13 August, 2012

Birthday Wish for My friend

Happy Birthday Twinny

Dear Twinny,

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Not that it has been your birthday, I thought to remind and remember the best of moments. But I truly think that over the years the way we have been able to transform, my each and every moment spent together has been special. It is one of the best feeling to have someone in life whom you can relate and someone who doesn't need to be explained everything and understands exactly the way the things, thoughts and beliefs need to be felt. You have been sure the one I can count on closing my eyes.

What truly surprises me the power I get thinking to know that you are always there for me present for me. It's funny that it is you birthday and I'm talking of thyself. The reason is that I feel blessed and to me you are the best gift I posses. The distance was and shall never be an issue I guess. Hence, it was always easy and comforting to bridge up my thoughts and other long talks with you.

All those silly talks of teletubbies, beating, hitting, falling over tangled playing in the playground, fighting only to care more,loving, hugging, planning mischief, supporting and fainting in school morning assemblies, that first cappuccino we had the hub in CCD, the Chinese lunch at NYC and also when I saw you on your wedding shimmering in gold and glitters, been the moments I share and heartily treasure.

Thank you for being the best memory of my childhood, where I love to move into the trail of comfort, joy and bliss.

Here is the snap of one of my page from my autobiography, written almost a decade ago, in Year2002 and interestingly on your birthday.

My life is happier because of you.
My heart is fuller because of you.
My soul feels wholesome because of you.
I'm a better person because of you.
I'm blessed to have you in my life!

Hope we get more such wonderful memories to cheer on, cherish and celebrate. May all the pieces of your puzzle fall perfectly into place, all your desires and dreams come true, putting you to see and enjoy the joyous future with a great companionship.

Here wishing you a very Happy Birthday Twinny!

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