31 May, 2010

picture trail

~ Picture speaks thousand Words but Picture Speaks Louder than Words”.
+ A beautiful memorable Journey is not about only reaching the Destination; it is about the moments and minor points in between captured, cherished and celebrated before reaching. I tried this in my own way…here!
+ Here are my favorite five pictures, shared as a pulse of passionate photography or a moment of capturing emotions attached, a lot just more than the scenery or view!

© in my own rhythm
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  • my own sense of rhythm
  • Place: Kaveri River, Coorg, Karnataka
This picture is taken at banks of Coorg’s fast flowing river the Kaveri, a westward flowing river of south India existing through an earthy valley. When everyone was busy in rafting and adventure, I went into my own rhythm following the merging waves of the river. Tiny round multi-colored lively precious pebble down the line and my feet fleeting over the waves of the river was so captivating and soothing reflection. The gleam and glare of the sunshine and shimmering so bright as the sway sparkles took over my Soul.
~ I bow to the delights of nature so much with every pebble along my feet tickling and bringing a smile and joy in return more and more!

~ And yes someone said true….
“Is this water over the pebbles or your feet playing with water!”

© Jumbo Ride
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  • Jumbo take off high
  • Place: Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore, Karnataka
Exquisite amuses are of boundless delight rejoiced on the swing. Reflection completes as a celebration of childhood over every up and down, to and froth of the momentum of swing. The rare sweet views of genuine giggles in bubbles, pouring happiness, holding tight, sharing life with friends and forgetting all the fight, the fear again evoked to learn and cherish forever, as the adorable childhood memoirs.
~ If the memories are so wonderful of certain fear…I wanna feel that fear of being on swings with a feeling of butterflies into my stomach forever.

© Royal feel
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  • Feeling Royal
  • Place: Amber Fort, Jaipur, Rajashthan
Little things matter than the big picture!
In this picture I find, little thing is the Big yet tiny looking (in this picture) the Elephants!
They are so well decorated and have a small cradle for carry people…who can have fun just like kids sitting and fulfilling a desire to have a ride on the elephants! This place is the Amber Fort at Jaipur, which is itself a fantasy land for any person irrespective of any age. Mud brown color fort walls and a perfect ride on the vibrantly ornamented studded elephant as a royal passage is the best thing that one can imagine in Rajasthan, a colorful pride of Incredible India!
~ Be a child at your heart and enjoy the extraordinary elephant ride and elating expedition along ancient trail.
~ Note: The elephants of this area are well-treated. Those are quiet royal treated, been immensely loved and cared like babies by the locals.

© Unique Miracle
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  • Matchless Merge of Miracle
  • Place: On the way, Allepy, Kerela
They say the Heaven lies when the earth and sky merges. I say, go to Kerela – God’s Own Country and see the Heaven at a phenomenal junction of backwater sweet merging with the salty sea water. Gentle cool breeze and the swaying coconut trees along the side so real, witness to this unique exceptional bond. The white waves welcome this winsome endearing view so virtuous and worthy.
~ Definitely you don’t wanna miss this miraculous amalgamation of nature’s ecstasy, beauty and bliss so real existing on this earth!

© A trail captures
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  • A Journey back and forth
  • Place: On the way, Salem, Tamil Nadu
In the stillness of my memories, this distant past path which had an essence of fragrance on the way towards the journey held close to my heart in the side mirror of the car. The voyage shall last long just as fresh when the cool breeze ruffles into my hair again. All together a beautiful way where we had together laughs and shared eternal memories that we walked the distant miles under thick grooves of coconut trees. It is the ride marvelous miles of captivated happiness to map the beauty and scenery along the side path of the road.
~ A journey together explored and gazed upon ahead with the same synergy of life that shared.

  • Do view these pictures in an Enlarged form by clicking on them!
  • Kindly do not COPY the pictures, ask before to do so, I might just say YES! (© All Rights Reserved)
  • Hope this trail of the moments must have brought smile on your face, do revert back and share your views, thoughts and expression in comments :)
  • This post is a part of the BlogAdda sponsored by Pringoo contest Travel Photos!", a picture worth thousand words..

i love holiday
i love holiday

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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28 May, 2010

Soul Punch

~ This is really silly an utter out-pour turned into rhyme..so thought to share with you all..
Read, Laugh..Cherish! See how I changed my anguish into creativity! That’s really Me :)

Recently I got to know few secrets of my life incidents...
Couldn’t believe them...yet they are true...
Kinda relieved but still bothers a bit...

I never wanted to know...
..it just came into the path, as a silly ugly show...
Though I have jumped over it...but see could not ignore or escape the agony share...
And yes till I write it…it shall last here!

Hibernation period is over...
Yes..even I get sad :-(
But I'm happy :-) with no much effort...I know the truth...all over again!
Though my prospective is still not changed....
I still look for Life..whatever it enrolls in..!

How do you feel when after such a long time..
You get to know true weird sneaky covert...
Someone else did that and you paid the price then
True...it hardly matter now..
But I wonder, why do I come to know it this time..and exactly now!

I smile at my utter dumb trait..
Come on don’t you feel pity for me...
I still like to excel!

Just thought to pour in more emotions so targeted Blogger
Want to KISS Blog right now for being the best journal...

Bwt. I know those will come back as my urge says..
It happens every time to me..
Don’t know does it happen to you..! By the way!

But for me it is the NEXT big clue..
Of Quest to my Unquestioned ANSWERS,
Nevertheless but the truth!
I knew then the half yet the truth..
And now I know the whole round reality groove..

Of course, I think NOW that I know how things will go...
But I wont get SLOW to this lingering thoughts pace and time-flow..

Ages and eras gone when I wrapped my face into my hand..
Today I shall wear those boxing gloves and sure take a strong stand

I will face it..ALL!
For I have throughout and always unconditionally..
...Given it all on a single call
So this very day as my nature appeals, I shall GIVE it again..
~ But this time a GOOD punch to only enrich my soul :)

  • Below is the free-hand sketch…an extension to rachi creations..
  • ~ What’s on my head…it is on the page – Soul punch!

A real PUNCH
~ Soul punch @ Rachi Creations..

~ Keep the Spark Alive..
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27 May, 2010

If I were..

NOTE: This is an awesome Tag by very talented Amity. I was so much amused reading her tag-post that when I was writing this post of mine, I indeed enjoyed the waves of imagination throughtly. A beautiful and a creative change from a logics and craves of life!

So here I start,
If I were...

  • If I were a month,
I'd be September…of coarse it is my birth month…but apart from that..I like the thought and feeling that it is the peak time of rainy season. Monsoon where we find warmth before rain, followed by cool breeze and than rolling tingling dribble pure raindrops. It is the life indeed in every round droplet I catch!

  • If I were a day,
I'd wish it to be a Wednesday, as it is a mid of the hectic working week and wild mind longing to work harder to rejoice the weekend ahead. Hmm…Sounds a bit irrational…let it be..haha…

  • If I were a time of the day,
I'd wish it to be twelve o' clock sharp late night. Scientifically it is the beginning of the new day…but what fascinates me is that it is the time when people and friends call up to wish you happy birthday…and also what hits me most is the wonderful New Year eve, Christmas, Janmashtmi celebration pioneers! Almost the best and auspicious time :)

  • If I were a season,
I'd like to be the Winters…got lots of lovely memories of that aura. Fog, mist, coffee, tea, fritters, warmth, cozy feeling all this inspires me…Absolutely I’m a Woman of Winters warp in red shawl.

  • If I were a planet,
Oh I'd be like to be from Venus as many believe that Virgos belong there…perhaps…I wish to be Mercury. Somehow I like the co-incidents…and mercury being the element name and the name of the planet captivate me. Also, Mercury being the first planet receives the sun rays first…and I did like the first sunshine on me. Further, Mercury is believed to be the smallest planet…and I find small things really cute. Above all, Mercury can be viewed in morning or evening twilight…so all you people of earth can always catch a glance of glimmer over me...lol..!

  • If I were a direction,
I'd be North-East, of India. A direction where every state has a unique phenomenal pure beauty. Every person of North-East has its own distinct talent that shall touch your heart cords for sure. I’m so proud to be associated with NE :)
  • If I’d be drink,
I did be Coffee/Cappuccino. It has a brilliant robust flavor, aroma, rejuvenating effect appeals almost every tiring soul. So relax, sip a mug full of coffee…for hale and hearty living! Indeed, a lot can be shared over the coffee table with friends!

  • If I were a tree,
I'd be a Banyan Tree. It has folk stories related. Lord Buddha is believed to have achieved enlightenment in Bodhgaya in India while meditating under a banyan tree.
~ Quite a huge one, aerial roots falling on the grounds give rise to new off spring trees and can germinate in the cracks and crevices of any host tree, a very unique quality indeed. It renders hundreds of birds to make nest and serves them with seed. Often you find cute squirrels playing on the slopping wide branches.
~ Banyan tree, works as a giant resort for wild and sturdy to give shade to human, serving all purpose positively!
~ Also I cannot ignore, my favorite city Vadodara had its name after this tree, where “Vad” means Banyan Tree.

  • If I were an animal,
Though I wish to flutter like a butterfly...but if an animal, I'd be an Indian Elephant!
~ Did someone say Gajgamini…O ya absolutely…!
It is huge but cute, heavy in body but can swim. Very intelligent, care a lot for their loved ones, hears far and have utmost sharp musing memory.
~ They are precious for their ivory hence an endangered species. O God…don’t kill me...!
But still for its innocence, strength and a huge support to the man-kind, I wish to be a colorful elephant of Jaipur or Kerela.
~ Do you know, Elephants can paint so well…Must to check this LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a musical instrument,
I'd be a Saxophone! I love its romantic notions. You just cannot ignore the silky smooth urge of saxophone sound. And when you enter a restaurant, Hotel or any party..the first jingle you hear shall be the desiring musical peaks of saxophone tunes inviting you. Have your ever heard Havana by Kenny.G or can you remember Careless whisper, check this LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a fruit,
I'd be an Orange. Sweet and sour…tangy touch bud and juicy. I like citrus flavor and a stunning striking Orange color boost up so much! I like this fact that orange peel skin also has a natural way to Exfoliate to cleanse and nourish your skin deep. Above all, Orange fruit can be more enjoyed by the one who is not lazy, as a lot has to be done before eating! And I like this effort made : P
  • If I were a food,
I'd be butter. A dairy product made through churning perhaps depicting life. I like the tingling sound of butter put on to a hot pan..leaving only aroma and tastes. No cake is complete without it. No morning can be better without a spread of butter layer on the bread! Bwt: I like to be Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul!

  • If I were a celebrity,
Come on...guys…I’m a Celebrity! Don’t need to live someone else’s life! I celebrate my own life and prefer to be little Princess all the time. Might sound a little cheesy…but that’s the fact of my life :) I have it all, name, fame, money, honey, butter and a tiny tummy to dig in all the lovely food! Celebrate ME!

  • If I were a color,
I'd be Orange. My favorite color is orange, too! And I like oranges and orange juice. Hence, Orange is without a doubt my most favourite colour! A beautiful combination of Vibrant Red and Bright yellow. Orange is fun, flamboyant and wider appeal. And I simply love it!

  • If I were a book,
I'd like to be Mills and Boon. A sweetheart story coupled inside with wondrous, ponderous words so alluring and charming!

  • If I were a song,
Almost any song I hear and hum...becomes my favorite one...lol.. hence, choosing one shall be so difficult. Perhaps, Shania Twain’s songs are always my music top charts so will choose one of her very inspiring song which is “From this Moment”. Must is just must listen and watch her graceful moves!
~ LINK: CLICK here

  • If I were a movie,
I'd be “Love Actually” (yr.2003) movie! As I said, I don’t hate Love Story, Love Actually is an apt movie for the Love Story lover. Eight Couple dealing with different angle of love stories in their respective life…is such an amazing summation and amalgamation of emotions and shades of love. Portraying to “Believe in Love” and perhaps not every relations has a name hence Love existed to touch life.
~ Love this scene, LINK: CLICK here
~ Highly recommend ~You much watch whole movie at least ones…even if you hate luv story -:)

  • If I were a flower,
I'd be a Gul-Mohar flower. (Flame Tree, Royal Poinciana)
The delicate, fern-like leaves are so self-possessed of small entity leaflet. Indeed World's most of the most colorful tree with so beautiful cluster of bunch of flowers. Also known as peacock flower for its vibrant shades! Spring and summer it is covered with high-spirited clusters of flame-red flowers. Flowers are so striking with four deep orange-red petals other one marked with yellow and white patch. Quite an Unconventional flower, it have a unique Spark and I like it :)
  • If I were a facial expression,
I'd be a tiny curve smile with one slight up eye brow. A smile so refreshing and an upright eye brow adding the punch spice of pranks! I did like to be mischievous and mysterious :)

~ Friends, I had great time writing this tag, hope you had same charm reading it. Let me know how you feel..do leave your lovely comments :)
~ I do wish to tag all my blogger-bond-buddies…who ever are interested can do it...kindly leave your link-back of the post so that we can also share and enjoy together some interesting instincts of yours!

~ Thanks a Lot Amity..You rock Gurl! Luv yeah!!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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24 May, 2010

Out of Whack

Note: This post is a part of the BlogAdda sponsored by Pringoo contest “Whack!! This Wednesday”!
~ Five things that make me bring my blood to boil which comes with a wacky woe are as follows:-

  • Noise and HonkingNoise and Honking :
Noise is annoying, distracting, and physically harmful for both human and wildlife. There is so much noise everywhere, increasing with the number of vehicles on the road makes me go crazy. People just lose patience and honk even on Traffic light signals. God knows! What is the point in honking when every vehicle is stand still? And moreover when the front vehicle is not moving how the vehicles at back can move…but wild people will honk…! And the moment there is a green signal..they again start honking to rush.
+ The mindless honkers don’t even spare the places like school, colleges, Hospitals without hard honks.
+ Some guys with strange bikes without silencer hang around and honk with loud and strange multi-horns. Many irresponsible people play loudspeakers, burn crackers late nights and early morning, which is just unacceptable!
~ For God sake, I do deserve at least a peaceful sleep...don’t I!

  • Save WaterWastage of Water:
I go to many friends and relatives home where I find the taps in the kitchen and the bathroom are leaking. I brought them into notice…but they just don’t care at all.
+ However, they do not forget to bluff, how much scarcity of water is there in summer and rain shall be late this season!!
+ Wonder, can’t they call a plumber and repair such very basic and small taps, which would actually save million gallons of water.
~ But no! People like to cry over spill milk/ water!

  • Love Girl ChildFemale Fathom :
I recently went to my friend’s home on their new baby girl birth. She said, her family insists to have another child perhaps a baby boy soon, so that their son would bring forward their family name.
~Wonder, why they don’t understand that a little humble child is a child and not a boy or girl!
Surprisingly a well educated and an intellectual friend of mine also agrees with the views of the family and believes having a baby boy is much important than to perceive a female child.
+ Why don’t they celebrate a girl child at the best?
+ Discriminating a girl in terms of respect, freedom, education and other privileges of choices than that a boy rejoice is really demoralizing, inhuman and shame to womanhood!
~ If my parents also thought the same way, I wouldn’t have existed in this world with absolute liberty!

  • cleanLazy Litter:
Some people are born lazy and irresponsible throwing litter here and everywhere though dust-bin is kept at a distance but they ignore it completely. Being in garden, they do find dust-bins but they would never throw the litter inside it.
+ Rather throw where ever possible or amazingly around the dustbin and not inside it.
Perhaps on the other hand there is a high class drama party enjoys in the hall or set picnic at the garden. But that well elite posh-classy-people often forgets the sophistication of lifestyle they pretend to live and tends to throw the rubbish-thrash around.
+ What sort of party are this ?
~ What sort of sophistication people portrays then?

  • Blind faithSheer Superstition:
It is not my part of life...but sure I do get affected every time I hear, see or know about it…yes it is the daily part governed by beliefs and superstitions of every Indian! Blind faith or dark belief under the name of religion, culture and tradition has brought innocent people’s life in danger.
A man killed his wife consulting a black magic priest as a ritual sacrifice. There are others who throw their kids from the heights, beat woman/girls to get some spiritual flash. Insane people beheaded woman as they believed them to be witches.
+ Certain day is not an auspicious day for shaving, washing one's hair or even cutting of one's hair or nails.
~ Wonder how does unhygienic behaviors helps to make a day favorable?
People act simply insane during eclipse; they buried neck-deep the kids in the mud, making them suffer so badly. They really lack in rational thinking and are superstitious to the hilt.
+ Some consider cat crossing the road unlucky…but how the creations of God are unlucky…isn’t it a disgrace to God and perhaps the nature?
~ Some superstitions are turned harmful and yet there are few which have hilarious notes.
~ Wonder, why don’t we consider sin getting and giving bribes or losing the moral or the treat people evil who disrespect the human-kind?
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21 May, 2010

Stuffed Masala Bhindi - Okra recipe

I'm back into my smoky kitchen with some spices and odd vegetables. Odd as I say because not many people like to eat okra. And no surprise; I’m among them.
Perhaps, when you think for the change from the routine food…odd vegetables turns up as magic in relishing the delightful tastes and aroma.
Though cooking bhindi bhaji is one of the quickest and easiest recipes, this Okra stuffed masala/spices is a bit complex recipe only for one who doesn’t like to stay longer in the kitchen. But sure ones energy spends in showing the skills, this recipe shall make you crave for more.

The stuffed masala/spices okra is quite crunchy, crisp, spicy and a tint of tangy in touch and tastes which definitely titles your tongue with quite a distinct earthy delicacy.
~ Okra - History Snippet:

So as always, before getting into the making of recipe, let’s start with few facts of the okra. This edible green fruit is also called okra, lady's fingers, or gumbo or bhindi (in India).

Okra have a very old history which probably originates somewhere around Ethiopia, and was cultivated by the ancient Egyptians by the 12th century B.C. Its cultivation spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Interestingly, the seed pods were eaten cooked, and the seeds were toasted and ground, used as a coffee substitute (and still is).
  • In fact, at few places the leaves of okra plant are also eaten raw in salads.
Okra came to the Caribbean and the U.S. in the 1700s, which was probably brought by slaves from West Africa, and was introduced to Western Europe soon after. Today okra is popular in Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, India, the Caribbean, South America and the Southern U.S. It is not a very common vegetable in most European countries, except for Greece and parts of Turkey.

  • Okra forms part of several regional "signature" dishes.
Hence, these bright green, tender pods have gained a lot of respect as a vegetable almost all around the world. Moreover, okra is a good source of vitamin C and A, also B complex vitamins, iron and calcium. It is low in calories, a good source of dietary fiber, and is fat-free.
Okra bhaji is one of the common recipes that are prepared in India very frequently. Every state or family has its own way of cooking with particular ingredients. However, I prefer cooking with few ingredients yet have a rich taste. This recipe is one of them.

~ Ingredients for Stuffed Masala/spices Okra:
  • Okra/Bhindi/Lady-finger - ½ Kg or 20-25 Nos.
  • Onion – 1-2 (fine chopped)
  • Green Chilies – 2-3 (roughly chopped)
  • Turmeric Powder - 1 teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder – 1½ teaspoon
  • Coriander powder – 2 teaspoon
  • Salt - to taste (or 1 teaspoon)
  • Dry Mango powder – ½ teaspoon (optional)
  • Oil – 4-5 tsp.

~ *Mise en place:
  • Mix all the dry masala/spices with the water.
  • The spices mixed must look like a thick paste. Keep it aside.
  • Now wash properly the Okra in running water. Completely dry the okra/bhindi.
  • Trim the bottom and top.
  • Make a proper slit with the knife in the okra length wise.
  • Then stuff the masala in the slit of okra with the help of spoon.
  • Now fine chop the onion and green chilies.

~ Making of Stuffed Masala/spices Okra :

  • Heat the oil in a pan a big size skillet.
  • Now add chopped onion.
  • Let it turn golden brown and then add green chilies.
  • Stir in and soon add stuffed okra (bhindi/lady finger).
  • Add the left-over spices with half cup of water, so that the spice does not stick or burn to the bottom of the pan.
  • Cover and let it simmer on low-flame for next 15-20 minutes.
  • Stir in lightly in between occasionally.
  • Check if the okra has turned tender and golden brown.
  • Garnish with fresh green coriander leaves.
  • Serve hot with chapatti or paratha or any bread.

  • *Mise en place is very important in any easy or complex cooking.
  • Try buying the okra which is tender and small in size. If the okra is quite long, chop in half to make it around 2-3 inches in size.
  • Mixing the spices/masala in the water prior making the recipe helps in enriching the flavor. Mix some extra masala/spices so that it can be added from top while cooking.
  • I prefer the mustard oil; you can have any vegetable oil. However, mustard oil enhances the taste. Also if mustard oil is used, heat it till smoky hot or else it will have strange pungent smell.
  • While the okra is being cooked, do not stir it abruptly or else the okra might break in between and turn up very messy.
  • Dry Mango powder is optional to use, though few drops of lemon are alternative to it. A slight sour and tangy taste boosts the savor.
  • Also some like to add tomato, so if you add tomato add while onion turns golden brown. Nevertheless, I prefer just elementary okra and overpowering spices!
  • Some also prefer to add potatoes but it just up to you how you want to have it. Though, I prefer no potatoes in this particular recipe.
  • Let the recipe be spicy, tangy and crunchy!
  • *Mise en place: It is process defined in French phrase, "everything in place", as in set up. It is a step by step method of organizing and arranging the ingredients prior cooking. Where all the ingredients are kept ready to use to save time and avoid any last minute hurry or mistake made in cooking.
  • Follow mis-en-place religiously and see the difference!

 ~ Bon appetite!

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19 May, 2010

No Numerology

Rachi Creations LOGO
~ rachi creations.. (LOGO) ~
Not many people know but I have a huge fascination with numbers.
Yeah many a time I have been adding and subtracting numbers to find some co-incidents and co-existence in numbers. Come on! Friends don’t mistake it as numerology. Nope this is no numerology or Algebra…it is just having some fun.

Like for example:
~ I have 7 letters in my first name and 9 letters in my surname…
+ Interestingly, my date of birth is 7th September. 7 is the date of birth and 9th is the month.
+ So my name is my date of birth.

Okay let’s start quickly my other silly-billy calculations. Mind it; I’m very bad in Maths subject but pretty innovative in reckoning. Yeshh…and you will see that below..

So let’s start with basic the Alphabets….


I have just give simple each letter a chronically number according to the sequence in comes.

Now let’s take the word most remembered, spoken and written off.

  • LOVE -It is a four letter word which have touched every little humble heart and soul.
L-O-V-E = 12 + 15 + 22 + 5 = 54

  • Now let’s do it for FRIENDSHIP..
Another word yet larger than just a kind word…something that portrays care, concern, affection and love among each person

F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P = 6 + 18 + 9 + 5 + 14 + 4 + 19 + 8 + 9 + 16 = 108

Let’s take this 54 of Love and 108 friendship as a percentage, so 54 percent and 108 percent.

  • Interestingly have you noticed that friendship is just the double of Love
~ Just like Love + Love = Friendship 54+54 = 108
Isn’t it so true that in real life, friendship is too just larger than any kind of relationship! Indeed, love cannot exist without friendship and sure friendship is an inevitable blessing.

Sure you have now a reason to say and believe that friendship is truly important for you and you sure care for your friends. Friends are the one whom you choose to be part and true pat of your life and perhaps an extended chosen family of yours.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art, like love. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. ~ C.S. Lewis quotes
~ Indeed, True friendship gives value to everything that exists.
~ The readers who have been following this blog for sometime must be aware of my art, that is created under the name of rachi creations.. 
  • Now let crack down RACHI CREATIONS..
RACHI = 18 + 01 + 03 + 08 + 09 = 39
CREATIONS = 03 + 18 + 05 + 01 + 20 + 09 + 15 + 14 + 19 = 104

~ RACHI CREATIONS = 39 + 104 = 143

  • No doubt that the passion I follow in rachi creations..is dedicated for my friends, close ones, family and for my loved ones.
  • 143 clearly and definitely defines that… truly madly deeply ~ I Love you :)

So how do you find all such interlinks. Do you also have some interesting connections and interwoven with such numbers or alphabets…Share with us. Let’s go back to high school and have some fun and creative twists.
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18 May, 2010

Cannot Escape the Question

+ Before you read this post I request you to kindly read the post LINK: Escape to understand the flow of this post...
Escape post have been appreciated a lot for being quite a straight-forward positive approach.
I’m glad to announce that the post Escape of mine, has been recommend to the readers to read, by an esteem blogger Mahesh from Wisdomism Blog.
~ Even I consider the Escape post as one of my favorite, for being much clear sure about my thoughts over the topic. People ask me how much do I follow what I write…And my answer to that question is.. I write not because I have to, but because I want to…perhaps I write only what I follow..!

Mahesh, has been the one who followed that post and came back with couple of intelligent questions (some clarifications) on the Escape topic and perhaps, I could not escape from replying all of them with full conviction.

Hence, this post is on the question round after a juggle of discussions and counterparts. Though the answers were written in the same post in the comment section, I thought to create another post for it, so that all my other readers could ones again be reminded that Escape is completely no answer to the problems in life…One has to face them all fiercely to lead a happy living :)

~ So below are 6 questions followed by MY answers/my perceptions...

1. You are saying that we cannot escape(accident memories) and you are saying that we can escape (to a beautiful fascinating Landscape). I find it contradicting...
  • So you agree with an example (accident memories), perhaps when I say…escape to landscape…it was also mentioned that… “If you STILL don’t AGREE with me…then ESCAPE…”
  • As mentioned…that escape for me is a very harsh and negative word to use…because whenever we want to ESCAPE it is always attached with run away experiences. Escaping from realities, escaping from being getting noticed, escaping from bad Memories…and bad experience…and so on…!

2. Speaking objectively, we can escape from the things you have mentioned in real life and its happening .
  • Agreed we do definitely escape from the things in real life which is happening…perhaps…how long! There will be one day your will have to face it…whether you like it or not…
Practical life Example:~
~ I always hated the Maths subject…because of which I thought I would escape it by leaving this subject after 10th class, interestingly…
~ I did! Was so happy for next two years rejoicing over escaping Maths :) but it dint last long…after 12std I was doing my preparation for selection in professional colleges..and was supposed to study Maths to qualify the exam…
~ I thought joining Hotel Management will help in escaping it again...but then again I had two different subjects related indirectly to Maths!
+ Of coarse, then I did understood I can never escape anyway…latter I did my preparation for CAT learning Maths and stuff to qualify for esteem Mgmt Business School…and my struggle to escape Maths continues though I know I will never be…we never can ! : P  lol

3. Isn't it "moving on with the past " is also a type of escape?
  • Taking responsibility for what you or your deeds have done is never Escape! I moved on with past memories...is moving with pleasure and acceptance...looking forward to whatever life holds in future due to past experiences and deeds! Hence, it is not an escape for me!

4. Is Escape quite subjective and interpretative ?
  • Escape quite subjective and interpretative…Oh definitely!
Like escape have different meanings for which way added suffice in the sentence!
+ Eg :
~ Escape to landscape as I love Green, is positive!
~ But if said Escape to landscape because I hate be in realities, is in negative form!

5. Is the so called "Explore" a positive escape?
  • Explore is no Escape…
+ Explore is what you really want to as for learning more or any other reason. You enter the problem to actually solve it.
+ Escape is something you don’t want to do something willingly and hence you tend to run away form it. You just are not keen or cheerful to find any solution of the problem…you just don’t want to…

6. Isn't escape a part of adaptation for survival ?
  • Escape a part of adaptation for survival! 
  • ~ It may be and it may not be
+ May be because:
  • Escape, for the survival , animals and human both have traveled during crises eras, (natural or social) and adapted new places and culture.
+ May not be as:
  • Adapt is a trait or nature of behavior! One might tend to escape a situation or place as may be because one does not want to face the adaptation...or any change that takes place call be a long term change or short term change!
  • Many a things in life have no direct correct answer in yes or no…they have shades! Perhaps, if one say YES, it might be correct and if one says NO it might still be correct! Yeah! You got it right, Relative theory exists everywhere in all notions!
  • Active participation to discuss the points is always welcomed and appreciated. If you have any query or thought, kindly forward it…it would be great idea to share our thoughts together!
  • Heartily Thanks a Green one to Mahesh for choosing my post to recommend the readers and also for making this post so memorable through his queries...directly helping me to understand and stand by my idea of belief!
  • And if you have still not gone through an inspiring post LINK: Escape, check this link and enjoy reading:) Thankyou so much for being such a wonderful supporters! Luv yeah always!!
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16 May, 2010

my Wind Chime got a rhyme

  • ~ This prose/rhyme is in exact 250 words!
  • ~ The drawing below is an extension of rachi creation, created thyself on Paint-Brush.

Echoing through in the Dark..
Parting the stiff silence with the spark
Raffling in quiet Breeze
Rambling Thoughts just freeze;

Careless warm nights of summer;
I stare the simple Reflections in clink!
Rhythm the melancholy of Reminiscence
Ripping away rare shady avenue!

It attains a beam of golden hopes;
A theme of harmonious grace pores;
Thousands of new chorus unfolds;
The longing, I just never knew…
But I hold the strength in subdue..!

For days I have been pacing to and fro;
Endearing something common is there between me and you;
Tender, tinkle o tinkle I could mistake you for the charm in tow;
Earnest is your sound, all the way through!

Dazzles in the dull arc;
Swamp tune soar high way marks;
Slowly it strolls and revolves;
A feeling amble divine evolves!

Symbols inscription claims,
Resonance in Reverberation flames,
Colorful aura ascends the character,
Sipping swap of sweet sound patter.

Like the dewdrops dropping down the leaf,
With each and every tingling sound earth zing,
Trickle and tickle feeling spin through;
Desires for concord whispering the calm clue!

Hanging aside the purple curtain heed;
Down the brass tubes rubs and ruffles feed,
Pursue wee steeple to crack of dawn to serenade;
Sweep the stillness in bead of rhyme resonate..

While the capricious tunes wind-chime soak..
It touched my heart deep chords!
I bow my head over again to the gentle rhyme scales..
Dark dust showers the bend shimmering echo subtle;
Wind-chime in silence sure ignites the tranquility sway..!!

Rhyme and Rhythm of Wind-Chime
~ my Wind-Chime got a rhyme..
to enlarge CLICK here
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10 May, 2010

Born Bond

Dearest Mommy;

~ I know, Life is cruel, unrepentant, conditional and over conventional!
Perhaps, how can a little breath in my tiny chest hold and handle the untold colossal concerns.
I molded your finger lightly in my hands and got strength.
Holding things lightly instead of clutching them tightly is what you teach me again and again.
While with your unconditional open hand gives me an ability to give and receive freely. I lose the nature to stiff and gathered strong-suits.

~ Though with your significant presence, your salient gestures, soft touch, a smell so familiar, a forte of substantial tastes you create, I can never be tired of holding on you and your loveable clench.
Indeed, the miracle I seek is at your fingertips.

There have been the conditions of my life and yet so blessed to have unconditional Love of life from you.
~ You first created me in your womb and then recreated the series of miracles for me in everyday and daily routine.

At first you held me first steps and seized me so close…though you still holding me tight yet helped me to fly high. Indeed I was a caterpillar sacred to see the world was weird, you gave me beautiful colorful wings to fly and adore the journey of life
Without your presence and support I wouldn’t have blossom the way I have. You are the spark..so be my radiance and my charm :)

Born Bond-MOM and ME
~ Mom and me  - Born Bond ~
to enlarge CLICK here

Now when I could walk all fine in every path and chosen line, I sometimes wished to run away. Run and shun away from the tension, worries and uncertainties of life.
Then one day I read that there are two kinds of behavior of nature in human beings. It’s like; there is a huge difference between being worry-warrior and worry-warts.
-Worry-warts are the people who are inclined to worry unduly.
~ However, worry-warriors are one who fights against worries. They find solutions to very troubles. Some people are born worry-warriors.
Mommy, you are one of them.
There is no single anxious moment of mine not shared with my mom. I share as I get the best advice with many alternative ways and tips to tackle the pain. You love me with a genuine concern, are able to sense that something is wrong without being told. You work as a warrior. Fight against all odds and my humming thoughts. Yes! Only you can and you do it at your best!
~ Perhaps, moms’! At her best defending, promoting and protecting her child.

Even when you are not able to give me a solution…you offer a silent-prayer, which works all the time.
~ God listens to you very carefully and fulfills your wishes. After all, it is believed that God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers. Perhaps, He made mothers as His own replica and an extension of the sanctimonious soul.

Sometimes the issues are so incalculable that it might confine me, dull my senses, numbing me, bobbling my thoughts, a feeling to sink into vulnerability or just run away...

Yes! True, I prefer to run away...to seek you!

I claim you, mom to confide the truth. The confidence in your eyes does then, reflects in me as an aid to alleviate. And I soon recover my amity and discover the harmony. I like you say Don’t hurry and don’t worry!

Perhaps, there is no particular best time to tell you things and issues. The best time is wherever is, 'Now'.

And as we share together the good and the bad, the hopes and the dreams, the charming moments and the acute times, we are celebrating life. It is being together to result in doing the right things, making them momentous.

It is doing things together, yet leaving room for each to grow as an individual, respecting the decisions we indulge in taking. It is so amazing to see how you give me freedom to commit the mistakes and also give space to correct them.You have always trusted me more than anyone else. Your praises are far more than a criticism or reprimand.
You stand beside me to conquer my fears, stand for me to hold my hand to boost courage to try-again!
Indeed YOU contribute the whole in me!
~Happy Mother’s day.
Hope this letter brought bliss to you. Perhaps, it’s my way to return the radiance you have been giving me years round.
~ Love you so much for everything!

~ Salute to Womanhood!
Your loving Daughter;
Of the world

Best mom
Of the world

  • NOTE: This post is completed with dot.748 words as suggested. Thanks to BlogAdda and PringOO, for conducting 'Write a Tribute to your Mom’ contest on Mother's day,2010.
...I'm so glad that l share myDNA
with you,Mom:)

  • This post is also an extension of my love-letter dedicated to my mom on her 50th HappyBirthday as Golden jubilee of her life, "Mom and Me - Born Bond".(click here)
  • The above drawing "Born Bond" above is made by me long back in Yr.2001 in my persoanl Journal, while studing in school.
  • Wishing everyone A Happy Mother's Day!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..~
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07 May, 2010

Best Posts of Blog - Year 2008

“...Most of what you will create is for your enrichment or is a stepping stone to other better, more insightful work. Maybe once or twice in a lifetime you will be recognized with the kudos of the public, so in the meantime, create for yourself.  quotes: Don Hahn quotes

Hola friends and Readers,

Best Posts Yr.2008
~ Best Posts of Yr. 2008 ~
Check the Best-post list of .2007 before reading Ahead.
Yes I know it took a bit long coming up with this post…but I’m all set to present much longer and longing list of my favorite best-post list of Year.2008. The list published on the yearly basis with a tiny snippet of my true thoughts behind the particular post!

~ Year.2008 had been an enriching period or rewarding era for me in the blogging, hence you will notice a slight variation but a good change in my posts. I opened up more experiment to know what I enjoyed in writing. It was all together a beautiful year to have got a good crunch and much large bunch of blogs.

The list could be longer but I might just create another post over Popular Posts of the blog.
Perhaps, till than enjoy this sweet snippet direct dil se..

In year 2008 there were in total 41 posts making mark in the archive.

~So here I have selected fifteen posts as my favorite best-post list of year 2008.
~ If you love me than you might Read this post to know more about me..! lol.

~ One of my favorite posts for it includes feature traits of my adorable people of my life.

~ A perfect peas and cottage cheese quick recipe to make to relish.

~ One of my first efforts of creating a perfect photo presentation to guide you in making of the recipe of Paratha, Indian Flat Bread.

~ Sure my excitement crowns this post with the details of my shopping and experience during my Monsoon Wedding!

~ A very content and caring Love-Letter for my Paa on the Golden Jubilee of his Birthday. Read and cherish your bond with your father.

~ An innovative day and finally I discovered eating the hot golden crispy banana cutlets as snacks. Easy and sweet recipe!

~ If you can Read this, than Say…Thank you Teachers! An inspiring post to celebrate Teachers Day!

~ An inspiring post with a short story and a perfect Pria’s poem attached. You might agree or disagree with the post views, but You will love the Story conveyed.

~An inspiring post with much stimulating short story, which I heard in my childhood from my grand parents.

~ One of my very first attempts of presenting a True experience of my life. This post has humor and an irony attached to a Traveling and Journey.

~A mail delivered in my inbox on my birthday...as a miracle, completely unexpected and truly amazing experience to read!

~ A post on the Silver Jubilee of my life, 25th birthday with all nostalgic sweet moments.

~ My strong affection with colorful butterflies. Learn more about the Butterfly trail.

~ Now more if you love than read more Humming Today :P Luv you All!

  • The next shall follow my list of Year.2009 for do follow for updates:)
  • ~Thank you for the consistent love, support and acceptance!
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05 May, 2010

An encounter never escaped and echoed rest of Life

This post is connected to the previous post of this Blog, "Escape"! Kindly read that post before reading ahead. Perhaps, this post is based on the true story though the identity of the persons are hidden for personal reasons!

~ An encounter never escaped and echoed rest of Life..

Winter vacation was over; but the winter mist was still enveloping the environment. I reached back my loving Institute and my adorable Room in hostel. I love winters for it pack me in the folds of woolen clothes and warm coffee or ginger tea surrounds the urge of warm moments.
~ I was unpacking my luggage and taking out the sweets which my mom packed for my friends. Soon a knock at the door and I found my ever green bubby sweet cheering friend popping her head inside the room. May be the sugary scent of the sweets pulled her here in the room. And sure I was lucky to see that she brought some Maggie and a cup of coffee for me.

We hugged and soon settled on the bed with the sweets box to share our vacation stories. I told her all, about my old school and college friends I meet and what a wonderful fun I had during this vacation.

I have something to tell you…not just because I want to share my vacation story but because I want you to be aware of certain things that exist in this world…which come into your life unwillingly!, she said.

I got puzzled just like the cooked Maggie noodles tangles, wondered what made her say so…moreover, my dear chirpy friend is never so serious…but this time there is something definitely killing her and I wanted to know it all.

As she started telling me about the incident, I was totally confused to figure out the issue, I sipped some coffee gave attention..!

~ She told me that this vacation she went to her old graduation college to get some important documents…

[As she was narrating the story, I had no clues what she actually wanted to tell…just like you Readers have no idea what this story is up to! But trust me it is an important subject here so I want you to read it patiently.]

As she went to the college Head Department office to collect her left-over college’s important documents she was welcomed by the staff and the Head of the department.
~ They were happy to see how she have enrolled into higher studies and doing really well.
She went to the Department Head office and greeted the Head. She was asked to sit and wait as the Head was talking to some other person. She waited almost for 20-25 minutes and latter when the Head was free he chatted with her. He said that the certificates were almost ready yet needs some time to finish some pending manuscript of the office-work. She told him that she could wait for sometime after all it was really very important to collect the certificates. The Head told her that he was really very proud of her potential and credibility. He then asked her about different subjects she study and her professional aims. With full confidence she replied to all the questions. They had very healthy discussions over certain issues prevailing in the society. It was a good talk and sharing of views between a Gen-next aspiring girl and an old mature experienced responsible person. He also told her that next time when she hangs over the city with her other friends, can directly hop into his office, as they got good guesthouse and can lend to his favorite students. She perceived that he cared to talk with so much of simplicity and not pretend to be the Head and behave administrative.

It was almost an hour and more, waiting for the certificates. She looked her watch every 10 minutes but all documentation took quite a while. Interestingly, a prior appointment was taken to collect the papers but nothing happened on time. She preferred waiting more, than to again and again come  to the office. Perhaps, she had no option but to wait as coming from a long distance she definitely needed all the documents this time for submitting to her new college. The Head in the mean while noticed that she was looking at her watch every 10 minutes, so he consoled her saying, “It will be done soon…don’t worry!”
~ He was concern, and that made her comfortable.

Finally a staff person came with the certificates and handed over the Head. The Head checked the papers and allowed the staff person to leave as it was getting late for him too. It was the office closing time. The Head asked her, where was her home. She replied that her home was quite a far and need to leave soon to catch the bus. The Head said that he was going the same route and can leave her on the way.
~ She hesitated to go with him but then could not resist the insisting tone of the Head. The head got up, and hugged her saying that he is truly proud of her. She got confused but then thought it was a nice caring affectionate parental hug and any ugly thought must not be hamper the aura. The Head handed over her a huge pile of papers to carry as they moved. All the staff-members greeted him and the guard on the gate saluted him. He had a big car. And as he settled in the car, opened the front door to let her in.

As they moved on, they again started chatting over many subjects and issues. Suddenly on the traffic light signal, the Head asked her, “What do you think about the Sex-Education in School?”
~ Being quite a liberate girl replied the answer and also gave few additional ideas to improve education in the school and basic level. The Head, was very much impressed. He liked the ideas and enthusiastic behavior.
~ Everything was fine and rolling. Soon the mobile rang, and he parked the car in the side, “I’m driving, will reach home soon..!” he said.

In the mean while, she told him that coming so far was enough, she can get the bus from there so he can stop. But the Head said that he was supposed to go the same route, hence he can drop her little further too.
~ Between they definitely had a good conversation and dialogue over varied topics. She had a very good impression of the a fatherly aged the Head and found wonderful to see that with so much of effortlessness he could talk to Gen-next kids.
~ She also felt humbled to see how promptly he agreed to give her a lift.

Some Escapes are not Sally
~ some Escapes Echo whole Life ~
Escape (c) rachi creations..
-to enlarge CLICK here-
Suddenly, he asked her to keep her hand on his thigh. She got shocked and astound. Wondered, if she heard was all that. Before she could grasp his weird words, he took her hand and kept her hands on his thighs while still driving. She abruptly took her hand off. Still puzzled to understand what was happening around. She told him firmly, that she needs to get down right here.
He maintains the calmness and said, “Don’t be sacred...” She asked her certificates and somehow he handed over. She hastily got down the car. She took the documents grip tight on her chest and started to walk blankly. She did not stop or turned back to look. Incidentally, there was no one around on the streets. Scared and tensed, she got into a lane and then into a café watching people. She waited there for next 15minutes and found that the car had gone, he had gone…perhaps!

~ In the mean while she grasped her breath back but the escape was yet to capture.
~ She could not forget the encounter of such ugly turn of her life. In a way she escaped the place but the incident echoed her head so badly.
..sometimes you
places, people, moments but you cannot

As she was narrating all that, she started crying loudly. It felt as if she still could feel the fear around. Something that she did escaped but not completely. I hugged her and tried making her calm. Gave her a glass of water to drink but will that help her, I wondered!

I could not believe that this happened with one of my very close friend, who is such a sweet elegant and confident girl.
~ I have heard and read in magazines such ugly face-off stories but never thought someday I shall see it here happening with my closest buddy.

Few days latter, I was sitting with other friend and I recounted the whole story without disclosing the name and pretended to have read in a magazine. It was strange as my friend abruptly at the end of the story blamed the girl for being friendly with people.
~ But the Head was not an unknown or stranger to her, I said defending the girl.
~ At this he said “No-excuse, it is the girl to be blamed at the end of any muddy murky strike. Call it a irony or the truth of the reality. She should have been more careful and protective and must have gone with some family person…” I wondered how far it was possible, “Tomorrow when you work outside and do come job…how you will expect to have a family person shielding you all the time!”

Next day, when our new session started our first class was of “Business Ethics”. The guest lecturer came from one of the most elite Management Schools! He at the end of the session kept the Question-round to clear all the doubts about the subject on ethics to be followed in the business and professional life.
~ I got up and requested him to allow me to narrate the whole “Escape story” in the class and then know the concern and major opinion. I choose not disclose the true identity of my friend and let the story take up its own coarse.

Latter, I asked my esteem learned teacher, that what one has to do when got into such punch of life. I wanted to know in terms of the professional logic.
~ To this he replied in a very responsible-sensible manner to the issue while adding of ten bullet points as follows:
  1. Such incident or similar shall take place everywhere you lead in the professional life or in your daily routines. Perhaps, you cannot avoid them completely yet abide them from taking your tough course.
  2. Your friend is truly blessed so ask her to thank God for the blessings. She is truly lucky to have escaped such encounter but not everyone is so lucky... Some get honey-trapped through different means and don’t know how to say strongly “NO”.
  3. Bounce-back from such ugly moments is important and Time is the biggest healer to hideous stumbles of life.
  4. Nothing can be done to that irresponsible fellow behavior, as such people mostly depict a happy and respected image in society and office, and hence no one shall believe such deeds are done by him.
  5. Only a strict serious sting operation can actually trap him, if he has been treating the same others too.
  6. Moreover he being on a powerful position may also make him misuse his power and back-slash you. So forget taking any revenge or rebellious attitude!
  7. And most important, Never Surrender at any point and use your presence of mind quickly.
  8. Men and women both need to pay attention, it can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, base or decent profile!
  9. However, not to forget, not everyone is same…there exist such ugly bunch of people and there are some truly genuine people too, hence don’t make a preset notion for everyone and suffer in fearful anguish, destroying your own path.
  10. Awareness is important, so spread and be alert. ~ There is no way you can elope, the hurdles or escape the encounters but choose to move fiercely to capture life knocking all the hurdles!

~ Hope you learnt something from this narration. If you got some additional point to support the situation/story, then do write and share with us all. Kindly share this story with all to spread awareness.

  • This is not an hypothetical story...it is the true story based on one of my friend!
  • The above drawing is an extension of Rachi Creations..
  • If you have still not read the previous post connected to this post, then check through this link: Escape.
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01 May, 2010


How could one really escape things and certain aspects of life!
I wonder and only wonder to conclude that one can not escape, except if it is a keyboard of the computer and you hit the esc key.

Can you expect the Sun, ESCAPES to rise next day just because sometimes the cloud hides few salient sun rays!
~ The sun rise and shines bright even at the cloudy day finds a way to pass a trace of its existence. Despite of the hindrance its dazzles and diffuse faith to defuse life! Perhaps it is a natural process!
~ If you are health conscious person, the suggestion shall be to AVOID fat food...and not just Escape..
~ You cannot Escape your commitments ones made...
~ You cannot Escape yourself...Can you escape your Shadow..?!

Can you ESCAPE yourself!
- There is no Escape or Excuse..You got only option Explore and Excel -

I might not be all that correct to my conclusions but I really feel that being a Normal human being you cannot escape things just like that!

One has to check all the decent parameters of pros and cons and maintain our harmony!

~ There was a phase of my life when I really had to decide whether I need to cling to my past or to just escape them all. There were only two options and both equally risky. Perhaps I choose neither to cling to the past nor did I decide to escape.

I decided to move on!
Move on with the Memories..wholeheartedly..
Moments...some celebrating one yet some to learn from..!
~ Moreover, the past is just the PAST right now, so I don’t mind remembering them.

Just like people have a tendency to believe and say that “Impossible word does not exist in my life dictionary..”
I like to say that
ESCAPE does not exist in dictionary of my life..!
~ Perhaps I could not escape anything in life...call it incidents or accidents…I preferred to Explore everything that came into my life-path! Or should I admit that my Life tends to explore before I could even think to get away..
For me Escape is a very hard and harsh word in particular to mention like a balloon to be blown until it cannot hold the air anymore that is pumped into it and shall explode soon...due to the pressure!

Why get into the situation when your need to escape…why not prefer to say direct straight, two letter word NO! Situations…ahh don’t always blame them!

There is a quote in Bible:
Be sure your sin will find you out.
~ Indeed it does…one cannot run or hide from thyself deeds. Good or bad one has to face the consequences, perhaps right on this earth while you are alive. Nothing haunts form the past born-life…it’s all today and right now that holds the future for you!

I choose to face the consequences. Correct them if given a chance.

One fine day, my friend told that she met with a minor accident with an auto while driving two-wheelers. She almost escaped with minor injuries. But after one month, she is still to over come the scary dreams of that accidents which is actually hinders her a lot in driving now.
I wonder, if she has actually escaped the accident!
In a way she did…as much worst could have happened…!
But than coming back to the zero point…she could not escape the creepy memories!

..you Escape
place, situation, moment..
yet traumatic Echo Emotions

Yet sometimes the past breakdowns are so severely dreadful that to forget them or disassociate with them completely is very difficult. Indeed one cannot alter the beauty of life, that the past somewhere and somewhat decides your future.

The incidents have such strong intensity that even if you escape the place, the situation, the moment…it carries traumatic echo emotions forever!

~ Perhaps, you cannot escape the escape...

You cannot change what happened but possibly all you can do is to cherish the past or be stimulated to get inspired of it to make the present better.
The past is the chunk, that you thought you could escape..actually shapes and makes the whole life of an individual. It does not tell us to escape it because there is certainly no chance of escaping.

Why not choose the reality with full sincerity.
Just to have an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through escape is not the answer. ESCAPE is only a temporary diversion and not an answer to the problem through escapism.

~ We all work on computers and are very well aware with the keyboard.
We all sometimes use the combination of the Control-Alt-Escape as a soft reboot. It is an easy way to bump the left side of the keyboard and reboot the computer. It was implemented by David Bradley, a designer of the original IBM PC. But when he used the combination keys, he realized it was too easy to bash the left side of the keyboard accidentally. So he switched the key combination to Control-Alt-Delete (often abbreviated to Ctrl-Alt-Del, also known as the "three-finger salute"), a combination that was impossible to press with just one hand.

Same applies to our life's odd incidents too.
To Control the weird incident of life we need to find and Alternative solution and Escape the moment. Perhaps, being it an easy way and temporary way to let things aside. Hence we need to change the formula to Control-Alternate and latter Delete the chapter completely that affects the ebb tide and flow of life.
~ For escape only adds to suffer in fearful anguish, destroying your own path.

Perhaps, there is no way you can elope, the hurdles or escape the encounters but choose to move fiercely to capture life knocking all the hurdles!

Choose to fly over to flee
Choose to make a sally than to escape, a fleeting merry!
A length between the entrance and escape is long
Life is moving, changing and constantly stirring without a skip
How long your gonna wait and watch
How long you gonna run or clutch
Relieve the past fast
Relive the life roller coaster that actually lasts,
Promise to face it..
Both the pros and cones..
Perhaps the life wheel goes on and on
Open to room some grace and space
Escape the word Escape!
Be straight loud and clear 'NO'
Before the Escape roar!

However, if you still not agree with me, than Escape...yes choose to escape to a beautiful fascinating Landscape..!
Take a break, take a picture or paint your own escape to a landscape!
Get your ipod listen to Enrique's Escape song...Get a life buddy..!

~ I prefer the Escape song (CLICK HERE) from Rupert Holmes. (Do listen to this wonderful song!)

  • My upcoming next post holds a true story, "an Encounter never Escaped and Echoed rest of Life", so kindly keep updated with this blog) Won't you Escape it :P
  • The picture above is taken by akka talented photographer and my dear friend AmitSemwal!
  • Thanks a ton for following and support! Luv yeah!

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