21 October, 2010

digitally losing

I hate to say that I hate sometimes the thing I love. I mean in simple language that sometimes the things turn such that I tend to dislike the things which I truly adore. This time it is this ugly technology!

Boy..I had a tough time in last few days.
For some reason I wanted certain documents and certificates as a proof. And this became such a challenging job for me. I had to get documents from all the places I have stayed. As per the Government rule I realised I had no certain exactly one certificate to prove all my identity. It is really tough to understand the norms in India. Where sometimes...college or school certificate is verified and yet sometimes they do not get applicable to prove certain issue.
Another issue is how to prove my living statue and present address. For being constantly moving from one place to another and having not stayed to a place more than one year create a havoc to generate the legal document or bunch of documents.

I got no electricity or telephone bill in my name, nor do I got Rashan Card; neither I have Election voter’s card (yep shame on me, I’m +18 yet haven’t voted even ones) but I have a PAN card and a passport yet both of them have the info which is still incomplete to what needed to be submitted. Luckily I’m surviving with bank account and Gas-connection certificate.

Being educated and literate enough, we still get engrossed about the proving documents limitations. I wonder how the villagers or poor immigrates deal with such issue when they hardly have any prompt certificate except or no Rashan card to prove the stuff in this so called digital world.

I’m still struggling to prove the technology at its best as it does not lend a hand to the helpless deprived citizens.

technologyHow do you feel when you are working on the computer on words or excel sheet and you forget to save a document and it gets erased or how about your laptop hanging or windows crashing resulting to lose all the files...!!

How would you feel when you see your email account has been hacked and tempered?

Or how would you feel when you care to go for the lamination of your certain important document or certificate to further protect it and you damage your work due to lamination machine heat.

Man! That happened to me actually.
I’m terribly upset for it. But I could not blame anyone nor could I scold much the fellow at work. Besides, the fellow at work was least apologized for his carelessness over a critical issue. It was a technological flaw and I was a sufferer unfortunately. Moreover I’m upset with the casual Indian way of behavior, _chalta-hai...! (_It’s okay we can adjust) kind of attitude.

I do preserve and keep my documents with utmost care in the files...with all kind of segregations. Though my document has been a bit damaged by the machine which is actually used to actually further shield it with transparent sheet to protect it. OMG...my heart sinks!

I’m fuming right this moment in anger for I know I will never get the original certificate back ever and moreover I will get the duplicate-one after lots of efforts, multiplying paper-work, pain and tension for ages...despite of computerized barcode, high-tech technology and machinery.

All I know I shall never ever in my life laminate any of my documents.
I shall always have a coloured Xerox with me of all my documents.

I thought to share this story with you so that you could save up all your stuff from such mishaps. Accidents do occur in life and when it’s with legal documents it’s the worst thing that happens.

This incident reminds me of the moment when in early 90’s my father lost his briefcase right before getting into the train. He was supposed to travel by train to do certain payment of the new house of ours to be build...and on the platform itself; he lost his briefcase due to burglary. The piece of luggage had most of his clothes for it was a long trip, his two major diaries with all the vital details and contacts; most important was the main-file of the house which had all the legal documents, significant bills and payment receipts. And needless to say...he was going for some payment hence he did lose a huge sum of money, which he was saving for certain long period for the same purpose.
He lost it all in a single moment like flash.

It was an era when people contacted each other during emergency through couriers; there were no so called mobiles or computers to get the xerox receipts’ quickly. He came back home empty hand from the station within an hour. I remember how pained he was right when he arrived. He went with my uncle to the police-station to feed a complaint and also in a strange hope to get things back. Thought it was only one legal step. He struggled hard to get the same large hunk of amount soon somehow the same night. It was a moment when he realised as no-one helps when it’s catastrophe moment. None of the relatives had willingly lent a hand to help. Later he borrowed few clothes from my maternal-uncle as he lost almost all his clothes and without a confirmed ticket he went from the other train the same late night.

Perhaps, there was no way available to contact at the earliest to the people to postpone the meeting. That was a sheer financial crisis and had a huge fear of losing some utterly important legal documents of house and other major moments. For a long time he struggled to get another copy of documents of house and stuff by travelling hard to and fro between two cities/states.

+ I still get goose-bumps when I think of that dark moment. It was hard to deal yet he did not give up on anything. It takes a lifetime to build a house perhaps, we could have lost our house too in a split second for we had already lost so many documents and of course no doubt money at that moment was important.

This one incident made us learn many things yet we still struggle with the pain when we thing of losing something. Losing in person, money, legal-document or simply losing a fight by getting stuck in the traffic is sheer painful and utmost hard to deal with.

However, life is full of these damn tit-bits of absolute twist and turns to prove every instant that we are warriors. And fighting the odd and sailing against the waves through the unconventional path yet possessing rainbow colours at the end has to be human nature.

It is believed that losing hurts but it motivates...hope it does same to all. I’m disturbed with the lost, losing something feels like ruining everything right in a moment yet I shall try hard to bounce back and retrieve the pleasure of joy and earning what I owe to deserve. Wish me luck my dear friends!
+ I wish same spirit to you too for your rough moments.
+ Right now I’m counting my recourses to recollect the trust bond from the one; I expect to gladly lend me a hand before I truly ask for.
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12 October, 2010

Best Friends - sweet companionship

This really short and sweet story shared below is one which long back I was narrated by my best-friend. I found it very inspiring and was very much touched with the base of emotion collectively cared. Hope you like going through. I shall look forward to see your views shared.
+ The drawing below is made by thyself as an extension of Rachi Creations..

A beautiful garden echoed with the laughing sound of children. Everything was green. The aura was covered entirely with sweet scented rows of flowers. The air was so incredibly light and cool and fresh and clear. Just a few steps away on the other bench some old age home senior citizens relaxing. Kids having fun during the happy hours of weekend holidays while playing on swings, running and hiding behind trees and bushes.

Best friends, John and Ken sat down on the white marble bench and breathed in the fresh wonderful air. They looked one another sitting silent and yet with a smile on their face, cared a sweet companionship. Over the years they have developed a warm friendship. Soon they as always started sharing new stories and ideas. Talks touched from butterfly to aeroplanes, they exchanged words on all aspects of fields and life phase.

As they were chatting, John got up and walks seamless around the bench just following the delights of nature and gazing the colourful butterfly that settles on the shoulder of his friend Ken who’s sitting almost on the edge of the garden.

Softly with a gentle breeze, the butterfly fluttering its wings flies away.
John observe that Ken gaze upon the butterfly until it really disappears. His eyes were a soft brown and yet with a depth and sparkle of innocence.

‘You really like butterfly!’ amused John said to Ken.
‘Butterflies are beautiful, colourful, full of life and free to fly anywhere.’ Ken replied!

‘What is your one foremost desire?’ John asked Ken.
I want to be like a butterfly...I have a desire to be liberated to soar high like a butterflyKen said.

‘Do you have any other such longing aspiration?’ Ken asked John.
Staring at the kids playing in the garden John replied, ‘I wish to play long hours, running here and there but with my best friend...
A light smile crossed his face, and Ken knew John was referring to him!

A mild orange colour of the sky had turned into violet sparkle; birds were flying back their nests and so as most of the kids’ rushing back home. Ken’s grandfather was warmly wrinkled, but soft came to take Ken back to home. Ken and John left for respective home with a see you around smile.

As John reached home he kept thinking of the aspirations he and his friend Ken had.
He was quietly amused with the wish Ken had... ‘A longing wish to fly high’.
~ Almost whole night with a tired sigh, John kept wondering how to accomplish these wishes that would multiply the bliss in recreating the resonate liveliness.

Next day usual time he again went to the park to see his friend. He looked bright and had a flash of idea.
Ken came to the park on time waiting for John to arrive. As John saw Ken he swiftly reached towards him.
Almost immediately John sat down on his knees and asked his friend Ken to hop over John’s back. Ken got baffled and almost clueless about the John’s intentions.

He curiously asked John, ‘Why do you want me to hop over your back?’
‘Just hop over...don’t think anything else! ’ excited John replied.

Ken again asked, ‘But why...what’s on your mind’
‘Remember yesterday I told you my one desire I wanna fulfil, here is the way to my dream...trust me just get on my back and help me my dear friend’ John whispered softly with a curve on his lips.

As Ken and John exchanged glances, and they all over again braced their bonding.
John stretched his hand to help Ken to get over lean comfy back from the wheel chair. Perhaps Ken, a little kid could not walk and the wheel chair actually helped the purpose.

My best friend
(c)  rachi creations..

After few adjustments, Ken got over John’s back. Curious and clueless Ken took his hands around John’s neck for support. As soon as John got him over his back...he started walking speedily. Almost sooner, more rapidly John started to run. He ran as fast as he could on the green carpeted grass.
Ken panicked and asked John to slow down.
But enthusiastic John wanted to fulfil his desire to play and run together with his ‘best-friend’.
Soon both of them felt the cool breeze over their faces and slowly Ken’s fear vanished. Ken hugged tighter and warmer from the back to John. They sure enjoyed the moments but the best was yet to happen.

John’s long time desire to run around and play with his ‘best-friend’ was getting fulfilled.
Further John said ‘My dream is getting fulfilled and now it’s your turn...open you wings and fly like a butterfly!

For the moment Ken got completely amazed and quickly he opened his arms and started flapping like a butterfly. Few butterflies encircled them while John was still running holding Ken on his back. Ken was more than happy to see he could fly. The look on his face as like compete amazement. John could hear the happy tone of Ken’s laugh and cheer in claps.

+ He felt immensely delightful pleasing his friend’s longing desire.

...Best-Friends bond shared regardless to differentiation and limitations..
There was a ripple of emotions and an irony of joy that complimented through the beautiful wonderful little life with an unconditional love of the best-friend. Mellow nature poured and they felt a healing touch warming hearts.
~ Every detail of the moment was so perfect. No further explanation or reason seemed necessary to prove that they were truly best-friends regardless to their limitation.
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07 October, 2010

Three Cheers - Indiblogger Meet and more

Three in one!
Nope..this post is not on some printer or some instrument that is three dimensionally multi-linguistic...however...it’s about a historic day that is 3rd. October, 2010.
For me there were mega three events in the day to observe.


Ever since I knew the venue of the Indiblogger meet was changed, I was a bit unsure to attend it.

Indiblogger had their 5th successful blogger meet in Bangalore. I thought I simply did not want to miss this time.

However I had a little confusion cloud even in the early morning that day. I kept tossing the coin, to decide to choose the right. It was long awaited weekend and my hubby had a holiday. It was supposed to be a day to spend together, having fun and going out. (..sometimes decision-making in choosing the best between the two unique best is really tough!)

Out of the blue while having morning tea, my hubby reading a newspaper reminded me of the Indiblogger meet. I told him that I was a bit unsure to attend. He insisted to go and asked me to get ready quickly. We had a bit of thought process, searched the route in the Google-map of the venue and finally I was ready to head towards the meet.

...bringing talent and thoughts together with
 hub of harmony and happiness..with honour!
The miraculous magic begins when one is not expecting anything and yet a bundle of surprises are stored to roll. Indiblogger meet has been one of them.

I was extremely excited to go and meet the people in person whom I have sure known them virtually through their blogs and other friendship-sites.

Plus I had a desire to meet the indiblogger team,  whose efforts have been behind beautiful concept of Indiblogger site bringing talent and thoughts together to twinkle the hub of harmony and happiness simultaneously with honour.

And as their tag-line say 'We Blog..Therefore We are', perhaps we blog not because we have to but because we want to :)

All the way while going I was wondering what my hubby will do at home alone while I shall be busy in attending this Meet. Well honestly I was actually thinking will he be cooking something for me as a surprise dish for the dinner! After all in my absence that day the kitchen was all his and he does prepare some of my favorite dishes with brilliance ;)

The venue was quite far from my home. Also it was a weekend and with lot of traffic around on the road I reached there in around 45mins. My hubby left me at the Fortune Park Hotel’s Corridors and went for the car parking.
Because I was already 10 minutes late, I gave a quick see-off to hubby and just rushed at the 7th heaven’s floor of the Hotel.

+ Got warm welcomed and soon registered myself.
+ As goes the first step after affectionate greeting, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed absolutely. And perhaps, I also knew then that I would have certainly missed so much if I hadn't come!

I was looking around slowly to get a glance of someone virtually I know. But you know sometimes it is so difficult to actually recognize and distinguish people in real and in photo.
Everyone look so different and yet so familiar.
However after waiting for couple of minutes, I noticed Nethra, I felt she was Nethra though I was not all that so sure. Suddenly I noticed her passing a sweet smile before I could and I knew my instincts were correct.

Who else...do I know, I wondered?
This is where I make out, 'the world is not that small'; however we interact with each other 24/7 through facebook or twitter or blogging or technology yet meeting in person is entirely different experience to look forward.

Suddenly my phone rang...It was my hubby, wondered why he was calling now in few minutes for it takes more than an hour to reach home. As I attended the phone, he said he was sitting in the same hall as a back-bencher. I was a bit amused to see him. I instantly went towards him, he said I could carry on with my stuff; he just came to see the function.
Well this was absolutely better than I telling him the whole story of the day, ten thousand times at home than he himself experiencing and getting more familiar with it. It was truly so wonderful having him around. All the time I was just muttering something into his ears about someone or something.

There was a good intro round and finally I saw few more people whom I’m familiar with. Tavish [absolute sensible], Leo(Vinay) [King of Rhymes without reasons], Avada Kadavra (Ashwini) [truly sweet gurl], Ayyangar Sir,[pioneer at opinion] Lakshmi Rajan Sir [founder of awesome Ginger Chai Site], Mr. Birla [owner of my fav. restaurant Potluck, guys you must try moong dal ka halwa there..its awesome. Address* LINK] and whole remarkable team of Indiblogger...Really it was so wonderful to meeting them and many more in person.

There were people of all genres and age,
Some made me feel as if I knew them,
Yet other time I felt I don’t know some,
Some know me and yet there were some we knew mutually!

In all it was a beautiful amalgamation of creative thoughts and blend of joy in every passing minute. Also got introduced to many new view people had and followed so passionately. Thoughts had a depth from gardening to environment concerns supporting the best of Green causes.

And sure there were some lucky guys who got the prize ‘HP-Printer’!
What else one could ask for better, gift as HP-Printers, free t-shirt, lovely snacks and delight for boozers initiate by the hotel for the Indibloggers only!
But my best part was being surrounded by the best and talented people around.
Perhaps, not every day is that blessed that we actually overcome all kind of difference to meet and exchange words to express so freely. Having said that all, I cannot just ignore the wonderful liveliness everyone was sharing with each other so willingly.

Above all because we were planning to buy Printers we were well impart through the presentation the HP guys gave over the new technology HP and their printers are working on.

Though Indiblogger have been conducting successful meets for Bloggers past some years at different metro junction all around India, I attended it first time. And was so much thrilled to see varied sections of ways to keep us engaged and with the composition of the Indi-meet. ‘Live and let comment’, ‘All hell breaks loose-IndiForum’, ‘Spirit of Bangalore’(photo contest) were some of the slice of fun and passion shared.

+ When the meet was over, I realised I had developed a bit of sweet hangover over the meet.
+ Mused over about the people I meet and about the experience I had over all.
While coming back at home all the way it was raining so heavily and I was recollecting the moments about the meet. Truly I was so touched to see the warm welcome towards me and my hubby got from my blogger friends...something I shall cherish for a long...may be till we meet again!

~ And little chain of moments of joy and bliss!

2) Common Wealth Games(CWG) commence: LINK

I thought I was lucky of being present in this Indiblogger-meet at Bangalore with sincere +250 people around than actually attending CWG in Delhi. Yes! It’s sad to make any such statement but then so much of negative-publicity about CWG seen on air really hurts. Indeed, it’s such an unpleasant feeling to have and declare with so much of difficulty...

Finally after reaching home, we had evening tea.
And I was ones again scanning in mind every moment spent at Indiblogger meet.

Switched on the television and surprisingly intended to watch the nineteenth Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at New Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. A tune into the theme song ’O yaaron’ of Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi by Oscar winner music composer A R Rahman...echoed. (to download the tune LINK)  Startlingly an inspiring and magnificent ceremony stretched out without a hiccup, portraying the best of India and Indian Culture.

+ I was so so happy to actually prove thyself wrong for having a negative perception over the arrangements. There was only so much of Uniquely India and shades of talent people had. More than 65,000 spectators and mesmerizing applaud echoed.
I was absolutely divinely proud as an Indian to see the reflection of dazzling art work India showcased. The glorious opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010 has truly surpassed all our expectations and perceptions...

3) Popular reality show Bigg Boss-Season4

And there after the state of new season popular reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Salman Khan(bollywood Actor) began at night on Colors Channel. It was a thrilling opening of the show with some much unexpected guests of honours of house.

Just like a little Amelie, I kept weaving my thoughts and wondered what if I’m trapped with certain group of bloggers in one house like Bigg Boss show concept... What will then the scenario would be...and perhaps who would actually win the race at the end.

One that have a popular blog,
Or one who is more popular than the blog,
Or one who gets 20 comments on an average in every post,
Or the one who is friendly despite of all the odds with almost zero comment!

I kept my dreaming caps on and found no unique conclusion than having a fun together under one roof with bunch of creative excellence followers! Ahh! Imagination...perhaps have no boundaries of any kind.

Everything was at the perfection, on 3rd of October, 2010...
Everything was grand and worth every endeavour!

  • 'Indiblogger meet@ Bangalore' followed by
  • ‘CWG Common Wealth Games’ organised first time India and
  • Than commence of 'bigg boss season-4'..

..three-in-one _mark of magic back to back multiplying delight in a single day!Three cheers to every creative mind..!
Perhaps, looks like after three awesome events I might just watch again 3Idiots movie tomorrow :)

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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