29 April, 2011

Lighten Up is no random thought

A simple short post starting with a normal conversation between friends revolving, evolving in a lesson of life and ending on the basics of bliss!!
Hope you will like it!

Recently one of my very sweet friends got married.
After long await she uploaded online her wedding pictures.
And just like any other normal person might have done, I commented the pictures with loads of compliments. And why only or why not compliments...no point for guessing...the pictures are of wedding ceremony, culturally rich looks, so colourful, everyone so happy and newly wedded couples looks so cute together..everything is such a sweet fairy tale!

Indeed, simply adorable pictures capturing the best moments.
And just when I was done placing my comments with best wishes...

I get my friend reply:
“..Thank you so much. I’m sure My hubby will gain 2Kgs reading your compliments pouring...”

Right away I replied back:
“Sweets it’s just too early to put on weight...between you can tell him *Laugh away the calories*...but not the *compliments*
...However *Laughing* burns off *calories* too...
O dear, I marvel right now you merit some *giggles* just in case you are left with a *confusion between calories and compliments!*”

I read somewhere that the researchers discovered that laughing increases both the heart rate and calorie burn by 20%. The longer people laughed the greater effects. Just 15 minutes of laughter a day burns 40 calories, depending on how much you weigh, and the duration and intensity of laughter.

• 15 minutes of laughter will result in 1 - 4 lbs loss of weight a year
• Giggling for 15 minutes a day will burn up to 5 lbs off your weight in a year

Honestly, people don’t lose weight only because of loud laughing or continuous giggling. Infact, the issue is never the weight. People must feel good about themselves and try not to lose humor while any juncture of life.
A good humour always acts like a mechanism to cope up few rough patches smoothly and perhaps it acts like a catalyst inspired to joy again!

Those people are happy and feel better about themselves. They know how to take things lightly at times, know how to laugh on one self, not literary making fun of others but sharing a good laugh at least a day with loved ones.

Ah! Lighten up! Brighten up!!
Loosen up a bit!
Sing.Smile.Dance.Jump and Fall...!

We could either cry or we could laugh. But we been crying for years on many instances. I think now we had enough of crying, cleaning and wasting tissue-papers. It's time to try something else, something worth!

So I choose laughter for a change for a Positive change after-all! And I truly believe a good humor brings harmony in bonding, helping to stay healthy!

Laughing for some reasons, for few unknown reasons and for the reasons which are simply silly. Yet with a good combination lots of walking and loads of intake of fibrous food!
• Fibrous foods are often bulky and therefore quite filling. But they also tend to be low in fat.

Okay often I say...I will laugh with you and you make fun of me too...will giggle together in amusement cracking jokes, clapping hands BUT dare if you call me CLOWN!

So what is wrong is being a Clown..only thing that I think
‘Clowns wear makeup, dress up funny...make you laugh often WE watching and sharing the laughter with them are not sure if they really mean it to crack a joke or they are acting out their skit just as a part of their routine job to tickle even if they themselves are unhappy or stressed!’

However, when I’m laughing with you...I laugh like a child. I mean the REAL happy tears, clearing the chocked throats, holding stomach, rolling on ground, losing breaths and a TRUE bright happiness covering around us in the aura.

"And perhaps, when you just smile...
Your smile should have a sound too..
Echoing from the heart!"

Certainly when everything is letting you down..its time to take a step...
And choose Stand-up comedy for that moment so dull!
So getting back to the basic of bliss is Laughter after-all!
♥ Lighten Up! is no Random thought..I sweaR! :P

~Keep the Spark ALive..
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22 April, 2011

Waiting at the corner

Must thank my very sweet friend Sameer for letting me use this highly thought-provoking picture for this prose!! Beyond doubts buddy you touch creativity with your passion in photography of captivating moments. ~Keep the Spark ALive..

Could there be a
Decent day you realise
I’m at the corner
Waiting for you!
Then I was on my way
Just as you stared gate
Distance spaced out
I was here at intense gaze
With sprinkle dews in eyes
Waiting without a clue
Staring at the butterfly
Fluttering its wings
Spreading its colours
I gaze from the wits maze,
But being a bit more laze,
With no questions! No haze!
And I just pick the pricking wait!
I dint waste, only wait...
But with an innocent wish...
Being at the little cosy corner
Holding hidden tears
Behind loud laughter
Not weak, no weep, never welt,
Even if waiting became such a routine
When all I hunted,
Just a little belonging,
All when I wanted,
Silly series of things free of clogging,
Coming merely through routing!
They said single stride out
Space was an invention
More than an innovation
Silk route to moon reflection
To save the relation
To see a new shine
To give a spark in the old nearest kin
But who said we need not hold hands,
Who told wrinkle your warmth’s within,
I will still be waiting at the calm corner
Essentially been only waiting to be there!
For a moment of while
Until you realise
The waiting prise
Whatever be the weather,
However be it seem wither,
Whether your memory wear-out
Every delightful detail of ours!
It was undeniably wise
To be somewhere
In a little space
In more of silent prayers
Sometimes haunted, hurt yet hopeful
To be a part in race
Win or lose but choose to chase
Worthy experience unfolding grace
Just being at the corner waiting,
Until you say, “you’re great”
Then I will change the fate
Whole world at rate of knots
Willingly wait for sweet words wedge
Or written which will be a wonder in its own way
A memo with inscribed golden healing gel
Sunshine sign the message to create a deal and seal
I shall choose the corner, still being still
To stand and stare
Not a corner of the street I state
I reveal it’s the warmest corner I create
By sweet matter reap
By slowly mending creek
By meaning of composing map
By gist of nourishing gapes
I try and stand out in a crowd
Covering furthest distance to reach destiny,
Where pious angelic thoughts resides
A cute cosy corner essence stands
And stimulus right in your sacred heart estate!
I shall be waiting yet gripping somewhere
Between your heart-beats and breaths!! 
That little corner of the heart of yours...I Care!

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16 April, 2011

Love Lane - Serendipity 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the First Part before reading ahead.. To Read Click Here

“Where were you past few years?” he asked huskily.

I wished he knew the answer.
I wished if he could forget those missing years.
I wished if he could just for ones see the joy of today without an attachment of yesterday.
I wished if he could determine the immense happiness we got in just few days.
I wished if he could understand the fact, I didn’t mean it to hurt him.
I wished if he could know that how much it hurts when he asks me that simple question!

And just as I wished this and that repeating aloud only into my heart...
A single tear fell unconditionally rolling down my cheeks.

“Why do you love me so much?” he continued without waiting for my reply.

I knew he was asking not so that I could give silly explanation. He had those bit strings of regrets, why we could not make it in past, hence he often asked! I felt so numb and cold hearing him and reading thoughts in my mind.

My joy shrinks and my heart instantly sink.
How would I tell him that I always felt “you were mine!”
It was for a moment. But felt like everlasting...!!

Feel so guilty even today about making him feel so sorry. I could not figure out what else I could tell him and he knew it all. It was a sheer time and we moved on.
I could not read his clues and he could not hint me well.
Though we both expressed the best we could yet we choose to ignore those sentiments.

I wished he knew how it tears me apart when he repeats those questions in awe. “I didn’t leave you, I didn’t...I could never leave you ever...!” I sniveled, finally trying to letting it go of all the pain, hurt and ruined thoughts and dashed hopes I did carry them for so many passing seasons perhaps years.

If not lived physically around,
You were always in my heart alive...

He could not see me howling so badly. He wanted to kiss me again and again until everything was better. Instead he placed his hand hesitantly over mine to comfort me.
“You are forever mine. I love you,” he said as if this was a time when he believed me completely. His words echoed my head. 
“I love you too,” I said finally and tears just tricking down rapidly.
He handed me a glass of water, forced me to gulp too and helped me in wiping all the tears.
“You look so creepy while crying...go splash some water on your face” he said on a lighter note.
And it made me instantly smile!

We lay down facing each other. Together, we staring each other without a word spoken. Talk was out of the topic. Touch was something could soother right that moment. The absent of words sometimes is so beautiful. And I love this love with him which is just beyond any vocabulary or grammar yet so poetic and with so much of rhymes!

Suddenly a toe hits a glass of water and all the water spills on the carpet. And where it was me, accidents like these were normal. "Opps!!!" We instantly got up and threw my scarf over it to soak some water on the surface. He was not mad at me anymore.

“Oh!” I breathed in surprise.
A divine red colour wrapped box, with a good champagne bottle with a tied blue ribbon and a lovely dress, he carried in his hand. I could not make out which one to accept first and instantly wide open my arms to accept all of them together.

As the unwrapping of gifts I was doing, all I realised like I was unveiling gifts of my utmost desirous dream seeing me with him.
As I uncover a gift paper of the box, I found Godiva Chocolate Truffles box. Nothing more than that I could ask for more in a single day full of sweet surprises. Soon I remove the cover of the chocolate and couldn’t wait and soon drooled over to gulp one and let the heaven melts in the mouth.
These tantalizing truffles were enough to control my tantrums of the day.

rachi creation..

He opened the bottle and poured in two champagne flutes, “To us.”
I tossed the glass rim and repeated in a soft voice, “To us.”

A sweet smile crossed on my face at the memory of his presence, how he consistently gives me little surprises willingly to keep alive this camaraderie between both of us. And best gift he gives me is his good mood always despite having had a rough day. He always made time to talk, wrote a love-note, a walk in the love-lane to laugh, play and regain, to even have a little flirt and sweet fights whenever it take. Little things in love matter a lot. And even when in anger I said, 'Hate you'...he spelled correct in mind through strings of heart, which says 'Love you always'.
I sipped the champagne and the tiny rolling bubbles ticked my throat. Indeed, everything ever since then turned easy, carefree and more fun.

The more and the merrier,
Absolutely the more of us,
In the most of the moment,
Making it magnificent!

Latter as expected he insisted me to wear that dress.
I took the packet and went to the dressing room to change.
Opened the packet and pulled out the dress, revealing it was a beautiful velvet base crimson pink yet bright shades of ruby’s blue purplish coloured toned dress.
Ahhh! So much of lovely hue and backless too!!!
Gazed over the mirror, “OMG...is that me or the dress which looks so stunning.” I sucked in my breath and my eyes wide open.

I twirled again in the dress and suddenly a wrist slightly hits a perfume bottle dropped, spilling perfume all over the dress.
"Opps....!!!!!," I sigh.
“You Okay?” he called.
“Yeah! Everything is fine,” I yelped quickly.

Suddenly gate opens slightly popping his head in and I caught my breath.
Captivating eyes were just staring right at me. And uff! That adorable smile too.

“uh oh!” I whine; my hands flying swiftly back on to my chest, trailed off and shrugging.
“I..umm...I...” I was so rapt; the dress fits so well as if it is designed especially for me.

The colour suits me the best...like with little shine and little red wine!
And I preferred to grin, creating few crinkles over the nose.

“You look...like..” he was as well enthralled and so spellbound to get right words...and I could sense that.
“Like diva” I grinned with a broader smile giddily, fluttering eyes and tucking my long locks behind the ears.
He shyly smiled.
Everything was so opposite and so expected.
“Thanks” I finally blinked twice, chased by careless whisper followed with a little giggles.
A strange hiccup and I suddenly felt twice shy.

He stepped forward, I stepped backed simultaneously.
Eyes didn’t blink at all. Everything was so still and silent.
Heart-beat was so visible in sound. Sure adrenalin hits. Blame the Godiva truffles!

“You smell like a bouquet of flowers,” he traces and said.
“I spilled a bottle of perfume over the dress,” I murmured in between the hiccups playing with my hair, twirling it around my fingers and those brushing it back again and again with my hands absolutely unconsciously.

...a single  feather touch and he touched mysoul...
Soon it felt like whispering sound of the water-fall running over the earth. The gravel counters and obeys the rules to water accepting it as the two thaws out into one another. As his fingers fluttered around my shoulder, I felt like putting my arms around and pulling him closer holding his collars.

Our beginning was certainly an end soon but I'm glad that our ends have met, creating a long-lasting bond turning into glorified beginning.
Yes! A single feather touch and he indeed touched my soul for sure!

His reserved stare in those spectacular looks,
respected my yearning for gentle and refined tenderness...
“You look so gorgeous while you blink and watch me between those tiny locks bushing your face,” he brushed softly his hands against mine cheek, then cupped the face and pulled kindly closer. He was well pepped up with full of adoration.

I wished I had said, “Stand by me in a journey of reinventing love...”
I would've listened the rhymes in the breaths..
Ahhh!!...I could've held his hand,
I would've felt his smile near the slope of my cheek,

With a little hesitance for a fraction of second and flashed the words flowing after...
“Let’s dance” I called joyfully.

I thought, “Archie and Veronica should share their first dance to "Sugar, Sugar", speeches on philosophies are made on the rims of champagne flutes, Godiva truffles are relishes, and the bouquet is tossed with a spilled perfume bottle on a new charming dress!”

“Yeah,” he laughed.
It was sort of weird. But I was so unpredictable, moody and witty at the same time. It was one this thing about me that he loved the most. And his this unconditional acceptance was one of the thing that drive me crazy that I could get on my knees for sure instead of asking other way around.

“Profess: I’m in Love” I repeated in my mind! With a tiny tear trickling down again on my cheeks.

Again! Yeah Again!!!

I wasn’t sure why was I crying now. It was a moment of celebration to be grateful to the serendipity that brought two souls as one in a very special sacred way...trying together to discover the lost amity, beauty in thoughts and depth in bonding.

He gently wiped the tear away.
“I love you more than I love myself” I exclaimed eagerly.
He busted into a loud laughter.
“I’m glad sometimes you think more of me than I-me-myself,” he said with a wink and embraced tightly placing a sweetest of all, a kiss on my forehead, slowly murmuring “my sweet little pampered princess!” Some people just never change. He is still such a positive charm and I still like to pretend as an adopted princess. He have no problem, for pretty-poetic-pampered one for that matter possibly!

Ting! Snow-white is now with her prince and her smile shall sparkle the world only if the prince places lightly his lips on strawberry lip-glossed lips. Last winter been silent and weird yet this winter is warm and full of sweet words chucked with swirl of coffee!

They say,
“Love Stories does not have a happy-ending
Could be true...
But...True-Love-Stories does not end in itself
They ignite many souls!....(I hope I did tickle yours with this story)
And blaze in itself eternally for the couples in love...(toast to: everyone in love...and one who still is searching may find someone-special soon to share..AMEN!)
Eternal Love Stories...Crossing centuries to complete and comprehend the circle of love!”

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14 April, 2011

Love Lane - Serendipity

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

Below are the names and power of words spelled by my dear friends in a wish to promote the idea of weaving the story. I’m highly motivated and hope that you will like the post and some of you might just fall in love again!
NOTE:I have referred again and again ‘I’ to the character who is narrating the story kindly do not confuse that with me :D It’s just the medium to express in the cosiest way.
The post have two parts, second one have it's link at the end of this post, so right now enjoy the mushy story...ahh it couldn't be mushier than this one...by me!
Stand by me: Surabhi
Eternal Affections : Akiv
Love: lost and found : Avada Kedavra
Love struck : Agrata
Journey of reinventing love: Madhulika
Careless whispers : Rahul
Secret desires + prose : Pria
Trees and the Flowers bowing to us respecting our Love: Kevin

“It’s too cold, wear this overcoat or wrap around the shawl” He asked.
And as always loved to be careless...moved on and sat near the closed window plain, hugged my legs to my chest and stared outside the scenery.
“World could be so beautiful!” I murmured.
Soon he brought a warm woollen shawl and draped me around enveloping me in his warm arms.
He sat behind me giving me a good back support.
No sooner even I leaned over him.
Sometimes it's wonderful to be careless, actually it’s only because I know he is always there to hold when I fall and care when I’m cold.
“How beautiful it is!” he whispered into my ears adoring the beauty of the nature.
I was slowly turning around yet gazing deeply into his eyes...passing a smile, blinking twice nodded my head in agreement.
“I’m talking about you, honey” he exclaimed in that eternal affectionate tone staring me with those captivating eyes.

Instantly to change the topic, I insist to go outside.
I knew he will never say no to me ever.
I also knew he had considered prior in his mind that I would persist for something peculiar in this out of the ordinary weather. And that was my nature perhaps! And indeed it’s his internal enduring weather who knows me so well!
He soon got up, helped me in wearing my red overcoat. He cared for me as if I was a little child and I always acted like one of them with him.

He picks up the keys of the oak door and lock with a slight bang.
I rushed hastily like a little child to feel the nature keeping my arms wide open running up on the hill. I take long breaths of sweet fragrances of little purple flowers and a nice earthy smell of the maple trees around. Those colorful leaves effortlessly falling and glides with such grace. And wind carried them into my ruffling feet, the layers of maple leaves. Enriching to watch the delighted shades of red, oranges and yellow. I removed my slip-ons and let my feet graceful on wet green grass. My hands stretched out, up and above towards facing the blue-sapphire sky. And his charming presence simply seized the moment.

Suddenly I turn back to see him if he is still following me..
As I see he walking on the edge of the lane trying to skip the little rocks while taking his steps and I was busy in collecting those shinny tiny smooth pebbles from the love-lane.
..i was enjoying the scenery
of his face more than what a natural landscape serves..
I get so surprised to see his sweet smile...since he was enjoying my little acts and motions. No wonder there is more that what I actually see in him. As I look around the nature, the blue mountains, steep light green turns with woods and pure fog swathe around us.

I also see that slightest and sweetest expression on his face. There is indeed so much that I see and a lot more than that I read and absolutely double of what that I feels it.

I swayed in the light breeze with every expression of his face.
Every gesture has this multiple shades of emotions so fine articulated and still well controlled beauty. Somehow, I was enjoying the scenery of his face more than what the natural landscape was granting us to see. He smiled, he stared, he looked so amazed at times and there were soon the times when he looked to bewildered. Blame me, I say!

And when he sings...I simultaneously slowly hummed with him.
I remember the day we met. He passed a sweet smile as I went. I pass by yet could not bypass that smile. It was like a string to me attached and I felt, I was supposed to be scatter yet settled stardust of his eyes.

In blue she sees his love,
In red he sees her fire,
A romantic touch of rainbow,
Filled with thoughts all in passion..

(prose by pria)

Soon he took out his hands stuffed in the pockets. Rubbed both of his palms to create some heat and gently caught my little hand swiftly. We hold each other hands like young love struck in our own paradise in articulated green surrounding. It was so cute to see how he took my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine like the fingers were having some marvel conversation of ages together in a rhyme.

rachi creations..

“Do you like this place?” he asked.
It was a long time ever since we were planning such trip and finally it’s just like my dream, ahhh our dream! Honestly it was like living a dream or revisiting a fantasy.
“Yes!” I replied back with a satisfaction and hugged him tightly at ones.
“Love you!” he replied honestly placing a tiny sincere kiss on my forehead.
Ones again he dumbly stared at me. But I was grinning widely in a way grown up yet a little kid jumping out of the body with a little girl soul.

It was cold; I was shivering a bit yet sucked in my breath the cool fresh scented air. Chasing butterflies...I wondered if ever anyone's wish have ever come true like mine...I was flying high with those colorful butterflies just as I was floating in my own mushy world of thoughts of 'Us'.

Soon we reached at the top of the hill.
The view was splendid. You, me and enchanting nature around. It was beautiful. A gentle walk around maple trees on moist slopes, slipping delicate dews, sweet scent of little wild flowers mixed with the air, birds chirping and tangling climbers around the inter-twined branches, shadow of the woods, stillness of the place, composing emotions...felt as if the nature was well decorated with natural ornaments of flowers, buds, higher and up there reaching sky tall trees blocking the rays with lustrous thick green leaves yet clouds touching our souls.

I felt like a bond of relationship and dream with the one we in a secrete desire knotted with the earthy roots of the trees bellowing ‘you are made to meet here, my mate!’
And the trees and the flowers were overjoyed bowing to us respecting our Love!

Many have tried to describe love and millions might still keep doing without hurt, But I know no one will ever come close to crack those codes, I wished if I was lucky enough to hold the correct bunch words to quote love...ahh! its my heart that speaks aloud and now I wonder how will I describe 'You'_my love!

Though waving, swirling, tossing their branches there was a calmness and yet a sweet sudden connection with the aura and aroma of the flowers around. Delighted and well nurtured we thought of coming back in the room after spending almost an hour outside praising the nature.

He removed a tiny cannon digital camera from his jeans pockets and said, “Stand here I will take your picture with is scenery at the back and your sweet smile in front”
“Take picture only if you capture my best friend beside me...” I said with a wink.
He gave a smile, settled the camera on the rock with a timer on and rushed to stand beside me!

Suddenly his presence and mingled breaths made me feel it was a bit warm for January.
And a moment of our lifetime was captured in that picture, as if we painted it together without a doubt, a memory so sure, so clear and so memorable.
Alas! A laughter we had together then cannot be captured in a photograph. What a pity!

I stood stamping my tiny feet on the sidewalk to keep warm.
“I’m freezing” I suddenly announced.
While we reached back in the room, the sky had turned from mellow sapphire blue to spectacular metallic magenta-purple with haze surrounding. I pushed the door to open, inhaling scent of wooden floor and wooden wall room of the resort. A beautiful chandelier in the main room with slight dim bulbs fitted and the Van Gosh above the big old grand-father clock. It all together made everything so complete and closure to dreams, unexpectedly quite warm too. The flame of the wooden log fire looked so comforting. I sat near it to warm my tips of the fingers and feet a bit more.

Sometimes home is anywhere,
Where two hearts meet happily!

For a while I got busy in wandering the sweet scent of deliciousness a vanilla fragrant candle sensory indulgencing just enough to keep alive sweet mood and memories. The scent mixed with the aura reminding me of the ice-cream I had with him long time ago.
Ahh! That was another passionate yet peculiar winter!

“hmmm...Coffee” he proffered a huge mug of coffee with lots of froth in it.
I took a simple sip and smiled as my perfect strong yet creamy coffee sliding down to warm my throat and stirring taste buds. That’s the greatest thing to be with him, he knows every little bit of your profound choices and act upon so precisely, which even surprises me at times. He knew me, right down to how I would take my coffee.

I asked him to sit beside me.
But I don’t know why he acted almost shyly and gazing into my eyes. Sipping coffee yet pouring in more of sweet momentary moment’s story we have spent together. He settled down pouring his heart to me.
“I was thinking about you, about Us! It feels all so right,so perfect, you me this place, I’m so happy.”  I sighed cheerfully as we gaped into a blaze roaring in the old-fashioned red-brick fireplace across the wall.
“Me too,”  he ruffled my hair with his hand.
“So tell me everything...right from the beginning...?” I stifled the giggle.
“Start with the answer...do you love me”  blushed yet ready to slip silently into the beautiful journey of love-lane we had of moments, words and thoughts.

It could be a bit intimidating, but he just takes my moods with a shrug and a smile.
“So....”he heaved a deep breath with a rush of blood.
It was so obvious from me as well as from him. He grinned. It’s going to be a longer night than he thought. All that mattered was this -Us together.

What some people like me might do for love and only love...!

“When I found you...I thought you were one of the most ordinary girls yet this is what mesmerize me about you is the simplicity!” He said thoughtfully.

“But the golden part was too small for us to celebrate. We meet and you went! I kept thinking about you and wondered why we met! 
So many seasons passed but I waited for our season of love to arrive. And finally we lost and found love again by destiny...I knew owing you a girl like that, I didn’t want her let her go now!”
He said sincerely. “I need you to share all my silly stuff, stories and secrets of book called my life!”

I realised while he was still describing me and things around me...a poem was forming in his head and very naturally in a flow he rhymed whispering into my ears.

I could recall all the moments he was referring to.
I knew the pain he must have gone through when we went choosing different paths of the life. I might not be aware of his sentiments for me then yet I was going through the same sad phase and perhaps even he had no clue at that moment.

I felt a sob rise in my throat.
I sighed and leaned back.

“You okay?” he whispered.
I nodded, faked smile and yet moist eyes tell whole real story dude and tiny tear slipping on the cheek. I closed my eyes while gazing at him, as if the moment was not real. Nothing could be more beautiful than this moment sitting cuddle next to him with his arms around, ah! It’s like a sweetest true figment of my imagination.

Today is a beautiful day spending time together, relaxing with a mug of coffee and having endless hours whispering remember-when the first time and evoking then...in between the cuddle poses.

“I cannot love anyone the way I love you...and only you!” I exclaimed, throwing my arms around his neck.

He smiled happily.
He couldn’t believe the miraculous magical moments and that it had taken him so much of little unexpected fortunate series serendipity to realise that he and I were inseparable, destined to meet and be together.

“What are you thinking now?” I murmured in him ear.
“I’m really happy today..” he said tiled my chin up to his...trying to get a bit mushy...
And perhaps nothing could be mushier!
“I’m happy too,” I said pulling him in closer.
Ting! “And I’m hungry.” I quickly added saying, breaking the mood, diverting the flow..
Indeed I was totally madly deeply in love with him yet I cannot be featherbrained about it. Can I..?!

And perhaps he loves me for it.
However, I just blush when he is around...it’s so daringly visible on my face..

........................to be cont. click here:  PART-2
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09 April, 2011

Love Letter

Below two of the pictures are still of the movie, and Other two beautiful pictures of Sunset and Pigeons are very well captured by my very dear and talented friend 'Naveen'! You rock buddy...Keep your passion alive!!
I'm a big fan of the movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and this post is very much inspired by it..in fact the lines in Hindi are taken exactly from one of the song of this Movie!!
~ What I love about this particular movie is the way it express well the specificity of connectivity between the two souls binding emotions. Writing Letter...telephone..internet..and now mobile..helps in every tiny sweet moment to celebrate togetherness and preserving love.

It’s not that I could not notice
But somehow I went into a flow
And forgot to acknowledge few facts
Which I’m writing below!

Those are few fact files..
Which despite flaunting freely my emotions
Somewhere were not shown full on.

Okay right now I’m getting my hiccups
And reason is You, I know!! 13:08
I want to tell You..
That you as a person make me so feel so proud
And that makes me feel to look up to you.
The generosity of yours in every gesture is easily visible.
The kindness you shown in every move!

There is something more to all that
Which only my heart could spell

I feel the presence of goodness
When I’m around you
I truly feel you are just next to me
When I actually see,
I’m all alone in the room.

Though Alone I’m not lonely
I hear the sweet tunes
And as I hear then again...
I’m back to my rhythm..
The revolving motion of hiccups
Cups every mind thought
Which is just and
Only occupied by you

But apart all this mushy story
I know & you should know
I respect the way you had & have
Carried you & craved to success!

And here I want to admit..
You have been & will always be in
Every prayer & wish I make
May there be only happiness
If pain arrive,
May there be lots of strength
To fight n bring it to vain!

So there I have this privilege to know 80% of you
I wish someday I would accomplish it to 100percent.....to be continued!


When you said a thing that ‘I’m very possessive and am J but I don’t carry my emotion on my sleeves .’
I could not believe you said that all...don’t know if you mean it by that moment...but I swear I had those goose-bumps. Same did I felt...a day before when you said.. ‘Hate you, you are only mine’....you got no idea how much it mean to me...
...main nahi janti...duniya...mere aur tumahare rishte ko kya naam deti hai..iss rishte ki kya simaye hai...main nahi janti..agar main janti hut oh bas itna ‘Maine pyar kiya hai _tumse’...ye pyar nahi hai toh kya hai... jab tum haste ho toh main hasti hu, jab tum rote ho to main rota hu..aur jab pyar hota hai naa toh dil ko chot pahuchti hai.....
*I don’t know, what world calls to our relation...I don’t know the limits of this relationship..Only I know this much that I loved you...If this is not love that what is it.. I laugh if you laugh, I cry if you cry ... and where there is love..the heart gets hurt..*

I know many a time you don’t tell me everything.
Many a time you leave thing unsaid, in a perception that I might get highly emotional and might act weird.
But I won’t I promise. I only wish, wish that I could actually know each and every thought passing by..
..I want to be with all the time...aha...I could never say in proportion how much I miss you all the time.
Maine pyar kiya hai tumse..
...Kaash is rishte ki gehrai main pehle samajh pati...kaash..pehle pyar ki pehli chtti khud..apne sajan tak pahucha pati..
*I love you!
I wish, I knew the depth of this relationship earlier, wish this first letter of first love I could give to my beloved by myself...*
...So never chew your words...
share with me ‘main bore nahi hougee’ :)
*I won’t get bored*

Today and yesterday when I was not messaging you..not even calling you...trying to divert my mind..
..BUT hoping you might just call sometime..
.when you dint I knew it has been your toughest day so far.
Not just in terms of personal front but also on professional levels. I knew I cannot run in your mind and disturb or distract you with my call.

When I was making my breakfast...I was thinking of you..
...when I thought to fill my water filter...with every vessel poured in...I was thinking of you.
When I had my lunch...I was thinking how you often chew your words...& I’m here still polishing my skills further only to known understand your unsaid and undone desires!

You were still in my mind....and I all the time had this lump in my throat...but could not make a call even when you were in almost every gesture of work.
If you think that is insane..
...I say it’s how I’m living with you...and loving this fact that I live up to you so close despite the hurdle of time and distance.
Couldn’t think of upsetting you with my low voice so decided not to even try to call...!
Jab se gaye tum main toh adhuri rehti hu....en hoto pe chupki lagi hai...naa rotii hu naa hasti hu...bhul hui jo tumhe sataya...!
*Ever since you gone...I find myself incomplete..My lips are sealed...I neither cry nor smile..it was a mistake that I teased you..*

I have this phone in my hand ...and I keep looking it in a hope it will ring...in a belief you might be thinking of me every moment..
..I wish to call you right now...just as it used to be...that you in instantaneous moment thought about me and I instantly called.
But since I’m not calling you...don’t thing that I love you less now!
..Maybe now I love you more that you could have ever thought or I would have ever assumed.
Ahh...I can’t see now...it’s getting so blur while typing.....I got my tears in my eyes but a smile on a face that I’m breathing you day night.

You and your said words...have been like life for me...you keep whispering into my ears.
I keep hearing them again and again..
I feel that each word you said...
But as soon as I felt this cool breeze I could not wait to call you again and listen your smile in your breathing in my ears which acts as warmth for me instantly.
That sweet giggle you get in every notion
That spark I see your eyes when I see you..
..I notice every little detail and cute gesture of yours which even you might not be aware of.
Honestly, I been never in my life so happy or felt so secured.

I know, right time moment when I’m writing this you might be sipping your tea with few new pals.
I wish to call but think you need to have some space too to create your own radius in this new place..!
It’s tough to think I’m holding back my emotions to enrol and envelop you ...but it’s great to see I do hold you in the best place of the world...that’s in my heart..
...For you I can keep writing whole day...just about you...and can never get tired.
You been the best thing to me so far....But I’m just wondering how will now I learn to drink morning tea without you!

You have taught me a beautiful thing called love unconditionally!
...I’m blessed to have you. The distance the time does not affect me and my emotions at all, such is the power you have given me to value. I smile for what I have. I’m showing my utmost patience, do you see it or you don’t. I do everything...since I know I’m doing it...for someone very very close...to my heart!
Maan hi maan tumko apna sab kuch maan chuki hu main....wo kay hain kaun hu main unki....sab kuch jaan chuki hu main...
*Deep down in my heart I have taken for my own...what we mean to each other..I now realize *

You thought I was enjoying over here...
..ahh I was...n every time I said something funny I thought in mind if you were here, you would have loved to see me silly laugh lasting so long at every hook of the hiccups..
I showed every one that I was moving on but in my mind only you were running...
But trust me over here this coffee table...
yahan ka mausam bada haseen hai...phir bhi pyar udas hai..
..dur sahi tum....par dil toh tumhare hi passs hai.....

*the weather here is lovely, yet I’m lonely
..Even if you are far...my heart is still with you*
And unlike anyone...I will show you only what I want to...and that is a promise :)

...jahan bhi dekhu...tum hi tum ho...aur nazar na kuch aaye...dil ye chahe...kash jamana ruk jaye...
*Wherever I see..I can see you...I don’t see anything else...I wish this world would freeze while we feel this way...*
And just like in the movie...at the end of the song....he comes to meet her..
Since he felt her heart....will you come to me....with wide open arms...hug me.....bolo... bolo naa...will u come to me....!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I will say ..
..aaj se pehle...kabhi nahi thi inti haseen duniyaa...
*Never before, the world was so beautiful...*

I will say when I see u..

* say more sweet thing to me..I like it
* if romantic lines..I would love to..know..if you think I’m worth to hear & know.
* I’m full of demands..you know it well...still trying so hard not to drag things n little issues we have.
* Do you wanna see me begging' you know what (because I will)
*I wrote what not...above..Only in a hope and wish to get the best words to tell you that...‘I love U’ always..

# (jst as I complete my line here..Saying I love you)...And look what I got right now..your sms..6:18 stating hi hw r u :)

Followed by another message..

I shall pass every now and then around you...
I am wind..just feel in your soul..
I am there always....around you..
Wrapping you with my long warm arms..
Taking you alongside my journey of life
Sharing each moment with blessings..
And looking for new horizon...with twinkle in eyes..

~ Indeed a modern way of connectivity.....

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03 April, 2011

The Journey

Glimpse of real life is mysterious..!
Few months back, I was travelling abroad with my hubby.
It was exciting to be able to visit different places in the best time of the season where tree leaves had turn into red, orange, yellow and ready to shed them to welcome the snow and cool chilly weather following. It was the beginning of winters.

Meeting different people and sharing with them my country side tales.
From one city to other...packing and unpacking suitcase. But I felt I was packing and packing but not able to unpack my emotions, my feelings and my story of life. They say sometimes...being reserve it’s a good sign of maintaining privacy... what if I say I’m introvert hence tend not share my inner true feelings! How does that sound to you like honest or an extrovert?

Then one fine day, we were in the flight where we found a beautiful middle aged lady with quite red hair, wearing a heavy furry equally red over-coat. Her seat was beside me. As our eyes meet we passed a smile. Honestly then I had a mixed feeling for her. For a moment I thought she is mere stranger, so avoid speaking to strangers. But on the other hand her eyes, her vibe was captivating. I tried avoiding thinking more about her existence just beside but frankly she was in my head...and I was trying to figure out, what her life is, who she is...and other things like that related to her.

I don’t know how and what makes sometimes so fascinating about the strangers and not all but just one in million, you feel like knowing them, feeling to tell them your story. I almost experienced the same urge...and was completely clueless about the rise of such feeling and warmth I had that moment.

The flight took off and within few minutes, to break the ice she asked me,'Do you belong to India?'
Well black hair and black eyes of mine were prominent enough to identify.
As I nodded my head into yes with a smile, looking into her light blue eyes...I felt the calmness in it.
To start with, she said that "I always wanted to visit India and find it very enchanting to know and meet Indians."
I was pleased with her grace and thoughts.
Without asking she told me about her life. She said, "I have been a nurse for almost all my life and latter gave up the job only to sync with service to serve the people."
She, a bold woman, who had gone through some very tough moments of her life, had seen the depth of relationships losing confidence and also emotions of betrayal. But she has stood strong with faith she had.
She has now devoted herself to resolve little struggles people face in life.
And as she continued saying that, "...if given a chance I would like to help any needy without charging a penny in any region of this world."
Today she works as a healer and a good listener working with few NGO.

I could feel the sincerity in her service and conviction in her words. In that while of journey... we spoke endlessly and effectively touching the topics, world of depths, heights of thoughts and feeling emotions. The essence of self-productivity, soul-searching, purpose of living, pursuit of happiness, spiritualism and God!

I thought search of me was a never ending journey but after talking with her, I had this strong feeling that redefining beliefs might value my existence! I sure sensed like I got a spark and a good start from there onwards.

And as we were soon to reach our destination concluding our conversation trying to sum up the thoughts, she finally asked me and my hubby’s names simultaneously noted down in her diary. She determined said that she will remember us always and will keep us in mind while she is offering her prayers.

I was so touched with her words. I hugged her.
I wished I could spend more time with her. I felt so warm though being far away from the natives. And something she did then was so miraculous for me to see, she gave me a Bible page from her Bible with all major underlines done and handed over to me with her magical fingers.
I was in such an awe state.
I was so clueless why she had to take out one the page of her beloved Bible.
 And as I was still puzzled, staring at her gesture she said, ‘read this when you are troubled and find difficulty in choosing the right path.’

As when she said that, I thought, ‘Bible shows us his Mercy and his Kindness’; I just felt some right now!

It’s not about religion..
We respect each religion, the dedication, devotion but it’s about building a faith and creating a faithful journey.
Reading good things from anything, call it Geeta, Quran or Bible is all fruitful if read with faith for bringing goodness!

Sometimes, strangers touch your heart cord without making an effort.
But for some reason, I felt the stranger was myself here, trying too to find a purpose in life, trying to understand thyself in bits. I could not realise the spirit and spark in me.
I was carrying the bags which were so heavy and for so many years. Bags of old past stories which I neither could forget nor could I forgive any. Moving from one place to another could not help me to overcome my unknown fear of losing. Holding that piece of pious bible page I was having a journey within myself, introspection the urge of soul. It was a moment of realisation. It was a moment to stand still yet practically keep moving in life. I kept that bible-page safely...in my bible with was gifted by my father when I was in school.

It was quite some time from the voyage,
..I was back and settled at home, unpacking my luggage which was full of sweet memories of trip yet a bit hassled in lugging my distress suitcase in the journey of life. Out of the blue between the pair of clothes I find bible and that bible page...I could not stop and started reading the underlines....and trust me despite the long journey...I was not tired, I felt like rejuvenated.

I understood the purpose of meeting that stranger in the expedition.
It was a natural effort in the expedition to experience thyself and explore more of chances, changes, circumstances, crises, courage and syncing all in pace, peace and goodwill. She came in the middle path of my trip but helped me to sail calmly at the seashore. There was a good harmony in me but there were bliss echo and grace waves in my thoughts! In fact I could even gaze glitter in my eyes ever since then.

I remember what last she said, ‘you will be in my prayers..’
and trust me ever since then, she been into my prayers...almost every day. And whenever I feel restless I hold that piece of page of bible she gave to me, for me it got a power to heal, it makes me compose quickly and maybe I feel that her soul is scared and feel the tranquillity in her appeal in that piece of pious paper.

Never thought the journey would be so cool and calm!
Never planned life could be so enlightened meeting a stranger!!
In search of me, a never ending journey turns into THE Journey of life..!!!

As an my inner voice said,
Let my Lord! Show me the rainbow which is hanging just above my head.
Oh! I just missed it...being on flight when I was busy focussing down on the hard, cold ground.

So here I read to get back my rainbow thoughts and contemplate upon PSALM34:19 in that piece of virtuous bible page she presented,

“The righteous face many troubles, but the Lord rescued them from each and everyone.”

I admit that,
Initially like anyone
I will also have to scramble
But I will keep smiling..
Try sincere with a spirit to win!
Now as I grieved,
I feel glad that I’m not giving up like I used to...
I will cruise safely in the crises.
I will one more time bend the hard wave as I have a faith that
This shall also pass and
Worst is already faded and
Will not resurface in future, I have this faith!
I will have a fruitful sharing caring
And dynamic voyage in the path of life!


 * This is how I cherish my memories of THE Journey!

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