingdom. His reign is usually dated from 1427 to 1400 BC.)
They report that the earliest archaeological evidence for its cultivation comes from late Neolithic lake shore settlements in Switzerland. Traces have been found in Roman ruins in Great Britain. [Ref. Wikipedia]

~ Name:
The name dill comes from Old English dile, thought to have originated from a Norse or Anglo-Saxon word dylle meaning to soothe or lul, the plant having the carminative (is an herb or preparation that either prevents formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract) a property of relieving gas.

In Sanskrit, this herb is termed as Shatapushpa. The seeds of this herb is also termed as Shatakuppi sompa, Shatapushpi, Sabasige, Badda sompu, Sabasiga, Surva, Soyi, Sowa, Soya in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannanda, Gujarathi, Hindi, Punjabi etc.

Serves: 2 pax easily.

Ingredients for Soya Bhaji

  • Fresh soya/dill weed - ½- 1 bunch or more (fine chopped)
  • Potatoes - 2-3 medium (quartered chopped)
  • Garlic pods - 3-5 (crushed and fine chopped)
  • Cumin seed - 1/2 tsp.
  • Red chilli powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Coriander powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Salt - to taste (or 1 teaspoon)
  • Oil - 1 tsp.

Method of Making of Soya/Dill Weeds Bhaji with potatoes:

Making of Soya Bhaji

  • Heat the oil in a pan.
  • Now add and toast the cumin seeds.
  • Then add the crushed and finely chopped garlic pods until they turn slight golden brown.
  • Stir in and soon add quartered chopped potatoes.
  • Cook for 2 minutes. Stir in and then add all the dry spices like red chilli, coriander and salt.
  • Add soya/dill weed and mix it well.
  • Cover and cook on medium-low for about 10-12 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
  • Serve hot with rice or with chapatti or paratha or any bread.

  • Potatoes are optional yet they are delicious and multiply the quantity.
  • Fine chop or rough chop for the soya/dill weeds will do.
  • Do not over cook, or eles the soya/dill leaves loses its green color.
  • Just a quick toss concept has to be considered while cooking this dish.
  • Some people like to add ginger, garam masala, aamchoor(Dry Mango powder) to it…but I prefer the absolute sweet strong fragrance of soya/dill weeds.
  • You may also add the Saunf/Fennel leaves with the soya/dill weed leaves to enhance the taste/flavor .

~ O dear sometimes yet sometimes even the weed (dill/soya weeds) can be so delicious, and quickest to cook, aren’t they!
~ Hope you enjoyed! Try making at home for a better change from the routine food :)
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11 April, 2010

Scoop of ice-cream - 77fiction

Note: 77 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of seventy-seven words.
Scoop of Life
Scoop of life - ice-cream (c) rachi creations..
To Enlarge CLICK here

Scoop of life in ice-cream ~ 77fiction

At weekend, we three friends went ice-cream parlor.
“Three Vanilla flavor ice-cream”, I said to the parlor boy.
In scorching heat, we were relishing our ice-creams.
Suddenly, I discovered my creamy Vanilla ice-cream had a tints of strawberry!
At first, we all got puzzled.
Then one friend said,
“The parlor boy likes you so a special treatment with a trace of Strawberry!”
Other friend laughed pointing towards my lips,
“Look girl! You wore a strawberry color lip-stick!”

  • The above drawing is an extension to RACHI CREATIONS.. created by thyself with basic crayons colors.
  • 77Fictions in seventy seven words limit concept is being inspired from the 77fictions of Mahesh! Hope he doesn’t owe a copyright for it :)
  • How do YOU enjoy your ice-cream..!
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08 April, 2010

500 words of shades and shadow

NOTE: The quoteThere is no blue without yellow and without orange.” By -Vincent Van Gogh have inspired this prose in exact 500 words unfolding the shadow and shades of life and in life!
Shades and Shadow
~ 500 words of shades and shadow ~

It sometimes and at times likes this…
No matter how good you do, all turns upside down in loop.
However counter apart comes back with relief.
Liberating Life is all about it, get ready to feel it!

Huh...what a weirdo life dude!
Desperation was very much there in every act.
There is no orange without yellow and without red!
And how well the different shades sink within,

I look for the moment.
Moments those intervene with the spark and ember ignition,
Look. Here! This matters right now!
Do you see how gorgeous this moment was…or perhaps is!

Giving a shot to those around us in tiny gratitude glimpse..
Ordinary yet they are the events of life
Tiring but the twists of tales with teeny tears piers!
Marvel over the motion and create the Moments!

What if, its hitch yet pretending all is fine..
It gives the strength to fight from morning five to evening nine
What if, not served and raised to never praise,
Bracing to steal firmness and always sail…

For the sweet spirit I swear in
To yearn the strong soul with in
And the phenomenal blessings cling in!
Wow…well wait, the world so weird ways..

I wish to wind, bind and rewind words
I could have...but am chocking within alive cords
Honesty preferred though how hard it hurts
Maybe I'd know what to do next or at the first

It is a slice, rare and bloom in adverse
It is a smell that care the memoirs
It is a taste that feels the keen earnest
It is a mistake yet defined learning
It is an utter sheer scrupulous life!

Take off the hook
Wake up, compete and chase the cheer
With content outright outcome
Regret reduced,
Returned to the roots
Remove the weeds
Worrying awhile and not a while
Life lies here in everything in the enough!

And just like the smallest speck of dust,
The ray of sunshine spears the curtain,
I know I could have celebrated and cherished,
I could talk for hours and get thunderstruck
Or stay still and silent for ages,

Somehow such still keeps me awake speechless
Confused creepy tanned if it was dust or just a dash of instant
An echo in white yet so blank halo sight!
Life is weird or wonderful or an illusion…doubts arise

When it’s Over it’s over, it is over,
Yet covers the crowd and few clouds,
Sloppy are many clowns and a cower,
Creating caprice castle,
Curious ceremonies and
Influencing colors,
Casual clear yet comparing,
Life is a chronicle,
Starts when edge ends or ends when lead starts.

Refreshing replenishing…O dear its verve!
The Rover riding on the rolling stone and roaring is me,
Life tenet and weird world theory just so aimlessly destined!
To the sunny side of the living and leaving bewilder behind!!

Celebrations woven, dimensions knitted and vibrations unite!
Seeking, structuring and sheath serene senses
Life amalgamate with some sweets and some sweat
Some shadow and several sparkling shaded essences…Ahh...An Esteem life!
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03 April, 2010


It was no wonder not just an ordinary day of my extra ordinary life. 
Sitting at my friend’s room’s window and enjoying the lovely cool soft breeze over my face. Over and over I tried tucking my hair beind my ears but ahh! This new hairstyle…makes it impossible to have decent well set locks. Some lightening and followed by few growling clouds. Soon it gets so dark in the room and I prefer that somehow. I love the sopping wet view during rainy days and especially the view from this room is just as good as any view of a star from the telescope. I can see it all and to as far as my eyes could find its vision. I believe this is one of the best points to live in a skyscraper apartment at the top floor!

Suddenly it started raining heavily and everybody started running here and there on the street. The water in blotch got accumulated on the road ready to make its mark soon. The traffic turned bad and slow. I was so glad that I was at home and not rushing in the streets. I was here from this window enjoying my rainy muddy flair view and cool gentle wind. My friend soon handed over a cup of coffee in my hands. Hummm…the aroma and the warmth of the coffee was just the most ideal thing in the lucid lazy showery moment. Moreover, anything prepared my friend and me sitting on a slothful cozy couch is the best thing indeed!

Suddenly we saw on the street a group of people walking and dripping wet with the muddy splash of the speedy running vehicle. The vehicle went away in a speed and the people kept shouting for a long. At this I murmured, Why do fools walk in the rain?

The statement latter came with an eccentric jiffy instant for me...I could not laugh nor could I ignore my own words!
~ “Did I call them fool…?!” I wondered
~ I could not laugh, as many times it has happened to me too. I have been also splattered with dirt and muddy water by a speedy vehicle walking down on the road and trust me it is the most unlucky and irritating moment of the day.
~ Perhaps, cannot ignore my those random words too, as I do know that there is no point in the outcry and shouting over, what has already happened…and moreover it is the Rain no one to be blamed yet a joy to be claimed!

Yeah! Those fools… replied my friend quietly agreeing to my words.
~ Soon she dragged me to her home’s balcony. It was still drizzling…and the moment the raindrops touched my skin...I realized it was a magic all around.
~ The rain had its rhythm and our body swayed and danced to its tune.
Looking up at the sky and tiny raindrops…I said, I really love rain!
We had great fun together!
She soon shouted Roger Miller’s beautiful quote that says, Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.
Very true indeed!
~ Two people experienced the same event but reacted in totally different ways? We surely did :) 
~ Those people were really fools…who were shouting in desperation to the trifling moment and not caring to realize that life is too short to cry over fleeting moments.
~ We also walked in the rain but were enjoying and shouting in celebration to every dribble of raindrop that enveloped us in happiness.

Yeah fools having fun with fully drenched body!
~ And the Rain definitely follows the fools!
Perhaps, We are fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance… I quoted the moment of bliss… and we continued to our semi swings in the revolved dazzling rain!

Guess what, my friend all of a sudden jumped in the gathered water in the corner of the boundary and a huge splash over ME….before I could roar on her…a loud laugh followed listening to my friend’s side, Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet…and that what I did!

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubtI exclaimed..! No wonder my friend is definitely the biggest fool on this earth and another is ME who gives company to her...and I love that way and all ways!

Fool - rachi Creations..
~ We are just fortunate fool friends!

NOTE: The above drawing is created thyself on PAINT-BRUSH as an extention to rachi creations..

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