31 March, 2010

Rainbow – seven shades reflects in ME

Chatter Box tagged me to share 7 random facts about me. Below are the seven random facts about me illustrated as the seven shade of the RAINBOW as each point is a unique and reflects my tiny true leaf of the life!
  • 1. I suffer from a split personality.
Weird but it is true!
One side I’m a strong woman! Aggressive and every answer with detail, apt knowledge and facts added.
~ And other hand I behave little child, very childish, kiddies, foolish and apparently an utmost dumb.

Like a true Virgo by nature...I have to have the last word in everything and with all the correction! This trait comes to me with my galaxy of stars.
~ Perhaps, on the other hand…you might even notice me to have a last loud laugh, after 10minutes the joke been cracked. Yeah even this comes to me very naturally! Ah! Nobody to blame for this!

Growing old is mandatory but growing up is the choice you make…I wonder why!
Let shuffle the statement above.
Let it make it like this:
~ Growing up is mandatory but growing old is the choice you make!
Now it sounds better :)
RAINBOW in ME ~ Rachi Creations..
My childish behavior of nature helps me to feel happy…creative and think like a child to dig in the most of extraordinary heights of imagination. So I will never mind to be stuck to this hour of the clock of Life’s innocence.

On the other hand...as my age too suggest…I’m here evolving to a grown up woman. Discovering the heights of circumstances, analyzing billions of emotions in a shot, depths of patterned relationships and waves of silly-billy feelings!

It is here when I get tough…seriously involved into nature!

Perhaps it is the Nature…where I find myself rolling on the green grass ground, enjoying swings, cycling to feel the breeze onto my face and flying kites of desires and dreams!

Don’t you wonder...this split of nature is important…not just sometimes but every time!
~ This split helps to keep up the spark and uphold the smile.

On one hand where I was very much bold and unruffled to anything I did or say…on the other hand I was childish and unpredictable in nature!

My friends always excused me every time…saying that I’m bold as I’m strong minded and I’m childish as I’m creative.
These are not the scattered thoughts…but this is the post where I have be more content then ever…just being and feeling the more of me!

Some might just argue with me…that why do so much of Ga-Ga on i-me-myself!?
Then I do have an answer to this too.
If I don’t understand myself the best and at the first position…how can I attempt to understand others and the world around.
~ Hence Ga-Ga is important after all any music is never bad...Listen and Humm around!

  • 2. Give and GAIN
I love to give things…or rather I must say I like gifting people and not expecting from them to give me back. Giving hand made greetings or just tiny gifts wrapped with immense love! Gifting comes genuinely to me! ~ As I have been taught at home the more you give the double you get (does this sound like greedy!)…if not today then will get tomorrow is all set. And yes...this philosophy has turned my litmus paper into green. I adore and endorse gifting. Perhaps, Rachi Creations exist and excel!

Not what we give,
But what we share,
For the gift
without the giver
Is bare.
~ James Russell Lowell

  • 3. JOURNALS and Journey
Having traveled a lot…I was always taught to write letters to relatives and friends. Today, I tend to scribble nibble on twitter, send mails, blogging and adding comments! And I paramount into each and every letter or tiny word I type. I just mean it! Trust me!

  • 4. vibrant Curve on lips
I am proud of all of you who have been brave and bold enough to endeavor out in the 360degree round real world and reflect their true femininity at the fullest.
I still remember my first lipstick bought many years ago for some college function and the shade was suggested my one of my very dear friend. It was PINK PRANK 131 from elle18. Perhaps the name provoked me to buy it and suited me the best.
~ Today, my favorite is shades are Glamshine Sweet Nude and Glamshine Grape Juice from Loreal! These are the easy shade of lipstick in my lives. Though a shift of expensive stuff anyway out of curiosity, they are healthy and safe to skin!
BTW: Never forget any makeup is not bad for skin…bad is when we don’t remove or leave unclean skin while we sleep. Let your skin too breathe a while.

  • 5. Sweet tooth Seductions
I like eating Bourbon Biscuits, that to opening the two side and than enjoy licking the chocolate inside. I still do it and love it as forever.
~ LINK : bourbon biscuits - homemade heaven

  • 6. Sun shine give Vitamin D, good for Strong Bones
I’ve never broken a bone in my body. Hmm…now you know how strong I’m despite being Slim ;) One of the best ways to keep bones strong is by exercise. Nope! I don’t go gym…I dance…a lot and than drink water a lot :)

  • 7. It gives me tickles in Tune
Everyone since the childhood have certain inspiration and an appealing aspiration to be in a certain way when we are grow up...or in fact when we are old enough to be grown up!

Long back when I was in my school in late 90s and heard one pop album song! I must have been by then in sixth or seventh grade. When I saw that song, I initially loved the song...the dance and the music up beats. Latter when I heard over and over again the same song…I realized there was something more than just the music that attracted me to that song.

I could see in that album myself in every nooks and corner of the shot.
~ Each musical beat was like my own heartbeat.
Possibly each word of the lyrics narrated me and my own life!

~ Conversely then the life I was visualizing was about the future…how I wanna be when I grow up…and yes…this album song portrayed my future reflection the best in my childhood! Only thing that is not me in that video is the White as I Celebrate Colors uniquely!

Interestingly, when today I look myself…I’m more of that song…perhaps must of the striking extension!
~ Yeah when you see this video, you will know…that’s ME!
Me the little Umi!

-Let the video loads fully!

  • || I wish to tag few of my readers and friends: Ayu, Bill, Leo, Mitul, Mahesh, Madhulika, Pria,Rhonda, Shruttz, Suni,Tharangni, Lena....Perhaps anyone and everyone who is interested in sharing their points to ponder in the list of SEVEN about themselves!
  • Thanks so much Chatterbox for this enchanting experience, without your tag it would not have been possible.
  • Above drawing is created by thyself and is an extension of Rachi Creation..crayons hues! Hope you liked it :)

  • Last 24th March, my blog became 3years old and so on my upcoming next post I shall cover up ~ my favourite best post list in three years, so be updated :)
  • Thankyou so much for your constant love and affection! Love you all!

  • READ MORE about me on my other posts of TAG ME!
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26 March, 2010

Survivor Unveils - 55Fiction #07

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
It’s an attempt to focus light on a survival story of a young girl and her hardships that turn into her power which made her much stronger finally!

~ survivor unveils ~

Stabbed at chest,
Nail marks on neck,
Eyes cold, red blue crumple,
Fear swallows, Tears elopes,
She locked herself into the room,
And called the rescue center immediately!
This is how she saved herself from the violent wild Wolf,
Crunch, the wolf was her legally companion,
A black-belt earned girl unveils in an inspiring interview!

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence (c) Rachi Creations..
To Enlarge CLICK here
~ Sadly the domestic violence is a reality and still prevails in India and all over the world. Domestic violence is far more than the just bruises and wounds on body; it is an irreversible scar on the mind and soul.

  • "Acts of physical violence by the husband against his wife include: pushing, shaking, throwing something at her, slapping, arm twisting, hair pulling, punching, kicking, dragging, beating, trying to choke or burn her on purpose, and threatening her or attacking her with a weapon. Acts of sexual violence by the husband include physically forcing the wife against her will to have sex or perform other sexual acts that she did not want to perform..."
  • "Acts of emotional violence by the husband against the wife include: saying or doing something to humiliate her in front of others, threatening to hurt or harm her or someone close to her, or insulting her or making her feel bad about herself."

The cycle of domestic violence is repeated across generations. Women whose mothers were beaten by their fathers are twice as likely to experience violence as women whose mothers were not beaten by their fathers: 60 percent, compared with 30 percent. (Ref. Report *)
~ Perhaps, how to deal in such adverse condition is something that is learnt from the family life-style.

Most Women Do Not Seek Help When They Are Abused.

Only one in four abused women have ever sought help to try to end the violence they have experienced.
~ Two out of three women have not only ever sought help, but have also never told anyone about the violence. (ref.Report* )

Spousal violence is lower among couples in which husbands and wives have both been to school and are equally educated (23 percent) than among couples where the husband has more education than the wife (36 percent).
~ Perhaps EDUCATION is the answer to most of the problems. To respect the humankind in the right manner must be taught in the school  and family. Any kind of violence must not be acceptable or promoted in any condition or crises.

Only one percent of married women have ever initiated violence against their husband.
~ Point to be noted!

Majority of Women and Men Say That a Husband Is Justified in Beating His Wife
~ More than half of women (54 percent) and men (51 percent) agree that it is justifiable for a husband to beat his wife under some circumstances. (ref. Report*)

No! not in any case man or woman, need to tolerate the violence or any kind of abuse.
Maltreatment is against human-kind! SO let’s raise voice against it.
Support the one who need help before jumping on the conclusions.
How long we will keep mum and blame the society! Just like Charity starts at home…this revolution to say NO against any cruelty or harassment must get propagated from the own family. No more blaming games or any silly excuse.

...abolishing domestic violence is an
to a revolution of TheChange..
Let you or any of your known family people not be a victim. Let’s educate and learn from the past decades generation’s mistakes which were committed under the veil of culture and tradition.

Lets woo and take a promise,I, yes! I will take a stand, no matter what!

~Stop treating the woman as the flower vase…when you like the vase you keep decorate it with flowers and keep at the corner and when you get bore you don’t care and throw to break it.

  • The above drawing is an extension to RACHI CREATIONS.. created by thyself with basic crayons colors.
  • (ref. Report *) ~Kindly check the link to see more statistics on Domestic Violence.
  • I support the Campaign "BELL BAJAO - Bring Domestic Violence to a HALT"
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18 March, 2010

Clueless Leaf - Leaves me Breathless

~ Kindly bear this post Long one but with a Twig/Twist..! Take it as a journey with an ambition to learn, explore and innovate more...relax..open your mind doors and then start reading!
Life is clueless, complicated yet full of colors and choices to make. I don’t believe in any situation has no option or only one option…until you leave hope and surrender the circumstance. Perhaps, all have abundance of options and doors to open and explore the new.

This time I have come across to this post only to share my view and a very strong conviction for life I follow in!

There will be many moment in life when you might just end up questioning self, Who I am and why I chose this job/career/relationship/material? I've completely lost sight of!!
~ Though life privileged you with the choice to make for whatever you gain or lost.
~ Yet just sometimes, being a bit clueless is the biggest hint can give to triumph over new options!

I have found that the options availability are many...and plenty but an adamant behavior, rigid thoughts or conventional society or family pressure results in supporting your stubborn nature. ~Utter confusion strives to limit the options.
~ Perhaps, not every time you have to be conventional at your choices. Now what is unconventional yet willful you choose!

We need to flexible our self a bit more and look around the options. We all know each person have different views and perception of certain things…yet we don’t share our ideas and enhance the up built. (Kindly go through this post to understand different views people have for same thing: Perception Reflection - Part Two)

Oxygen (O2) : Oxygen gas normally is the divalent molecule O2.
Some interesting facts about oxygen(O2) are as follows:

  • All life on earth is based on 5 basic elements: sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Amongst these, the element that is most abundant is oxygen. Oxygen makes up about 65% of the human body. It is quite evident why it is essential to keep our body oxygenated. Odorless, tasteless, and colorless, oxygen is one of the most important substances without which life would not be able to exist.
  • Oxygen is the sole element that has the capability of combining with practically all other elements in order to form the essential ingredients that are required for building and maintaining our body.
  • For instance: water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen(H2O) ; carbohydrates are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon; proteins are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.
  • The list of crucial roles played by oxygen is quite endless. It is necessary for oxidization, or combustion, and also acts as a preserver, sanitizer, deodorizer, and disinfectant. Our cells are energized by oxygen, which helps them to regenerate. Oxygen regulates all the functions of the body. Our ability to talk, sleep, eat, move, feel, and think are all dependent on the energy that is generated by oxygen. Our body uses oxygen for the metabolism of food and the elimination of waste and toxins via oxidation. Oxygen is used by the brain to process information.

Real FACT: We can go without food for a number of weeks and survive, we can even go without water for 3-7 days, but we cannot survive without oxygen beyond 5 minutes. Oxygen is the third most abundant element found in the sun, and it plays a part in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, the process once thought to give the sun and stars their energy.

Though we inhale mix of gasses, our lungs filters the rich oxygen and exhale the rest of gases. And if we voluntarily stop breathing (i.e. hold our breath) for a long enough amount of time, we would lose consciousness, resulting lack of oxygen to supply to the vital organs of the body and a fallout with a dead brain, declaring death or suicide.

Hence, people must understand the value of Oxygen in our living/ existence.
I have mentioned so many essential facts about the Oxygen O2, so that the people who are not from the specific science background can also learn and understand about the significance of Oxygen, perhaps the Breath of Life.

~ But then why are we suddenly discussing about Oxygen/Science!

Yes back to the main theory I have always believed and propagated is philosophy of OPTIONS OPEN (O2) perhaps, the chemical formula of normal Oxygen.

Without the Options Open implemented in our life…we are dead in our plans and deceased in our happy existence.
Not that life does not offer us second door to open and explore but we often get hocked with our inflexibility and looking for only one closed door with all the odd pretensions and uncertain calculations.
Options Open (O2) is as important and essential as Oxygen into our life, perhaps it is the Breath of Life.
Life is already clueless, so please don’t make it much complicated with comparison charts, unnecessary expectations, forceful acts and pressures. ~ O yes, love to quote from 3Idiots Movie, Life is not a pressure cooker..., perhaps do not cook assumptions for life but let life offer you the best options open. Certainly only you are alone are cooking and diving in stress storm. Adversity is inevitable, stress is optional..!

~ Do not endure stress, fatigue, sleepless nights…nothing can be the worst…more than if you keep continue thinking of something or just nothing...A tiny Headache will take no time to convert into Heart-attack…perhaps a dying of Thought-Attack. So be careful!

Options Open Oxygen @rachicreations
O2-ClulessLeaf @Rachi Creations..
"..I am breathless without you
The wind circles among the trees,
And it bangs about the new-made leaves,
For it is breathless without you.."
(Breathless: NickCave and the Bad seeds
scroll n LISTEN BELOW.)
Worry for the worry is Waste.
Worry to beat the negativity.
~ Be a warrior.
Choose for the bountiful Ocean of ideas.
And Options Open (O2) for availability to opt.
~ Breathe Oxygen and Clam down!
Be comfortable to the change,
As only constant is the change,
Convey your sense of Confidence.
~ No one is Culprit…do not blame either ME or Yourself,
Relax and take a break from your rehearsal and repetitive rounds,
~ Review the Options Open (O2).
Collect your thoughts use your creativity and courage to choose!
Certainly Life has a lot to offer and rejoice!!

Remember: Certain things are good only when opted best in the right time, apt momentlate decisions may lead to the diluted and irrelevance of the choice made. So choose the best from the available options in a set of time. Late decisions making, looses the charm of experience. Don’t be a loser, breath the Oxygen(O2) and look forward to as many Options Open quickly!

Making priority list is good…yeah I said The Priority-List….make and count as one, two three…just as you would like to say as plan A, plan B or if not than plan C implementation. What best or most matches your needs just select that. Array and assess opportunities, alternate ways, new prospective. Sky is your limit! Fly with new innovative ideas. Be a singular in the plural world! You are definitely a scientist and can discover/invent something worth and new.

Let you shape your world and existence with your own best decisions from choosing the options open from the priority list!

Yeah! The Best is what you choose and sincerely contribute in...the finest can be anything you want or wish to make. Absolutely it is YOU who decide and do the best and leave the rest! All your choices are correct. Just count one, two, three... and all.

~ Life is like a bestseller book. Pick the book, and randomly open any page and start reading. Whatever and whenever you read will be interesting and captivating. All you need it to opt/willing to open the page, read and rejoice.

And someone best said, If you are feeling overwhelmed with your family responsibilities, please get help if you can afford it. Find a sitter for your children, explore options for aging parents, and seek counseling for yourself. In many cases, you have options, but you need to take the time to find them. Make the best use of the options available.

Let’s not fuss so much about the hullabaloo Life…lets pick options that are distinct and yet brings merit in our life and also create a distill difference into other’s life too.

~ Indeed, Life is a collection of moments and choosing from the options-open (O2), gives the life a momentum!

Though philosophies can be only words sometimes..but one cannot ignore the importance of choosing from what life offers to you and what you give back to Life and people around ..and round, Life Cycle / Cirle...Earth..remember..huhh :) Go have a ride on your thoughts!

~ Speak your mind and Share your thought perhaps Ship your Idea! I did mine..how about You..!!
~ Hope reading this post you have somewhat edifies your Life circle.
~ Phew..inhale..exhale..relax!

  • This is the Green PostTREES give Oxygen(O2) so do plant more!
  • The drawing above is the made by thyself as a extention of  'Rachi Creations..'
  • I really have to say heartily thanks to five people for this post.
  • Tavish, whose feeling/post of “the fear of lose” propelled me to post this post as quickly as possible.
  • Mahesh, from whom I learnt the twist/twig of Green and dedicating the post/blog as Green contributing our bit to environment.
  • Mitul, for explaining me so well the concept of “Born to Ship”, that is just conquer and share or Ship the perfect or imperfect idea or thought spontaneously with others.
  • Nupur, my college’s ex roomie...as together WE discovered (Options Open)O2 concept to cope up with studies and issues:)
  • And HUBBY...for making lovely magie :):)
  • While I’m busy in dotting the discovery of O2 and am also breathless..so please plant more Trees :)
  • Let the video fully loads..enjoy! Breathless by Nick Caves and Bad Seed's very inspiring song!

...exhale...Keep the spark Alive..inhale..O2...Relax..
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15 March, 2010

mom and Me - Born Bond

~ Below is the personal love letter for the person who is the most generous, genuine and giving in nature. Here, I dedicate this one post of the blog for the person whose personal pleasures, time and energy of life had been devoted for me. Kindly spare your ten minutes in reading this letter which is really worth!
Born Bond~(C)~Geetali Pradhan

~ "Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall;
a Mother's secret hope outlives them all." ~
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Dearest Mommy!

~ When I was in your womb, enjoying indirectly the curd and tomato salad you ate, I knew I was coming to be in a healthy family. I was definitely blessed! You brought me to this earth with so much of pain yet made my life simply painless.

~ When I was six months old, you liked dressing me in a nice bright pink frill frock with matching socks and shoes. You made me look like an angel. Perhaps the only time I looked so cute and a true angel.

~ When I was three years old, you feed me with your own hands the rajma-chawal with lots of ghee into it. I was developing my tastes to the wondrous food you made. You made me surprised every time to make food with same taste, flavors and aroma. Perhaps with love you make and serve the food is beyond the doubt so incredibly delicious and divine just like you are!

~ When I was five, I had my few choices in food and made faces when you cooked green vegetables. But you made sure I ate them to get all the needed vitamins.
Perhaps, then I learnt you were a typical dedicated mother who can run with the bowl of rice behind the kid for hours and still not feel tired.

~ When I was six, I didn’t like to get up in the morning and moreover didn’t like going school. I used to roll into my bed under the bed cover.
But then you used to come to me inside the bed cover, hugged me, cuddled and played with me for next five minutes. Latter slowly whispered into my ears to get up as you had packed my favorite sandwich into the Tiffin-box. And guess what I used to get up soon. Indeed, mom you were elegantly too smart and knew me so well.

~ When I was seven, I participated in the running race in the school sport day event. You came to cheer me but I could not make it that hundred meters race. I was sad and very upset.
But then you said that
same race-concept applies to life too. Don’t you get despair and get carried away in the failure. Though coming last in race you made it last longer as you ran so well till end. You are true sportsman and so live up that spirit.
Perhaps only than I understood, the participation was more important and just winning. And there I learnt my first basic lesson of the life taught my mom!

~ When I was nine and going to school, you came to pick me up. I remember you talking to my class-teacher. I was so scared if teacher told you about my mischief in the classroom and you might just scold me latter. Though you knew, I was a kid and a naughty one too; you took patience to explain me the things that embarrassed you to hear about me. I remember that day when I became class-monitor and you were so happy to see me lead! Perhaps you explanation drives me to my best of the expectation.

~ When I was ten, I enjoyed playing with my friends’ everyday after returning from the school. One day when a boy (my classmate) teased me, I came running to you and you willingly supported me and readily scolded the boy for making me sad. Perhaps latter you did explain me with good grace that fighting and patching up with friends is the part of good friendship. Ever since than you became my best friend.

~ When I was twelve, I was asked by you to participate in all the cultural activities in the school. You made all the efforts to help and guide me for those programs.You wanted me to look the best in the group. Hence you persistently made some extra effort by coming with me to the shop to buy all the craft works and the dress needed in the program. I realized, you were my best cheerleader and wanted me to understand the core behind the perfection. Indeed, I realized then that each minute of perfection was worth the effort you made, when I won the first prize in the poem recitation.

~ When I was fifteen, I was studying in the room during weekend. You came with the (besan) chickpeas flour paste mixed with honey. You dipped your palms in the paste and rubbed gently on my face. I wondered why!
The next bizarre day you came with the curd and cream then rubbed on my head even each hair strands.

Mom, I knew well that I was your sweetheart darling daughter, but you turned me into sweet darling dessert with missing red cheery on my head :P

Till then I used to drink glass of milk twice a day to get proper nutrition but since you thought I was a dessert, you made me apply raw milk on my face too every morning, to get instant glow. Phew!
You called me into the kitchen to teach me how to make dough; I thought you must be kidding though.
You wanted me to learn many more household things. However never took my help and did your things sincerely. Conceivably I was then just fifteen.

Looking at you I understood the basic ethics of being a mom of the daughter child.

~ When I was seventeen, you took me to the shopping. We had lots of fun and ate ice cream. I found your negotiating skills while buying things in the market. No shop keeper could fool you around. You were tough yet charming with your apt market price analysis. In market you never compromised. Though you comprised and settled for the best.

Finally you bought me few salwar-suits and told me that this suits me the best. I hated this very thought of yours, though I understood the apt concern behind your act. Eureka! I was growing up!

Perhaps, I understood, being a mom/woman is not easy living with.. so many quick correct decisions making, further responsibilities and constraint constantly rushing into mind.

~ When I was eighteen, you shared your biggest crush story and asked mine. I had my long list of people and you had only one to still sublime. Astonishingly, I discovered your crush was Amitabh Bachchan!(Click Here) Gimme a break mom!

When it rained you dragged me outside in the rain, we together felt breeze and together enjoyed each raindrop on our skin. I knew then that you were not just my mom, my best friend but also you were as joyous as being a virtual sister of mine.

~ When I was twenty two, I was going for higher studies and moved to the hostel life. You knew I would feel hungry at mid-night so you prepared so many snacks, wrapped safely and kept without my knowledge into my bag. You hugged me and only said take care! You missed me badly but never showed. You pretended to be strong hearted, though you are very soft and sensitive at core.
I know mummy, you have been more geared to understand and focused in making best choices to our personal lives. Hence you have ability to make hard calls when needed yet balance to uphold.

Till now,
~YOU always bought things I LIKED,
~ cooked the food I LIKED,
~ watched the television serial I LIKED and
~ YOU even wore the dress on occasions that I LIKED
~ You devoted all you choices to me. And only a Mothers’ could do so.

~ You made coffees and milk shakes at odd times for making me to study little more a while.
Concentrate to study and don’t you sleep on books, Girl! You said to uplift my mood! And we together giggled. ~ Somehow,you always had strong instincts to know what was behind the closed doors and blocked thoughts :)

~ You prepared snacks and tit-bits for my friends when invited at home.
You welcomed and treated them with the same sweet love and hub of warmth.
You are a true natural nurturant. And ability to connect with everyone comes with ease. Compassionate thought without compare has been your natural traits.

~ When I was giving my exams of studies or personal life, you were the one who was constantly praying for me. I know you prayed God to pass me with good results and you also prayed to pass all my worries and troubles to you. I came out with glorious rainbow colors and all praise goes to you and only You!

~ The green leafy vegetables you cooked that I hated the most in my childhood, today staying far ~when I am twenty six, I tend to ask the same recipes on phone everyday. I often miss the chicken curry you prepared every Sundays.

Though I call it being stylish but miss the oil in my head that you added and massaged to relax me so well. You brush away the tangles from my hair, yet also the tangles of my life!

Me & Mom
I love your care, composure, your completeness.
The strength, the power the dignity you reflect.
Your hand’s tenderness in warmth is paramount.
The character you have shown..
...in you moves is mounting at infinite.
I’m proud to owe you, Mom!
Your humble voice makes my pain vanish,
The choices you make,
Decisions you take,
And the courage you bear!

Mom & ME
I love when you smile and cook.
I love the way you look.
For the long journey made in the time travel,
Take me into your arms and let me sleep sound.
Let me be a kid for the moment again sitting in your lap;
Let the ticking time stops right there,
You believe in me beyond horizon.
You’re compassionate being passionate.
You sight off my imperfections.
To teach ME the best has been your only ultimate mission!

For me you are multiple skill sets, handling tasks with perfections. You have managed the time, resources, money, emotions, relationships and ME so well.
You are the best chef, best nutritionist, best beautician, best cheerleader, best teacher, best Human Resource Manager (...perhaps how can we ignore, the charm you carry in the way, you challenge Paa to run at your commands!)

Indeed, YOU been the best mom and perhaps the best woman, ever have influenced ME so much and yet I am competing to be the Best like you!

Love you so much for everything!
~ I'm so glad that I share my DNA with You :)

Your loving Daughter;
Umi :)

  • Dear readers, please welcome Geetali Pradhan, my childhood and school days friend, who made this lovely ecstatic pencil sketch. She is a sterling friend and perfect daughter. This sketch is her personal life based sketch featuring her loving mom and herself as a child into it. A heartily thanks to you Geetali, for letting me use your exultant sketch in this post making it look so ideal.
  • Kindly do not copy the picture without permission!
  • Also I have added above two photos, one photo is of year 1999 and other photo is of year 2009 when my mom came here to meet me! Yep! Exactly 10years in fact 26 years with the rocking bond!
  • Perhaps today, 15th March,2010 we will celebrate her 50th HappyBirthday as Golden jubilee of her life! Happy Birthday Mom!!

~ Salute to Womanhood! ~
HappyBirthday Mom..Muhaaa..!
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12 March, 2010

my Life Creative Carnival

~ I have got few more reasons to celebrate and without sharing them with you all dear friends and readers the carnival is incomplete.

~ Firstly, I’m truly excited to know being a true loyal blogger on Blogspot that they have now just released the new template designer on Blogger. Kindly know easily how to change the templates from Blogger in Draft blog . Yes.. this is a Breaking News!

Go to your blog
> Dashboard > Layout > and next to HTML > Template Designer

Vivid variety and change with easy…wow..had been waiting for this since ages…CashON! It is absolutely free and enchanting experience for you and your blog!

~ Last year, when I was celebrating the blogger-blog Award giving away to my readers and bloggers, I realized immensely something beautiful took place. Though I forgot to mention this in certain link but the effect is all bright as ever. I still remember that day and regard one of my blessed moments!

Sir Gopinath owner of Blog-Artickles published one post exclusively for my blog! And said something about my blog(Humming Today) that has been most cheering thing – With your blog, one really doesn’t need an occasion to celebrate, I guess…
I have got many more followers and friends ever since than… and believe to rejoice the blogger bond Award soon :)

~ Beginning this New Year, one of my post A lifetime journey from Bombay to Mumbai a true story of my life of realization was also selected as one of the best post for Spicy Saturday.
  • Between I got lovely awards from Shruti, Ayu, Makk and Deepa!
  • Also got in touch with some of the most creative souls Like Cory, Rhonda and Deepa! Bow to Them!
  • Love you Madhulika, Pria and Lena!

~ Also one of my post in fact the first post "Oh! What an F-Word" of this New Year,2010 was selected as the best post of the month January,2010 for ColorsMagazine.

~ Moreover, my first post as a Guest-Post has also been published!
I’m truly excited and feel so blessed!

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  • Like..every person has a bit of philosopher in him/her and have his/her own a way of philosophy of life to define, look and explore the experiences, feelings, and fundamentals! I have tried to ponder, express the unexpressed thoughts and define my own quote that I follow in my life. ~ Top-Ten Simple Delights of Life/

  • Thankyou Friends for being the part of my Creative Canival and sharing the bond! Do revert back with your views after you read my Guest Post "Top Ten Simple Delights of life" :)

~||. Celebrate Life..Keep the spark Alive..||~
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08 March, 2010

a Walk in the Woods

I walked a long way between those tiny little lanes. I did not even give a glance what was around me except the best earthy rough walls along the path. The sun is about to rise, the sky is already so orange. It’s a bit chilly but this red shawl wrapped around keeps me so warm. This shawl belongs to my mom, but on my last birthday, she gifted me. It is an aged preserved warm shawl and I love the harps and wraps of the knitted threads.

There is a strange salient silence. Though I find a mild chirping of the birds in my ears is building up my day. I uplift and walk. And walk a little more till I find the woods around. Long lustrous tall green trees are where I best fit in. The tender elongated climbers’ holding and cuddling the tree branches looks like the trees trinkets. Wish, the trinkets I had few mine. And look here I found my charms, the lovely smooth small colorful pebbles, which I picked some shortly. I enjoy the pebbles tangible. Perhaps a Child in ME!

In the rhyme sung, not that I’m literary humming but I find my mind already got few melodious lines to warble.

And here starts a steep walk over the hill. The scent of the wild yellow flowers and the evergreen leaves makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I have been here, many a times when I was a kid. I came here with my friend, a little girl. Yes! We came here all alone but accompanied by the bicycle.

..I creep in the dark and more I brighten up. crossing over all is what I want and I choose...
Today, again I have this same walk, a stroll in the woods. I’m not afraid of any wilderness in woods. I creep in the dark and more I brighten up. While I keep moving, I enjoy the rhythm of the rattling sound, I make with my feet.
It’s been a long time when the leisure is on my list.
I keep counting each step I make and each breath I take in.
No, I don’t puff; I’m content and happy to my view.
I leave behind the entire why, what, where, how the hollow questions, apprehensive pretentious taut touts. Yes! I skip and delete all.
~ Crossing over all is what I choose.

Then I look up above the taller than tall dark arching trees and to my surprise I find few sun rays clinging through the heavy gleaming evergreen leaves. I can feel the purity and fine mist all around. It makes the little sunshine even more beautiful. Yes! It is more beautiful when it shines on my skin. I suddenly see down to check my steps that I take in.

And before I could step ones more, I abruptly hold my feet up above a ground and get back with one step backwards. Here, I find a tiny Snail passing by. I look keenly to minor swifts it takes over the dry leaves. I fluttered my eyes and smiled at the snail. No, I don’t see any prince face into it…but just that I loved its moves being so cute. I love shells.


I take a slight shift and safely leave the way of the snail. And I again sail into my boulevard of the inherent nature. Little by little I take tiny step with eloped stumbles and few jumps over the humble stones.

The cool breeze has already begun and I feel so captivated into the nature’s aura. I walk and then run a bit. There is strange yet a sensitive feeling to the gentle breeze passing through my hair.

The tingling lope to thoughts and memories cross. I waddle on into the treasured lane of ideas and innovations. The strange amalgamation of power and humbles I follow.

O dear! I just love this elementary trail..!
I pass through the sidewalk of river flowing. I get inspires with the undercurrent of the blue calm river. The sparkling of the sunshine over the water looks so sumptuous. There is definitely something common in me and river I insure!

A sheer delighted I get to see a humming bird sitting on the rocks. Out of the blue it gathers the courage and spreads her wings and flies away in the wind. I aspire to each swing of the moment. I want to reach there and occupy my space. My potential soars on my way. I keep walking and, though being slow but I don’t want to stop but keep my steps flow. And before I know it all, I smile!

As here is where I wanted to reach. I found my place, my rock of life indeed. It gives me strength and freedom to be me just the way I’m The Me.
O+ dear!
It is..
The subtle yet the strong,
The mystery yet the truth,
The uncertainty yet the clarity,
The pain yet the care,
The dream yet the dare,
The want yet the desire,
The shy yet the flaunt,
The force yet the passion,
The rebel yet the virtue,
The royal yet the kind,
The woo yet the divine,
~ The verb yet the adjectives,

I walk a half way across more. I ran and as I run to hold the tickling in the stomach. The laughter fills all the pause, absence and silence in between. Giggles, smiles and charm we share.

This is the beautiful and wedge. A willful insight! The whispers in words! I would withstand and unfold all. The spherical dimension all around me emerge.

~ I name it as the wOman in Me, I care!
A worthwhile wriggle in woods but found a woman in me evolved! ~
Women are not easy to understand. Famous authors and poets have extensively written about 'woman.' Yet, no one can claim to fully fathom her mind.

I’m sure this thought must have rushed into your blood stream when you ended this post but that’s how I want to put all the scattered, elementary, earthy thoughts together in to a mix of witty yet wise wassail to exclaim!

I’m celebrating you and me!
Yes! My dear friend I’m celebrating woman in me!

  • My childhood fantasy has been always much fascinated with the "Alice in Wonderland" story, an enthralling journey. Its not that I call myself as Alice, but definitely I live in Wonderland :)
  • And enjoy the Womanhood completely with a Gurly walk and Live the Life like a Princess!(Click Princess)
  • Love to quote of my female friend saying, “~There are only two kinds of people in this world _ Female and Non-Female…Which category do you come..?”
  • Happy Woman’s Day – 8thMarch,2010

~Celebrate Life..keep the Spark Alive..~
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06 March, 2010

Time Travel

  • TIME TRAVEL halts at school
  • [This is the true shots based on my personal life. Words and incidents captured from the Journal written during my school days (Class XII). Also have added few photocopy of the pages in SnapShot at the end of the post. Not much changed has been made…except few grammatical corrections…]
  • This post is an attempt to bind friends together, bind the memories and travel through time back excatly TEN years ago, which halts at School the best days of my life, creating eternal bond!
  • Kindly bear this post as a long one! Hope you enjoy the joy in the  journey of true words!


Today was a very nice day! The assembly in was conducted by the “Kanaklata House”. (There are total four houses in school, Kanaklata, Kamakhya, Brahmaputra, Nilachal..names based on the mountains and river of Assam)

  • NEXT:
In the morning assembly Korobi and Jaya’s (JayaLalita) Birthday was announced. We all clapped a loud. Interestingly the twist was, Today was not Jaya’s Birthday. It was a huge surprise not only for Jaya but also for us. She kept staring our faces in the shocked expressions. Me and Payal were busy in holding our giggle on the corner of the stage. We were noticed by Srikant Sir (My English Sir)! Though I guess, he must have made out that it was our mischief. Perhaps, this Time it was’nt we! They were our dear chasing classmates Boyzzz!

  • NEXT:
Today the students of the “Hindi Kakshya” (room dedicated in the school for Hindi Subject) were asked to sit in the class X-B during the free periods, as Gosawmi Sir (Our Hindi Sir) did not turn up due to certain reason.

I, Payal, Sahana, Namita, Korobi, Babita were in the group enjoying in the class.
Payal was singing songs of the film “Mohobattein” and I with Sahana was trying to picturesque the whole song by dancing and doing weird acting. There were many incidents in between that took place while we were dancing. Those incidents are really very funny and almost impossible to express in words. Total hilarious mountains! While I’m still writing the verdict, I’m smiling alone in the room where nobody is around.

There was no pause over our laughter. Really, Sahana made each and every passing moment so funny. I was the Heroine and she was the Hero of the song sequence. We did not slip even one beat of the song. She grabed my hand and took me into her arms and gracefully just like SRK left me to dance on my own. Seriously we could even give run to the real stars…we were so good into dancing. Payal was our tape recorder. Stopped and got forward in all the songs that we wanted her to sing. We had a great time together, laughing and singing. Namita, Korobi and Babita were the live audience, applauding to our moves!

  • NEXT:
Anupum Sir was teaching us Physics. It was a nice class, why..!
Let me tell you what happened today. He came into our class and took out a huge book and searches randomly some very confusing problem. He wrote the question on the board. Then asked us to find the solution of the question.

I and Payal looked each other face insanity. She lifted her eyebrow to ask if I knew it. My facial expression expressed that I was also in the same boat with her. Soon we were observed by Sir. He came to us and first asked Payal, “Bujhi sa (Do u Understand!)”. She said “No”.

He leaned forward to her desk, shifted all her books on to many side of table and wrote the whole solution on the desk with the chalk explaining the equation. When he was writing on her desk I was also trying to understand and simultaneously copied the same in my notebook. The moment he was done with it, he abruptly rubbed and cleared the solution with his hand. Well this is the way he always does.

Soon he gave a glance over me, and asked, “Understood”. I replied, “No Sir”. He gave a cute little smile and explained me too in the same manner each and every step of the equation. This was really very sweet of him, taking so much of pain to explain. But I still could not get the formula right. Perhaps, mean while I was also busy in sniffing the cool sweet cologne he had used today. Apparently, he is popular in school for his cool strong Colognes!

  • NEXT:
Today was also a CCA (Class Cultural Activity) program’s drawing Competition. The topic was “PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY” for the seniors and “NATURAL CALAMITY for juniors” (I come into senior Category). One hour were given to complete the painting. Srikant Sir(our English Teacher), being the co-coordinator of the CCA program was present there for the whole ONE hour.

His presence of disturbance for me started with a strange compliment!
He said, “So you been learn drawing at home..”,
I replied instantly, “No, Sir”.
~ At this with a strange laugh he replied, “What! You don’t learn drawing and get the first prize every time by itself.”
In some firm yet humble tone, I said, “Sir, This is my hobby.”
His was looked happier to my reply that drawing is my hobby.

So here from given one hour, I lost my 5minutes and 55 minutes started:

Then for next ten minutes I kept thinking, how stupid topic was given to draw.
I wondered, “what made Sir decide such topic, PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY..”

Again, the next ten minutes I brought some scenery sketch into my mind and tried to lay same on the drawing sheet.

Within next ten minutes I finished my drawing and was ready to color it. By the time, numerous times Sirkant Sir kept disturbing me by standing around me. I really can’t concentrate to paint or draw when people are around me, especially when people are teachers.
~ I feel very uncomfortable, when somebody is constantly staring me and my drawing which is yet to be completed. It was one of the most irritating moments of the hour.

Soon keeping an eye on the time passing by, I tried in completing my painting as quickly as possible. I thought, I already lost five minutes talking to Sir and rest minutes in thinking about the weird topic.

In my painting, PICNIC WITH THE FAMILY, I made a huge umbrella set on the banks of the river, under which a husband is sitting and feeding a child, next to it a wife playing with their little daughter and a cute puppy with the ball around. An air is blowing breezily and the woman at the same time is enjoying the scenery.
And suddenly Srikant Sir commented that the woman should be sitting there and play with the baby and the man must play with that little girl.

I wondered again, “it is just a painting Sir..why go into so much details…”
Moreover, I was contradicting with his views too!

Anyway, I confidently replied, Sir this woman is of 21st century, thus she is enjoying the beauty and bliss of the place, where as the man is sitting under the ORDERS given of his wife to take care of the little child.
The answer was full of logic and laughter filled the room. I even noticed Art sir at the corner laughing a loud at the answer.

Okay, this was one the Jamuni (in Assamese we call it as funniest..) and most memorable moment of the day!

  • NEXT:
Finally with all the best wishes of my friends and juniors of the school…my painting was complete at the dot moment.

  • NEXT:
I mostly while painting, don’t watch what others are painting. It gives me tension before hand! And it results that I start doing the worst, while I worry. This is what I today experienced when I somehow saw from a far distance, the drawing of Purnimal, Somyajeet (Both my classmates) and Ravi Shanker (Ultimate painter, Brigu bhaiya’s younger brother).

  • NEXT:
It is really bad of me. In a way, I can see that mostly what I think happens. May be it is the will-power or just a sheer co-incident. While I was painting..(Honestly! I dint wanted to happen things so bad for anyone) I was thinking of Purnimal and Somyajeet. It was just a blink for a Micro second a Negative Thought that Struck in My Mind. Finally I was surprised to see the things turn up this way. Both the guys did a beautiful drawing…simply expraordinary..but both were a truly unlucky..as their paintings were incomplete.

It was a strange experience observed!

  • NEXT:
In the Last period, we found these applications. Something that we are learning in our English class, to write Notice and Application! Interestingly we applied it to our real daily life too!
~ Kindly check the links too at the end of the post in SnapShop.

Boyz said:

The School Captain,


Sub: Application for switching in the fan of our side.

We beg to state, u that due to feeling of hotness in our body, we request u to kindly switch the fan on.
We all will be very gratefull towards this act of yours.

Thanking you,
Yours aagyakari(Sincere) friends
Class XII boys

Girl's reply:
NOTICE (For class XII boys)
We girls don’t want to loose our energy, so we’ll not switch on the fan of your side.
ADVICE: From tomorrow onwards bring AC.
WARNING: If you don’t obey my orders then remember, my Right Hand Sahana has a big file,
“So please be Careful”
School Captain

~ The switches of the fans and light were at the girls side wall so all this drama of Application and Notice happaned.
  • NEXT:
Back at home, today, I learnt SWOT analysis, taught my my paa.
By such analysis we can develop ourselves into a much successful person. ~ “SWOT=Study Hard!”

  • NEXT:
Two days latter, I have been today declared as the first prize winner of the CCA programe’s drawing competition. It was Srikant Sir announcing on the stage. More than me Tanushree was happy, as she is the house captain of the “Kamakhya House”. My winning have added the high score points to our house. It was a great feeling to see my friends getting so happy for my deeds. Preeti, Trishani, Afreen hugged and congratulated me and Tanushree. Jaya, came running to me and started shouting in her very soft voice, “Party… party!”

  • NEXT:
(maa-paa)Ammy and Appa are very happy for me and my prize. Appa told me that on Saturday there is another painting competition for celebrating the “Productivity Week”.
I’m so glad that he like me participating and encourages me so well every time.

  • Goswami Sir(Hindi Sir): It was rare if he ever missed his class, perhaps that day was an exception. He is one of the Best Teacher for our batch. Been most encouraging and loving at heart.
  • Srikant Sir (English Sir): One of the most intellectual and philosophical teacher. Our batch shall always remember his teaching and the way he was perfect and systematic in everything he did.
  • CCA is Class Curricular Activities in school.
  • The snap shot have the writing is of year 2001. between class XII.
Rachana Journal YEAR-2001
* Kindly Check here the SNAP SHOTS *
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