26 July, 2012

Its My Hair

This post is written as a part of personal post yet in connection with Indiblogger and Dove for the contest of 'My beautiful hair story'.

HHair are the best and greatest assets one can possess. The hair could help greatly in boosting your physical appearance. Good hair simply enhances the way you look. It’s like no matter how beautiful one looks but if the hair are messy, it greatly affects you. Not that absolutely easy to maintain the lustre of your hair. You need to be conscious and have to follow a certain simple rules despite being so busy.

Few days back I noticed couple of white hair in my scalp. Instantly I was worried and wondered what caused such effect. Was it only my age that I was growing old and should take it as a compliment? My God! Who would like to be identified as an intellectual on the basis of number of white hair strand in head? Definitely not me the one to appreciate the famous saying ‘Yeh baal dhoop mein safed nahi kiye hain '

Seriously ... no seriously I was worried! I thought what could have been the cause to it. Being a biology student in school, I knew the basic structure of hair and how it was made and what one must do maintain good healthy skin and hair.

I was having a good food, good sleep and no stress. So what was wrong with my hair. Hmm.. Negligence, I figured out. Being on travel plans for months, frequent change of water, extreme climate changes, pollution all resulted to bad hair.

I needed to work over it. Do something. If not today then I could never save it. Since we all know ones hair turned white can never be turned black. Yet I knew that I needed to prevent the new hair which grows must not grow white.

I started with few things which my mom used to do when I was a child to take care of my hair.
I had to turn back to basics even if it means putting oil for hours. It is hard to maintain the glossiness and shine of hair. Indeed, there are so many types of hair which makes it hard for one to maintain it. Some people might have thick but dry hair; others might have thin but normal hair. And still there are those who have oily hair, thick and very curly. Now, no matter what type of hair you have, you can follow some simple secrets, few old techniques at home in order to maintain healthy hair.
  1. Oil massage every alternate days. (olive oil or coconut oil)
  2. Sometimes added lemon juice in oil and massaged it.
  3. Of course lemon is rich and raw source of Vitamin C. It also helps to cure dandruff if any.
  4. Massaging hair roots with egg raw in head. It might smell hell but adding lemon in it can prevent excess smell.
  5. Getting a trim and also chopping of the spilt ends.
  6. Not brushing hair when they are wet or damp.
  7. Never sleeping with wet hair, it weakens the hair roots.
  8. Do not keep changing your shampoo too frequently. Choose the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair. (Simple! Stick to Dove!)
  9. Wash twice a week. Let hair gets dried naturally at room temperature and avoiding use of hair dryer.
  10. Keeping hair tied properly yet loosely while sleeping. May be simple braids shall help.
  11. Try covering the head with the umbrella, cap or scarf while being in sun.
  12. Apply warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse. It is believed that since green tea contains antioxidants it prevents hair loss and boost hair growth. One can use normal tea water too, but it might give some reddish shade colour to your hair.
  13. I personally love to put the henna (natural dye for hair), soaked in tea-water overnight in an iron pan/bowl, mixed with ample of lemon juice and an egg (optional) and applied in hair for few hours until the mixture gets dried and then thoroughly washed away.
  14. Sometimes I love to add the curd to my hair and leaving it for couple of hours. Absolute natural conditioner.
  15. Eating healthy like fruits and vegetables, lots of Lemon, orange juice and eat eggs every day.
I’m genetically blessed with good hair.
Hence, it wasn't that difficult to protect them before any severe damage of hair quality. The efforts could be a bit time consuming but little things help hair in a long run. And honestly, it's never to late to show a little care.

Long time back when I used to use the dove soap for my skin, I used to wonder what if this beautiful brand, dove comes up in India with some shampoo too. Had I got it earlier I would have saved a lot of money, energy and time in trying out number of hair products.

Today, I feel extremely happy to personally use the Dove products and whole shampoo combo are extremely wonderful for hair which have reduced the tension of following the routine of  grandmother's tips rule book.

Now I travel just as frequently as ever, yet I need not worry or fear for the bad hair day(s), I stick to dove to fix my hair. And absolutely that was an end of my hair problems and beginning of the lustrous, soft, healthy hair.

There lies a strength in accepting the situation and as the things are but not caring at all in any circumstance is a foolishness.
Care as they are your hair!
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