30 October, 2007

i hate KADHI

KADHI..the yellow dish with basic smooth texture was never liked by me to eat...but it reminds me of beautiful delight memories of college...

i with my friends [[who love kadhi like anything..that they may also deny the free lunch treat]]..used to eat kadhi-chawal in one plate..fighting over the gulps..n having loads of fun on the dinning table, in the cafeteria.. it was then i began liking the kadhi..just as it was the moment when we friends celebrated togetherness...

..the unfortunate era was not over..my HUBBY also luvs kadhi..he did request me a lot to make but as i dint like it personally..i never tried to make it..

But now celebrating the FIRST QUATER together, i thought to experiment..n above all cherish memories..

Finally it was 29th Oct,2007...i made THE KADHI in the lunch....

And this shall began to continue my foody PAge to publish..

i m also trying to write the exact receipe of the kadhi i prepared in my SMOKY-KITCHEN..

The ingredients are as follows for 2 pax:-


[Besan] Bengal Gram flour---------------- 20 gm.
Curd----------------------------------------- 225 gm.
Curry Leaves------------------------------ 4-5 leaves
Turmeric---------------------------------- a pinch.
Chilli Powder-----------------------------5 gm.
Cumin and Fenugreek-------------------- 1tsp.
Green chillies------------------------------10 gm.
Ginger-Garlic Paste----------------------10 gm.
Sugar---------------------------------------5 gm.
Oil------------------------------------------10 ml.
Salt----------------------------------------to taste.

Bengal Gram Flour--------------------- 25 gm.
Turmeric--------------------------------- a pinch.
Chilli Powder---------------------------- 5 gm.
Oil to fry----------------------------------30 ml.
Water-------------------------------------20 ml.
[chopped green chillies, sliced onion are optional to add taste.]



Mix the gram flour with water to make a batter to stand.
Add salt and turmeric, mix it well.
Heat oil, drop the batter with the spoon .
Fry till light brown colour appears, remove and keep it aside.


Add enough water to curd and beat it well to make it thinner in consistency.
Strain it to have a smooth body.
Make a paste with a little cold butter milk and gram flour.
Add salt and termeric to remainning butter milk and heat without boiling temperature.
Then add the gram flour paste, stirring all the time.
Add the sugar.
Add the pakodas perpared into it.
Bring the green chillies and the ginger garlic together.
Take another pan, add oil and heat it.
Add cumin and fenugreek seeds in the oil and let it crack and pop.
Add the green chillies and ginger-garlic paste in to it and cook for a while.
Now pour it over the Kadhi and bring a simple boil.
Garnish it with red chilli poder or flakes and serve hot with rice & relish.

BUT...kadhi inspires gentle smooth thoughts....
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