03 June, 2012

Blank Pages


When I said, 'I need to know more', you said, 'Read me!'

So how you gonna start.
Here is a request, when you decide that you want to read this, make sure you read this whole post in a stretch and in one go. It is possible in the beginning you might not get it what exactly it is all about, yet I believe if you see yourself in this post, you will eventually start figuring out what am I referring to. The story is about You!
TThere is something bothering you like always.
Despite the fact everything is so right.
Something that comes into your mind when your are doing nothing and brings down all your zeal. Something you think for a slight while and try to soon realize that you need to focus on something much fruitful. Its often when you have everything like you always wanted to, you are in one of the most secured position, nothing like past time at all. Yet there is something badly hurts you at core. You are always restless and wonder why all this happened.

You could never find the answers to the questions and perhaps could not create better questions to answer your cloud of chaos. It's a thing you have been running away through for some reason. This is something you actually had figured out a time ago but you are not still ready to talk about it. You know it that people at-least bunch of them know about it, they still talk about it, you know when the first thought arrives, it's that thing which comes directly to people mind. You don't like such situations. You make sure you will try your best not to encounter such moments ever in life, yet you never forget and perhaps have never forgive the act. Now you think that when this thing happened, you realized long time back, you knew you had no control over the circumstances then. So you decided that you will never let these things to ever come up hindering your success. You made sure you will work hard and change the the things radically.
You were pretty sure you can do it.
The matter of fact is you did it!
But did you forget everything what happened.
The answer is no! You could never forget certain thing. You could not divert you mind from that something. It was like always a shadow, following you everywhere. However, you pretended all this while all was well. But it was dark and so deep. It was scary to watch back things. Even when you knew today that past cannot effect you anyway. Yet, you know, it did at some point of time in your small tenure of life. Things are not that easy at all to just let go. Yet you were strong enough to let it go. Letting go, moving on! But alas you could never leave the memories behind. You never react but you know those moments shall always exist with you in a form of memories. Something, that you would share with thyself and might be the most difficult aspect to share with anyone. Indeed, you never tried to and when you actually thought to say, you were locked into your own web of words. Nothing could justify and so you actually sealed it into you.

To people who are still not able to follow, what exactly I'm referring to, this is not my story, it is your story. This is about you. This is about those things which have chased you for long, like forever. I know you don't want to talk about it. You are shy that if you share, you will be judged on that and you don't want that to happen. You have a fear, yet you are strong enough just ones more not to share it all and ignore at ones the whole. It's not important to talk about it today. Today have nothing to do with yesterday, just as you say! But how can I forget that all that was yesterday, helped you in building your today just as you are today.

Tough times, often the uncontrolled one are difficult moments anytime. Where letting go seems only a way to run away from memories. But believe me, when the situations pushed you in darker dull depths of pain and agony, there will also be circumstances where there shall be the heights positive possibilities and great graceful chances. Thinking hard is not bad, it's really good until and unless you know that someday you will end up to some concrete solution to the puzzle.

All you need to do is to find a person with whom you can talk about it. Talk does not necessarily need to be one which has to be interesting or sound extraordinary. Talk is a talk. It's a sharing. You are not inventing or discovering anything new in it. It is a comfort zone, you say to fill gaps, spaces and pauses. And in the process you also derive the secret of sharing and formula of healing. You definitely need to talk and bring out all that you thought for years and also things you think as today. A change of prospect as well as a self-introspection of thoughts and emotions. The day you gather that little courage to not make efforts to hide and have that strength to share and not feel apologetic, you will see how the things that always haunted you actually have healed. You will feel light, you will feel glad like a mission accomplished, like acknowledging your own emotions and shades of secret sentiments.

If you think you can write better than talking, go for it.
Just bring it out in any form in whole that even you can figure out the pattern of things and get clarity in thoughts. Confide to build your your own confidence. There is nothing more cheering in life than winning over our own chaos of emotions.

The problems sometimes to you does not appear as "pain." You tend to easily busily push it out of sight like a routine thing. You need to recognize the pain you are experiencing, or else you cannot understand anything further in this respect. No matter how true and understandable your present pain is, it is nevertheless the same thing and sure you know it. And seriously, the hurt of your current problem is the very same old hurt. This something a bit awkward yet to you sounding normal, have been existing even before a long long time you actually got aware of it. The time is when you will know when you need to do it. You need not force thyself hard. Rather accept the consequences calmly.

The remedy lies solely in you.
Let the clouds settle and you see celebration of the tough moment of your life which after all molded you. Be a candle to your own dark thoughts, a coach to celebrate and cherish everything in life, every hurt, every pain and every agony of shame. You are supposed to be loved and you indeed love limitless exclusively. Please do not control your warmth, simply continue considerably your affection flow! Somethings never surpass but surprises. Make your memories as a part of miracles.
Let the words unsaid be heard, feeling unexpressed be showed, learnt the way to read - read the unread, read the blank pages and fill them with glory and glitter!

Let the blank pages of life be filled with words and wishes, moments and momentum. Whatever happens or happened has to be healed with rising hope in heart!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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