27 June, 2011

fruit of life - when life gives you lemons

Note: The beautiful picture of lemonade is captured by my friend, 'Vishy Fishy'. Extremely talented and self-learned photographer by passion.
Here is a real post for a very real picture! Hope you like it. I have no idea if I can justify the beauty of the picture in this post...but I know nothing but this picture will do a justice to this post.
Between I want to thank you buddy for letting me your this awesome picture! No wonder it's inspiring to go through any art work captured.
~Feel free to leave a word of appreciation at his gallery of captured pictures. LINK: © Vi-Fi
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

When I saw this picture, it looked do real and instantly I had this feeling to add this in my blog. But I wondered for days or even months what can I write over this. Could there be a love story over lemonade or a fiction of the sizzling soda added in the lemonade?!
Finally came up with this post! No I'm not sharing the recipe of lemonade :P Yet I could not resist this season's great summer thirst-quencher 'Lemonade' made of lemons!

Okay, when life gives you lemons what you do?
In a motivating way it is said make lemonade out of those small citrus fruits.
That is like an old saying, but exactly it means, “If life gives you something sour turn it sweet”. I perceive the notion as trying to make the best of what you're given and still act productively in the tough times. Sure it’s like squeezing the most out of life from the fruit... and try to lighten up the sour pass quickly!

While the whole world is still in a whimsy mood, I wish to add a bit of wit with the prospective what other might just say.
I asked this question to my friends and guess what hilarious and innovative thoughts they produced... *with a background effect of my thoughts over their response*. I have deliberately not mentioned names of the people but I hope they will acknowledge their own lines and savour other's views while reading :)

If life gives you lemons...(fill in the blanks)

  • “I’ll find someone with a bottle of vodka, throw a party, and ask them for goodness sake, invite me!”
    *well fun is today quite a costly affair, I guess*
  • "lemons is full of Vitamin C, good for teeth and bones, so rub the juice of lemon on your teeth...you so need them when you are grinding teeth in angry!"
    *hmm...quite a solution to consider when angry or after effects of anger. Between if you rub them on teeth sure you won't be able to speak evil too :P*
  • “Throw back on the face who gave you lemons...hit them hard”
    *there you go my friend, you so like settling the scores on everything ;) *
  • “Ones you make that lemonade sure drink that too, you need to calm down cool down and stop freaking for little things.”
    *you owe some Vitamin C*
  • “I will squeeze them ... add water, lots of sugar n chaat masala and share the drink with all my friends”
    *such a generous girl...wonder if she will share her chocolate shakes too :P *
  • “Get those lemons with green chillies and hang that in front of my house entrance, office, car, pc...almost everywhere..."
    *security-system, I get it...wonder if it will prevent span on facebook too :P * *Originally, Indian custom to defend from bad-luck*
  • “I don’t want lemons, I want mangoes in summers!”
    *you seem very demanding*
  • "I would probably stare at it for a moment and walk away something like, “I don’t think that lemon is mine”.
    *Well! that was simple..but please do not hand them to others and absolutely not me in any case! :P*
  • “Is my life a fruit-basket..I don’t want lemons!”
    *you know what I’m speechless...it was just a phrase, you see :P *
  • “I’ll cut it, suck it and move on...”
    *perhaps an easy move and laziness seeks you ;)*
  • “I’ll squirt the juice from the peeler of the lemon, into the eyes on one who see me from the undress me eyes..”
    *Well done! I know you are too modest to admit that you are beautiful :D*
  • “Will keep the lemon at the cross-road junction. Let the people stare the tiny fruit as if they are watching some bewitch series. Mean while I can cross road without any hassle and traffic around.”
    *well that was a desi reply I guess*
  • “I’ll sell them, as I need some cash right now..."
    *Wish you earn and become millionaire / Lemonaire ;)*
  • “I’ll see if it can be converted Lemons to Melons...”
    *now that very a creative mind...or just a trick in altering few alphabets here and there ;)*
  • “Will take with some salt and tequila shots!”
    *I will ask to buy me a drink:P*
  • “I will turn lemons into oranges”
    *think you are a magician, I know you absolutely are :))*
  • “Wisdom is making Apple juice out of lemons; let the people stare your face...go figure out sour-people.”
    *well that was illogical and rude too ;)*
Thank you guys, for sharing your thoughts and motivating me in a way :))
"Every cloud has a silver lining", just like lemonade have a tiny sugar crystal lining on the rim of the glass.

Now guys! Let us be clear with this thought first that lemon as a fruit does not owe any fault to your fate. It is still a beautiful fruit with quite refreshing smell and more blessed with positive healthy traits.

Limewater juice works wonders so make it a part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water with honey in the morning and then open your gateway to enjoy its health benefits. "It is an antiseptic, or is an agent that prevents sepsis [the presence of pathogenic bacteria] or putrefaction [decomposition of tissue]. It is also anti-scorbutic, a term meaning a remedy which will prevent disease and assist in cleansing the system of impurities." Link quote from web

Hence you know why life gave you lemons!
I believe lemons are for the purification of your thought-process! Since lemons are useful in treating colds, sore throat etc, you must know lemons in life will only strengthen your will-power to fight further any hurdle. Help you to rub off and bring shine in the tarnished bronze utensil and your golden soul too.

Probably being handed lemons by life give us an opportunity to jolt out of our daily dream. Muse over something worth which we were missing somewhere the hassle and bustle of life. Gives us a halt time to feel some of the magic we often feel is missing. It helps us to get present to our lives ‘right now’ in the moment.

It is a way to freeze you and live it forever.

Whether lemons make good lemonade or not, could be sold or not or like a wanderer you are searching something sugary to deal those sour lemons...There is nothing more delicious and delighting than the present moment, a little pause in our life as pursuit of happiness.
Live up to beat lemons the demons feeling, living up to my full potential!

Sure you learn a lot when you lose it almost...here I learnt something worth from the worthy fruit of life, lemons! Cheers life with Lemonade!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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23 June, 2011

strings of Love - Hallmark of emotions

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend, 'Vijay' :) He have such a different prospective for everything in life and definitely that tint of colours gets reflected in his pictures absolutely. Friends! Honestly telling you, he is person with a golden heart and I'm so proud to be his friend. Thanks buddy for letting me use this picture :)
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Technology connects everything and everybody with ease but with expectation!
Like call me back
Like you saw my miss call
Like I left a message on your voice mail
Like I mailed you
Like reply back the mail asap
Okay professional responding is good. The update is necessary no matter what. But expecting same prompt action in personal relationships is...
I leave it to you...what you want to fill in and feel for.

For me the only truth exists so far is simply Dil-ka-Connection (heart-to-heart connection) is the best boss...!!
The distance, time, gap, space nothing bothers at all. Not even the plan which is changed or incorrect information for sake. For I’m not here to get a job by filling an application form to give my information to the best of my knowledge undersigned!

Sometimes you must have noticed that you want to listen to the song, so you tune in to the radio channel and on the whole the song to which you can connect well. Until you don’t find that one song you keep searching.
Next time you do the same thing, think about me!
‘Connect to a Happy Heart, tune in to good times!’
Let the heart cord rock you!
Let the love-strings play its song!

Let the strings of love connect you into a better bonding and not chock you.
And just as my very good friend often says, ‘What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.....’

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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14 June, 2011

right up on this rooftop - Rain

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear and talented friend, 'Rahul Sharma' aka 'Pietersen Rahul'.
When it come to capturing emotions, his enchanting pictures brings the best of thoughts expressing the apt moment simulating good feeling! Here's wishing him great success in life ahead. Thanks so much buddy!
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© spetnazarts
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Right now it’s raining very heavily outside.
I love rains needless to say. I’m enjoying the earthy heaven smell of ground. Oh its dear rain!
But surprisingly I have not yet run towards the window to see. I imagined people might be running on streets to get the shelter. Some must have opened their umbrellas. Some must have been already drenched in rain and splash. The curtains are all over the windows in the room so hardly can get a sneak peek of drizzle. However, interestingly I can hear it dancing right on this rooftop and feel the cool breeze around!
Some senses are working and few are debarred deliberately to improve over imagination.

I know all this sounds silly for the sake it’s just the rain.
But my heart pumps harder when it pours...

And every time it rains it’s always a new refreshing experience yet with same old nostalgic feelings!!
It is a connection to happy warm times.
Standing in the pouring rain...water running down the neck, lost with words, still such a spew still captured aura!
And running memories in a blink of an eye...
Scattered thoughts and shattered realization,
Reminding me the same sunsets and rainbows,
Bringing back alive as it seem to be with dews in eyes,
And stimulating spattering drops embraced left with the footprints on muddy rain-water after the downpour...

It’s not just the windy mist, growling clouds, crashing of the thunder or damp earth..
Absolutely! Not just an ordinary day..
Nevertheless more than sloppy, steeped, soggy bit of land with bent soaked trees looks pretty but are messy
...It’s not just the rain, it is an experience!

An experience involving the mesmerizing moments,
With no mercy to melancholy series of smiles and puddles of tears simultaneously dripping by! This is an everlasting beautiful expression I enjoy the most, when it rains!

Now whether to feel I touch those magical pure pearls of rains with the tip of my fingers or not...I will still reflect an experience of rainy-weather in my soul.
Finally it rained!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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11 June, 2011

The Other Day

Note: 99 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of ninety-nine words.

The Other Day
~ 99 fiction ~

I like yellow and every time I asked for yellow he gave me orange.
Perhaps he didn’t know the colours names, I guessed!
Latter day I realized it wasn’t the names of colours he was confused about.
He was rather colour-blind and hardly could recognize colours exactly.

The other day I waited for the balloon-man to come early and soon I found many colourful balloons flying high in the sky.

While crossing the road, he could not see clearly and with a shove of the vehicle his sweet soul straight away left to the heaven with those colorful balloons.

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04 June, 2011

World Environment Day 2011 - Dedication to Sparrow

The pictures of sparrow found below in sequence are contributed by few of my very talented friends. Its always difficult to capture animals and birds in camera as they keep moving every moment, yet they made efforts to capture, is truly remarkable frames of moments. Thank you guys! You definitely rock as always!!
Amit Semwal aka photographer captured Sparrow around beautiful bunch of flowers.
Sagar Heerani captured that beautiful sparrow in his balcony of his home.
Kartika captured the picture of these lovely little eggs of the sparrow in the nest found on a tree near college area.
Shivangi got the set of hanging artificial sparrows with real feathers bought from the market of course we demand for the real one.
Parker captured a beautiful picture of the winter birds feeding the seeds and grains from a grain-feeder, hanging outside his home.
And last picture capturing an earthen pot filled with water my mom kept in garden for the birds.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case

FFew days back I went to see the movie Pirates of the Caribbean-4. It was a good movie for a change from the usual- casual movies that we see in India. A movie based on an expedition to search a fountain of youth with a story of mermaid. It was a movie completely like a wonderland to watch and cherish the childhood fascination about magic, adventure and mermaids. Well that’s not all I was fascinated about in the movie. No wonder I was simply delighted to watch the character, Jack Sparrow....Aye...I mean there has to be Captain somewhere between the names! So it was Captain Jack Sparrow with his feathers on his head and shabby look simply kept me captivated in the movie till the end.

When the movie was over, I was still so much into the musing of the movie that was again and again recalling the dialogues and perhaps the stunning scenes of the movie. And suddenly on one thing my mind got its attention captured... in fact it was just one word that is ‘Sparrow’!

I wanted to be bird, a sparrow when I was a kid! Soaring high, floating in waves of air, proud with wide open wings, chirping in chorus, be independent and sit wherever possibly the warm broad shoulders or tiny finger and sing out my heart!

When I was a little girl, my mom used to sometimes ask me to sit outside and fly away the birds that would come to eat the grains, drying up in the sun. I used to have a little stick in my hand and often used to run behind the tiny birds until they left my garden area. But those little sparrows were very naughty. No matter how many times I made they fly away, they would come back and swiftly get a tiny grain in their mini beaks and fly away. Sometimes I noticed them dancing over the grains. It was a usual sight every morning.

My mom used to say, come back home after playing with friends in the evening when you see streets light on and birds flying back their nest. Never thought one day will come or have come when I do comeback home when the street-lights are switched on in the evening but those sparrows are no more around flying back to their nest chirping high for hours in the evening.

On Sunday’s afternoon I used to play with my friends in the room and used to constantly hear the chirping sound of the sparrows. Sometimes those notorious little birds used to suddenly get inside the home through tiny opening of the windows ...trying to get a cosy place to set up their nest inside the house. They used to actively fly here and there. Soon we used to rush to switch off the fans, or they might hurt themselves.

Sparrow, a tiny bird has been like a childhood identity, and right now I feel so nostalgic!
We used to hang around with friends to get a look of the sparrow’s nest and if possible to get a glance of the tiny little eggs of the bird rested on some tree or some tiny bushes found in the garden. A nest which looked quite artistic and good team work involved in the making of it. Quite social birds often found living where human were dwelling.

In Hindi we often call this bird Sparrow as ‘ghar-chidiya’ which literary means ‘house-birds’. Today, we don’t find them often. In fact why am I writing this post is because I cannot recall when the last time did I see those tiny friendly birds? Forget about near home or window or balcony...I have not seen them in my whole area. This is definitely weird and hard to believe this.

Soon I started searching information about the sparrow on internet. And shockingly I found many articles and organisations working together to protect the sparrow. It was then I realised, things are already worst and I did not notice at all. It like the nursery rhyme turned upside done like, ‘mor bhi aaya, kauwa bhi aaya, chuha bhi aaya, bandar bhi aaya par chhun chhun karti aayi naa chidiya, aur naa dal ka dana layi chidiya’

I wondered why the population of sparrows declining so badly. Was it about only the less food and water they got to survive? I’m really not sure about anything, honestly!
Different reports say and give different reasons, none so sure. Some says it is the change in climate conditions responsible. Some says the smoky and polluted cities are to be blamed. Yet some says, it the smoke that car and other vehicles emit from the unleaded fuel. That particular smoke has some chemical in it that kills small worms and other tiny insects. And perhaps the insects are dead before the birds feed them. So a disturbed food-cycle is responsible.

However, I feel for some different reasons through my conscious thought building process. I believe since the sparrow were the birds which often lived around where the human stayed, the birds were very much dependent on the human for their survivals.

When I was a kid, my mom used to give me sometimes grains to feed the birds. I simple loved doing that when I was a kid. I’m sure my generation people must have sure seen some generous acts in our daily living. Sparrows feed and fluttered around the homes and garden to rest. I see there is no more a garden concept prevailing.

My mom used to keep a tiny clay pot filled with water in the garden for the birds. Sometimes for an hour she used to slightly open the garden water-tap in the afternoon so that birds to get a chance to play in water relax their body temperature and drink some water.

Birds used to peck grains in backyards of homes where mom used clean the grains or rice or lentils. Today we find everything neat and tidy from the malls and hence no more loitering of free grains in the balcony every morning food for the birds is over.

I wonder who does all this and more these days for birds. Today birds survive depending on the food found in the garbage. However, how far the food in the garbage is safe for the birds? The foul smell from the garbage hints something bad to all of us, especially for the animals and birds finding quick forage in the garbage full of harmful plastic bags.

The lifestyle of the human has played a very significant role in the declining of the birds. Our changed habits drastically affected the life-cycle of those little birds. They are now on the threatened birds’ list in many parts of the world. March 20th, 2011 was celebrated as the ‘World Sparrow Day’ to promote the awareness about the decline in the sparrow’s population.
A house sparrow, a once common bird found in abundance across the globe needs to be conserved and continuously efforts have to be made to protect birds, which are not anymore so common and have turned into ecology sorrow!

A little we can do, yet it would be so worth and so apt to do ...get a wide open pot and fill it with water, place it outside your home, terrace and garden. Throw and sprinkle hand full of grains and seeds on the ground for the birds to feed in the morning and evening.

So this year 2011 World Environment Day, 5th June...I want to make an effort through this post to promote and spread the awareness needed for the much extinguishing little birds’ sparrow. I support my little sparrow! Do you?!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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01 June, 2011

game of your life - destiny cards

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by talented and very dear friend of mine, 'Rhonda L. Hall'. She is a self taught artist and photographer. Thank you so much for contributing to my blog you awesome piece of art.
Kindly go through the link below to see more art by Rhonda L. Hall!
*ArtfulExpress fb Fan Page, click HERE
**For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Now I think and have to learn a lesson!
A life lesson to trust and have faith in the unknown.
Honestly, I have a fear of unknown.
For me anything that goes out of my planned schedule actually freaks me out.
Hence I need to understand that certain things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to me and I should not always know everything, right!

A worrier (one who worries a lot) has to change into a warrior!
I should learn to deal with the cards I have. So here come the game of perception and easy way out to perceive is like a defence mechanism. But even that practice of perception has to be shunned.

It not about mystery but it’s just mastery not to over analyses the things and try cracking codes with perception.
Neither going with a flow nor being still...all I need is to feel the graceful breeze!

Try not to over-look the consciousness.
Now no matter what enigma life creates throwing hysterical dice for you...
Be composed with your limited jumbled cards, to cope up the circumstances and reckon the reality!
Just remember, regardless of what cards you get, you still can direct your life with little efforts to recover rendezvous moments and choose to live life king size always anyways!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

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