28 July, 2010

I will Hope and Dream - Journey of Joy

He said, “Hope and dreams are incentives of life”…and those little words just echoed my life!

How beautiful was it seeing that these little words, “Hope and Dream” are so much interlinked and liberating! I hoped to happen and dreamt to dare!
I silently prayed, wished and expected someday my aspirations shall come true. I had no perfect sketched picture to view but I knew, “if I hope, I already have”! And I kept that high spirit.
Hope and dream have been ever since the beginning. It brought change, a beautiful magic with it. A series of miracles and high drive in imagination in the group of thoughts! While I was dreaming, I was discovering me in every aspect. The varied options I had and ability to cope and overcome all the hurdles. The defeat and disappointments were not the end but the new fresh beginning, it was understood only then. It was hope and dream in combo that motivated me every stage.

A power of dreaming came with an ability to view what we liked and hope it to happen, the change as we loved it. We worked hard...focused and with the dedicated sincere step by step we reached our goal, our target, and our dream!
To dream has been an act of being fearless and is infinite!
A dream supported with a pat of hope, an optimistic belief of gesture.

But many times you come to a juncture of life when you feel you dream hopelessly like a loser. Perhaps, you might have! But great thing would be if you move with the aspiration and turn the tables round, you will see that a loser was being just so temporary stage of life. It was the dreams and hope that actually sailed you safely away from the thunderous fall every time. It gave you a reason to smile and a reason to firm up your beliefs. Every challenge in your life helps you to grow. It is the hope and dreams that gave you a chance of change for better a choice to make and create a motivation to value the worthy thoughts and ideas you got. Perhaps, it was not at all about only you what you got…it was about what you got and could contribute to the well-being of others…directly or indirectly.

A man perhaps by profession a doctor had a dream to owe a big hospital for the Cancer patients. Though, the dream was his, his dream could serve many-many longing families of the Cancer patients with better facilities and medicine. Perhaps, he hoped for the best and dreamt indirectly for everyone.

Never give up when you still have something to give…hope and continue to dream. Do not dismiss your dreams…and lead a fearless life to expect the change and a chance in sight.

Only hope can heal the pain and the haunting moments. When you are hurting, your strength shines through the hope and dreams! Such is the power of hope and dream. Even if you think you are getting selfish, it will still serve and sparkle for all and sundry.

Hope is the outcome of self-confidence, circumstantial benefits, and courage to conquer whatever you choose. Dreams are not your self-seeking wants, they are just beautiful norms that’s brings a genuine smile on your face and on other’s too if shared. We cannot control any of them but strive and thrive to optimistic lane.
_Life is not a race;
_Life is a sweet journey of joy to be savor and cared with hope and dreams the purpose of life..!
I learned something valuable from every trip and every turn I made, I’m no more afraid to make mistakes.
I learn from the choice picked and chances created in life..!
I don’t hold back but hope, Dare to dream and don’t doubt your beliefs!

We all will not live forever..
We will not last eternal..
What we create, paint, dance, say words..
Perhaps will share our dreams..
And hope till the last breath..
And it will be THE WILL behind the hope and dreams that will last forever!

~ Perhaps well said… “Hope is a waking dream. (Aristotle)”


and Dreams
the incentives of Life..
THE JULY month been really a satisfying month/time-era for me and for my blog ‘Humming Today’.
Beginning of Monsoon, I painted the whole world and my blog into red. Created and scripted almost three love stories. Two were quite short read yet other was in full-fledged ‘Series of love in 5parts’ for ‘I don’t hate Love Story!
I sure got good response and there was a sudden uplift and enrichment in my thoughts painting the same in the post-painting. Sure a soul-stirring experience.

  • OMG...my first interview published in the website ‘WeBlog
Sure very humble and so much touched with the so much of love and blessing pouring in!!
  • Celebrated Paa's Birthday, at home away from home!
  • Celebrated +1095 daysAnd many more delightful days enjoying the companionship with hubby!
  • Celebrating much more…
‘I wrote my second guest post’ _I will Hope and Dream for adorable Bill’s inspiring blog ‘Journey to Joy’. This topic came very naturally to me, and yeah when actually I hoped and dreamt, I actually conceptualized it in my real life too…and wish the same spirit to YOU in everyway you wish,hope,dream and believe in...
~Keep the Spark ALive..
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25 July, 2010

Wifey and Hubby - Merry go round

"which came first, the chicken or the egg???"
Can you answer this..???
The chicken or the egg causality dilemma is commonly stated as "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" To ancient philosophers, the question about the first chicken or egg also evoked the questions of how life and the universe in general began.
Cultural references to the chicken and egg intend to point out the futility of identifying the first case of a circular cause and consequence, where the consequence of the phenomenon is claimed to be its root cause. Ref. wiki

Agreed isn’t it like, who started first the fight, between husband and wife. They have a normal conversation and suddenly unexpected with an impulsive twist-turn. Both keep blaming each other in the sequence, chance by chance, and none finds or focus on the root cause.

Anyways…we are not talking of any fight or finding any solutions over here.
Neither are we talking about "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

But yeah, here is a cute chronicle revolving and evolving around egg and the dilemma behind the weird yet wonderful of its kind relationship on this earth which Husband and Wife share on this earth.
~ Here is a fight yet with a funny tag!

  • SO here’s the merry marry-go-round…

» Happily newly married couple thought to start a day more romantic and went to the kitchen to make the breakfast together.

And as expected, the moment they enter the kitchen, the girl instructs "What to do list in sequence"

SHE says, "You boil eggs and I'll make toast"

And as the theory goes, men dispose what women impose,

HE says, " I'll make toast and you boil eggs”

And again as always does, the history repeats itself, this time in kitchen,

SHE explains, "Boiling eggs is no big deal, it will be easy for you to do, so I shall make nice golden crisp toasts which need patience and cooking skills...hence you boil eggs." (It’s like indirectly and humbly she is suggesting how dumb you are!)

Soon HE proves it (to be dumb) while saying this...
"Boiling eggs is quite a messy job, so I'll make toast and you boil eggs..."

SHE wonders and simultaneously mummers,
"How can boiling simple eggs could be messy...you just need to add water for boil and then add eggs wait for two minutes and its all ready!"

HE subsequently replies, "That what is so messy...boiling water and adding eggs to boil…and moreover it happens messy with me every time when I boil eggs”

SHE got a shock of her life, perhaps wondered, "Was boiling eggs so tricky stuff..."
And like a true Home-Minister of the house she takes over a stands like a controller/ administrator..
SHE insisted "Boiling eggs is not at all messy, why don't you try in front of me...and let me get enlighten with your wisdom..."

Lovely Mutual part:
» HE somehow agreed upon....
» SHE helped him and kept some water in the pan to bring it to boil...

As the water started boiling, SHE said "Now add the eggs and wait for next two-four minutes"

Interesting what next she saw, she knew "BOILING EGGS can be so messy..."

As instructed on time of the boiling water to add eggs into it, HE _ took a fork brook the shell and added the egg yolk into the boiling water.....

....##^****))! Look how messy, Boiling eggs has turned!

Heights of insanity!

When SHE interrupted HIM from breaking the eggs....to HER surprise

HE says.."What!! Are you going to eat eggs WITH shell or what.."*..#..^****))!


I am participating in the WeBlog's Sleepy Sunday contest! You may read other participating posts HERE
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24 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 5

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the
» First Part (Click HERE),
» Second part (Click HERE),
» Third part (Click HERE) and
» Fourth part (Click HERE) before reading ahead..

Session with me and my prickly thoughts in park actually pepped up me into something called as perky peace. Passing by, I found a greeting card shop.
Suddenly, a thought came into my mind. I still remember the beautiful hand made greeting card she gave me to wish me good-luck at my college farewell. No sooner I got that thought I hop into the shop to see if I could find something beautiful just like her for her...yeah still my beautiful Soul!

Cards are best gifts,rachi creatios..

Perhaps, I found a sweet little bright card with a heart and golden shimmer sprinkled all around. It had sparkles and glitters around the aura. It was bright, vibrant and fairly reminds me of her. That card wasn’t a huge deal, but sure it got all those right things I wished to have with the sparkles, glitters and a tiny message with ornamental curl handwriting inscribed, I wish I could be there with you. Know that you are with me in my thoughts.. No that line doesn’t sound me cheesy at all…It was just such a crisp contour to start with…I thought!

I was happy to grab that gorgeous greeting-card.
And fetched bunch of orange lily was just the right combo to serve the purpose.

Reached the café, still had enough time to relax, grasp back my breath and recollect my thoughts.
I looked subtle and calm with my thoughts looking at the greeting-card again and again. Soon, I took out my pen to write my name.

Perhaps, when everything was alright and owing the moment, I could not resist writing in my tiny curvy kid like handwriting below the inscribed lines saying that,

“I always wanted to THANK YOU for effort you had put in creating the beautiful hand-made greeting card, that you gave me on my college farewell for wishing me good-luck for which it have really worked so well for me…I shall preserve that card glitter, the dazzle thoughts, those sparkling sweet memories and shall always care the bond we have shared together!
Just so you know! Thinking about you and wish you blissful-beautiful life ahead!” and with my small name under it at the corner.

Okay, it took me seven long years which are really long than longer and further took nearly two hours more to pen-down, that I was not sure until I confessed thyself that...
“..be hooked its harmless,
it will only grant us gratitude,
happiness in hush and
strength at hard times,
for there is someone who really cares
and swear to share evermore generously
and even more genuinely!”

I don’t know if I was making a right kind of decision, yet I know my choice now had more pros than cons!
_It was not about doing right things but about doing things right.
And that was enough to enlighten myself and delighting for HER well-being!
Yes! I still consider and care for her.
Cause’ she still means a world to me.
And so created this conclusion for her concerned choices of life she made to celebrate her Life and OUR Bond.

I counted confidently one to seven for each of year missing.
With a glittering greeting-card and bright bunch of orange lily on the side of the table, I left, leaving a message with the restaurant Manager, to convey her at her arrival.

left recollecting good times together to a beautiful turn...with colors of card and scent of flora!!

Though I left,
I was all packed and profound with the magnificent memories trail renewal which was lost in the busy sheer life in seven long years. I knew my guitar was missing the tunes, I created. I shall still close my eyes evoked listening sweet chimes of her. I shall remember, recollect and cherish those careless days of college forever…!

Recollection of Best MomentsIt started raining again hard....Ahh...let it rain...Just let it...Let Go...
I made a biggest mistake by never telling her what I felt yet only then I apprehend amazing life blessed me that I posses the best memories about in whole. Only wish if I could steal a little more time with her...

It was all about the logic I had that serene moment.

Indeed, Life is all about choosing liberally between ones likeness and other’s limitation.

It was not about behaving like a life time looser or fleeting mad lover but conducting yourself as a leader or else life loses its meaning…the bond which we cherished might just lose it entity!
~ I just realised...it was always there at back..supporting the forth..in good faith!

Perhaps, a life lesson, I learnt and discovered it only then after seven years plus two hours plus seven minutes.

~ Sure, still when it rains, in silence around, stirring soul, guitar strings…and stillness again or when her reflection brings sun shine all over my respite…she was still doing something good...still making me a better man...I wished to....

Yes! In a way unconsciously I proved her correct and she will recognize that I was still the same, as I wanted to be what SHE always wanted ME to be...
Spontaneous-Headstrong-focused-warm all at the same time” as she tagged me in ‘weird tag expression’ !!


Hate LoveStory..
I hope you enjoyed the whole series!
Thank you so much for your prompt reply on every post. It really helped me to shape and get the story evolved.
»It is truly difficult to clear the doubts by telling a sort of story plot to someone, without spilling the beans...I did that and want to thanks my very close dear friends who actually influenced me to write something like this which gets butterflies into the stomach. I also want to thank, some other wonderful talenetd souls, specially the contributors, Sameer, Amit and Vijay for letting me use their best art work which actually connected a lot and enhanced the whole post presentation. Last picture of the greeting card is my collection of 'Rachi Creations..' Thank you for being persistent and patient in reading…Thanks again each one of you :))

  • 'Arav' name means 'Calm, peaceful'
  • and 'Srishti' means 'World, Creation'

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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23 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 4

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the
» First Part (Click HERE) and
» Second part (Click HERE) and
» Third Part (Click HERE) before reading ahead...
...We were comfortable and able to converse so freely with so much ease. This gave me truly a sense of satisfaction. I felt as if my assumptions were so true, about her expressions. We got in touch.
We were so happy to share our happy memories together.
Okay, the first thing I noticed and felt that she was a grown up girl...NOW
NO more a shy pose yet a strong minded phase.

She shared with me all her beings, her inspirational list and perhaps a will to have much-admired me throughout the passage of life, when we actually missed to share in the hush of busy days.

_She amazed me saying that she precisely remembered all, the first meet, how shy she used to be, how silly I could be, the chocolates we shared, the tunes on guitar I played, college functions we participated and won too...all and more that I always had a brooch smile fixed in my lips, which she adored the most… :)

Been so many years…yet all those things…I felt, I was missing you like crazy…though moving on...Damn those engaging memoirs!!

As she was talking more about her, I could hear tranquility sway of the wind-chime tickling sweet sound which must be hanging in her room. Yes! That was she, a spirit of sweet little things, making each day delight.

Yet, she continued saying more and more to every nodding hum, Yes!! Yes!

_Yeah..I’m a pretty good listener only for her..

Huh! Aspiration story, Career Graph…missing moment and Relationship status…
What…she is in a steady Relationship! This came with a set back…and was really…really hard to swallow the truth.

Perhaps, I heard rightly and correctly…she is in a happy steady relationship!

~ She asked me to meet!
I could not say no. I could never say no to her ever perhaps!

Astonishing, I agreed to meet her! Kindly stupid of me!
I soon take in myself head over heels so keen with this girl…sure a topsy-turvy of life!

Fine! Tomorrow Sunday morning we will brunch together at Coffee shop, at ten past eleven!!
Over and out confirmed!

Out of the window, I kept staring the silver clouds in search of moonlight.
This whole night was the longest night of my entire life I guess.
People tell lies that the Rome was not made in a day!! I exclaimed silently.
One day, one night, one call just changed everything in my life.

~ More the silent and there was more the echo of thoughts.
I was so happy to talk with her. I wanted her to speak with me forever like this.
Yet, despite everything so clear to me, I could not understand even a bit. Or should I say, I never wanted to. I was only willing to see her, meet her and wished talk with her more.
_That was my vow in a phase of woe.
Never thought life will show so many shades of emotions at a single blink of an eye.

+ It rained heavily last night.
There was a cold damp fall over the streets. Cool breeze made the morning so different yet striking.
I wondered if yesterday was a dream and I just woken up. Perhaps, dream is not what you see in sleep, it is something that does not let you sleep whole night.

I got geared up and reached the Café before time.
Indeed for her I always reached before time, even when I was in college and even today when I’m waiting for her. Wonder, how I got late to actually exemplify my emotions for her.

I reached Café too early, booked my table, waited for couple of minutes and then thought to have little walk, for I still need to figure out all the things.

Bacause, I did not sleep last night and all the puzzling varied questions of being a loser encircled me, prevented me to think anything insightful. I was all drained and exhausted, felt so week and perhaps lost. My intuition, intense feelings and interest were juggling to find a answer… ‘Why ME..?’

I walked off the cafe, kindly to find some serenity and perhaps, I wished to hide my tears from the people around. I wanted some 'Me Time', so went out near the city-park, far from the capital chaos and sat silently on a concrete bench. The place was calm and the aura comforted me a bit and also helped me to compose my thoughts. Moments after that call were like a cool breeze bringing a big unexpected storm with a sudden surge of water.

“All is going to be well”, I mumbled fooling myself.

"Yeah all is going to be well at the end or else it’s not an end..",I did like believing this!
I spent more minutes in the park and latter enthused back to the city café road...rattling with foot tiny stones of the street!!

And there at the corner street I found a florist shop.
A sweet fragrance of charming flowers just drew me there. I looked at those colorful flowers devotedly and got more optimistic.
It sure cheered my confidence.
_I wondered that I still had a chance to make a difference.
There were so many calculations going on in my head. I need and I could solve this puzzle of my life too. _Yes! I can uncomplicated this situation.
Felt as if this is a day when my management degree is helping me to take right decisions and adopt the correct path of my life.

On the other hand, it was hard to resist the charm of beautiful flowers which brought a complete different prospect to me. I bought a bunch of orange lily which holds a good attention grabbing allure and smell sweet.

Those were like her, bright, shinning and perhaps to wish her joyous life…and further build up my firm steps towards the café to see her…meet her…

...TO BE CONTINUED...PART-5 ~ CLICK here to read
.... this is a final VERDICT!
~Keep your fingers crossed! And sure share your thoughts till now..over all...anything in particular you liked or disliked...

Above picture is contributed by awesome friend and Photographer by passion, Vijay! Thanks Buddy!!
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22 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 3

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the
» First Part (Click HERE) and
» Second part (Click HERE) before reading ahead..

..It took me 30seconds to realize plus 20seconds to come back to the reality and I soon rushed behind her...

But before I could hold my emotions to pour, I wanted to hold them for essence with some stimulating sense. I wished to go through the flow and not just gush around, hence went back to my class. Though the uproar of eager sweet emotions was forcing me to see her, meet her and perhaps share two sugary words.

At least she should know that I existed and cared.

Ah! The philosophy, no dear, we need to talk to break the ice. Wasn’t that a ragging for the junior I thought?
Whatever it could be would be…but nothing was more important than to talk with her, I guess.

After all, it was a blissful beautiful blunder/blend of juniors and seniors bond!

I quickly went again near the class with other classmate of her class. I sent a message to her that I need to meet her, now of coarse! She came instantly. She took a little time to catch her breath looking at her senior alas that was me…

“Hi, what’s your name?” I asked very politely making sure that I don’t scare her with my harsh tone.
And as she replied, I felt some tiny sweet tinkle bells ringing in my ears.
Remarkable was the moment for me and out of the excitement, I almost missed to hear her name.
 “Sorry, Can you repeat your name?” I said softly again.

And as she was about to say, I was asked to come back in the class for it was about to commence.
Sheer luck, I must say…

I did hear people saying, “She was different”
I thought, “She was Unique”
When people said, “She does not fit to the group”
I thought, “She Outstandingly outshine.
And when people said, “She did not mingle at all with ease”
I thought, “She had a mass appeal”

Sheer luck does have a larger hook.
It took a longer than a long while to be kind-of-friends with her, that too through our common friend connection. Perhaps, being a friend never made her feel so frank and free.
I thought she was introvert in nature, but improved way to say that she took her own endless time to be comfortable, keeping us on toes counting hard.
She was fearless, I knew though she never shared her deep feelings and we had no clue.

We laughed, we blinked, but we never got cling.
I care, I share and we connect,
We team up awesome but we were never twosome!

She was ‘Srishti’, a ‘little world’ of desire in me.
With my read up of my sun-sign everyday, I read her sun-sign too almost every day past one year!
I sometimes even tried gifting her chocolates. Every time she denied saying, “I don’t like sweets!”
Of coarse, why will she like sweets when she, herself is a sugary sweetened sinuous soul!
But then she never said no when I shared my bit of chocolate with her!

Sweet Moments
Perhaps, in a way I did all those little things just to steel her heart!! And there she with her stunning smile back to my something silly act made me feel like I succeed the half-race for my beautiful soul!

With an ‘ally tag’ we moved on our respective life.

On my farewell, she gave me a beautiful hand-made greeting written,
“Friend’s Forever and we shall care this bond”
with a ‘weird tag expression’ that she finds me
“Spontaneous-Headstrong-focused-warm, all at the same time”!
"Never change!" with a forever sweet smile she said.

We both knew we were not definitely exact term friends, for we never could share our secrets or share our hidden truths.
I could never hug her like I did with my close pals and I always wanted to.
I was always too formal; never to hurt her feelings for I knew she was too sensitive and delicate though portray herself as an ultra smart chic.
I never asked her and she never said…few relationships have no name yet people claim to be forever friends!! Indeed what an irony!!

Yes.. it is the strange strong realization after seven long years...like a destiny appeals, I need to call and say all what I really felt and I still feel.

+ I picked up the phone and instantly made a call without more of second thoughts and hurdles of hesitations.

The phone rang…and as it rang…I felt I was getting blank.

Suddenly some girl picked the phone. I was trying hard to recognize the voice. Was trying to hear those tinkle bells.
“Hello!” She said.
“Hello…May I speak to ‘Srishti’!” I said holding my breath.
“Yes! Speaking! May I know who’s on the other end…?” She said very confidently yet politely.

Wow my heart cheered…my world sprung ...I heard her voice after so many years…it has changed a bit over the years…but it still sounds sweet!

“Hi, it’s Arav…do you remember me…?” I asked her being a bit apprehensive.

“Oh…My Gosh! Arav…really! Aren’t seen or heard from you for so many years…where were you..?” She said in excitement and excellent tone.

Woo-Hoo! She remembers me and recognizes me instantly…

It didn’t feel like we missed so many years in between not been in touch....
...TO BE CONTINUED _Part FOUR...CLICK here to read

The picture is shared by aka photographer, Amit! Thanks Buddy!!
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Just so you know - Love Story 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
Kindly read the First Part before reading ahead.. To Read Click Here
...As I reached college, kept my stuff in the class rushed to the office area to see newspaper. I was no person into headlines or popper to page3 fascinations, but reading the sun sign forecast interests me a lot. Even if something wrong is written it does not upsets me. Though I don’t believe in it completely but I like to read it as a presumption that my day shall be great. So what I’m a guy, I like reading it everyday.

Daily Sun Sign Forecast:
“You are a magnet of attraction today. Make a right impression in meetings. Instead of rushing into things wait till emotions have cooled to clear the air. Find new positive changes around you today.”

The reading of forecast today brought a smile on my face.

Class is about to start, almost all the students have arrived including teachers and other staff.

~ “Excuse me, where is Ist year class?” a soft voice like chanting in ears!

I turned around to see and perhaps thought to reply too. But she was gone.
She was asking some directions in the corridors and I got only glimpse of her unruffled satin scarf. I was so much dumb-stuck to still realize or even think of going behind to see her face.
This was the moment of the day!
Still my sunshine day!!

My class was about to ensue, and my classmates rushed and dragged me into the class-room.
As my first class continues this very new day, I realize and remembered the forecast line, “…Find new positive changes around you today...”

I over-heard my class-mates talking some arrival of new girl the college. I was pretty sure it was “She”, whom they were referring to.

Visualizing Her
I made my imaginative sketches to try visualizing the face of her. The suddenly a thought counter part comes, what if she is not that beautiful or wonderful….Ahhh wonderful was her voice perhaps!

I was getting so curious to know more about her…and above all wished to see her at ones….errrr..the soul-urge!

The class got over and I was standing on my feet, robotically moving towards her class, “Ist Year”. I reached that class room door and my eyes were searching her…undaunted and focused for something unknown, yet a mysterious beautiful girl.
Strange I still see all the students who joined a week ago and none was a new face so captivating.

“Then what was that, what I heard in the morning” I wondered!
I turned around in disappointment and my frustration was in vain.
_There she is, kind of scared, moderately shy, twinkling eyes, lips partly opened, few locks brushing her cheeks…so much of details.
Out of the ordinary, I could notice all that and more in just one flash moment!
Perhaps, not just an ordinary glimpse, I must say!

“She is so mesmerizing…o dear Lord!” I muttered in my mind!

How come among so many, there is only one who captures the heart!
Touch the soul-string without even saying a single word.

“Excuse me!” She graciously said.
And I without a second thought and humbly not to hurt her, stepped back leaning the wall, allowing her to pass.

_It felt as if she passed leaving an everlastingly score in my heart.
I wanted to talk a word with her, but “Make a right impression in meetings. Instead of rushing into things wait till emotions have cooled to clear the air.” forecast line number two reverberated in my mind.

I took a long breath of consciousness repeating in self, “I found her and I would not mess this moment”.

Perhaps, the “clear chant voice and keen innocent looks kept me awake whole night.”
I want to know her more; more of her will reveal more of me”, I supposed.

+ Next morning was a routine day though after slight showers, latter followed a beautiful rainbow.
I was well dressed. Got fixed my best brooch smile flash on my face and moved towards the destination, my dear college. Perhaps in a way it was first time when I did not miss my home. I felt fortunate to have hanged around this place in emerald green valley.
Everything was so beautiful right then.
I felt rejuvenated and felt so purposeful, though not having an exact or specific game plan for day or life.
Perhaps, a repetitive hymn of her in my mind kept me captivated and driving high with a hidden desire.

I reached college early than anyone and than ever I have ever in past two years arrived so early to the college.

And as punctuality marks her way, she too was before time, swift and sound walking. As she surpasses me standing at the entrance hall of the college building, surprisingly she gave a quick tiny glance over me.
I jumped in my heart in cheer to have acknowledged.
Nothing could have been better to start a new nice day.

It took me 30seconds to realize plus 20seconds to come back to the reality and I soon rushed behind her...
TO BE CONTINUED....Click here to READ part 3.....
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21 July, 2010

Just so you know - Love Story 1

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!
It is a fine-looking morning. I looked out my window and smelled mist in air. It looked slight hazy fogy yet a beautiful weekend begins. I rumple down the bed-sheet with my feet and make a tea. A busy hectic life has draped all my aspirations and passions. I don’t remember when the last time I actually enjoyed being myself while playing the guitar strings. Moreover staying in apartment, the life gets tangled badly when you are not connected with anyone absolutely. Though a beautiful panoramic view from 7th floor, most of the time it feels alone in the heaps.

As I was sipping tea and going the newspaper, I got a call. It was from my very old close friend of college.

“Gud Morning Bro, Wake Up…What’s up huh..! Howz life…job..you don’t keep in touch at all, forgot all of us completely” he said in one breath quite ardently.
“Job is cool, nothing like forgetting…just bit busy...how about you, are you still in London with Grafteeii Co.?” I asked in a sequence.
“I moved India permanently past three months…kinda was gettin home-sick there..” He said.
He sounded happy coming back, I guessed!
“Hey guess what…I got in touch with all almost all our old buddies of college” He said.
“That’s really great! Wish to meet you all…may be some day like a small get-together…” I said like truly missing my buddies.
“And remember the girl, ‘Srishti’…few days back I meet her co-incidentally, she is back in town. Her office is in the same building as mine”, He said enthusiastically.

My heart pounded badly for couple of seconds and without much ado, he gave me her phone number saying, “It was great talking to her, call her some time, she would love to hear from you”.
We continued a little more lost-buddy talk and then with a see you around sometime, hung up the call.

I sat quietly for sometime to bring my blood-rush to normal. Her name continued rousing in my ears. I got my tea-cup in my hand and sipped few more, only to realize it latter, she was still there in my back of head, still a soft-corner existed for her-being, still after so many years passed I realize, ‘I’m still so much hooked to her’.

I suddenly thought to reroute my might and call her. I was all in spontaneity and in destiny I guess. I didn’t even asked anyone for so many years but all of a sudden today life showed me the path.
I picked up my phone and dialed her number…and before I could complete the dialing and hear her soft voice, I heard my own inner voice aloud.
I instantly canceled the call…heard my heart thumping so badly!

~ Mix of emotions rushing. _I was happy; I was excited, more than enthusiastic and strange ticking pleasure in everything. I looked every hook and corner of the room, to get back to focus but nothing helped.
~ I looked at her phone number written in the newspaper and my eyes got glued there. I realized that I was focused now only on one thing that was my heart hooked to her still. Ones again I tried holding the moment, hold firm the scattered random thoughts.

There was a sudden flash-back of so many tiny but sweet memories, preserved so safely in my mind for so many years.

Sameer (c) Morning
+ I could still remember so clearly that day.
How beautiful was that sunny morning, after a slight drizzle at dawn.
I smelled cool earthy fresh air coming right from the green valley. Birds chirping and butterfly were fluttering down my window. Well not everyday is as beautiful as it is today. Normally it rains everyday in the morning creating a streets chaos. And perhaps every person just like me longs for crisp sunshine. So today is special for I see few orange-golden sun rays clinging my window curtains. Today is my sunshine moment.
I rumple down the bed-sheet with my feet and rush to get ready.

Opps! I forgot my tie and my pen. I soon rushed back to my room and got them.
“Hope, I’m not too late…doesn’t find anyone on the road going” I murmured.
I looked my watch again and suddenly realized that in a hurry I saw the time wrong, so I’m not at all that late. Soon I saw other college mates passing by.

As I reached college, kept my stuff in the class rushed to the office area to see the newspaper.....
The above picture is © of Sameer :)) Thanks for sharing the picture!
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19 July, 2010

My first Interview as a Blogger

My First InterviewMy "First Inerview" published on 17th July,2010 in this site, WeBlog! I bow to you all individually for unconditional love and support. Click here to read the info of the

 » Apprication is beyond Acceptance. Glad you have supported me for 'Being me-Being More of ME'..

Q: When and why did you start blogging?

I still remember the day when I first logged into the world of blogs through the Google into blogger. I was studying MBA and my final year going on. Break from the busy life, one day simply provoked me to write into the blog titling it as Humming Today. And ever since then Humming Today has been my first blog. An account which was created on 24th March,2007.
~ I am here only “to serve, to explore, inspire and aspire....and maintain the spark and spirit of the soul”.

Q: What topics do you generally blog about?

I write only what I truly believe in. Perhaps, my blog, Humming Today, is just like me….mix of all!

~ I have my posts are amalgamation thoughts and creativity. Starting from the social issues awareness, 55fictions, poems, inspirations write-ups, recipes, travelogue, creativity, art, capturing and promoting the talent of my friends_ in terms of painting, photography, fascinating stories on people, woman, personal experience, and others random thoughts. Just whole of life to Celebrate!

Q: Do you ever get stuck when writing an entry? What do you do then?

I’m very spontaneous while writing. A lot I write what I believe in. So my thoughts are always clear and very sure of the ideas and topic. Not exactly getting stuck…but I like taking tiny breaks while writing. It gives me a space and time to rethink over the topic to enrich the presentation.

~ Perhaps, I need a constant inspiration. So I hear lots of music, swing a bit…and simultaneously I mostly scroll into picture gallery of my friends or my own album to see colors and true emotions preserved. Being an artist by nature helps me a lot; I make drawings which reflect and express the best of my moments and thoughts in, Rachi Creations..

Link1: http://www.freewebs.com/rachanashakyawar/
Link2 : http://www.freewebs.com/rachicreations/

The colors and creativity influence me a lot while writing!

Q: How important is it for the blogger to interact with their readers? Do you respond to all the comments that you receive?

Of coarse constructive comments are very vital for right feedback. It encourages a lot to improve. Indeed, compliments are marvel to read most of the time. I try to respond back to almost all the comments I get.

~ I do interact a lot, while today is a world of technology and there is friend's connect gadget of blogger, facebook-twitter which also helps a lot to exchange links and get in touch directly with the people and their perceptions.

Q: You have an odd mix of emotions and practicality, perfections and common sense. Share with us an instance where you had to implement all of these.

~ I implement and apply all the mix of emotions in my life and my Blog which is not different from my life.

I tend to see things always differently and creatively. I’m highly empathetic and sensitive towards different segments and issues prevailing in society. Though, when it comes to take decision, I act exceedingly strong when needed to sustain. I’m very much practical with a twist and touch of creativity in the whole thought process. You can see this same aspect when I write my posts on spreading awareness on real issues like Breast cancer, Aids, Domestic Violence, Eve-Teasing and so on.

Well it is the perfection in the simple words that inspire me to achieve my goals. It craves to urge me to create better every time to anything I do, either painting, cooking, writing or any activity. Being a vastly observant and vigilant by behavior, common-sense comes naturally. Or call it I do have brains where it should be and not in knees! ;)

Q: "Humming Today" .. The name doesn't explain a lot, tell us is there any particular reason behind this name?

As I have said this before that I write only what I believe in completely. My blog, “Humming Today” is all about what “today” is “humming into my mind” and which keep stirring the soul. Just like “Humming” little melody for whole day. Though, “humming” word is picked from humming bird, which highly fascinates me for its colors, shape and more over the skill of, to fly backwards, which is believed quite unconventional and are the only birds able to do so.

~ In short, “Unconventional in the Willful way” is all about “Humming Today”.

Q: Blogging helped you grow as a person and a writer?

Absolutely! When we write what we believe in, in certain way we get surer of our own personal prospective regarding a blend of diverse elements of the issue. While writing, I got identified myself better. And until we don’t understand self in first place, how can we expect to respect and value other’s emotions. So definitely it has helped me a lot. Moreover, the best part was when I came across some of the best people and talented souls, whose thoughts, views; praise, appraise all influenced me to be better person in all.

And as far as writing is concern, I have always enjoyed and been passionate for writing. Though, I don’t regard myself as a writer, I might be a creator or artist! I create my each post art with colors, passion, creativity, feeling, rhythm, style and lots of dreams and hopes and lot more.

~ Blogging have definitely helped me to get back to basics of literature, artistic instincts and stimulating senses.

Q: 'Women empowerment' - Since you are a writer and a deep thinker, we want to know your views on this.

For me “Woman Empowerment” stretches from major issues to some very tiny details. It’s more and beyond gender-equality, decision making, or choice to create personal like or dislike list or promoting the role of women in society.

~ I look forward to unbiased access and sharing of resources like property, credit etc and backing for being entrepreneur. A genuine care for the sanitation, right nutrition and other health related issues in all the phases of age. Perhaps, absolutely not ignoring or forcing to do something just for the sake of tradition, cultural, society pressure or sheer superstition.

~ A proper frame work has to be broadened to view the multi-dimensional aspects regarding HER well-being, physically, financially, emotionally, politically, socially without disregard of the basic daily routine acts of compassion where we find single mothers, divorced woman, harrased teenage girls, conflict behind closed doors, selling them like cattle, cheating and cursing with disease and perhaps not cheering for the girl child birth.

~ It's no about giving liberty to woman...but treating her just like any individual liberally!

~ I’m so proud and blessed single child of my parents; I completely support girl-child education as the first major step to enrich the woman-empowerment!

Q: Any negative experiences of blogging or socializing?

Blogging is a beautiful platform to share your story, your views, and your perceptions directly with people regardless to any boundaries. Having said that all, one needs to respect others views too. Sometimes, we get so much carried away in words and grammar that often forget to appreciate the true essence of the article and value author’s efforts.

~ Another thing is one should always give courtesy credit note for the pictures attached with the post. I add lots of pictures which belong to my friends; despite that I don’t take their art and creations for granted. I always make sure to formally ask for the permission prior adding them to my posts, and latter giving the concern credits. Creativity must be cared by the kind of copyright.

Q: Your five favorite bloggers?

Now you are completely picking on me :))

I follow many fabulous blogs of different shades and emotions. From spiritual, social, personal, management oriented to food recipes and travel blogs. You can get the whole list of it from my blogroll and other links from my blog-page segment. Kindly refer them please..!

Q: You maintain two blogs, you cook well, you have a management degree, a hotel management degree .. is there anything else left for you to do?

:)) There is a lot…I must say! For me 24 hours are so less. I believe in Lifelong Learning.

See, I think degrees or any education are vital and hold up you in the better life-style and healthier decision making.

~ I want to give my best in sharing and serving by my every word, my every imagination, creation, story and idea that comes into my mind.

~ I wish, my friends, my blogger bonds to preserve their passion that gives purpose to life. Hence, by backing and promoting an individual solitude talent in terms of enriching and enhancing the creativity. I perform my bit at my best in “Live in passion-Live Your Passion”!

~ I want to be the best cheerleader for creativity in the contest of life!

Q: Tips to new bloggers/writers.

Create niche of your own. Try to be singular in this plural world for God created you unique!

~ Write is to write is to write…Be consistent. Participate actively in varied contest and you don’t get in the top list…don’t get disheartened. Keep dreaming and thinking a lot and let each word be shared with passion. Write for yourself, if you enjoy what you are writing, others will sure reciprocate positively. You don’t need a real celebration to actually celebrate life, so capture the life in words and cherish forever. It’s just one life so care and Celebrate Life!

Q: Anything you would love to share with the readers?

I owe my every bit of success touch to my blogger bonds, adorable friends, teachers and gracious parents completely. On the whole, I heartily want to thank Gopinath Sir, Chowla Sir, Lena, Pria, Mahesh, Mitul, Amity, Amit and Hubby for constant and unconditional brace in strengthening the self-esteem.

~ Truely enjoyed this session for this is my first any such interview, I’m really excited, honored and feel so much blessed! I want to thank We-Blog team, and wish good luck for your wonderful efforts made to bloom the blogging world bring talented people closure and brilliant creativity together!

+ Luv yeah always..
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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13 July, 2010

Drenched in Rain

By the beginning of the month July, the city has got the shower of the monsoon-blues. Highly thick dark clouds, mist and fog, dribble drizzles and absolute unplanned moody sudden outpour.

I’m longing for some sun-shine past some days. However, the humidity and essence earthy smell of the grass, captures and enclaves the emotions every time when it sprays.

I stand by my open window facing some sprinkling drizzles of rain-drops with the cool breeze enveloping me. Though, I’m fully aware of the chaos of the street during rain, yet nothing, just nothing hampers or diverts my concentration to think about the endearing moments.

Yes! In a way I’m still so much hooked with this short and sweet series of moments and memories of the monsoon. The interesting part is it’s not at all about cozy romantic instances. Yet, I cannot resist the thoughts and shivers I get thinking about him.

That day too it was raining! Indeed raining so heavily.
He came running from the rain half drenched and panting heavily. I was absolutely not sure if he or anybody shall come. But among all others he was the first one arriving.

Drenched in Rain
Drenched in rain @ Sameer
Click on the picture to see the enlarged view

As he came, my mom soon gave him a towel to dry his hair. Then a soup was given to keep him warm. But he chooses cold drink despite of shivering. I was glancing at him far from the other room, though he had no idea that he was being observed. And as I came, it was like the right time, right motion, right mood, right dress…absolutely all was right by the rite of the flash. He looked at me, and I knew, I was looking stunning this day. Slowly, I saw others too arriving muddied and disheveled due to rain. Sure looking through the swarm it looked like a quite good grand get-together.

We all had lots of fun together. The round of cold-drinks and followed by the snacks passed. Fine dinner and sweet smell of cake, just everything was so apt. Subsequently, one of my friends asked me to come to other room. She said it was quite important and need to discuss.
“There are so many guests, will talk to you latter”, I said ignoring the matter.
She again insisted and all of a sudden dragged me to the other room.
“What’s so important…?” I irritably questioned.
“Look yesterday by mistake I told him everything, I’m so sorry” she said

The moment I heard this, it felt as if the ground got shifted from my feet. I could not believe it; my best friend could do so. I trusted her so much.

We came back in the party crowd. It felt as if all the eyes were following me. The feeling was really bad and inexplicable. Though I didn’t feel like a convict culprit. Until, I went to serve him a glass of water, he looked at me so keenly and deep into my eyes and said softly, “I know everything now; I didn’t expect this from you.” The fleeting moment got trapped with the heart-beat skip and hound.

I wondered if the things were so good that he least expected from me or the things were so bad that he didn’t expect this from me. The statement was contradicting and beyond my generous age to comprehend. But one thing was sure that though everything was right according to rite, it followed the heavy rain and things got so confusing right then. I needed time to bloom into the cherish moments.

I was then so shocked with the response. Perhaps, I don’t blame him for the words he said. Yet, just curse myself for the fault I had in preserving the secret which slipped. Being around the crowd, I could not say anything to his words. I just kept my smile intact, yet avoiding the eye contact. What else I had any option left then to smile.

Smile at my innocence! Smile at my foolishness!

The party got over. Everyone including him left my room one by one. It was a God grace, the rain had stop for some time and for some thing. I waved everyone ‘bye’!
I came back into my little room. My bright little room full of pictures, posters, cards, dolls and toys. I sat on the corner of my bed and gave a glance to the precise place where he was sitting, smiled again for no reasons.

Thunder storm and sudden outpour happened inside and outside. It again started raining heavily outside and I cried here sitting inside the room. I quickly rushed to lock the door to skip showing my tears to anyone. My tears were only for me. I looked myself in the mirror, red nose, watering eyes, faint face, all glow in vain. This wasn’t me.

Conflicting minds views, unreasoning emotions, outpour, irritating and jolt thoughts all at the same time divergence with me. This was a new feeling. Something I have never experienced before. This was sure different, the way I gave attention to self… and my altered thoughts. This is not what I deserve especially this very day. My 13th Birthday, perhaps my first teen’s year!

To every thunder, it hurts,
To every raindrop, I felt!
I still feel the same, when it rains. Still when, it is raining today, I feel like yesterday. Though, today I’m nineteen, perhaps my last teen’s year....

I got chocked my throat with sudden stirring emotions. I took a long breath, closed my eyes in pain, and I could feel the same and perhaps that rain. This is me, “Ruhaan” and not 'she', for I’m reading a letter which I got on my 25th birthday, a letter which looks quite old, bit torn and have no connecting-dots. Perhaps, no trace-back marks found. She moved to the other city after her 13th Birthday without leaving any contacts or hint. And today all of a sudden with the rain still falling outside drenching and dripping through the pine leaves; I reach out for her heart through this clueless-letter. I too got drenched in the rain with no concrete answers or no constructive question, some things unsaid and many unfinished lines, left at the end...!
~ Perhaps, wish if this means, ongoing or in progress!

  • Hope you like this post...do revert back with your views in the sweet comment:)
  • Thanks so much Sameer for letting me use this picture. Which is just so beautiful and apt for this post! You are truely talented and should keep up with you passion :))
  • ~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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09 July, 2010

a blissful blunder - juniors and seniors bond

Few days back...I got in touch with one of my senior of college on one of the friendship-site. We instantly got our name into each other friend’s list. Not surprisingly, “we did not interact with each other for some unknown reason.”

Well if we dissect the reason…then I would say there are many rationale interlinked.
On the ground,
  • Firstly…We got nothing to share…
  • Secondly... we don’t have anything in common except the same name of the college
  • Thirdly... we never shared a healthy bond during college days..
  • Forth… it’s been really long gap, so we don’t know how to start
  • And Fifth it hardly matter if talk or don’t talk…after all for the above reasons…(in a healthy way)!
There was an instant co-incidental exchange of friendly words and suddenly we behaved as if we knew each-other so well! It wasn’t bad after all…to interact and share views! I sure respect that moment and wish more better and blissful moments ahead together in future.

Okay I guess…I expected a lot and planned unnecessarily a lot for future…when I almost ignored what could happen tomorrow.

The next day, I did a blunder!
Yep! This is what I call it and you like to hear it …( A blunder..I shall let you know below)

I have this strange tendency…
It’s like,Neither hiding nor holding back…yet to see the picture in whole

~ In simple terms like if you think, we can be friends…think again! Because I shall accept you completely like you are, and would like you to accept me as I’m

Basically, Mutually respecting each other for as a person, as for the opinions, thoughts and so on…
+ Even accepting with the differences is uber cool, I say!!

Okay now the blunder,
I made was…forwarding on of the link of my post on views on ragging to my seniors of college! BOOMMM!

LINK: Ragging - Myths that menace

Though the post was not directly referring in person…but some day when I wrote that post,  I sure planned it in my heart that one day I shall share my same vital views with the one (I'm refering to all my seniors of both colleges) whom I have been referring to in the post. Glad, the day has come…despite the fact I might just ruin the bond which we just made couple of days before!

But then what a bond if not that strong enough to accept the strong opinions, even if it mean other way round you! I’m free to criticism as always! For the opposite force always make me much stronger and sharper…yes! And, if this is a sheer perception…I like to believe into it!! And yes! If I’m wrong convince me – correct me.

Okay back to the blunder!
Somehow…at certain point I had predicted the outcome or let’s call it outburst of the response, long back and this was no surprise for me to see how and what my seniors responded to. I got a whole long list of mails and few comment in the post…

Yes…It was a tiring night yesterday!
  • Some getting angry with me…
  • Some truly upset for what happened…
  • Some just blaming me for the cause!
  • Some being too neutral and blaming the circumstances of the era!
  • And some being too kind enough and appreciating the skills of words in words! Smart guys!!

What an era….error _I say!

Finally at least they read it!
I was not talking behind their back…it was the truth and they faced it too!
It is a confession:

"...Not everything was that bad…yet not everything was so good!
Perhaps, life moves on better…not holding back but by backing each other!

The emotions are so composed right there…
I have unloved them for few reasons…but also loved them for so many reasons…many moments I still cherish....perhaps they don’t know and I never express! It’s a hollow-gap between us! (though there was an interaction, introduction, breaking-of-ice...and alll that and more...STILL a stand still) ..."

Trust me I got no harsh hurt feeling right now for anyone or for the seniors…!
~ Except that they feel a bit hurt to the strong opinion of mine as always!
+ Wished if you could get the essence of the felling better that, that post is not written to make them feel embarrassed or hurt or to take revenge or prove you completely wrong…it is an experience based on sheer my personal feelings and I’m alone accountable for my incidents of life…good or bad! Though I have referred to few who have influenced those moments!!

+ And I still vouch each and every word written…despite the fact, “It equally hurts here too”

Okay not getting too emotional…let’s get concrete…to the point…

Perhaps…no harsh feelings, no issues TODAY!
With all my heart I wish you all the best of your days and greatest heights in everything you are passionate about in life!
With due whole respect kindly get the facts clear,
..if by making people act silly and funny and you laughing at the top over it…can think that it will break the ice… _No one will stand it, not even you  will like that act or moment…juniors are no exception!

I just wonder…if you had not done so….
~ We could have been bestest buddies because the fact is… since,WE SURE HAVE a LOT TO SHARE!

“...To be friendlier, we need not be witty-funny …just a sincere friend’s pat is enough to break ice…and warm friend’s hand to say 'hi' is enough to stretch the friendship line!
+ Perhaps, then there would not have been the relationship of juniors-seniors existing!

Any long-lasting healthy rapport need a budding time!
Over the night nothing changes…!

Perhaps now...it has been more than night to bring in the constructive-optimistic change..!!

Still it’s never too late… to be friends…
We can still be friends…only IF you think and positively are persisting…

Indeed, what a blissful BLUNDER oppss…!!!

My dear friend, what I meant is…
....A blissful beautiful BLEND of juniors and seniors bond!

~ Juniors-Seniors Bond ( Identify me with my juniors) ~
Click on pic to see the Enlarge View

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05 July, 2010

Spontaneous Spark

  • _Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech.
  • The word prose comes from the Latin prosa, meaning straightforward.
  • Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of ideas.
  • Prose generally lacks the formal structure of meter or rhyme that is often found in poetry.
  • + Note: Below the prose is in exactly 500 words!

Wonderful yet weird are practice of planning.
Array scheduling setting up steps
Even tiny niceties inked.
And here it comes with as a curve
A little change into the chart
Making my head swap spin and sway.

Apart from the vacation break I will be having..
I took a break before that…dot right Now
gave me a shriek in silence!
Took deep breaths within this distinct break...
Wondered what made me so startled...
Was it change or choice implores?
Am’ I on the edge?
Has this a probability to lose toss?
Is this the last chance to crack?
Or is this only thing to rack?

The answer is,
“I” at times perform like a worry-wart.
This is not a realization but a confession caught
I…Worry pointlessly, gratuitously...so much
And sometimes feel, lost!
Do you think it’s funny? Huh..
O dear! These freaking out in outcry!

Bundle of Spindles
Interruption capricious streak..
Bang…I lose sleep on little things…
And wake up in swollen red eyes!

Impossible seems to conclude the anxiety…
A little but a change
Actually changed a whole set!
Little was never little,
It was simple, insignificant and tiny
It was a just slight twist..
And a bit more than as intricate as it could be!
Certainly, a simple plan…complicated the life partially.

Okay...Now I know
And you must know the same...
“Embrace the uncertainty... ”, everyone claims!
The willingness to hear boos,
Wear my spontaneity shoes!
Dash daring, bow to creativity!

Being creative entail captivating chances and risks;
Risk-taking may or may not be creative artistic skills.
Rising and recognizing the gaps,
Ascertain Outline underlying
Within and without facet;
Creativity is opposite of routine
Be an undaunted spirit!

High Dive and capture chance!!
A universal philosophy reminder!
Enjoy the joy of unplanned quest..
For the divinity holds the destiny
The best for us when we least expect!
Not a chase but pursue pleasure
For solitary moment lasts for merely single split second…
Turning into momentous
So get along the momentum
Resolve to retain relaxed rational reason!

Now I know
I planned stuff
Did things
That I didn't rejoice
And I fall back
Into the same patterns again
And since it is the same old routine!
So now I recognize the reform revolutionize!

fearless walk
Amit (c) Signature Trail_unplanned

I covet to be brave enough
To exercise, to execute
Straight enough…
With both head and heart
Intertwined yet liberated
Challenges acute…
Things finely tuned!

I shall retrace my steps...
Recreate the History..
Mould the moments
Envelop the happenings...
In high spirits instances
Craft a next splendid trail!!

It’s not that muddle-mess
It is the merging-mix
A slight change brings bright colors in
Yellow plus red makes Orange
I like the shades in Orange sheen
And it sure brings an unexpected delightful view.

One life...One moment to cheer on..
I won’t regret on what I didn’t do..
Lose minutes of distraction in regression
I would celebrate moment…what I did
Not impressive planning _ yet
Possessing the paradise
In the counting-moments!
~ Keeping the Spark Alive..

  • Take change of plan as choice to make things happen with a curve…on the lips :)
  • Take a diversion route ahead, Men God at work Ahead!

---» Kindly note, I don’t actually get that lost in little things like the above lines say…but yes I do have an issue with the planning! I still like to get stick or sketch the plan in hand or in head. This helps me to create options to accomplish the best way. Yet, I don’t get despair in stress when strain dam boom and breaks! I cool down and think of alternative to deal in…perhaps sometimes a human mind brings shivers within. Yet! Again note this poem is a fiction…I’m in a whole happy and contented in life churnings!

+ O yes…the things just don’t simple happens in my life…there is always a churn and I care every change coming unplanned for it only multiplies my bliss in confidence!

  • ~ You may like or dislike this style of writing but I desire to leave my trail where there is no path heading…no planning to lead and certainly no way to conclude this mode of the prose!!
  • + Beautiful Picture shared by aka photographer Amit :)) Thanks buddy so so much :)
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03 July, 2010

Hangover Over Love

Note: This post is in exactly 500words, which was written sometime back for one of the contest for "love-Story in 500words". Though this is my very first attempt to write something like this which would give butterflies in to the stomach! Hope you like it! However, I don’t hate love-stories"!

“Ok, wait Keith will drop you, he got a car” Jenny insisted.
“Keith will you please” Jenny looking at Keith. He nodded into “Yes!”
After little hesitation Ria agreed to go with Keith. He went to the parking-lot to get his car.

Meanwhile, Jenny again asked, “Why are you leaving and party just begun…?”
“Yeah! But got some work” Ria continued saying.
Keith was back soon with the car. Like a true gentleman, he opened the door for Ria and assisted her to sit.
She smiled and waved bye to Jenny, with a see you around tomorrow in office.

Not much she said on the way to home. Though Keith had a lot to say and ask but all ended up in null silence.
He perceived Ria’s hair flying over her face. She graciously was continuously trying to tuck hair behind her ears. She looked immensely beautiful each mesmerizing moment. And he never wanted this ride to ever end.

~ Soon Keith broke his silence and said, “Jenny likes you so much, she keeps talking about you all the time.” Amusingly, he wanted to say that “I like you”. But he never got fortitude to assert.
“Uhh..yeah, Jenny is an Amazing friend.” Ria said.
“So when are you leaving for London?” Ria asked after a pause.
“Next week” Keith said.
“If you don’t mind can I ask you something?” Keith said being unsure.
“huh...Are you free this weekend, will you come with me for the coffee before I leave for London…please don’t say No” Keith desperately asked.

Interestingly, they reached her place soon.

“You didn’t reply to my question” He said stopping his car. He looked her and gave a cute smile. She looked surprised.
“Umm..Okay” She said after a little pause.

Soon he cupped her cheeks and leaned in to kiss her.
Her foremost thought that rushed into mind were that this could be their first kiss together.

She was trembling in bliss as she felt the warmth in the breath. It was a halo moment to feel boundless things. She closed her eyes and leaned towards him. His lips felt warm against her forehead. Surprisingly, she did not imagine this. The moment he was done with the soft kiss on her forehead, he whispered, “I really Care for you”.

It was a blink of the eye and a new beginning!

Ria got carried away in the moment. “Such wonderful intimacy wasn’t planned at all”, she thought. She returned the smile of acceptance looking into his deep blue eyes and walked away.

When she reached home all the time she was thinking about that evening. And Keith’s gestures really marked at her hard.

She felt it was like some hangover. And the best part of being in hangover is that everything seems true around, even the imagination looks so perfect.

Apparently, her thoughts hung by his care were unwilling to leave tonight.

....It is just the beginning of sweetest hangover over love.
~ Yet, a kiss just more than a love!

  • ~ The above picture is under the copyright of the owner..kindly respect the desicion and do not copy without permission.
  • The pretty-perfect-poised-picture is of my very dear friend "Shivangi". Thanks so much for generously allowing me to use your pic gurl for this post! :))
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01 July, 2010

Keep the Spark ALive..

Hola friends…
Since a new month _July have started..I got few yet many things to share with you all…and so I thought writing a post for humming today shall serve the purpose...while “These days a lot is humming my way”

Will starts from being Solitude!
~ Me and my few close buddies have together started an effort to enhance and enrich the creativity and support the ship (share) the idea concept (by Mitul) while maintaining the special solitude of an individual. This aspect will support and approach with a mutual creative endeavor.

+ One such example is the blog, “Butter Punch @ Happy Hours”!
A food blog which started (by ME, Nandita and Jaky) just few weeks back. This got definitely a great positive response from everyone, the darling readers like you and from my other close friends. I got in touch with some of my hospitality industry friends who surprised me to show their willingness to contribute the best homemade recipes and there kitchen secretes.
  • Sure with your contribution to this blog makes it complete. It just so amazing amalgamation!
  • You still can mark your name into the contribution list…Simple..Just send in your recipe with a pic!
And vouch my words such awesome creative amalgamations are expected more in future…You will sure enjoy that :)

~ HUMMING BIRD _rachi creations..~

Next, I'm gem-stud!
I never thought one photo shared on facebook shall bring a complete 360 degree turn over in the bond. Yes! I’m pointing towards my childhood school GREMS gems-group which just rejoined the resonated and acceptance between the long lost friends of school which actually contributed in building some more everlasting acquaintance link. This whole thing provoked me to revisit my childhood school memories creating a completely new post on GREMS which was so much awaited. This whole thing makes me so happy instantly. Indeed what a beautiful way of life giving you a sincere uplift!

And then mauja-mauja
aka the photographer Omit/Amit got a Life-Companion! Yep! He got married with an interesting Love-Story interwoven. Though, I could not attend his marriage but sure my loving best wishes are there with the couple.

+ Add your best wishes too:)
For some who are still not aware of Amit_the creative Soul, then you much go through some of my old posts..where I have frequently used his captured pictures as an inspiration for the BEST-post I created.
The examples of the post-link are as follow:

"a little appreciation_a tiny admiration _a mini adoration..brings the best in anyone leading to further acceptance!___I'm no exception!!"__ CHEERS TO U :))

+ Perhaps..."Admiration begins where acquaintance ceases~ Samuel Johnson”
A right kind of push-over and little praise for little things helps anyone…! For sometime I have been so lucky to get the best chance to write the mini fictions which so much ease and sense into it.
+ Jovial thanks to Mahesh!
Someone actually criticized him to be colossal critic but for me his criticism was so constructive and only promoting to enhance the thought process while we evolved! He, thyself is the king of mini-fictions and got the best rhyme of timing, thought and passion into his works. Take a look into his blog’s master-piece 55fiction and 77fictions creations!
And while you are busy reading this post (a drafted one and few more in future) with updates...I shall be enjoying my most wanted monsoon-vacation. A break which I have been looking for so long and sure would not only like to cash on it but also spend lots of hubby’s cash :P With the humming mind and ideas…I have now something to calm done, recollect my spirit, get entirely rejuvenated perhaps…let my hair down and relax.
~ Kyonki ek break toh banta hain naa (coz’ one break sure I deserve..dear!)

And another quite significant for me definitely is an achievement to have created consistently 12+12 posts respectively in the month May and June,2010. hmmm..quite a number for me!

Okay so when we are talking about the number I like you give a quick glance over this post…for ones again countdown have began…Kindly check..

+ Thank you for all your consistent love and affection!
+ Heartily thanks for beings so persistent in reading the posts!!

Luv you all!!
~ Rachana
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
~ Everyone deserves to be Sparkle
and sure deserves some Sparkles in hand too!

Note: Kuch Khas Hai zindgi mein...so kuch meetha ho jaye..
Now that you know that this post is drafted..does'nt mean that you will not leave your SWEET comment :)
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