30 May, 2011

a wish come true

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend, 'Parker' :)
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Sometimes words defining wishes kept me awake and away from slipping into reverie!
Many people think making a wish is a fairy-tale inspiration. They don’t know a wish is a sweet chase of small, simple things that brings immense happiness at the core. I know my life is generally heading in the right direction but wish gives it a better storybook where while reading I can wish to open up my wings and fly out like a fairy princess. I really would like for a while to believe in such a wish!

Yes! I had few wishes. In fact, quite a list of wish!
A wish about anything and everything...
Isn’t that tempting!
Perhaps, I don’t really know what I want!
And honestly my list of wish was a bit unpractical, out of any concrete plan and just a blur thought.

Though I wanted them to be fulfilled only with an expectation...
What if I wish things were like that...stuff would have been different then!
What if I wish life would be like that...I would have been different then!

Don’t you wish sometime!
I do wish and often have no plans to possess..

And just imagine when that wish gets rewarded unexpectedly!
It's like; you think, wish, forget about it and suddenly find it came true, freezing moment...
Wow! A moment of pure-joy with all gracious feeling!
Indeed, with an insight of the buried longing deep inside the heart!

I’m still in an awe stage to accept the sweet happening in life! And I don’t know whom to thank this for...the best wishes which friends give, the blessing which elders gave. A wish to possess had no plans but a power..! Like a collective approach of many tiny matter and dust creating a master-piece for me in a form of the most unexpected great sunshine day. And an impossible turned into possible in just a flick of an eye.
Right now, I’m just bit worried, my wishes will reveal literally how selfish I am.
Nevertheless, right then my most wishes seek joy for all!

A wish is turning dream into desire...
Things were different, things are changed, I’m dreaming? Or living a dream!
Even a dream is ones visualized and pondered upon but there is just one moment simply better than a dreaming yet so fulfilling and content...ahh..a sweet wish comes true!
I wish a wish for you...
I wish you were here with me..

Now I know my wish was worth!!
Déjà vu! I discovered the Genie in the magic lamp...And my wish is his command! How sweet, isn't it!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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26 May, 2011

Drive you nuts!

NOTE: This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

I don’t want to say a dwelling story or even tell my correct information which would reveal everything and every little emotion. I don't want you to perceive yet I want you to know the whole. I don't need a pretty face! I don't want even a minute go waste!
I just wish when I said things, they are faithfully with ease just as they are supposed to be ...ahh! I so badly want to believe..!

Someone like who does not question because I’m not here to give exam.
Someone like who fill the pause which I created with their hope.
Someone like who does not look for my excuses or reasons because I’m not here lying but telling the truth.
Someone like who fill the gap which I created with their conviction.
Someone like who understand the unsaid!
Someone like who fill the space which I created with their reliance!
Someone like who treats me like I’m with no expectation!
Someone like who meets me with a reassurance.
Someone like who is not bugged because of me as I miss to reply their worry,
Someone like who is willing when I aimlessly give a pretty stare!
Someone like who care when I stumble speculatively!
Someone like who holds me when I fall,
Someone like who forgives me as I do mistakes sometimes purposely!
Someone like who still loves me, when I let down, lose or lame,
Someone like who does not asks me but waits till I feel comfortable to confront!
Someone like who still want to know it all...
The mischief, mood swings and mysterious dreams,
Someone like who value the silly stuff precious in my own way!
The story, the toss, turns and tantrums,
Someone like who is aware of those secrete smiles between the arguments,
Someone like who still want to follow all the lanes I've been...

Something like a rule-book applies on them and not on me ever!
There is no escape...is it...!! So keep me safe!

Simple let that person be a nut-cracker and me be a nut-shell!

"Am I now driving you nuts!?!" .....*very innocently asking..*

Note: The above picture is from a movie Ice-Age of a Scrat is a "saber-toothed squirrel" who is obsessed/passionate with acorns (The acorn, or oak nut, is the nut of the oaks), constantly putting his life in danger to obtain and defend them

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

Hope you like this..my most favorite song from the singer who so much inspires me since childhood!
~ Don't BE STUPID..!! (You know I love you...)

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21 May, 2011

Real beauty Real Women

Dove and Yahoo together celebrate and salute real women and commit itself to making them feel beautiful every day. Kindly check : 'Yahoo-Real beauty' “What does real beauty mean to you?” is the topic for this post for the contest conducted by Indiblogger.
The picture below is contributed by very talented photographer 'Sandeep Rathod'! Do check his awesome art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case! © Sandeep Rathod Photography
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Everything has a beauty all we need a little humble heart to see it.
Real beauty is wholesome and eternal. You might wrinkle someday but real beauty will never fade. The beauty that comes with scars accepted strongly and stories reflecting it. It's much more than just a combination of physical attributes. I find beauty when it is pure. Being an artist, I’m very naturally attracted to beauty in any form. And perhaps when the beauty is real it simply touches the heart cord with ease. The moment is fearless, fresh and flawless.

Defining the real beauty is difficult, since it is unique for each one of us.
I'm here not at all pointing finger towards the physical attributes. I believe physical features are genetic and needless to say you made no contribution of you in your looks. But latter on how you carry yourself on the edges of life is where the real beauty secretes lies. Though real beauty is intricate subject of matter but it deals with reality integral.

Indeed, “the beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder” but no wonder it’s you who reflect those traits that captures the heart.

I have a sweet friend who have quite an average looks. When she talks, honestly to me often sounds silly. She is someone who is often hidden in her jokes and her long curly locks. Most of the time we don't take her seriously. But she dance well. In fact whenever she is on the stage, I identify her as a complete different woman. When she brings her hand on her waist, with a slight twist of her neck, her eyes gets glitters making a standard sleek pose of dance in front of audience. I see her as a confident and a strong person. I have no idea what goes through her mind when she is dancing or when she is simply on stage...but I see radiance in her grace. It’s when I cannot stop praising her.

...I can't believe,
l discovered the secret of real beauty is oxygen..
Often I wonder what makes her look so gorgeous when she is on stage. Of course I won’t give credits to lights and make-up layers she puts on her face or fake long eye-lashes. It is definitely something else. May be its, the dance.

Dancing is quite a physical activity and lots of muscles are in use with a sound synchrony of dance-steps, music, emotions, facial expression etc. Definitely lots of air, oxygen is used, rush of blood, the energy, the enthusiasm in act brings that spark.

And heart must be pumping hard, so more oxygen supply to the body. So is the magic of real beauty Oxygen?!

Goodness! I can’t believe, I discovered the secret of real beauty is Oxygen!
One fine day we were sitting as usual, chatting on silly stuffs. Suddenly, I told her that I adore her when she dances. She looks so beautiful while dancing. And surprisingly the moment I told her about dancing, she elatedly jumped off her seat and started talking more about other dance forms she likes and instantly she shared her knowledge about her interest, the dancing and dance-songs! I could see the brightness in her eyes.

Interestingly I had never noticed her so joyous!

Oh! Bling! Bingo! Now I know it all. It wasn't just the rush of oxygen in the blood-vessels that brought radiance on her face. It was all about dancing that blaze her up in enthusiasm. It’s about her passion. Her passion of dancing pulls the best out of her, almost the 100percent of her when she is on stage and dancing. Somewhere I realised and thought so far she being a timid, silly girl, her instincts of passion brought her intellectual pursuits on stage. May be all this in wholesome reflected the real beauty in her. The real beauty is when she was simply happy and content in what she is ardent about.

Your real beauty could lie in music, literature and art or sports.

I perceive now, may be physical features could be the first factors to count the beauty on scale but the real beauty is much deeper in parameters to feel. Certainly a good-looking person, well dressed, hair neatly done, glowing skin would capture the attention. But how long that attention will stay?! I know the moment that person opens the mouth; my jaws will touch the ground if I see the dumbness of that person. There has to be something more than just a great finesse and panache in communication. There should be a substance in the talks we make or the interests must extend to continue the movement of mesmerizing moment. There has to be a confidence reflecting back into me looking into their eyes that she is self-sufficient to excel into a topsy-turvy world. Oh! Dear she's not just a pretty face! Physical beauty isn’t a bad thing but real beauty just adds few more golden stars in the status.

I have seen and met many beautiful* people (physical*) and nothing beats the beauty of the woman working in the farms. She wears no blinking clothes, have no wild knowledge of brands, neither she worry about fashion nor know much about beauty-parlors, posses absolutely no makeup, just naturally tanned skin, rough hands and cracked feet.

She does her domestic household, works hard on farms, does craft works, weaves clothes in between, and takes care of the cattle and family.

No matter how much her rough hand is, she works with those hands honestly. Her cracked feet are sincerely going miles to get water and her tanned skin still has radiance. The radiance is in her the simplicity of her living that reflects her real beauty.

My other very sweet friend has a severe scare on her hand when accidentally she fell down trying to save a neighbouring kid endangered on the traffic-streets. I bow to her bold-heroic deed and ever since than her strength have reflected her beauty as a person. That what has been her identity she is defined with.

We all are unique, could be thin or plum, fair or dark, with curly hair or straightened hair...nothing should matters, until and unless you are healthy. Physical attributes should not hinder your elementary happiness. It's your true happiness that reflects the real beauty in you! Then why be apologetic of looks!

...the real beauty codes is a key to bliss and confidence.. she can attain..
Real beauty is the combination of codes and each base is exclusive for an individual woman.
It is important for the woman to identify the code and nurture in her.
How one can find?
Is that easy to carry on the quest for beauty codes?
Answer is Yes!
Because that code is the key to bliss and confidence she can attain!

Real beauty does not need to make efforts to get noticed. You just know when it’s there and around, aspiring and inspiring everyone around conquering attention effortlessly.

  • If Kiran Bedi was not that challenging and acting courageously in her job, she could have lost the zeal in life. She would not have been so inspiring to steer a revolution.
  • Only if Mother Teresa was not serving the needy and compassionately helping, she would not have been so stimulating. She gave her life whole new meaning and that what defines her real moments in life.
  • Or take Lata Mageshkar! If she had not dedicated her life in singing, she would not have been so praised for the passion perceived.
  • And P.T.Usha, being from the middle class family who choose the unconventional path on tracks running and capturing her dreams...the beauty lies in the swift approach acclamation.
  • And Sonia Gandhi who has been always so firm and focused with her vision and thought-process, marks her name in the list of the top world women as the most influential woman. I believe the real beauty lies in her sensitivity she shows in each move of every phase of her life.

Though, I know real beauty seeks attention effortlessly...a lots of efforts and hard-work is dealt in bringing out that polished pure beauty. Such beauty charms have scars and have heartfelt chivalrous stories quite motivating. Yet they perceive flawless beauty in their persona beyond the boundaries and barriers of any kind.

In today's scenario when people are picky about everything in life, there are women who blossom to touch new heights in life and choose to explore the unexplored for the purpose of life to make it worthy. There conviction in their aim of life, the real beauty lies. Women fighting all odds with a smile on her face are the true beauty to get inspired from heart-touching moments of life quite gasp-provoking to applaud.

...ordinary women had scars and struggle in life but sure had immense power to heal, turning them into phenomenal souls after churning..

For me is my grand-mother is magnificent woman, who despite not having good literacy made sure her kids were well educated. She sent them to best school and colleges. If she had not fought back her struggle being strong-minded then I would not have seen my glorified future today.

My mom, like any other woman had aspirations like any other mother to serve and give the best to her child. At times when she was let down by relatives and other people forcing her to have two or more kids, she decided to have one child as a daughter, not bothering about what world says. That’s phenomenal for her vision and will-power against the strict social norms!

Since these ordinary women had scars and tough struggle in their life but sure they had immense power to heal which prepared them as phenomenal souls in the contest of life winning and spreading happiness as gift-hampers.

You can fake and fool people ones, twice, thrice but not all the time and every time and everybody same time. A good body language is a skill one can learn through different courses but to show the warmth in your gestures comes from inside and can't be moderately feed, well that's the beauty one attains is real.
They have such tremendous warmth in their presence to influence and infuse the beauty around everyone while creating hope and harmony. She should be solitude solitaire in her own way yet being a leader should bring change in other’s life too for betterment and steer at times of crises.

Dove Real Beauty on Yahoo! India
In the real world of today, where everyone wants to be a clone of someone beautiful and wishes to look attractive following the same dress-sense or getting a same hair-style and going for physical perfect rectification through surgeries or other medicated methods.

For me the real beauty lies in imperfection, when she is strong enough to accept the flaws and scars as the perfect part of life and still moving to move and motivates the world with their perception, lays real beauty of an individual.

The magic is not in batting-eye-lashes but the overall wholesome looks and little kind gestures of poise and grace that brings smile on other’s face instantly is intrinsic real beauty!

Perhaps we don't choose our friends saying, ‘She have beautiful hair. I want to be her friend' or 'She got a curvy body, let’s be friends with her forever.' We are friends because we care. They are there when needed. We share a sweet connection together and that is real and ultimate.' We relate, respect and feel right together.
Yes! We bring the best, bold and beautiful within us with them. Remember that’s real beauty, we count on!

Real beauty is eternal and lives not on our looks!
Real beauty is reflected in our attitude, our actions!
Real beauty is the beautiful dreams shared for others and ourselves!The beautiful thought is the real beauty.

~ Please do not show-off your clothes but flaunt your sweet soul.
Stop worrying about face and wrinkles, simply steer up life.
Stop taking pain in adding numerous layers of make-up, arresting your expression.
Just make-up your mind...it's simple and easy!
Worry not about shape, sizes or numbers get a color-box to color your life!
You don't need a face-lift,You need to up-lift your spirits!
Beauty is just a business; real beauty is rainbow, full of true colors.
Forget about the figure, have some fun!
Stop spraying perfume unnecessarily, be sunshine!
Just remember.. more than being called as gorgeous, being identified as generous is worth!
A blessing is nothing else but an essence of real beauty.

~ I'm so sure, we all are blessed and well gifted with something special and sweet to serve the purpose of life with passion!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

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19 May, 2011

I had a time of my life

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend, 'Naveen' :)
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Life does not come with a fixed timetable.
One has to manage in surprise routines and sudden rotations! I had few plans few uncertain sketched plans and nothing worked out. I was loaded and over-loaded with new upbringings though so positive yet sometimes like sand slipping off your hands.

People say, the best thing happens when one least expect them. Indeed, but in that case one must have at least perceived about it ones.
How about the things you never think about and come rolling by kissing your feet!
Or the things that you thought but never acknowledged your true feelings!

Time controls all. And not anyone else can control the circumstances. People do change with conditions applied. Unpredictable rain or uncertain clouds over moon...don't you ever underestimate the precious time!

Life is unpredictable and time is so uncertain.
Definitely it's not about living for sake of time one is left
or waiting till the time will test but
..a gratification to owe someone special for a life-time is precious!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
Hope you will enjoy this video of Dirty Dancing - I had the time of my life song!

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07 May, 2011

Rain Dance

SSince morning I have this feeling, today something will happen, something good or somewhat different. Something like a wish, somewhat like wining! 'Maybe it’s the cool crisp fresh breeze, or maybe the light is too bright today or maybe the cloud just above my room window makes silly shapes teasing me...Ahhh...maybe I’m just acting crazy! And sometimes I really do!' I shrugged.
Sometimes we do get such utter urge, isn’t it!
Doesn't it happen to you ever?
I do occasionally get such pining feelings. It’s such a strange curiosity. And when I have inquisitiveness for certain clueless thing I get introduced to the bunch of thoughts to ponder upon with appealing ways to recreate live motions. It's so easy to get drifted from the lively real world into the virtual wonderland.

Sometimes, I feel void of emptiness. I then find myself staring through the window for hours. This window-pane is where I dwell-in most of the time. And most of that time defines and further of this moment sometimes even redefines me. Indeed when things turn blur I see more clearly!

Suddenly a phone rings.
My parents call me. They went to some social gathering and want me to join them soon in the party as ‘he’ will be coming. I was almost ready to leave for the party to join them. But now knowing that he has come I think, I should wait for him at home. So I told my parents that I cannot make it for the party, as he is coming.

Yeah ‘He’...!

‘Please no! I don’t want to go anywhere! Please don’t send the car!’ I said in a small voice to parents.
‘In that case we will be late...okay be at home, eat food!’ My parents curiously instructed me, 'As if I never had been home-alone before..' I murmured giving a mischievous grin!
I was so excited. Be alone and act like a princess, play my entire silly pranks. Sum-up more amusing stimulation around mirror! I can try wearing that new sari which my mom bought recently. I always do that, when she is asleep or gone out.

Between I’m sure you must be wondering who is, ‘He’!

Well what should I say...we are made for each other absolutely.
It all started long back ago. And it’s been almost a year I have not seen him. And each day after he leaves everything turns so lifeless, even my mind which usually keeps humming-hopping here and there never focusing on one thing gets so motionless!
He comes to be with me once a year, stays for time being, and then disappear suddenly. It’s been like that since who knows when. How can a love story last this way? Someway it does! How can I take it? Somehow I do!

He barely accepts the gifts I bring for him. Yet he has this passion to pamper me with beautiful surprises. Often gifts me an emerald dress, always a bright jade dress, and bouquets of delightfully airy flowers. I think it’s the flowers that make me forgive and embrace him so strongly. There are no carnations or lily from round the corner florist. He gets blossoms which are wildest rarest sweetest fragrant flowers for me. Actually he treats me like one of the juvenile Alice in Wonderland! So he in his own little enchanting way creates for me one of its kinds of magnificent magical world.

Alas! As I have not yet told this to anyone except only acknowledging my own feeling for him. Irony is even he have not proposed me in a formal way yet...maybe I’m too young to think all this. But I love that exclusive treatment from him...he makes me feel so special so elegant! Moreover all I know, he is my best friend. Since I believe ‘Best friends bring out the best in you’...perhaps he does, in all his little gifts and concern for me. Right now, I can only wish if he also falls for me the way I do for him. ‘We will dazzle the town together’...I chuckle!

Now that I know ‘He’ is coming I want to do something special for him this time...ahh for us, I guess!
Best presents are surprises!
Maybe today I'll tell him how it feels!
Maybe tonight I’ll tell him how its staring stars in the cloudy night!
Maybe I’ll tell him, ‘you know why and why not!’
Maybe I’ll be waiting only to say, ‘Yes! I told you all!’
Maybe I'll tell him more than just a lot more!
Maybe I won’t tell him but would wish to sigh contentedly gazing at him, a little more for a while!

Since it’s weekend and my homework is all done...I can completely enjoy my time with him. I rush to the kitchen, start with making coffee. I take a tall table to stand upon to grab the box of biscuits which mom kept at the top-most shelf. Opened the box; picked my favorites chocolate biscuits and few orange-flavour biscuits to suit the mood.

...I keep looking through window if he has arrived  with my own reflection on the
Time slips, turns and just flutters away.
Coffee unhappily sipped up and leaving only few broken chunks of biscuits in the tray. I keep looking through window if he has arrived with my own reflection on the window-pane. But no sign no hint so far.
I will wait for him no matter how late he comes this time but I will wait. I was determined. I recited many times, yet following my inner tranquility.

I hear some sound and a slight light passing through the edge glass of the window. Looks like, he have arrived. Here, I hear his husky tone. I’m so excited. I run towards the window-pane to get his fleeting looks.

‘Oh! He looks so stunning!’ I excitedly breathed in.

...I can sense him from distance too.
He is so charismatic in his words, in the flow of conversation we often have!
Wonder which cologne he uses...he smells so earthy so captivating!
So many a times I have shared my secrets, my little plans, my aspirations with him. The tête-à-tête never comes to an ends with him at all.

And certainly I haven't forgotten that last time when he came we even danced together. That was the best moment of my life and I wish to see replication of sweet memories. He did play a slow tempo song with groove which would never, ever end.

And just when he holds me in his arms, I don’t want to let him go ever. But he has his responsibilities, his duties and I respect him for that. Best thing is his nature. He merges with every thought and mingles with everyone around with ease.
And no matter how much hard work he does he take time for me in a while and still looks so refreshed.

No wonder I overlook all my troubles looking at him...tussle like getting up early for school, studying late-nights for exams and those silly school friend’s fights.

I still want to dance with him again standing on his feet.
Wish to have another walk, another dance with him, another one more time hide and seek game, sit facing the breeze with him on the front steps of home and leaning together by the window-pane talking endlessly about everything!

And within moments he is there almost...
staring into my deep eyes, sliding deep into my soul...whispering something sweet into my ears.
Silence occupied. I didn’t blink even ones. It was like a dream reliving.
I knew he was like a guide to me!
He would guide me to pursue my inner-will.
This moment, this willowy love, comes to rest in me. I settle down my urge, my thoughts, my words, my confusion, my worries and even my yearning gracefully. Oh! Yes! Ever since childhood I have a crush on him.

Ah..I still need to grow up...please don’t remind me! But I so much love him, I swear!!
I’m nevertheless so glued to this window to keep my eyes peering over him. I love the way he moves, so swiftly with so much of spontaneity yet with self-assurance.

‘You look so happy today!’ he reads my mind.
His finger tips on the window-pane and so as mine...a virtually mingling..
‘I wish I could touch you..ahh this pane’ I read his mind.
Standing astound and my soul reaching out of the window for him!

This time he is here and I’m at home waiting to see him, hear him, feel him, and touch him. I move my fingers to touch him but uhh... just can’t get closure enough right now due to window-pane. But sure I get this beautiful thought of peace staring at him...even if there is a distance...I don’t mind at all, his presence belongs to the eternity.

Everyone was off in their own little worlds, resting up after a long day. I being a little lost since morning needed him too. And a heavy storm outside not letting up yet.
I open the door to get his clear glance. The heavens renew their force and we meet.

'Ahh! I’m not a diva. I’m not even a charming girl!' But miracles do happen with me sometimes.
Here I saw him and his whole faithful face came to life!

His humble presence, his sacred perfume, his gentle touch takes to far distance of love destination distinctly. Slowly softly little by little I was having more of him. The cool air on skin made me shiver slightly but I shyly embrace him. I closed my eyes and the breaths come in sharper gasps.

He holds me, I giggle just as he tickle. He ran a finger down my neck smoothly dripping by my finger. Something in me laughs just as I say this, someone dazzlingly chuckling to sync with my giggle softly. And he hardly has this idea how badly I like to be with him. At this instant shaking his head and soaking me in the sweetness turning into rain-infused skin! The mud from the ground joins together, staining my frill skirt, fusing my feet too.

He is so much down-to-earth that for this moment he comes on the earth from the above and beyond as an answers to my prayers, dwelling in heated clouds, fighting with thunders and lightening only to linger with me often sometime gets lost in mud again flowing here and there. He told me then ‘I cannot spare a moment now spreading delight everywhere, but only to see a smile on my little princess face, I come!’. He came with green carpet dress and fragrant flowers ahead.
‘Oh! I missed you whole year!’ I proclaimed with a deep sigh!
But the party have just begun for me now...and watching you is what I only crave.

I’m grateful to him as he comes because each drop has been sent for me as a guide from beyond.
"Dancing with him, MY love rain...I just feel like dancing with you dear rain...ones again! Ah! Let it rain!"
“Dance in the rain! Dancing for the rain! Dancing with rain! My Rain Dance!

I had to hold back tears as he left.
I had those silly goose bumps and perceived,'That’s the kind of love and affection I hope to have in my life to adore'.

Indeed, true love is an emotion where you want to be a reason for happiness of the person you are in love with! And romance is one of its expressions of love. It’s neither just physical nor just romantic. It’s quite a combo of both the best sync and zing. I get connected with him with ease. And the physical entity just over rides the bonding we share. I love him because...just because! Ahh... ‘Just because’ is the general-list of reasons!
However we exchange emotions beyond all the reasons and above all the seasons!
I redefined the love my receptor the rain in the interpretation of evolution.

Unconditionally completeness is inevitably for I was born for him in September *rainy season*...my first teenage love-quote!

I stare those dazzling delight droplets over the window-pane...the earthy perfume waft towards me, tickling my nose. I gather my sweet memories with him. Glancing up in cloudy sky through the glass-pane, I see him still there and watching me as well.

I’m so fallen for him...I know he will fall for me too someday!
That day I will rejoice my date with the Rain!
For each drop have their story to celebrate, let me conserve one drop!

And just as a best pick up line goes, 'I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you’...
Hmmm... ‘One really needs to soak up the feet, drench a bit and get liberated to oneself with Rain in oneness’ my unscripted line goes!

Sometimes you really need to see things through another's eyes before you can truly appreciate the blur-scene behind window-pane with dripping rain drops, shimmering sentiments!!
I jump down in joy sliding into a splash to dive into drops of Rain to dance!

Note: * Firstly I want to thank each one of you for reading this post, since I do know it a long post! Hope you liked it!
**And this post would not have been complete without one of my friend's support. Thank you for bringing the spark alive as always!!
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02 May, 2011

Pretty woman walking down the street

The picture below is contributed by very talented photographer 'Sandeep Rathod'! Do check his awesome art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

Water gives life
So as the woman gives birth to life!
An earthy connection...
Both born as a nurture being!
Pretty woman, walking down the street..
Before harvesting fields
After finishing household
Woman brings water..
Walking miles
Searching drops of life
Heat and holding high
Waiting for her turn..
Turning and Balancing on head
Multiple metal pots
Spending the energy, time..
And weights over waist
Carrying yet caring!
Found and lost...
Alas! Not that safe water to drink and survive!
The whole lot is such a waste..
Little girls brought water four times more than small boys!
Eventually discipline girls missing classes
Dumb staring at cows moo..
Era for women has turned out as an error for women with progress!
The Indian census reveals an adverse ratio of declining growth!
And just when they lose hope in harassment..

Choice and conclusion in chorus
Neither bow nor break down
No more looking back, hanging back or holding back!
Here she comes with a bang in harmony,
The concerned over health and habitation,
A new mighty wave to conquer!
Turning wounds into wisdom,
No more teasing whistles
Just more of wholesome!
Worst is over,
Wings are back
A willing wavelength!
A Dalit WOMAN Sarpanch against odd waves fetching life ahead!
Ahh! Now stop wagging your tails dear MAN!

Women panchayat leaders raise concern over drinking water...And, few women panchayat leaders have solved the drinking water problem in innovative ways!
  • Empowering women through water management initiatives in India. **Link : Meet the pretty woman  READ MORE...

Indian women can take up to six trips a day to gather and transport water. These walks in rural regions can average ten miles a day, carrying up to fifteen liters every trip. The women load jars or buckets on their heads to carry water.
  • Where there is water scarcity, women are worst affected! *** LINK must READ MORE
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