06 March, 2010

Time Travel

  • TIME TRAVEL halts at school
  • [This is the true shots based on my personal life. Words and incidents captured from the Journal written during my school days (Class XII). Also have added few photocopy of the pages in SnapShot at the end of the post. Not much changed has been made…except few grammatical corrections…]
  • This post is an attempt to bind friends together, bind the memories and travel through time back excatly TEN years ago, which halts at School the best days of my life, creating eternal bond!
  • Kindly bear this post as a long one! Hope you enjoy the joy in the  journey of true words!


Today was a very nice day! The assembly in was conducted by the “Kanaklata House”. (There are total four houses in school, Kanaklata, Kamakhya, Brahmaputra, Nilachal..names based on the mountains and river of Assam)

  • NEXT:
In the morning assembly Korobi and Jaya’s (JayaLalita) Birthday was announced. We all clapped a loud. Interestingly the twist was, Today was not Jaya’s Birthday. It was a huge surprise not only for Jaya but also for us. She kept staring our faces in the shocked expressions. Me and Payal were busy in holding our giggle on the corner of the stage. We were noticed by Srikant Sir (My English Sir)! Though I guess, he must have made out that it was our mischief. Perhaps, this Time it was’nt we! They were our dear chasing classmates Boyzzz!

  • NEXT:
Today the students of the “Hindi Kakshya” (room dedicated in the school for Hindi Subject) were asked to sit in the class X-B during the free periods, as Gosawmi Sir (Our Hindi Sir) did not turn up due to certain reason.

I, Payal, Sahana, Namita, Korobi, Babita were in the group enjoying in the class.
Payal was singing songs of the film “Mohobattein” and I with Sahana was trying to picturesque the whole song by dancing and doing weird acting. There were many incidents in between that took place while we were dancing. Those incidents are really very funny and almost impossible to express in words. Total hilarious mountains! While I’m still writing the verdict, I’m smiling alone in the room where nobody is around.

There was no pause over our laughter. Really, Sahana made each and every passing moment so funny. I was the Heroine and she was the Hero of the song sequence. We did not slip even one beat of the song. She grabed my hand and took me into her arms and gracefully just like SRK left me to dance on my own. Seriously we could even give run to the real stars…we were so good into dancing. Payal was our tape recorder. Stopped and got forward in all the songs that we wanted her to sing. We had a great time together, laughing and singing. Namita, Korobi and Babita were the live audience, applauding to our moves!

  • NEXT:
Anupum Sir was teaching us Physics. It was a nice class, why..!
Let me tell you what happened today. He came into our class and took out a huge book and searches randomly some very confusing problem. He wrote the question on the board. Then asked us to find the solution of the question.

I and Payal looked each other face insanity. She lifted her eyebrow to ask if I knew it. My facial expression expressed that I was also in the same boat with her. Soon we were observed by Sir. He came to us and first asked Payal, “Bujhi sa (Do u Understand!)”. She said “No”.

He leaned forward to her desk, shifted all her books on to many side of table and wrote the whole solution on the desk with the chalk explaining the equation. When he was writing on her desk I was also trying to understand and simultaneously copied the same in my notebook. The moment he was done with it, he abruptly rubbed and cleared the solution with his hand. Well this is the way he always does.

Soon he gave a glance over me, and asked, “Understood”. I replied, “No Sir”. He gave a cute little smile and explained me too in the same manner each and every step of the equation. This was really very sweet of him, taking so much of pain to explain. But I still could not get the formula right. Perhaps, mean while I was also busy in sniffing the cool sweet cologne he had used today. Apparently, he is popular in school for his cool strong Colognes!

  • NEXT:
Today was also a CCA (Class Cultural Activity) program’s drawing Competition. The topic was “PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY” for the seniors and “NATURAL CALAMITY for juniors” (I come into senior Category). One hour were given to complete the painting. Srikant Sir(our English Teacher), being the co-coordinator of the CCA program was present there for the whole ONE hour.

His presence of disturbance for me started with a strange compliment!
He said, “So you been learn drawing at home..”,
I replied instantly, “No, Sir”.
~ At this with a strange laugh he replied, “What! You don’t learn drawing and get the first prize every time by itself.”
In some firm yet humble tone, I said, “Sir, This is my hobby.”
His was looked happier to my reply that drawing is my hobby.

So here from given one hour, I lost my 5minutes and 55 minutes started:

Then for next ten minutes I kept thinking, how stupid topic was given to draw.
I wondered, “what made Sir decide such topic, PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY..”

Again, the next ten minutes I brought some scenery sketch into my mind and tried to lay same on the drawing sheet.

Within next ten minutes I finished my drawing and was ready to color it. By the time, numerous times Sirkant Sir kept disturbing me by standing around me. I really can’t concentrate to paint or draw when people are around me, especially when people are teachers.
~ I feel very uncomfortable, when somebody is constantly staring me and my drawing which is yet to be completed. It was one of the most irritating moments of the hour.

Soon keeping an eye on the time passing by, I tried in completing my painting as quickly as possible. I thought, I already lost five minutes talking to Sir and rest minutes in thinking about the weird topic.

In my painting, PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY, I made a huge umbrella set on the banks of the river, under which a husband is sitting and feeding a child, next to it a wife playing with their little daughter and a cute puppy with the ball around. An air is blowing breezily and the woman at the same time is enjoying the scenery.
And suddenly Srikant Sir commented that the woman should be sitting there and play with the baby and the man must play with that little girl.

I wondered again, “it is just a painting Sir..why go into so much details…”
Moreover, I was contradicting with his views too!

Anyway, I confidently replied, Sir this woman is of 21st century, thus she is enjoying the beauty and bliss of the place, where as the man is sitting under the ORDERS given of his wife to take care of the little child.
The answer was full of logic and laughter filled the room. I even noticed Art sir at the corner laughing a loud at the answer.

Okay, this was one the Jamuni (in Assamese we call it as funniest..) and most memorable moment of the day!

  • NEXT:
Finally with all the best wishes of my friends and juniors of the school…my painting was complete at the dot moment.

  • NEXT:
I mostly while painting, don’t watch what others are painting. It gives me tension before hand! And it results that I start doing the worst, while I worry. This is what I today experienced when I somehow saw from a far distance, the drawing of Purnimal, Somyajeet (Both my classmates) and Ravi Shanker (Ultimate painter, Brigu bhaiya’s younger brother).

  • NEXT:
It is really bad of me. In a way, I can see that mostly what I think happens. May be it is the will-power or just a sheer co-incident. While I was painting..(Honestly! I dint wanted to happen things so bad for anyone) I was thinking of Purnimal and Somyajeet. It was just a blink for a Micro second a Negative Thought that Struck in My Mind. Finally I was surprised to see the things turn up this way. Both the guys did a beautiful drawing…simply expraordinary..but both were a truly unlucky..as their paintings were incomplete.

It was a strange experience observed!

  • NEXT:
In the Last period, we found these applications. Something that we are learning in our English class, to write Notice and Application! Interestingly we applied it to our real daily life too!
~ Kindly check the links too at the end of the post in SnapShop.

Boyz said:

The School Captain,


Sub: Application for switching in the fan of our side.

We beg to state, u that due to feeling of hotness in our body, we request u to kindly switch the fan on.
We all will be very gratefull towards this act of yours.

Thanking you,
Yours aagyakari(Sincere) friends
Class XII boys

Girl's reply:
NOTICE (For class XII boys)
We girls don’t want to loose our energy, so we’ll not switch on the fan of your side.
ADVICE: From tomorrow onwards bring AC.
WARNING: If you don’t obey my orders then remember, my Right Hand Sahana has a big file,
“So please be Careful”
School Captain

~ The switches of the fans and light were at the girls side wall so all this drama of Application and Notice happaned.
  • NEXT:
Back at home, today, I learnt SWOT analysis, taught my my paa.
By such analysis we can develop ourselves into a much successful person. ~ “SWOT=Study Hard!”

  • NEXT:
Two days latter, I have been today declared as the first prize winner of the CCA programe’s drawing competition. It was Srikant Sir announcing on the stage. More than me Tanushree was happy, as she is the house captain of the “Kamakhya House”. My winning have added the high score points to our house. It was a great feeling to see my friends getting so happy for my deeds. Preeti, Trishani, Afreen hugged and congratulated me and Tanushree. Jaya, came running to me and started shouting in her very soft voice, “Party… party!”

  • NEXT:
(maa-paa)Ammy and Appa are very happy for me and my prize. Appa told me that on Saturday there is another painting competition for celebrating the “Productivity Week”.
I’m so glad that he like me participating and encourages me so well every time.

  • Goswami Sir(Hindi Sir): It was rare if he ever missed his class, perhaps that day was an exception. He is one of the Best Teacher for our batch. Been most encouraging and loving at heart.
  • Srikant Sir (English Sir): One of the most intellectual and philosophical teacher. Our batch shall always remember his teaching and the way he was perfect and systematic in everything he did.
  • CCA is Class Curricular Activities in school.
  • The snap shot have the writing is of year 2001. between class XII.
Rachana Journal YEAR-2001
* Kindly Check here the SNAP SHOTS *


  1. A blog in purist aspect....it is plain and simple yet captivating and enchanting like an irani chai....I liked the last paras.....conversation with teacher about the painting....your scripts....I wonder how you remembered such a minute details of a day in school....may be coz its special for you....Seems as if you wanna stay there.....school days are the most cherished ones...went nostalgic by the school ambience....thanks for BAT8 topic, i came to know one interesting page of your book.....
    Thanks for the tea time :)

    How about a filter coffee next in your blog ?

  2. @Rachna ... I'm really really surprised that you remember all of these incidents after so many years. I was really shocked to see the snap of the application. If i'm not wrong, bittu wrote that application. How did you manage to keep all of these for so many years?

    Abhijit Saikia
    (Former Capt. "Nilachal House") lol ...

  3. @ Mahesh

    I'm glad that my page made you smile. Yes, i loved my school, each and every aspect of it. I told you naa, I have 10thousands of stories! This is one of them.

    Indeed being a preserver helps sometimes.

    And If you think and felt it was great Irani chai...hmmm...then i guess you sure liked it :)

    Okay filter Coffee Next..this time no matter what will make you gulp few sips there too...m sure u will like it more then irani chai!

    Thankyou for going through such a long post...hey did U see the Snap Shots of my Journal which were written 10years back..!Yes 10years...Still Preserve them :)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  4. @ Abhijit Saikia

    WELCOME TO MY BLOG: m so so glad that u visited my page and left with wonderful comment! Thankyou so much dear!

    Ki Khobor! Bhalo neki!
    You onely surprised..you should be shocked..yes..all those details are true..I have not even changed the names or even any aspect of it.
    Still cherish every bit of it!

    Yes! Boy the application was written by Bittu from boyz side..and from girls side the Notic was written by Afreen Beg on be half of me!

    I can still recall those moments and miss them so badly.

    Bwt: Not just managed to keep but I'm the biggest Preserver on this Earth! There is a lot more to open spill the stories!

    Between~ My house Brahmaputra/Khamakhya is the best :P

    And as always...you missed one "A" of my name! ;) rach-A-na! Bhuji pai saa!!

    ~Rachana Shakyawar
    (Eternal School Captain)

  5. You are an Assamese!!!!!! Well, I am not but my ancestral place is in Assam and my paternal family still speaks in Sylheti language among themselves which is Greek to both my mom and I :-)

    I can totally relate to your post; even I used to write a daily journal (I still do) and when I read them, those days come alive before my eyes; every small detail is stored there :-)
    truly school days are a treasure house of stories :-)

    cheers and all the best for BATOM

  6. @Rachana ... I hope the spelling of yr name is correct this time ... I was actually shocked ... suddenly I was thrown back in time remembering all those good, great, excellent times we had in school ... I seriously can't 4gt all those moments ... WOW!!! THis feeling is really great ...


  7. WOW!!!!
    girl i just ran a mini movie of school days in my head through ur blog...awesome days man...and better is the recollection...i never knew u used to write a diary...
    gr8 gr8...
    btw do u remember there wad another letter bitu wrote for our chemistry teacher...it was funny too..
    this was indeed a great post n yup proud of u for bagging the 1st prize for the house...Kamakhya house rocks :D

  8. A wonderful way of carefully preserving good old memories....

    The conversation during painting competition is really hilarious...especially the "21st century" funda!....

  9. @ Ayu

    It is always so sweet to see your response! Yeah! this post is a bit nostalgic one..gald that you could connect with it!

    Again Thanks for being there:)
    Yea..Okay..will respond back to you page too :):) Cheers!!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  10. @ Debosmita
    Yeah! I'm Assamese-Gujarati-Maharashtrian-Kanada-Rajasthani..perhaps Bengali too...Love being Integrate Indian :)

    It is really wonderful that you could get connected with this post..hope this post was the way you thought about teh Topic Title!

    Honestly, It was very difficult for me to decide what i was supposed to write...and this post was a bit personal..but then...I guess I could sail into the time travel..and halt at School!

    Kindly next time suggest something..lazy and easy...Just kidding though!!
    ~ My school friends are surprised and dropping so many mails...seems they being very happy.Thanks to ur suggested title :)

    Yeah have a part of childhood/schooldays/collegedays tied with words in diary!

    Being a perserver it helped alot!
    Personally and professionally..indeed happy to knw that you write too! So we got something in common! :)

    Bwt: I loved your Saraswati Puja post...your pics there reminds of my times and puja celebrations there in Guwahati! SO you made me too a bit Nostalgic :)

    Thankyou for cheering in!
    All the best to you too for BATOM!

    Keep the Spark Alive!

  11. @ Tanushree

    hi Twinny!
    Yeah! I know how are you feeling right this moment! It is a strange yet the happiest feeling to owe!

    Loved being there together..Love u so much!

    Yea..Guess what..that Chemistry Sir letter is also with me...Eletron-Electraan stuff..bit hilarious I know!

    Actually no reward whould have made me so happy the one which i won for Kamakhya...Nilachal..payal's house lost that time...& I knw she wont agree with me..and argue with me..but guess what i got written version to prove it..HAAHAhhahha!

    Apart from all this mischifs..MG`s been the best thing happend - 9o21o remb!

    Anyway! ThankU for dropping by!
    Luv u so much naa!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  12. @Abhijit
    ~Arre! it okay if you missed one A from my name..I was just kidding..infact missing A spelling is quite lucky for me! And I like to beleive this way!

    Yeah! it is really fun...more fun when we can exchange same emotions and thoughts! I'm very happy to have written this post..receiving so many mails..and i beleive this is just the beginning to colorful lanes of schooldays!!

    So now u follow this page..you will be have lot more think and cherish...mail me if you remb. something more interesting incidents :)

    Keep the spark Alive

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  14. @ Abhijit>

    I got your new mail..full of masti! Wont post that comment of yours...perhaps will do it one by one...in the comming days!

    CAant breath now..simply laughing like hell...that fisrt one and last one was toooo gud.. yeah...miss Y tripathy Sir!

    Y..because he was the mosr Happening teacher during our batch!

    Yeah..And something about Bari Sir..write about the tution times...when u people locked his neighbour!

    Brats that was true pleasure..making teachers run behind us!

    Pour in more buddy!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  15. @ Abhimanyu

    Welcome to Huming Today!
    Gald that you enjoyed. But i have a complain...you been so Creative heart person..why I dont find more stuff from you these days...dnt be so tech and just techy...!

    Thankyou for endrossing this post with you comment.

    Bwt: Got lot for you..may be in comming days..Also if you got something to share..mail in! You are always welcome!

    And yes! For sure supporting the TigerCount like you do:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  16. Hey umi..ur post took me to past. thanks dear for bringing our golden moments back in our life. Also if possible do write abt our tution days also.Luv u direct dil se.

  17. @ Payal

    Thanks gurl for hopping in the page and endrossing the words!

    Yeah!finally...you are there all flashing with me in the page..Hope now you wont complain now

    Yeah...I'm already in the lanes..wont leave so early...so tutions times are still in burning stage.

    Luv yeah! for being there for me always...and making the time irrestibly so enchanting!

    U rock Gurl!
    And a true Jamuni Swali:P
    ~ Bwt. Soku Nai neki.. Bang on!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

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  19. 1. I love the format of your blog, the template, the colour and the creativity.

    2. Wonderful post, and intricate details. I guess you have HUGE storage space for all that material in the post. Now I wish spring cleaning wasn't a phrase my darling mother uses.


  20. I can imagine how wonderful your school days must hv been!!! n i know yr school n frds were lucky to b enlightened by yr Cheerful Nature n Sweet Laughs... Wherever u go,U bring Life.... Keep going Ma B Buddy...U make me proud...

    I enjoyed so so much reading this post...I was myself giggling while going thru it....U made me recall OUR college fun days...U were such a lovely hostel ki Padosan...I also recalled my own school days...LOvely writer u r...U almost brought tears in m eyes..not bcoz i was missing my old days...BUT Bcoz I was MISSING U...I CAN ONLY FIND U ON INTERNET.... U have gone to your home to give life to yr family...

    May God Bless You N May you be successful in watever u want to do...

    I liked d way u wrote this post...i imagined u to b talking wt me....

    yr ,i missed yr facial expressions in this post....when we'll meet...plz narrate this so that i can react n we can hv fun again....

    lots of love,
    N may u get max votes in blog-a-ton...


  21. @ Sid

    Thankou so much for writting such a wonderful comment..But dear I'm not posting it...give me some tine to compose..and enjoy...little by little...and let it be Lahe- Lahe!

    Bwt. thankyou somuch for reminding me of Bio Sir incident! yeas..U people are just too much :)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  22. @ Saro

    WelCome to Humming Today!
    Thankyou so much for just an apt comment!

    O dear! I have a habbit of preserving things...and even my mom is almost fed up with those things..She thinks it is Junk..but I guess I just today proved all wrong...It is my treasure..and a connection to my past,my childhood, my school and my friends! It just binds all into a big strong bond!

    So glad that you could connect with the post! Visit again:)

    Keep th spark Alive..

  23. @ Madhulika

    O Dear! tu toh senti ho gayi!We will meet soon! Amen! And the you can eat my head with all you chattter patter...bedaghat kahaniyan..theek naa..Chal ab Eesmile :)

    Thankyou so much..U loved my post so much..and you felt so much..gives me immense pleasure! really!

    I have already got many reaquests...some asking me to write certain incident...some say about tution..some about graduation days..and now U with hostel life...
    Looks like i will have to work in all the shifts...!

    Yeah...long time planning to trace the IITTM days...ofcaorse without ur presence it would not be possible:)

    Just figuring out so many things around...and trying to bind people and friends togethere through such posts..Trying to do my little for the immense happiness they have give me through out!

    Thankyou so much for letting me knw..that I was a gud Padosan..As i thought I was a 'Denise-the Menace' padosan :P

    Anyway, U r a darling!and Keep rocking...Bwt: I loved your new fiction of Virtue! Almos gave me goose bumps! U r grt into it:)

    luv yeah:)
    Keep the Spark Alive..

  24. This left a smile on my face. And brought back some nostalgic memories to me. Very well written. Captivating! :) All the best for BATOM!

    PS: http://bit.ly/aliensandme

    PPS: You've a nice blog, anyway!

  25. woah tat was real...i mean really real...:D

    and also superb post...:D

    and nice blog also...following.


  26. wow. It was totally awesome :) Reminded me of my school days. After seeing your post, I am repenting. I never maintained a dairy. How I wish I had maintained. I have forgotten so many nice moments spent in the school now. It will be fun to read your diary after some years right? Cool girl, you have maintained those hand written letters too!!!
    All the best for BATOM. Also read my take on this!!

  27. hmm... :) this was a real nice time travel.. the pictures complimented the words very well! :)

    nicely written! :)

  28. WOW... :O You really have an amazing memory.
    All I have are faded ones :( .

    LOved it yaar. And You have 10 years old journals ...amazing.
    I always leave the past in past... but I guess some moments are worth preserving.

    take care

  29. I always look up to posts of real life stories. To me personally that's what a blog is - to share with people what you have really gone through in your real life. A good post and keep writing.

  30. That was an amazing post Rachana. Its real fun reading it... i never kept a diary and now i feel bad about it... but u know what? I have a habit of keeping some of the wierdest stuff with me... like my 5th std library card lol.... i would love to come up with something like this some time... i hope thats not going to a copy right violation right? :P

    Blog: Sensible Bakwas

  31. The Virgin Author

    Welcome to Humming Today!
    Thankyou so much!
    I'm so glad that u liked it and found the post so captivating!

    Indeed, it feels great to share the lovely childhood memories!!

    Do Visit Again!
    Keep the Spark Alive..

  32. Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe

    So gald U loved the post and the Blog so much!

    Thankyou for following indeed:)

    DO visit again:)

    Keep the Spark ALive..

  33. evanescentthoughts
    Welcome to Humming Today!

    O dear!Dont u regret...U still got many moments to capture and treasure!

    Yeah! It is realy fun to read them after such a long time...Firstly i realise u r grown up...secondly U know U lost you innosence!

    Diary Really shows the mirror! and I knw I was the denise the Menace of my school :P

    Do visit again:)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  34. @ leo
    Welcome to Humming Today:)

    Well really have no idea if it was well written..as i just wrote the same thing without changing even a word...thatw as written excatly 10 years back..which is to be expected to have many grammar mistkes :P

    But then I guess I'm able to convey the best emotion and feeling through it and perhaps my TRUE words captured in the Journal!
    (Snap Shot Pictures:)

    So glad that u liked it:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  35. @ rainboy

    I'm a natural Preserver! Supporting the Green! Hence even when it comes to junk...which my mom call, i tend to preserve them calling them as Journals!

    Yes! it is the great feeling!
    And more when I see you could connect it so well with each line!

    Thankyou for leaving such a beautiful comment:) Do visit Again!!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  36. @ Sureindran

    Welcome to Humming Today!

    Yes! I'm a bit of Ga-Ga- gurl!
    Love to talk about I-me-myself and sharing those stories which is close to my heart!

    This post is also one of them...very dear one..as it is the page from my true schooldays momments:)

    Feel so glad that U like the post/blog too!It will be great to hav u again on this page:)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  37. Rachana, so nice to see all the 'school talk' going on here... It makes one so very nostalgic! I am reminded of my own school days and that was few more years back. Loved my college days too...Real fun! I still am lingering on those wonderful moments. Some of my friends do say that I still haven't comeout of that time frame...which is absolutely true...

    I sometimes even dream of writing my exams...hehe...nervous and tensed!

    Great read, Rachi:)

  38. @ Tavish Chadha

    This gives me immense happiness and satisfaction...that you connect with the whole aura of the post! Plus u liked the concept of writig journal!

    When I did it long back..nevr thought one day i shall be sharing on such plateform...but I knew...after 10years or more it will be great feeling to go back directly into the hidden lost past scene! Definitely a true on of the usual day yet so beautiful and enchanting!

    Good to know..that u still have that Libr. card! I know it is more precious than any I-Card you posses today:)

    Ofcoarse...do come up with lovely memories..I will be the first person to endross your childhood stories.. dnt u worry!

    Really dont understand why people say forget Past and move on...I just move on..BUT with the Treasured Memories :)

    It is great to have U on this page..do visit again!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  39. @ DeepazArtz

    O dear! We got so much in common! Hanging back in those school days or college days times comes so naturally...!

    I wonder reading u..why should we come out of that frame..when we know it is so inspiring and brings back all the creativity and faith!

    Let us surrender together :)

    Bwr: Yeah..even i see myself dreaming about my exams...yet those chemistry formulas and elements flying around my head/brain...all around those metals and non metal formulas...h2so4..o2..o2..need Oxygen...breath in dreams :)

    Luv u!
    Thanks so much for visiting the page :)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  40. well u know what... stuff that we do just for the heck of it somehow do give us returns later on life and the ironically most of stuff we do(at least in my case) expecting to reach some logical gains later on don't generally happen the way we want to... its really nice that u have all these memories documented...

    as for the past i feel the same... good memories, bad memories and even some painful ones, i cherish them all... they give me the strength whenever i am low. :)

    Thank u so much for the flattering comments on my post...

    and lastly love the way u end ur comments with keep the spark alive so ill end it the same way too....

    Keep the spark alive!!

  41. Hi Rachana/rasna (रचना/ रसना)

    Whole blog is amazing, i mean with the detail which you have written its like going to the places and incidents and revisiting them one by one. Its truly a time travel.hey you note those incidents in your dairy during school hours or at home recollecting them one by one. Whichever way may be but i salute your memory. We all know how good you are in drawing, probably the best i would say from our school. Bhrigu da and his kid brother, Puranamal Gandhi, Bittu, Bidyut(best in shading) etc were right up there too. But you amazed us all with your memory. Hey plz do write about B.N. Bari, Tripathi Sir, Chakru Sir, A.k. Goswami sir, Rai sir(kadar khan), P.k. Borka Koti sir, S.B. Kalita Sir(library), Shrikanth Sir, Virendra Sir, Pandit Sir, Bhupen Sir, Bakshi Sir, Behra Sir(Games), Augostine sir, R.K. Das Sir(Supw ka full meaning hain social useful productive work), sheila tiwari madam, diwakaran madam(maths robin singh), parveen madam, ..... mmmmmm the list would be never ending, plz share your side of stories with these wonderful teachers in details in your next blog. whole world should know about them. jokes apart i hope you continue with your good work. i would like to see more of our school. I hope this time travel will continue. We all are here as fellow voyager. hey one more thing that birthday stuff was our kaarastani(i admit). he he he.
    Siddhartha(fellow classmate)

    "i love you rasna":P

  42. love your blog, loved the post, it brought a huge smile on my face :)

  43. We all miss school days, don't we?
    You took this opportunity to time travel to those wonderful days, huh?
    Nice! :)

  44. A magnificent post :)

    now those words have set my memory on a ride back :)

    keep penning :)

  45. That was real time travel. You really took us back to 2001. I was reminded of a conversation I was having with a Bulgarian friend of mine about purpose of life. She remarked "Life has not big purpose. It is all about living those little moments and capturing them in one's mind' Apparently her mom had died when she was 13. But she said she still had those beautiful memories of those wonderful moments with her mom fresh in her mind. Somehow reading your post reminded me of that conversation. Best of luck for the BATOM.

  46. That was going down the memory lane. True, school days are special and having a diary helps create sweet memories forever!
    And you have a beautiful handwriting!
    Cheers and all the best for BAT-8! :)

  47. S rachana even i do remember each and every moment spent in my school and college but i dont preserve things like you do ;) super it was now i am remembering my school days :)

  48. Lovely post.


    Gr888888888888888888888 going.

    Keep it up.

  49. Nice post! i especially found the below line interesting:

    Finally with all the best wishes of my friends and juniors of the school…my painting was complete at the dot moment.

  50. Hi, rachana,

    yaar i really love 2 read your articals. In time travel you just wrote sum of your memorable days in K.V.NOONMATI....but it just touches all the old memories that i have send wid u & wid all other friends...
    thanks for dis Rachana...love you
    Please give me sum more memorable days....thru ur web

  51. hey! its really nice! the notics and the letters were really funny! :D and hey! ur handwriting is really nicee!! :)


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