26 September, 2010

Easy quick Diet Pink-Sandwich

I’m simply a lover of sandwiches. 
For they are not only very quick to make, yet I do consider them one of the healthiest food one can enjoy at any time of the day. Beautiful amalgamation of colourful fresh vegetables with hints of spicy sauces and tints of sweet touch of honey makes it my favourite sandwich to enjoy at happy hours!

It’s, crunchy, sweet, spicy, juicy, healthy, fresh, bright in color...and just what not...titillating the taste buds!

Diet Pink sandwich
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LINK:  Easy Quick Diet Pink Sandwich

Enjoy butterpunch at HappyHours!
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17 September, 2010

beside the cold breeze cups of coffee - Part 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

Kindly read the First part (Click Here)

To taste the sugar in the coffee one need to stir it at bottom of the cup and let the tiny precious pure granules of the sugar gets dissolved and sweetens the coffee.

Same did she realise then, “I do have got some sugar granules in my life...all I need is just a tiny gentle stir” But then how...Was a question..??

Cups of Coffee
The break up was a mutual one and they moved on with our own priorities set supporting each other’s choice and career quotient.

She cannot say about him, but sure for her it was quite complex.
Though, it wasn’t a ‘conclusion-moment’ in relationship.
For her it was further a ‘commitment made for him,’ which she never confessed him.
Perhaps, she was a bit bewildered in the beginning yet time it the best healer, she realized.

And he is still single”, evoke her mind.

Walking down the lanes and memories all alone…wondered if she was a loser or having a lost feeling. She cherished the best moments with him. He knew her so well that even before she could ask she got everything.
Still a confusing clause!

A conversation at coffee table could not sort out the series of divulge and differences between they so by far. It was really tough how to start and end certain aspect. Though they could impart so many other subtle stories they preserved after they long back actually parted.

There was a slow struggle in opening frank dialogue, but that didn’t stop they from talking about their struggles in life they had different worlds to strive in. He sounded supportive and not sycophantic, which was so consoling to see. They realised, they revisited and they just read the embark underlines...yet hesitation and weird fear enclosed the partially elated evening.

Perhaps, that same euphoric evening after she reached home she found a clueless sweet note in her bag for “Café”!
This is how he loves calling her always!
The note stated in his handwriting ‘Sorry’!
So after letting three years separation and spending nearly three hours in café what they tried doing yet could not do, it was the little humble ‘the sorry’ who actually sorted all! It is just one word and she realize now its significance!

_She comprehend it wasn’t just the commitment issue rather it was the card of companionship clue to carry out as craziest conceal combination to lead and create a cheerful duo.

People always ask me about why she love winter so much.
And she can never really explain it to them for she have a whole list of longing for winters but they prefer to have an answer in one sentence. There is muffins, oranges, fog, mist, aroma, sugar granuals, cold breeze, warm cups of coffee, gloves and warm thoughts making her almost speechless every time she ponder upon. These are just a few of the many wonders of winter.
It’s not that always but often while its dark and night like tonight, it makes her admire the cold season.

Actually its end of rainy season yet the dark clouds making a dim aura, with really freezing breeze remind her of winter days… she exclaimed in her heart the lines of a song, “Wake me up, when September ends…” perhaps when the winter starts! Besides, there’s always the positive prospect of spring and summer.

It is still, chill, still, dark and damp.
She catch her breath as the insight suddenly dawns on me that, “It is the state of mind- Be Happy!
She keep staring the shadow on the wall and slight ruffle of the curtain and rumble, “We choose the condition, being content; accepting a challenge and a change of aura, creating conversion in celestial stars and little captivating charming conversation…”

Silence envelops this night yet here are few loud breaking woofs of dogs on the streets.
The street lights look dim covered in mist and fog. Yet the orange light gets its refraction bright on street. And here in my room, it is still dark….but bright with the best of memory lanes. Beautiful miraculous moments, which she usually create in a whole day sequence with every instance passing in his thoughts with him, by his side, hiding, and smiling, holding hands!

She like this slight shadow and shade in room near the window.
She love this peace in the air.
And soon the mobile rings shush melody in air, it’s a SMS beep tones evolved..

It’s raining outside,
Yet welcoming the winters…
Walk with me into my sweet dreams
And say good night to worries!”

She cave in and roll over the whole soft blanket over thyself covering completely. And she love it. Isn't it nice to cozy up a bit, when it rains or when its winter’s shades or when we want to warm up a bit with our loving thoughts! And with a delicate light of the mobile inside the blanket showering bright-tender-comfort, prologue her.

And in the dim mid-night or faded twilight aroma of coffee at the side-table of bed, sugar granules waiting to get stirred softly and perhaps also provoking to sip few gulps of joy that sets and binds all the beauty of the lovely journey of life through the cups of Coffee!

Okay...This is why she love winter…!

"And I'm madly in love with 'Coffee'!!
Luv, Café"

She replied back the SMS
Between, she like to call him 'Coffee' ;)
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16 September, 2010

beside the cold breeze cups of coffee - Part 1

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

We cannot meet today” She got the SMS.
She wasn’t that upset thinking that at least he responded back so promptly.
For some usual unknown weird reason, She is just bound to pleasure with the bonded rapturous thoughts.
Little things sometimes make her so happy and contented. No more utter feeling blue, no more struggling on simple things! Indeed a beautiful revolutionize she see and she feel in thyself in this typical purple weather.

She picked up her bag and came out of her office. Running and crossing the busy road of the city. While crossing road nothing could divert her concentration. Though, today is definitely different.
Throbbing life and she arch up in memories, away from the city intensity,she is held happily helpless! Actually he and his thoughts were running through the wires of her mind all the time.

Got frostbite on the tip of her nose yet the blue cold winter weather suddenly turned into pink soft feather breeze. Yet the strange joy thinking about him keeps her alive all the while. She stood at the bus-stand waiting for the bus, and having him on her mind with fading lonliness!

Wrapped an red satin scarf around her neck, and earphones with her melody live under the scarf tuck into ears, completely packed in bundled of winter jackets and her gloves binding her fingers, and she is ready to combat with melancholy.

Despite all of those layers, it is actually his thoughts that keep her warm all the time. She truly believe that he is the world’s most warmhearted person she have ever met in her life. And the way they both love coffee is just so perfect little sweet thing for both of them to feel delighted.

She wondered, if he had come today, they would have gone to our favorite café, sat around and warmed up with the aroma of coffee and our mingling random thoughts. She had so many strings of things to share with him.

Staring out into the foggy street with smoky eyes, watching the world become a chaos in the evening but her mind still at quiet silent zone, composed in the conversation we used to have, colourful and collected with the dialogue she is sharing with thyself imagining as if talking to him. Either something is wrong with her or everything is just perfect around!

She didn’t realize that she was having a slight curve on her lips glued.

She observed that her smile was constantly ogled by some people standing around. Perhaps being a bit conscious she tried holding back her sweet smirk reaching her eyes however extra sweet fleeting joyous feeling reflection on face were simply impossible to ignore.

While, “Happiness is sure a state of mind”, she reflected upon and when one is really happy it naturally reveals and attracts all fine and wide spread dangerous grin around.

She was seeking nothing from external stimulus to get refreshed. She just seized thyself to summon a thought of bliss in the blue weather to get revitalized.
Her rosy cheeks and red nose enfolds the magnificence of the season.

There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the way." She remembered the Buddha quote watching the chaos on the streets.
Indeed a busy road…and further fast moving vehicles, hardly matched with the string of her thoughts which synthesize sweet memories stepping up in so soothingly supporting blend of the curve on lips and bliss in mind.

All of a sudden a vehicle gushing around came with a tyres sliding intense on the road, and a piercing sound with a honk. She gave a quick glance over the bike and swiftly looked the other side. Her heart pumped hard and sank soon in fear, thinking those must be some uncivilized boys gushing here to trouble her at the bus-stand.

She instantly, took two steps back and clutched her bag closure to her chest. Shrill honk ones again pierced her ears. Took a long breath and moulded her face in anger pretending with eyes wide open gave a gutsy yet a spark of annoyance look to the biker.
The biker was busy in removing his helmet. The moment he was done, it took her surprise, it was he. She couldn’t stop her feet surging towards him. A wide smile with bright eyes, she saw her face into his glinting eyes. And all of a sudden bloom radiance shield on her face despite blue winter wrap.

I thought you must be here, so just came to say ‘Hi!’”, he said with ease and a remarkable smile.
She knew looking at him that even he couldn’t stop blushing at this moment.

Without much ado and a perceived nod of acceptance, she sat on the bike…and during a leisurely shovelling of her driveway feels so exhilarating and bracing as for eternity...
Same amazing feeling…
Same sweet breeze on her face…
Same mist magic of evening…
And same Café, purposely the same corner table…
She gaze upon the haze leisurely embracing the aura…

He didn’t ask her and gave order, ‘Two Coffee and Blueberry Muffins’

She wished to be this moment was forever!
After all she meet him after three years and they both wanted the time to slow down a bit.
Perhaps,they were in no mood to rush into things and ruining the moments.
The exhilarated moments that they cherished,
The elated moments that they are still weaving
and euphoric instants still to knit...
Afterall, they also wished to slow down the rush of our blood-stream.

And as she gulped each time sipping coffee, her relationship with coffee grew.
She wished the relationship with him rise too.
The mist and coffee aroma was filling.
The warmth of coffee in cold breeze was magical comfort.

Interestingly, needless to say they did know our thoughts precisely and mutual perceptions to draw things positive with consequential pace. The reason behind these reciprocal feelings was that they had a break-up exactly three years ago...

Beside the cold breeze sipping a cup of coffee, they were excited, yet nervous - full of hope, and at the same time, weary of what our instantaneous momentum of meeting shall hold in future in fate...

...Continue to READ Part-2(CLICK HERE)...
NOTE: The above beautiful picture is contributed by my very sweet friend Devika :)
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04 September, 2010


RI draw these sounds of mind and hope it would reflect,
Rare is an occasion possibly repeating itself,
Rewriting the fear and rejoicing the remembrance..
Reclaim the radiance of rebound,
This is Return of innocence!

It made me forget the regret,
It made me to retrace and retain revel,
I came to realise I’m, I could and I can
Cherishing with honour the moments we spend,
This is the Return as second chance to cash in!

Respect the time which together shared and held
Holding hands in hands,
Entwined in passion and ramble;
Embracing the happiness in the hug,
Hearing the humble heartbeat..
In the hub of peace and poise imprinting,
With a Return of romantic innings!

A simple reason to hold is, ‘You heal my soul’
This is where I grow in the riches fold,
A precious reserve is absolute 'your charisma’ of course!
You anchor my random thoughts space
Envelop my wish-list and fulfil each one on daily base
And I tend to softly mould to your requests
Mirror in your eyes as true reflection sound!
Of good times and happy moments
You fill my life in joy with a serene presence,
And bliss Returns to me more than I have expected or given!

Return Gift

You are the true rainbow pouring colours in my life..
I look for you despite the endless rain and blur sight
I hope I’m able to reveal you in simple words, so plain,
That it’s only you who restore my faith again
A spirit who rescue my soul to mend
Rally round to release, renew and still rejoice in pain
It’s a Return of reminisce of regal Rumination!

I know I’m not a Poet nor do I could ever pretend,
but I grasp my gasp only to rhyme with your heart-beat
And I’ll forever remain mesmerized and breathless,
I’ll never refrain from submersing myself in the moment
I wish you know the untold truth; a secret relent reality,
Countless myriad motions and emotions to proclaim
That you are the essence of my existence
Removing the tears and enriching my soul;
Return a response for I’ve been waiting for!

Let’s make the radiant residue,
Resolve into resilient and resonant,
It’s never too late to revert back a playful smile,
Never too late to perhaps reunite,
Reconnect with unique zing we share,
We could have wonderful time like forever,
You can just hold my hand,
And I shall hold you for life-time!
My gift for you in my everlasting admiration,
Returns of retrieve reconciliation!

In the days we have not yet planned.
I have a momentum to recreate the moments,
With some really good rationalization,
I'll be a rolling compassion,
I’ll be a redemption to recline reliance,
With a refresh and re-energized motivation!
I'll be that worth warmth to eternal brace;
I’ll be a same righteous repair rake-up,
Under any condition or circumstance ahead,
I’ll be your fixed voice to raise the vote of confidence;
I'll be the a celebration host to raise the toast;
With a Return to Glory!

At the edge of my life illustration,
I toss and I turn, slip the tear,
Reminding you of 'us',
Relive the glorified revamp,
Every embrace is remembered,
Long lost pleasures gathered.
Little treasures touching souls,
Cherishing and celebrating in a complicated life,
Now found flames reciprocating spark,
We will be relieved that we took a risk in rough ruffle together,
So that we will return rowing and roaring refurbish success,
Floating away, far away where I’m alone not lonely..
Returning to dreams and desires!

Away from the rest of the world;
We will rebuild our own world - you and me!
The world we always wished to escape to..
Meeting ends, we must come back,
Back to our sanity and realism
I realize my greatest return on life
Where I owe each beam to you;
For giving the love that I give,
You owe me nothing in return,
Just a request,
Perhaps with your returning footsteps to me,
You can grant my precious Return-gift!

  • The beautiful picture is contributed by my very dear friend, Nandita :) Thanks gurl! You gurl sure rock!

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