31 March, 2009

Blushing Beginning - with colours

Colors @ amit semwal

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its Colors appear.
Few days back, my friend, Amit Semwal shared few pictures, among them this beautiful collage "Colors" simply captured my heart. The pictures are taken at different parts of India. He has captured the core of Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Ladhak, and Ahemdabad to aspire the hues in happiness.This surely identifies with the Image of Incredible India.

This picture with the vibrant colors instantly kick up my mood and my blushing beginning for bloging started. Colours make me feel happy the same way reading your comments in the blog. Click the picture to view the larger image.

Today after a long break from blogging, the first thing that came into my mind that I wanted to share with all my readers is the poem below. Cheers to Priya the poet and the person who have from time to time allowed me to use her poems in my blog. No words can convey how wonderful I feel after I read her inspiring written poems.

A Woman
Created by: Priya

" She no more fears
and cries for the love/ friendship
which was fierceful
as she is a strong woman.

She laughs to forget
and remain soft and powerful
to fight the unknown demons
as she is a grown woman.

She is herself, filling her world
in deep thoughts, only to wonder
how lucky to be born a woman.

Being a woman,is a gift
which fulfills the essence of strongness. "

"Let's salute the womanhood and make the best of it besides being the best creations of God."

It is such an inspiring poem that has always made me think deep. I feel blessed that in any case I’m not tangled by any social prejudices, restrictions or hypocrisy. I’m what I want to. I’ do what I believe in. Let’s celebrate woman’s day not just the month March but everyday. Let us all thank our strong loving mom for everything she has done and is doing.

Yeah! It's a rare blessing..

"Marriage brings range of emotions and changes in the women's life".  I received a mail, and to my surprise it was an invitation card for my childhood friend marriage ceremony. My happiness multiplied to see that it is Nikita Bakshi who tied her knot on the Valentine’s Day that is 14th Feb,2009.

 I could not attend the ceremony but I can definitely make out that it must have been the most memorable day of her life. Indeed it became a happy moment of my life when I saw the couple's pictures in the mail. Friends bound to feel happy to see our friend's happiness.

We also have a great filmy story of friendship with all the twists and turns, which I shall share with you friends in my next blog. Where as we have not met each other from past 5years but our friendship is still intact and we never forget to share Our happiness..!. I wish her a great companionship. It’s a true cheer in me to see her happy, for celebrating her the 2nd inning in life, the Marriage.

I know its stupid! yet something seems so perfect...

There are many effects, after and before marriage. But in the life of a girl, the effect of being a Shopoholic remains firm. I have loved shopping always. We girls go running to different shops, bargaining things like hell and then use our brains in that particular moment with the highest speed, calculating all the pros and con and other multi issues related to the product in just a micro-second. Indeed we girls have a very sharp mind. Don't know you people actually got the ablove long line correct! Still shopping is a very stress relieving activity for me and I enjoy it the most. And I’m sure all women would agree to it.

Some spontaneity and some strength...

"Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel, stop deciding with our mind what we what our heart to feel , sometimes we just have to go with whatever happens- happens."
My thoughts have been very spontaneous by this time and I did like to believe that it’s a good new blushing beginning. Ah! I’m not on the 9 cloud but on the rainbow sliding with the colors of my life splattered all around.

People say P.S. stands for Post Script, but I like to note the same as “Please See”. Yes this is important friends.!

P.S. I did also like to believe that from now onwards some new friendships may born and some bonds might just get stronger.

Celebrate friendship..

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
..Blog Author
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