29 August, 2010

I do - frame of freedom

This post is for the beautiful photo contest of Blogadda.

I believe I got stronger, independent, compassionate, more passionately inclined and much responsible to pursue joy in each and every aspect of my life’s dream shared and supported in free-will to enrich bonds.

However, I definitely feel that When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face, in her smile..!

_No one say “I do” to lose the liberty..!
Perhaps, I married and found overflowing freedom!

~ It’s rare yet it’s precious, call it right or blessing to owe...I enjoy more choices in frames of freedom!

Frame of Freedom Rachana
~ frames of overflowing freedom ~
Click here to see in Enlarge

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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27 August, 2010

beyond drops of rain

When it rains, it pours. Past some days it has been raining very heavily every day. Yesterday, when I was crossing the road in the heavy rain and stiff traffic holding my umbrella...suddenly some strange random thought struck me. 'Umbrella not only shelters us in rain-showers but also when the sunrays wallop hard on head, it gives a soothing swathe.’
Every umbrella has its own story.
My umbrella too had a story or should I prefer to say my story too had an umbrella.
Under my Umbrella
~ rachi creations.. (c) Under my Umbrella ~

It was commence of the rainy season and my paa brought a beautiful orange-red with polka dots print umbrella for my mother and a blue-floral shade colour rain-coat for me. I was so excited. And often little things make me so happy. I was hardy ten years old then.

Other day after coming from school I had my evening snacks quickly. My mom was doing some work in the inner room. Soon I hastily held the new umbrella in my hands and rushed outside. I shouted, “I will be back soon mom, I’m going out to play...” And before my mom could see me with an umbrella I ran away. Griping a new umbrella into my hands made me feel so happy. It wasn’t raining heavily yet it was nice to shield under the umbrella. I went to my friend’s home and screamed her name outside her home gate. She came running and was excited to see my new umbrella. We together under the umbrella, half-side slight drenched went to a nearby park to play.

This park was ‘My Alice in Wonderland’.
The park had a tiny hill kind of the steep where we often run on the top of it and slide along. This is where I could unfold all my imaginations and fly along the colours of the nature. It was slightly drizzling making the aura more enchanting. We gaze upon the tiny caterpillars move stealthily on the shrubs, sluggy with shell small snails camp under the leaf, watching keenly very tiny eggs of the bird in the nest hidden in the leaves, delicate fine climber holding firm the branches of the tree stems, flowers with rain-droplets rolling over the petals, gape ground soaked and damp, green lemonade colour grass carpeting all around covered with elusive drizzles and little tadpoles, mini fishes, soft leaves floating in the rainwater accumulated near by the road...each and everything in rainbow colours studded beyond sparkling drops of rain was adding to the excitement and curiosity of my imagination skiing in monsoon. I wished if I could hide myself into the leaves.

We took off our shoes and kept my new umbrella near that tiny steep and played in the garden. Running here and there catching butterflies, observing birds unfurling the wings and looking up at distance grey fluffy clouds in sky feeling the cool breeze with open arms made us so delighted.

For hours we played merrily forgetting all. Everything amazed me though every day I saw the same thing, there was always something left to learn, to smile and ponder upon. I was so interested to know the enduring nature and learn more. The park was a perfect combo of imagination and practical life. I wanted to know it possibly all, ‘What created this beautiful rainbow in the sky with so prompt seven colours?’, ‘How long the tiny butterfly lived?’, ‘How the humming bird flew backward and so swiftly too?’ And above all the company of my best friend, who equally participated in being playful, curious to know things and planning mischief on every notion, was so alluring.

It was rainy evening turning dim. We decided to go back home. Again on the side-streets, under the reflection of street-lights, splashing the water, jumping, running, trying to catch each other and kicking each other’s back we reached our home.

As I opened my home’s gate, suddenly I realised I didn’t had my new umbrella in my hands. I got so numb for a moment. Instantly, I ran back to friend’s home and called her. I asked her if she could accompany to go back to the park to get my umbrella which I forgot there. It was almost dark with violet sky and I thought she might deny coming with me. But to my surprise she right away agreed to come with me. I could see she was more nervous than me for the lost umbrella. We ran rapidly back to the park. We went to the steep hill to get my umbrella but it wasn’t there. She asked me confirm if I have kept the umbrella there. But we could not see it. We together searched each and every hook and corner of the park, behind the trees, below the branches of the shrubs, under the bushes, around the big rocks and everywhere. But we could not find the umbrella. Soon she said, “I think someone must have picked up the umbrella from here”. I apprehend with pounding heart-beat that “I lost the new umbrella which belonged to my mom.” I was very upset and very afraid to go back home. It was getting dark and difficult.

On the way back home, my friend backed me with kind words,Everything will be fine...don’t you worry!She asked me not to panic and tell everything to parents.Admit the mistake and confirm them that this won’t happen again in future she affirms. I just wished her simple sympathetic words may turn into blessings!

As I reached home entered the hall, I noticed my father had come back from office and was watching television, sipping the evening tea. My mom was busy in kitchen making some evening snacks. And I was so scared. And shortly standing, slightly hiding behind the big chairs, I started crying in fear.
I wondered, last day only I lost my pencil box and a water-bottle in school and every now and then I lose my pencils and erasers in school...today I lost the umbrella, moreover a new one which above all belonged to my mom, they are going to be very upset and angry on me. A strange cloud of fear and distress encircled me. I was so much in an apprehensive mood, to take up this dreadful incident.

My father noticed my tears in my eyes; he immediately called me near him. He asked me the matter and why was I crying? He soon checked my elbows and knees to see if I’m hurt by falling down while playing. Nothing like that happened I told my father. He kept asking me the matter and I kept weeping badly.
Soon I said in a low tone, “I lost an Umbrella”, in expectation that now I would get the tight slap.
To this he replied, “It’s Okay!”
I thought maybe he didn’t hear anything properly.
I repeated saying, “I lost a new umbrella, which you brought yesterday”.
He again calmly replied, “That’s okay”.
I wasn’t sure why my father was not reacting aggressively or scolding me despite my mistake.
I got confused and still crying, yet ones again grasping a breath and repeated, “Papa, I lost a new umbrella, that umbrella belonged to Mom, that you brought yesterday...she will be very angry on me”

To my surprise my mom suddenly came there bringing a glass of water for me.
My paa took me into his warm arms and made me sit on his lap. This wasn’t planned at all. I believed that my parents would scold me but this wasn’t the case. In a little while, after I gulped some water, my father said,Firstly, we are a family. Everything present in our home belongs to us and not to an individual. If something good happens we will celebrate together and if something bad happens, we shall deal and manage it together...so basically that umbrella belongs to everyone and not just to mom or one person
He continued saying,We as a family with our strength together shall hide an individual weakness...it’s okay if you have lost it...She won’t scold you, don’t you worry..

And very unexpected my mom replied then, Care for things but don’t cry for things, for those things shall never cry for you

Latter to lighten up the air my father said laughing, And moreover until you don’t lose things, how will you get new one...

We together laughed, and soon I comprehend it all, We are one Family of course!

Ever since then I don’t fear to tell the truth or share any thought with my family. I became more cautions when dealing with things though I don’t cry over the Non-living things. Those are luxury to be cared yet not be cried and crippled upon I learnt. The emotions are more essential and crucial to be taken care than sheer shedding a tear over an object.

I heartily appreciated the unconditional love and support my parents have for me! They gave me a freedom, perhaps even a freedom to commit mistakes. They stand firm supporting me and helping me to learn from every bit with a realisation of responsibility.

Further, the kind empathetic words turned into a blessing from my friend had immense power, which still echo. She gave strength to take up things and face the consequences freely and fearlessly. Sometimes, we are afraid and we think this is what life holds as an ultimatum, yet we must strengthen our beliefs than our fears.

One incident and so many lessons...

Yet if I was told all this today...I would have questioned back...
 “sheer philosophy, but when it comes to practical life things s**ks hard” or
 “a friend plays as a host at great good times yet does not shy away to excuse thyself from the odd moments of your life...” or
“What the hell family support, if you committed the mistake it will be you an individual who will face the music and not other family members will pay for your sins/mistakes!” or
“Do you know how much that costs, perhaps the bill makes me cry?”

I grasped each and every word being a child without asking any question or verification to prove the implementation believing as a universal truth...which even over decades and passing eras...won’t change.

As a mature human, we have this strange tendency to calculate each and everything how, what, why...perhaps couldn’t have implemented some basics to lead a meaningful life.

...under my Umbrella
the Life is unconditionally pouring bountiful bliss
just beyond drops of Rain..
Life is beyond counting and calculating the hum tune of happiness in the moment by adding or subtracting the grammar and vocabulary, we least mean.
It's more in bits of beauty in daily delights and tints of joy in every sight.
It’s more of simple living being with high thoughts and surrounded by the best people around, who loves, cares, supports youunconditionally’!

~ Just like an Umbrella, protects you from unreserved rain and redundant sunrays.

Hope as holding consistent reasoning trait being an intelligent human we don’t calculate and consider as 'Condition' of "being Unconditional" as an excuse to hold on to a relationship and loving emotions for the beings!

  • Hope you enjoyed this journey in monsoon slide of my post!
  • Thanks so much Mahesh for suggesting the beautiful title of this post :))
  • The friend I’m referring in the post is my childhood best friend, ‘Hirna’. We have spent many enthralling moments together in the childhood. During school-days we shifted to different cities thus we were not in touch with each other for more than a decade. Though very recently we got in touch through face-book and just few days back I met her too co-incidentally. Yes! The Destiny definitely holds the best and better than the best people in life. Interestingly we still share the same vibe and amazingly our wavelengths matched after such an expanded time. We chatted and tried to recall as many incidents of our childhood, and this post story is one of them! Thanks to her recollection, we have quite same “Memory like an elephant” :)
  • This post is for you, Hirnu :))

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24 August, 2010

Reflecting the Rain

Rain rains Go away,
Come again some other day...

And drench me in joy all the way..
In the hue of rainbow with a
Steep fall of raindrop over my forehead..
For it’s the celebration of downpour..
Pouring pure all around and on clay!  
For the gentle green lush grass growing in the surround
Softly soak and showers blessing over me and tall
Rain water on the road reflects the sky, my soul..
Flying high and covering rainbow slither
Thunder grumble
Skin savor moisture sensation...ticking my senses
Water ripples beneath my tiny toes
Healing the heels
Walking down the dash and splash
Facing the cool breeze with everlasting drizzle..

But for today..
Rain rains Go away...

For I can take a break from the busy day..
Enjoy a rest on a cloudy-muddy-lazy day...
Elate showers from the sheds

So Come again some other day..

I won’t runway from the rain
Never will shun the rhyme of the rain
We will play together tomorrow and have some fun sway
Waking the child in me and cherishing the innocent way..
Reflecting the sunshine in the refreshing rain,
The rain so condense and feeling so content,
For no reasons will hold back my feet
Will run in the rite rain facing the cool breeze
Circumstances will cease
Certainly there will be bliss

But some other day..
And not today..
Rain rains Go away...

The sun won't for a long stay
 The endless drizzle shall envelop and conquer the play
For I don’t want my friends to trace my tears..
Or crack on the hidden fears and missing mist,
And tag it as regular raindrop gist!
I shall triumph over if you get little more sensitive and care..
Sooner or later I will tang you, my friend the rain..
With the whole glimmer, bliss essence and glean
It’s when I’m celebrating the monsoon..
Move on Move on...Moving on..
Yet so much moved with the Memoirs
The Mood swings Moments,
With moves and swings in rain dance tune!

But for Today..
Rain rains Go away..
Come again some other day...
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17 August, 2010

Top Ten Simple Delights of Life - Colours Magazine

In March,2010; I was given an opportunity to write my ever first guest post for 'Colour's Magazine', an adoarble site reflecting all shades of life.
Here's the direct link of the guest post CLICK HERE or read below;
And an important announcement at the END of the post...

Every person has a bit of philosopher in him/her and have his/her own a way of philosophy of life to define, look and explore the experiences, feelings, and fundamentals! I have tried to ponder, express the unexpressed thoughts and define my own quote that I follow in my life.

Ever since I have been aware of these things, I accepted and implemented them in my greatest percentage of life that is lived in the daily routine. During the journey of life I discovered the courage to see the things with a complete shift of the prospective, perhaps rediscovering the creativeness in me.

I came across to simple delights through reading, talking to different aged, the chain of circumstances and from a steady upgrade of wisdom with age. Different phases and position in life gave plentiful thoughts, experiences, and fluctuation of mood and emotions which redirected me much concrete action plan to lead a life and in all a better life-style.

+ I enjoy and celebrate this change everyday. So, here I share my top ten simple delights that made a difference in my life.

  • Keep Smiling:
Smile is one and only language that world understands effortlessly. The interesting fact is that it takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 muscles to smile. So smile and uplift the aura instantly with the sparkles of joy. Perhaps, Beam” is the synonym for smile. Keep smiling for it does improve your face value. And well goes the quote, “Don’t frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile.”
  • Never Mess up with Hair:
To your early teenage and younger hood, people have this tendency to experiment with their looks and hair comes first in the list. The more you mess up with the hair with iron rods, blow hair dryers, chemical coloring or changing frequently shampoos, the more fragile hair becomes. Do not hesitate to take help of the hair-specialist to decrease the damage done to the hair. Of course you know, something is seriously wrong, don’t you!
  • Dance as if nobody watches:
Play your favorite song and dance, at least 10 minutes. Try shaking your body while dancing if you have both left-feet. This will not only give you a chance to enjoy hearing your favorite song, but will also help you to sweat a bit to keep you up fit. I love this very cute quote “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Rock the life! I feel enriched! Life is bountiful. And yes, I am often seen doing the flamenco and applauding my own ass. Dontcha you love to do it?
  • Respect Old:
One day you will also be old. Never forget, one day you will also have wrinkles of your face. A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. So being a youth respect the old aged. One quote that I like to believe in is “Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.” Perhaps remember the blessing of the old people just works as miraculous wonder indeed! Go for it and respect, after all the blessing in return comes free of cost, cash on!
  • Love your Limbs:
Don’t know when unfortunate time arrives and in an accident, you lose your limbs. No matter how ugly your hands and feet looks, but they surely serve you at best all throughout the life. Whether walking, running, hugging, writing, painting or as simple as combing your hair, it’s your limbs which always helps you to facilitate your things. So honey, do take care and pamper your body! Go for pedicure and manicure, you will love that.
  • Cherish old friends:
Not everybody can be your best-friends but there can be few as in your friends circle. You must keep in touch with some of your childhood friends or school or college friends. As you grow old these people shall be there to remind you how you were in your younger days. This will help you share things with much ease. Ironically, I have the mirror as my best friend! But in today’s scenario I have added one more list of friends who are bloggers. I never met them or know them personally but few are there who know me ever since I started blogging. I can read their blogs and they read mine, we exchange thoughts in terms of comments only. Still we share a beautiful blogging bond that embraces us together.
  • Be Singular in this plural world:
Often I believe that each one is special. Yet only difference is that one is 18 and other is 19. Perhaps the difference between good and better is that little “extra effort made” to be the best. Focus on what you really want to be and want to have to capture your dreams. You must strive to use your creativity and courage that reflects your very unique individuality. We need not be perfect but just an extra effort to be perfect can make us unique. Toil to make yourself remarkable by some talent or other. I love to quote myself as “Unconventional in the willful way"; this is how I feel Singular in this plural world and each one of us has a right to feel so, isn’t it!
  • Daily Delights:
Stimulate through sensual exploration and open up to feel the little and simple pleasure of the day. Adoring the simple pleasure is a state of mind which gives a power to respect others, appreciate the nature and feel grateful to God, besides this will preserve your innocence intact in the busy life. Go for a walk and inspire yourself praising the green lush grass around, the sun rays passing their fingers through the branches, a dribble drizzle rain in the morning, orange hue light in environment just before the evening starts, dew drop on flower petal, a gentle breeze in your hair, a friend’s hugs, a phone call of a beloved, radio playing the same song that you had been playing in your head, the curtain moving due to gentle wind at the window, aroma of the cup of coffee, your baked cake coming up from the oven just perfect, standing on the roof glazing the tiny stars, ocean tides touching the feet, wondering and smiling at the same time when no one is around, receiving a surprise greeting card from your old friend or just a cute comment in your new post…the list is as long as you want to absorb the pleasure from your daily living. But my delighting pleasure is when I see my tears followed after my loud laughter and my jaws hurting so badly. These are the simple pleasure yet sprinkles some magic that turns a routine day into a great one and making you feel so blessed. Always remember, “Each day has its Moments!”
  • Learn:
Life is all about learning. One of the greatest lessons in life is learning. Make it your rule to learn something new everyday. Then use what you learn to make your life better. Learning gives us an ability to take risk in doing new things and apparently leading to creativity and innovation. New techniques, new ways and brushing up own knowledge to do things help you to see things a lot clearer and learn to rationalize a lot more. Besides, the more you learn, the more you can share. The one quote on learning I highly appreciate is, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”
  • Travel:
Travel for young is a part of learning and for the old is a part of experience. On the way of journey you learn about new people, place, customs and traditions. Traveling helps us to shape our new vision, our thoughts and mold the ideal our life. Traveling helps you to accept the change and make you more integrated in nature. There are many people who are very unenthusiastic to leave their home town and hesitate to do job or stay outside their area. They really are not aware how much they are missing. I wonder how we forget that we all live on the same planet, the earth! Never leave the opportunity to travel. Always remember the Chinese Proverb “Walking ten thousand miles of world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls of books.”

T The list to pursuit of happiness can be as long as you want to. Perhaps you can add your own humble points yet a powerful act to enhance the list and better living.

Nevertheless, I consider that not those big booming philosophy, perhaps the smallest pleasures, gentlest joys and simply way of living make a long lasting difference in creating a phenomenal journey of life. 'The choice to care or to take chance',is yours!

May you celebrate the change and Keep the spark ALive.


...Why do two colors put next to the other,sing? Can one really explain this? NOJust as one cannot learn how to Paint...
_Pablo Picasso
'But we can try to Learn'_The Colors Magazine
Commence of the July edition of Show Your Best blog contest. Be a part! Submit 2 posts*, written between July 1st and July 31st,
Details* about JulyBlogContest on The Colors Magazine. Kindly go through this link for other minute details.

Beautiful contest bringing so many blogger together with their best posts to reading, exchanging and sharing the link!

~ I won in the January and June edition of Best Blog Contest, for 'Oh what an F-word' and 'My Childhood Memories - Invincible Incredible Bond'!

+ So if I can do it..you sure can mark a way in the race of creativity!
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15 August, 2010

Quick Indian Snack - Samosa Recipe

One fine day one of my friend asked me, “How we-Indians got independence?”
I said we fought, struggled and latter got the freedom.

To this my friend said a story behind this fact that how we actually got the freedom from the Britishers. My friend said that one fine day the Britishers were invited by Gandhiji over a evening snack gathering. Those were served then with ‘Samosas’ with the tea. The Britishers got so amazed to see the Samosas. They wondered how come the potatoes went inside the samosas without a cut, slip or any opening. They were so surprised with the culinary skills of Indians and they gifted us by signing a treaty of freedom, the Independence. Perhaps, it’s the Samosas that we owe our freedom!

Well on the serious note, that’s all not true yet there have been so many stories attached the making of Samosas. For Samosas are truly delight tasty little savoury patties originated from India. In India, it is available every hook and corner of the street, quite cheap, easy to make and full of strong appetizing flavour.

Every person have their own signature way of making and adding the ingredient...yet I’m presenting the basic and the easiest way of making this snack that would be served at your tea-time or any time of the day when you like to munch a bit!
::The ingredients make around 15-20 samosas


For the quich easy delicious Recipe check the link below:
at ButterPunch Blog at happy hours :)
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12 August, 2010

Cloud of Child Labour

'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.' _ Mother Teresa
~ This post is the combo post to reach out to all groups with the intense emotions imposing with an aim only to support and suggest the best in our own little way and ability to spread the awareness regarding Child-Labour.
_Kindly read the first part of the post too, 'Child labour - Lack of Compassion'!

  • This post opens with the 55fiction by astute thinker Mahesh
  • Followed by prudent post by aesthetic poet Priya
  • Then comes the Video reflected by our very endowed artist Sam
Many of them don't have Education in-spite of having parents...
Some of them don't have even parents....
Few of them don't have Education in-spite of having Work to do at a tender age.....
But they do have two precious things in their tiny hands....
'Future' and HOPE.....Let’s, together, help them blossom as children....
_Courtesy: MAHESH (member of NGO. LINK: http://hope4needy.blogspot.com/) HELP US!

Kids not playing but selling toys at traffic-light signals

We all know the existence of "Child Labor" and how it affects children or a child who wants to enjoy the freedom being a child rather growing up fast working for his/her family.

Who are the sufferers of this so called tragedy in this world?
Who makes it happen?
Its 'WE" the people who treat and ill-treat for the act of selfishness in terms of quick money making industry and also the adults/parents of that child who wants to earn with this child's help.

Have we all wondered why a child's mental ability to learn has been blocked in order to do a job?
We live in this world worrying about self more than the awareness or making them to learn the causes of children exploited. They are exploited in many ways unknown to this world.
_Freedom to breathe is the same way a child wants to live his or her childhood days. But we rather go for cheap labor, make them work at industries, construction sites, house maids and what not. When they grow up they only show more anger, despair and agony than love and compassion. Their mental stability is tested right from the day they start learning to walk and handle things.

If Poverty is the reason, can't we humans help each other to increase the family income for the adults instead of employing a child?

With Love and Compassion, we can change this labor into a rejoice with good education and social needs to the families who lack the support for a better living.
~ Child is born and let to work with pain and no joy because the world looks at them due to lack of resources including health care.
When every child is born,
Another goes to work..
When every child dies,
Another is burdened to work more.

I was so touched with the immense response I got from them instantly!
And here I got introduced to one the video which was send by one of the profound artist ‘Samarjit Roy aka Sam’ followed by a profound note written by him…
Kindly see the link and read below…
LINK:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VFOzH1Qr0

A video is of my region showing child labor.
===My father is a doctor there. Instead of practicing in town, he chose to open a chamber in the far interiors, near the river Balason, where these families live. He loves his job so much that he never misses to go there twice a day, in spite of the harsh weather or difficult terrain. He travels 8 km twice daily on bicycle for doing that.
I don't know why I'm writing all these, but I felt like letting the world know that many poor and mediocre people are doing a lot of social service and are just ignored in a country where only Cricket and Cinema thrives.

_Samarjit Roy

Kindly have a look to the kid sitting between the new wooden bed to be delivered at home..

T The thought of writing this post came into my mind…and I felt so restless only to see that with so much having written and know about child-labour, I wasn’t able to sum up my thoughts which perhaps were somehow getting so much engrossed into the passage of losing of innocence story of so many children trapped in struggle. So instead of writing the dwelling story, I thought to reflect upon in bringing many new ideas and thoughts from my fellow blogger bond friends…
  • Giving the right justice to the underlined words and compiling the post as stimulator to spread awareness that really matters. Yes! A soul-stirring 55fiction by Mahesh as an eye-opener, thought pondering article by Priya and pricking video recommended by Sam in whole act as motivators.
I was just so touched with Sam’s 100words! I’m not personally acquaintance with his father but was so much inspired with the genuine effort he is putting in bringing in a bit which makes a difference. Sure it’s an example to follow to dream, hope and believe that we all can in our own little way do as daily routines acts of compassion!

Every little step just reflects back and ripple beckon back as waves in the water.
We tried in our way and will sure move forward with every tiny step we take!

...let's be more Compassionate towards
Because, WE believe in being solitude, and it must be maintained but solitudes together should join hands to enrich and enhance the creativity and thought..I'm so glad that I shared such post with creative people! Which again I like to believe that will happen more often in future! If you think you are interested in contributing in such joint forums for awareness, write to us to share your views over any topic!

'We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop' _Mother Teresa

+Check this link before your ones again shy away from the reality...

I bet you wont love Chocolate anymore...
Children trapped in Cocoa Industry cloud of Child-Labour

~Keep the Spark ALive..

~ We need to spread this awareness, so kindly share the link of the post as far as possible!
Thank you everyone for taking time to go through :)
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11 August, 2010

Child Labour – Lack of Compassion

Imagined not being able to move,
One place and so strongly grooved,
No play
No pen
Only soreness and soft small hands handling it all
..at the humble age
Losing innocence…
In every bit of
…difficult breath and bread..!

Definition of Child Labour that UNICFF, states is as follow:
Child labour as work that exceeds a minimum number of hours, depending on the age of a child and on the type of work. Such work is considered harmful to the child and should therefore be eliminated.
Ages 5-11: At least one hour of economic work or 28 hours of domestic work per week.
Ages 12-14: At least 14 hours of economic work or 28 hours of domestic work per week.
Ages 15-17: At least 43 hours of economic or domestic work per week.

A complete setback for me indeed!
An eight year old kid works for around 28hours per week. I never did.
Being at that humble age, I enjoyed my childhood in playing merrily with friends and going school.
But not every kid is lucky. It is believed that an estimated 158 million children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour that is one in six children in the world!

sad child @ sam
“I’m very bad in making sad pictures. You need to have sadness from within to do that I suppose...”
sad child @ SAM

Million of children all around the world are working illegally, hampering their studies and risking their health. They are forcefully asked to work in mines, cracker making factories, glass bottle making workshops, small tea stalls and even some dealing in doing household works for 24/7.

-Many a times, the children are asked to work because they belong to the very poor families and are in utmost need of money.
-However, there are many other cases where children are forced to do work as no other person in family can or would work that are they are unemployed or underemployed.
-Perhaps there are also few unfortunate children whose parents are not there; hence the children enroll in to labour for the survival.
-Though, there are also some children who get sold to a manufacturer and they are forced into working.

Desperate for a secure job and income the children are often misused by the one who offer jobs, because children are cheaper, innocent and easier to exploit.

In short, those children have no choice but to shun to study and toil in work.
-Losing the kid’s heart desires and yearn…forced to earn.
They had to work which would not suit their age nor shall be apt for their healthy living. The children working in the glass-bottles making workshops, have to inhale a lots of poisonous gases. Children are engaged in hazardous situations or conditions, who work in cracker making factories or mines.

_The irony is that this work/labour capture against a continuum, from work that is favorable, promoting or enhancing a child’s development without interfering with schooling, recreation and rest to work that is simply caustic or exploitative.
-Indeed there is a huge gap between labour and child development.

For example:
-How would making match-sticks help in the children development or enhance their future!?
-Will working as a servant in different houses, help him/her to up build the career or bright future!?

Labour and the child development/studying are infinite paths and completely two different poles. They cannot be submerged or zing together. It is at the most vicious end, where children are used as implicit slaves to repay debts incurred by their parents.

We see everyday at every hook and corner of the city, where the children are forced to toil under adverse condition. Those burdens with domestic chores and chaos are devastatingly girls.
_Millions of girls who work as domestic servants are particularly exposed to exploitation and abuse. Those are beaten, verbally abused and mentally tortured at the highs of insanity.

Okay now reflect upon this…
..have you worked non-stop washing clothes, than dusting, latter going to market to buy stuff, coming back taking care to kids and then latter again washing dishes and the wheel of work goes on and on. You might feel exhausted for working non-stop without taking a break and above all not getting a penny out of it. Same happens in reality with such humble little children working in the factories non-stop. They are complete worn out with work and their life. The innocence is lost. Perhaps, a cheering childhood is lost into the chaos of labour.

~Wonder, what the downright logic is behind having children to work at home and take care of your kids!

They are struggling hard to survive and straggling to work hard with their soft tiny hands. The situation is already bad let not make it worst.
Child labour at many grounds shall exist despite if all the arguments and logic.
“I choose here to do the Things Right than just doing Right Things..”

  • Labour makes children dependent and utterly reliant. At the practical note, let’s not give money in hands of parent of the children who are working. Such free income from children to the parents only promotes parents to repeat such ugly acts with all their kids and continue such habits. Lets make an account of fix-deposit money in the bank in the name of the child, so that he/she can asses the money for his/her development when grown up.
  • Labour often obstruct in the children’s education. Under no conditions or case, children education must not be blocked..work out something that helps in the development of the child.
  • Let’s educate the parents to make their children educated and provide them better lifestyle. It’s not just only money that actually decides the right kind of the life-style yet there are many basic practices of living healthier life. Efforts are focused to stop such abuse, misuse of innocence.

~ Ensuring that all children go to school and that their education is of good quality with the salient amalgamation of healthy happy living are keys to prevent child labour. Lend your support to abolish child labour. _Let’s be more compassionate towards children!


  • The above sketch is specially created and contributed for this post by Samarjit Roy aka endowed artist SAM! Thanks so much buddy!
Every little step just reflects back and ripple beckon back as waves in the water.
We tried in our way and will sure move forward with every tiny step we take!
  • This post follows further feedback and enhanced joint effort only to support as stimulator to spread awareness on 'child-labour' and reflect upon in bringing many new ideas and thoughts from my fellow blogger friends. ckeck LINK: Cloud of Child labour.
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07 August, 2010


While he was leaving back for home in the office-bus, he could not get my glance in the bus. Soon he decided to call off today going by the office-bus. And straight away he came to the nearby cafe, where we used to hang around after office hours and interestingly he found me sitting all alone with two cups of warm coffee, both cups cold and untouched. And before he could ask or say anything to me, I said in a low voice yet intact tone, “I was waiting for you here...come sit...we need to talk”

He sat next to me. I was so angry and he could sense that.
Well after repeating in mind few lines how to break the ice, he said with conviction, “I’m really sorry for my being so rude to you today in the office”.
“It okay...” I said instantly. He wondered if that really did not bother me or I was still angry on him.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked. He understood there was something else that was bothering me.
“You should have told me...you considered me as your best friend, isn’t it...then why you have hid this from me” I said in one breath.

He was so much puzzled...what was that bothering me so badly..?
Suddenly I uttered, “She is your girl-friend, since how long...you never told me about her, all you said you like her?”
He visualized, “Okay...it was this which was bothering me so much, but then second thought came to his mind soon but why she is getting so hyper over it.”
He asked me to calm down but I was unwilling to hear anything than what actually was asked. He tried getting precise yet candidly said “few days back she proposed me and I said yes.”

I kept staring him hard without a single blink.
“There was a silence after the storm or may be a silence before a storm, no it was rainstorm!” he exclaimed silently. A tear slipped my cheek...and I swiftly picked my bag and walked away.

_There was no time to react, he asked me to stop but I did not pay attention towards him. Disconcert on my tall heals I walked away. He crushed down the chairs in the cafe and rushed behind me. He caught my hand. As he squashes his body towards mine and his face towards mine, as he gasps surge down my face and saw my dark eyes wet-wild in pain.

He could understand yet ignored eavesdrop his heart pounded aloud and shout, “Boy, this girl loves you...just as much as you do”. Though the same still moment he also knew, staring at my watering eyes that this was about to end...the bond we shared have frozen in confusions and expectations to learn each other.

I still maintained my damn silence but my dark moist eyes said more than a single story.

He could not resist and decided to confess the whole without being asked for. Because he knew, I would never ask for an explanation nor would I understand without being said it all.
“Why didn’t you tell me this...O God, why I could not ever understand what you felt so implicate intensely and your unspoken urge?” He said without a hesitation.

“I have always liked you...but feared of losing you and your friendship, which is so precious to me...hence I could never make up my mind to tell the truth above all you always got so irritated with the word ‘love’ every time I mentioned...” he in a lament tone said in continuity in pain in the moment of misery.

I waited for my wish, if he whispers holding my wrist, ‘Don’t Go’...

Though, soon with an unheard notion I left the place at ones saying ‘Goodbye!’ which more or less echo in my life...


It was early morning I suddenly woke up, it was still dark. I felt a bit giddy and bushed, thought may be because of sheer bad dream I saw.
I wondered, “How could I ever say Goodbye to him for he is sure a very special person of my life!”

I can still recall when I saw him first; he was sitting at the corner of the window of the office-bus, listening to his iPod with his dark brown shabby hair falling over one eye. Then he looked at me and everything froze. We had joined the office as trainees and were new to the place and people.

We got introduced and quickly became friends.
It was that moment almost 8 months back when he hardly gave a tiny glance over me and here is the other string of the meeting when he almost every day hold a seat for me next to him in the office-bus and we go every alternate day for the coffee outside also make sure to meet sometimes at weekends. Life is really good when he is around!

Absolutely he has found a great friend in me.
And I do share unbound so many of my secrets and stories with him.
_I sure trust him lot indeed for he did help me to come out of the trauma I was suffering from a bad-relationship break-up. He was definitely a ‘Godsend’ at those poignant moments for me.
No hiding or secret, even I consider him as one of my very close friend, in fact more than a friend, though he does not know...for certainly because of the past incidents I doubt my feelings every time I get butterflies in my stomach...

Tringgggg.....wakeUp Alarm call

Indeed it was the most irritating ear-piercing sound of the alarm clock. It was an alarm to wake up though I woke up before time today in early morning. Suddenly I realised, I did yesterday walked away from the cafe. And soon everything I remembered.
Yesterday was a longest day of my life, “I was in the cafe, with two cups of coffee on my table....”

"I did say Goodbye....but he was not around...” Actually he never turned up to meet me in cafe yesterday. “He didn't chase after me or catch my hand...”

I remembered that I said ‘Goodbye’...
..to the lingering attachment,
..to the happy duet times,
..to the gigantic giggling sound on silly gist...
..to the care he took for everything..
..to the way he pampered me purposely being a buddy.

_In reality, I have been as a regular practice waiting for him everyday same time past 7days to share a lot of stuff happened recently in my life, in office. But may be only today I have woken up to the real truth...where neither actually he knows what a lot I feel for him nor he ever tried penetrating into my eyes or heart to know the genuine.

Dishearten and gloom lying all dull on my bed. I kept thinking a lot...about him and about many things related to him..! In my mind, I believed I couldn't go on. I cried, I screamed. Couldn't eat, couldn't concentrate, and couldn’t do anything and on the other hand I had any idea what to do next. I could feel my heart sinking and fragile.

But what after so much I’m still not willing to acknowledge the fact that we have actually parted from being friends... (reasons unknown thrashed upon us). So he moved on with her only to avoid further complications would have or were having to some extent.

No! it wasn’t a rejection...I soon reflected that sometimes good-bye are good only to give you enough time to decide being fair and choose the correct thing and not grabbing a sheer chance, by chance.

It was good-bye but I never gave up...my good-will!

“And I never wanted him and his girl-friend to part away...” I murmured lying on my bed watching the ceiling...

I learnt then that Goodbye was just a word...I closed my eyes and still wished all well for him every passing moment..
“I did owe him...if not completely or precisely his presence yet his forth friendship...” I held candidly.

Goodbye Butterfly
Goodbye (c) rachi creations..
to Enlarge view click the picture

Ikept poised and followed the grace of gradual time.
It’s almost a month passed. I said goodbye to summer and said hello to spring...though only I know how difficult it is to gain from a Goodbye glitch!
We still keep looking each other from the distance without a word being shared yet thousands of best-wishes passing on while we exchange an awkward smile.

Goodbye doesn’t decide to create the last chapter yet relatively it starts with new bloom beginning depiction. It’s a prospective and phrases to believe in a simple yet a compound word description.
+ In brief Goodbye makes us grow!!

“I grew with it...and looked around what else the little world holds for me...which is grand and gentle than Goodbye”

I’m glad that I had a fraction of his time as a friend, yet I truly mean that ‘I said Goodbye’
...But then I’ve been gifted by the wonderful bits of memories preserved.
It provides me a miraculous making with merry moments of my Wonderland yet it grants temporary getaway from the rude-reality.
...i said Goodbye to word Goodbye..
_So that here I can recall the sweet strong smell of summer cold coffee in the cold bleak winter day while sipping the hot mug of delicate dark chocolate. Or in the middle of conversation with someone who has just heard me speak, I wonder if my words and ideas were his...

~ I looked upon the flawless illusion and got moved at the colourful butterfly features, grazing, fluttering in the fleeting time...surviving a smile against the gusty breeze!

+ And now often I prefer to say ‘Hi’ and when circumstance compel to part...I learnt to say gratifying ‘Thank- you’ which is grand, gentle and more gracious than 'Goodbye'... to Celebrate the glory of goodtime we had together, which I shall ceaselessly cherish in goodwill and in good faith!...

~ Life has its own way; style, spark and gear to teach you tiny tints of edify evident means to be ALive... I said Goodbye to word Goodbye...

~Keep the Spark ALive..
Note: The above drawing is made by thyself as an extension of Rachi Creations..

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
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01 August, 2010

My Super-Hero

  • Kindly DO NOT jump up to the last paragraph quickly by scrolling…
    please read the lines and paragraphs of rhymes that actually defines, MY Super Hero!
  • Perhaps, you gonna be so proud of the bio attached and identified in every word of the line! It’s like a fixation with the SUPER-HERO of mine.

Here, I’m sitting at the window with crossed legs,
I’m still thinking about you.
You have been with me wherever you can.
You have been my forever imperative strength!

It’s a beautiful bond we share
After all, for ages you know me so well
You follow my words just the way I meant
You even hear me when I’m silent.

And here I took out my three and half inch long heals sandals
You looked at me and said, “You goona hurt your ankles”
You were so sure and so concerned about me!
I like the way you care and pay attention towards me!

I soon took off them and wore my flat slippers,
For today we sure had a long walk to make up
To talk and discuss certain issues, I had
I needed your opinion and your word of assurance.

We walk together in the park of the city,
We walk on the side-path, a little longer,
You ask me to sit on the bench nearby,
You took my attention to the daily-delights!

When I’m low, you make me fine
You make me smile with the good memories trail, you remind!
You make me laugh at my foolish acts,
You make me feel important, when no-one real cares!

Perhaps, you always there on my mind..
I look forward to your company perhaps, every point in time
You are just you_ subtle, poised and sublime
And you allow being me the way, I’m all the time

Because we share beautiful chemistry
I wish, I could with you share a cup of coffee or tea,
To this the reply came, “I’m still there while you sip your coffee
Yet I cannot certainty be there to share a cup of coffee...”

Your words never make me sad..
I knew you had a rational head;
I like your intellectual style, with a tint of traditional touch
It makes you look unconventional yet original and uniquely clutch!

When I worry a lot and feel lost,
You constantly support and give me a pat
A positive attitude of yours always gets me amazed
You never leave hope and I like when you ask me to soon cope!

And when I say I don’t deserve it at all
You enlighten me with self-esteem
This is when I recollect my scattered thoughts
To build up the confidence for a second innings!

Is there anyway I could surprise you?
Gift you with something that would make you blissful!
To this you replied…“Enhance and enrich more with ideas,
Your gracious views subsequently will make me cheerful! ”

How wonderful it would be if I share more desires and dreams,
To this, you said you liked this high spirit and aspiration in me!
Your constructive words always inspires me to the best
And I like the way you give attention to every minute details.

Very few people in this world have actually understood me,
I’m glad you so well perceived and acknowledged me.
I like the way you correct me when I’m wrong…
I adore you for the precise instincts for me, you got.

I’m glad that even when I’m wrong,
You accept me with the mistakes and flaws,
You want to act sharp and smart,
And want me never get dumb-stuck caught!

They say, I’m have this eccentric passion for you,
I think, I’m have been fanatically obsessed about you,
You say, nothing wrong in this feeling,
If I don’t value you how will I get identify to!

You got the best suggestions and schemes for me
I like the way your thoughts team up with my little-things
You guide me to the instincts
You want me shine, sparkle and bling!

They say, you are mysteries & vague
You cannot handle the imagination
But for me, you unravel my hassle
Organize and manage everything surprisingly so well

Incredibly you love to see me soar fearless and step high
I like how it pleases you and never negatively exceed
You like me to see sailing and excelling
I think it’s your presence and free-thoughts stimulating zing

You are more firm and real with the decisions you take
I got improved because of your concrete feedback
You brought the best and bright of me
You are my sunshine and a best friend to believe in and look to!

You knew when I need a coffee
You knew when I need a tea
Perhaps when I knew not...
You reminded me
That I need a tiny chocolate treat!

All I know it all, all the time..
Perhaps you are always on my mind…
O dear! You are mine!
My stupendous rocking mind-blowing…
Not just my Super-Man but
Subtle Stunning Creative… matchless MY Mind!

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ~ Vincent van Gogh quotes (Dutch Painter, one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists, 1853-1890)

~ Keep the spark ALive..
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