30 September, 2009

Indian Broad Beans with Baby potato Curry

Gorgeous green in color and distinctive flavour of broad beans/ sem ki phalli have a long tradition of cultivation, is among the most ancient plants in cultivation and also among the easiest to grow. So as the history goes, this broad bean with baby potatoes stir fry recipe is quick, simple, easy and very satisfying to make. Indeed, lazy-man can try their hand!

I like it hot and spicy with chapatti. And yes! The next day I don’t mind eating the left-over of stir fry broad beans curry as the stuffing in the sandwich.

Broad Beans with Baby Potato

This neglected legume, being a bean offers a robust flavour and high nutritious; like phosphorous,thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin A and C and is notably rich in protein too.
 Serves: 2 pax easily.

Ingredients for Broad beans stir fry recipe
  • Indian Broad beans/Sem Ki Phalli -15 to 20Nos.
  • Baby Potato - 7to9 Nos. (Cut into half)
  • Tomato -1 medium size
  • Garlic pods – 6-7 (crushed and fine chopped)
  • Cumin seed – ¼ teaspoon
  • Turmeric Powder- ¼ teaspoon
  • Red chilli powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Coriander powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Salt - to taste (or 1 teaspoon)

Method of making Broad beans with Baby potaoes Stir fry Curry:

Manking of Broad beans with Baby potatos

  • Wash,destring,trimmed ends and cut into 1 inch pieces of the broad beans/sem ki phalli and also cut the potatoes keep aside.
  • Heat the oil in a pan. Now add and toast the cumin seeds.
  • Then add the crushed and finely chopped garlic pods until they turn golden brown.
  • Than add chopped tomato and fry untill cooked. 
  • Stir in and soon add baby potatoes. Cook for 2 minutes on high flame.
  • Then add the broad beans pieces and mix it well. Cook for another 2 minutes.
  • Stir in and then add all the dry spices like red chilli, coriander, turmeric powder and salt.
  • Cover and cook on medium-low for about 10-12 minutes or until the beans pieces and potatoes are tender. Serve hot with rice or with chapatti.
  • MLLA15Logo375Just in case if the broad beans are hard, and then add boil water to half filled pot for two minutes. Don’t overcook and drain them into a colander. Latter trim ends and cut into 1 inch pieces.
  • If the broad beans are very tender, then you can skip this step and proceed.
  • When covered and cooked, keep check that the spices do not get stick the bottom of the pan, sprinkle some water to avoid sticking the bottom.
  • After they are cooked, sprinkle ½ teaspoon of Aamchur (Dry Mango powder) or squeeze ½ a lime juice, this will enhance the beans flavor.
  • This post is also dedicated to wonderful competition "My Legume Affair 15",  hosted by Susan.
Hope you enjoyed! Try making at home for a better change from the routine food :)

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24 September, 2009

Delhi Walla Life - discovery of India

NOTE: Click on the photographs and view the better and the tiny details of the moment in Enlarged Photographs.
Gone with the Wind:-

IndiaGate @ Rohan DevesarSweet memories remind us about the road we have traveled and the people we have loved in the journey of life. The things are so wonderful that I just don’t want to lose the imprints I have in my mind. Those moments and feelings get stronger with fleeting time.

I recall the moments when I had this very habit of picking up the small pebbles from the lane while walking, thinking to store them and treasure forever. There has been one pebble which is so special and close to heart. The pebble recollects the magical moments of the City of hearts, the alluring thought-provoking Delhi/Delli.

Gurudwara @ RahulSharmaI’m grounding settling and breathing those memories. The heat, the dust, the busy roads, those traffic jams and a whiff on the lanes of mouth-watering snacks prepared on streets, all reminds me Delhi-6.

I still cannot forget the best Nescafe coffee from the vending machine of NewDelhi Railway Station. And to fill up the tummy with the nutritious Rajma-Chawal plate sold along the streets was the best low-priced delicious option. The big glass of Special Lassi covered with dry fruits is lip-smacking treat indeed.

Living Life to the fullest:-

Delhi @ RahulSharmaMemories of Delhi bring back the music and the latest updates of the traffic jam on roads from the FM radio which is like forever-yours friend, while driving. The most beautiful but time consuming journeys that ever happened to me were while traveling over heavy-loaded DTC buses and green color EMU trains.

Delhi people draw chatting with strangers anywhere and everywhere. Making the best of the moment the delhi-wallas soon babble on discussing the family issues, asking solutions and ideas from you.
Very weird! But dilli people magnetism pulls one and all into the dialogue dissolving the boundaries.

Survival Skills:-

CP @RahulSharmaWhen I was doing my college training in Delhi, there many hits and tricks to survive in the city were taught by my friends. Learnt about the short-cuts ways to the destination through the by lanes and other smart ways of getting the seat to sit in the trains : P

And one more weird but wonderful thumb rule to follow was to choose either standing for hours to see vehicles stopping by or just non-stop run and cross 3-5 roads around the circle to be on the other side saving time. Of coarse life was endangered but one has to practice it till expertise as vehicles literally does not stop for you.
So prepare to be active :P

Slow the dance and Enjoy the Music:-

CP @RahulSharmaDo you run through each day,
On the fly?
When you ask, "How are you?"
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

As the lines of the "Slow dance" poem (By: David L. Weatherford) goes, I felt we need to stop chasing the fast life and enjoy the moment.

Other friend of mine (Vicky) helped me to halt and salute the music. He introduced me to the Sweet-Pan sold near CP, Regal Cinema Hall, *Nizam’s Kathi kabab sold at CP(Connaught Place) and the authentic North Indian cuisine restaurant *Ek Boti Do Roti at CP have been the most appealing delicacies in Delhi. And lovely Mother dairy ice-cream cannot be forgotten or ignored.

* Address at the end of the post.

Ahh! I feel like lifting myself and dropping right to those places and relishing there at the fullest...

Ambience Tone:-

Humayun Tomb @Rahul SharmaMy beloved city Delhi brings alive the summers the terrible heat but with sweet lime sold on street.

The fog and mist of winters when hardly any driver could see through while driving on the road came with the warmth of heavy woolen clothes and jackets.

And the splendid Delhi rain or dribble-drizzle drenches the body with joy.
Call it any season; Delhi has its own very unique and radiant grace that touches heart and soul instantly without expectation.
Bits of Bliss:-

ITO @Rahul SharmaEvery day this capital of India which is full of connections, confusion, heat, dust, dirt, and hassle-bustle at Yamuna Bridge, (one that connects Lakshmi Nagar to ITO crossing) gets Still in traffic jam.

But the beauty in that Still tick is captured by the elephants tied along the banks of river Yamuna. Those huge elephants are delights halts of the hassle moment, perhaps the reason I love Delhi.

Shopping Street Shine:-

Red Fort @ RahulSharmaThose colorful Janpath shopping lanes and those little pleasant joys of being able to buy from the minimum money is significant experience.

My first tiger print stole/scarf was bought from there many years back costs just 2 dollars.

The bits of pleasure through shopping unique and inexpensive goods can be well attained from several shops/ bazaars like Dilli Haat, Janpath and Tibetan Market, Khan Market, Paharganj, Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)Karol bagh, Sarojini Market, Delhi-NCR.

The choices are countless but the markets are crumbling and chaotic. But sure worth for certain shopping adventures.
I remember, those long walks through the underground crowed tiny lanes of PalikaBazar and in the corridors of the CP covered with enormous branded shops was incredible and still cherished.

There's always a First Time:-

Jama Mosque @RahulSharmaWearing patiala suits with the unfurl dupatta and walks by side of the road which leads to the endless moments of history, portions of Forts, Mosques, monuments, Guru Dwara and local Bazaars in all the city confides its miraculous mysteries.

Statesman Building @RahulSharmaDelhi have been the place where I had my first cappuccino at CCD (Café Coffee Day), my first ever McDonald burger,
my coffee at Mocha with my friends.

Of coarse, latter having discovered the Cha Bar, Delhi's most happening tea lounge at Connaught Place's Statesman Tower (Barakhamba Road), which is as part of the Oxford Bookstore, was my key destination. What tempted me about this place was that the place is full of life.
A comfortable couch, reading novels while sipping the coffee/tea or glazing out the windows, the unique city life keeps occupied.

Old is Gold:-

Qutab Minar @Rahul SharmaLooking back the oldest and first memories of Delhi are when I was a little child. My paa whenever went on the tour to Delhi from Mathura, made sure to bring those lovely bird shaped balloons which were sold at IndiaGate.
And a very strange plastic toy frog shaped, attached with the thin pipe, jumped when being pumped was much loved. It was sold at IndiaGate.
One can still find those playthings sold there.

Still when I see the bubbles in air, it’s the IndiaGate thoughts that infuse my mind instantly. The first amusement park of India, Appu Ghar with its exquisite roller coasters still strikes a chord in heart.

My each day is like assorted toss in Delhi, full of charm and charisma.

 In the recent times, watching the movies like Lakshya, Rang de Basanti and Delhi-6 mesmerized glimpse of the city simply added on the admiration I have for the city spirit and experience. I still like to get hooked to the TV screen to see the celebration of the Republic Day and Independence Day to peep into Delhi’s colourful spectrum.

Brief moments but the memories last a life-time.

Lasting Moments:-

Rain @ RahulSharmaI wonder sometimes memories are so fascinating that they never fade with time rather gets stronger with each regard. But I like to remember the quote, “We must always have old memories and young hopes”.

My aesthetic static moment is Delhi! Déjà vu!!
Indeed! Delhi is full of je ne sais quoi (stylishness, sophistication)!

Perhaps one can never forget the Enduring Legend Born in New Delhi, the “Monkey Man”, the Kala Bander.

Its like what I say, desi dilli ishstyle mein kahani Sunaiyoo..oo..!!

  • A tini-mini thanks to Vicky for introducing me to some aesthetic sides of Delhi.
  • Heartily thanks to Rohan Devesar for the above inspiring picture of IndiaGate contribution. You have a long way to go:)  I’m glad that he instantly agreed to share the picture. Cheers Buddy!
  • I’m truly proud to have friends like Amit Semwal aka Omit d Photographer, Vinit Saini aka SRK and Rakhi for enormously support and affection.
  • And last but not least Thanks to Rahul Sharma aka Pietersen Rahul, a very aspiring passionate photographer who have his own stimulating and energizing angled pictures.
  • I also owe a million ton thanks reach out to all my friends out in Delhi, the Dell'IET/ Delhiwallas for their motivation.

Monkey-Man@ RahulSharma* Nizam's Kathi Kabab
H-Five & Six, Plaza Building,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi,
Tel. : +91-11-2332 1953
site: http://www.nizams.com/

* Ek boti Do roti
P-22/90, Connaught Place,
National Capital Territory of Delhi 110001
Tel: 011 23343935

NOTE : Request not to void the copyrights of the photographers. These pictures cannot be used anywhere eles without permission.
Hope You liked my way of Discovering Delhi Walla Life, revert your :)thoughts !!

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19 September, 2009

Ordinary Miracles - random thoughts

There are few little things that fascinate me and urge me to feel rejuvenated and give thyself a random retreat a free slice of nature’s beauty and life. Isn't it remarkable!!

  • A tiny pure drop or water dripping in a slow motion from the sharp green leaves of trees.
  • The Sky as the window-wallpaper having numerous shades, its hue and the painting changing every split second, when eyes blink.
  • Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person.
  • Laughing so hard your face jaws hurts badly.
  • Finding the dress you wanted is on sale for half price. 
A Buddha quote says: If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.Sometimes the miracles around you are as simple, and hardly get noticed. A slight sight sometimes makes a difference. The word “miracle”, enlightens me every time I repeat it in my head. It is such a vivid but lucid feeling.
Of coarse there are many things in life that cannot be explained in words and perhaps they have no proofs of it. It may be said just some random pick up of personal experiences to go through is the document to verify. God! Some believe in Him and some don’t. But what I believe in that the things which cannot be explained are either in destiny or call it it’s the God, who is the greatest visionary of the world, and each life destined on earth and every little detail designed for the reason.

When I filled the form for doing graduation in Hotel Management it was a diploma coarse and the time I got the call letter from the council for admission somehow same time/year the course got upgraded to degree. Today, having my degrees in Hotel Management, I wonder what if the college had not been upgraded, and then I would not have my degrees. I would have never allowed giving my CAT exam and having done my MBA and nothing would have followed the rest.
My life wouldn’t have been the same absolutely!
Perhaps the only thought that astonishes me it that may be it was predestined by the Visionary God.
Of coarse it was fixed in my destiny. It has been like a miracle happening in an everyday routine life of mine. I was studying in class 9 and my classmates asked me one day, what I wanna be when I grow up, like what specific line I wanna pursue in future. I kinda randomly replied without a second thought, it has to be Hotel Management and the reason is I’m a food-lover. Never thought the future really holds that for me. Even those classmates, who are today my best-friends wonder about those noteworthy words.

Indeed you never know what life holds next for you all you know is that if you believe the life definitely holds miraculous moments for you. Miracle is inspiring and a very unique experience that holds high distinguish in life and is for one who believes in. God is willing.
For me miracles can be in two ways. One is when I wished for something but did not plan and it happens to me. And other way is when you have never thought or plan about something and things happens that benefits you is an incredible miracle too. True prayers are heard, it is an accomplished miracle.

It is miracle for me when I’m awe-stuck dumb wondering what to draw and suddenly effortlessly and spontaneously I create spectacle thoughts. Miracle is all around us, just like the caterpillar loves the apple so badly, I kinda love my random thoughts so badly : P

The bottom line is I want to take time to stop, acknowledge and appreciate the modest forms of miracles. This fixes every time brooch smile flash on my face.

P.S. I like believing that the Life is the series of thousands of tiny miracles.

Miniture Miracle

  • The photograph of the purple flower with rain-drops on the petals is taken by Amit Semwal.
  • The painting of apple and caterpillar love is created on PaintBrush, Rachi Creations..made by me.
  • The post may have titled as ordinary miracles but are exceptional and extraordinary to me.

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12 September, 2009

My Blog My Bond My Blogger

Blogger 10th Happy Birthday!
There is still a lot to learn & grow
with Blogger..
Here, we all are celebrating Blogger’s 10th birthday and I mull over the beginning of MY Blogging.

Over 2 complete years blogging and Blogger became so significantly phenomenal part of my life.

I still remember the day when I first logged into the world of blogs through the Google into blogger. I was studying MBA and my final year going on. Total stress simply one day made me write into the blog titling it Humming Today. “Humming Today” reflected the best thoughts of my mind during that hour.
My first post, where I have clearly mentioned that I was here only to to explore..inspire..and aspire....I ME MYSELF.

Until then I had no idea that my blog shall be indeed absolutely titled as humming today and people over 136 countries shall be visiting my blog.

Honestly, in the beginning I had no idea of what I shall do or will I get stick to writing a blog. All I could do was to post few games which have readymade HTML form. After I completed my studies, I got married and shifted to a new place. It was only than I thought; writing was something I could do to kill-time.

It took hard to speculate, what would I write that would interest people. And only latter I realized Blog has to be written for self discovery first and the entertainment shall follow the rest. I wrote what I loved to. Personal Experiences, Short Stories, sharing my paintings were the first cum thing to post. Slowly, I understood the rare pulse of writing the blog.

Also then it was a time to explore my own skills and share them at the best on the Blogger. Being a Hotel Management Graduate, writing about the food came easily for me. I shared my mother’s recipes with systematic presentation of pictures so that people find it much easy to read and follow.

Blogging also gave a second way to get connected with my very talented friends. I asked my friends to share and contribute this blog their photographs, recipes, articles etc. I also made friends by posting comments to others blog, getting inspired and appreciating their works. In all I started brushing up my own knowledge and skills. Blogging also gave me absolute confidence to share with world, my thoughts and feelings in form of MY Strong Story over different issues.

While having an urge to enhance the looks to make more personalized blog-page, I also gradually started learning HTML formulas, which have been very new and challenging for me. Perhaps this change could have been done only on Blogger. It gives us the chance to learn and claim.

I never took it’s as a craving feeling to make a mark in blogging. However, Blogging is what I wanted and had a strong desire for inspiration and aspiration.

Its is indeed a pride feeling to know that just looking at my blog I found few of my friends also started blogging on Blogger recently. Now this is a sure celebration and achievement for me and indirectly for Blogger too.

Sometimes I feel that I have been born in the best era, as I got this opportunity to blog. I knew from the beginning of my blogging that there were many others sites where blogging could be done. But when I saw Blogger, instantly I found Blogger to be inevitably user’s friendly. I have observed many little changes and enhancement made in the Blogger in the recent times. Which made me feel more confident, secured, still completely intact with me and my bond-my blog-my blogger.

Moreover, Blogger Help forum and Google experts are just one key hit away to check and advise us in no time. I heartily appreciate and acknowledge their presence. Hence, I have no worries!

My journey where there is unparallel pleasure due to blogging would have not been possible without Blogger. There is still a lot to learn and grow with Blogger.
Here’s wishing Blogger its 10 unrivalled years of compassion and success!
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09 September, 2009

Random Nine Photographs

Random 9 pictures on 09.09.09 are in reality not random but exquisite moments of time. I thought to share with you all. These photographs are taken by my dear friends. This is like some kind of celebration of moment. I’m proud to share and am grateful for their contribution of their creative art.

For me taking pictures is no big deal but its all about how you capture and infuse the emotions of the moment. No certified verification needed this only the people with big heart can do!

Photography goes beyond any explanations. It’s an observation where the photographer captures little things which everyone does not notice but the photographs make you see and wonder. A photograph is a way of deep feeling, instant touch and immense urge of love.

I adore the following pictures and the art touches my soul completely. So without more ado, lets start with the saying Picture speaks thousand Words but Picture Speaks Louder than Words”.

These people are not professional photographs but surely they share a pulse of passionate photography.

NOTE: Click on the photographs and view the better and the tiny details of the moment in Enlarged Photographs.

Taj hotel Mumbai @PratyusPatnaik
1. Photo Courtesy : Pratyus Patnaik
This photograph is the famous, striking Taj Hotel, the glory of Mumbai. The Taj which stood strong and tall during crises of 26/11. But I believe that this Taj is like a catalyst of unity and happiness of people and this marvelous feeling is well captured in picture. I feel this salient picture has a perfect standards in terms of angle, lights or theme.

Go Green@NitinGurav
2. Photo Courtesy : Nitin Gurav
This picture is taken in Aralgundi, a small village in Maharashtra which is the hometown of Nitin. When, I see this picture I wonder the beautiful little things that Nature offer. Most often such little things with gives us immense happiness gets unnoticed by us. Indeed nature has its own beauty in the imperfect details.

MoonWalk @ AmitSemwal
3. Photo Courtesy : Amit Semwal
This photograph is captured at Jaipur,Rajashan. Amit is expert in capturing the very normal pictures but with twist of fantasy. Here, this picture has its own looks and more I could justify in words, it’s like a way from earth to moon. This picture reflects the real essence daily routine ending with the fantasy. Its like a dreamland, and simply adore it.

Bird crown @ShubhamJoshi
4. Photo Courtesy : Shubham Joshi
Capturing birds and animals is very tough. Either one captures them incidentally or one has to keep waiting and clicking to hold the best of the shot. This picture is taken at Maksi which is situated on Mumbai-Agra highway. I really don’t know the name of the bird but what I know is that this pose of the bird is stunning. Look at the cute crown like feathers over its head. You rock man!

Home Diwali@KabirGoswami
5. Photo Courtesy : Kabir Goswami
As I have believed and mentioned above that taking pictures is no big deal until the picture is infused with the feeling and embraced with passion. This photograph is taken at home celebrating the eve of Diwali festival. Delightful small clay pots, lighten lamps decorated in a Star shape instantly captures attention. It is a pleasing scenic reflecting the hope and happiness. Isn’t it great how something so simple can totally make your day.

Golden Temple@ BharatBathi
6. Photo Courtesy : Bharat Bathi
This photograph is the famous and magnificent Golden Temple of Amritsar,Punjab. The thrown is made up of real gold. Very well the golden spark of the temple is captured under the bright blue sky. A studded full moon above seems like blessing for the perfect photograph. It’s a fine-looking exquisite momemtum carried in flash of the camera.

Insect@ Sameer
7. Photo Courtesy : Sameer
Capturing insects is very difficult as they do not get still easily. So this photograph reflects the patience. I like the way tiny droplets over the body of the strange insect is captured.Indeed, Moments are for the moment and if captured in the pictures it’s the true colors of time and age.

Daughter Painting@UKS
8. Photo Courtesy : UKShakyawar
Emotions are attached with the photographs. This is ME in the photograph taken by my father. The captured moment in the photograph goes back more than 20 years when I was a little chide. Being a very naughty child had torn almost all his sketches from the drawing book. So just before I would destroy more of his art work, he thought to capture the moment with his works. Of coarse this photograph recollects so many moments of my childhood. Above all photographs is all about captivating feelings.

Most Moment@BhupeshKoli
9. Photo Courtesy : Bhupesh Koli
This photograph is taken by Hubby when I was newly married. I find this picture very enchanting. Also it’s a picture that has captured my thoughts just rightly. A little distorted quality of the photographs actually adds value to the aura. Perhaps, that is why sometimes imperfections seem so perfect ;)

NOTE : Request not to void the copyrights of the photographers. These pictures cannot be used anywhere eles without permission.
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07 September, 2009

my Birthday - age Reminder

Birthdays are always special because people make your feel that. For me completing 9 has been very special as, I knew from now onwards I shall never have that single digit number. And yes! This two/double digit shall always be attached to my age. Then among this double digit, 16 was so interesting. Being in a teenage and often believed the age as the most beautiful time of any girl’s life.

For me the milestone was when I was a certified adult and 18. I could get my driving license and could vote. But sadly 18 is remembered passing out the school. In a way, calling off the childhood days, the fun days.

Of course by then with the growing up phenomenon I was clearly aware that asking a woman her age was a serious crime. It’s almost like looking inside the purse of a girl without her knowledge or almost like going beyond her dignity. Next I considered my 25 as the most special on of all, as believed it was like celebrating my Silver Jubilee of life.

I am today 26 find it a genetic blessing that even today people sometimes asking me which school/college do I study. I eat whatever I want without any significant weight gain and no subject of verification still look the same as I was years back. Hence, so far had no problem in answering the questions asked about the Age. Perhaps, I wish to feel same (Happy) even when I am at 30, 35 or at 52.

Here, I wish and hope in coming years, I am much careless about the number of the grey hairs or wrinkles on my face. As they to be believed signs of experience, pride moments, the rich journey of celebrations I made throughout the life span. Sometimes, there are people may not want to acknowledge the new age, they like to remain young. But then how can one forget the quote of the famous artist, Pablo Picasso that "It takes along time to Grow Young".
I’m born on 07th September, 1983. How old am I today..?
And a reply comes “As old as you feel.” Or “16 does that makes you happy..huh..”
Nostalgia isn't strictly an age thing. Like, when I say “I wish, I was 10, 16 or 18 again, it's not just the age, I want to be back in the Time-Period where I was that old too.”

Perhaps this is the reason, I keep in touch with some of mine childhood, school days, college days friends as it’s only those people who knew me how I was in certain age and know my experiences, turning points the best, which certainly have brought changes into my life and thoughts.

Blowing out the candles from the cake has been the most important act of the day. "I won't forget the chocolate cake," my chachu(uncle) brought in my childhood, whose sweet divine strong smell still lingers my mind till date. Such chocolate cake reminds me of my young age…Of coarse I’m not that old but yeah! It reminds me of much younger times :)

Yet, this is the reason I say sometimes, just sometimes, a number is truly just a number.
Happy Birthday ME..
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03 September, 2009

Rajasthani Gatte ki sabzi Recipe - Closet Cooking with mummy

Rajasthan is one of the most popular travel destinations in India. It is believed that every third foreign tourist visiting India makes sure to travel Rajasthan.

Historical Monuments, Palaces, Lakes, Forts, sun, sand, colorful Turbans of man, long colorful Skirts of woman, arts and crafts, Camels, elephants, monkey, tiger, warm hospitality are the bench mark in the  Indian Tourism and is famous world-wide. Rajasthan retains it's glory and richness of marvelous history, colourful traditions and its very own spicy delicacies of varied cuisine. Rajasthani meal served with dollops of love and ghee(clarified butter), makes a success story everywhere.

It is the; Royal Rajasthani Cuisine which has still maintained its own beauty and authenticity of the recipes over the generations. Gram flour (besan/chickpeas flour) is one of the major ingredients and is used to make many of the delicacies.
Over centuries to titillate the palate with Rajasthan's exotic styles of cooking recipes and dishes, there is one nourishing Besan ke gatte dish which has retained it's own unique culinary art and classic flavour.
Rajasthani Besan ke Gatte

I’m glad that this recipe comes directly from My mother and infact it is she who is making the dish. As she was making the dish following a certain way, I observed and realized that the recipe is very easy and above all only basic species which one can always find in an Indian Kitchen. So heres from mom, a mouth-watering, closet cooking of the authentic Royal Rajasthani Besan ke Gatte recipe.
  • Serves 4-5 pax easily:
IngredientsIngredients for Gatta :
  • Besan (bengal gram flour) – 200 Grms/2cups
  • Red chilli powder – 1teaspoon
  • Turmeric Powder – ½ teaspoon
  • Hing Powder(asafoetida) – one pinch
  • Wheat flour – For Dusting
  • Salt to taste
  • You will also need one chop-stick.
  •  Oil for frying gattes.
Ingredients for Gravy :
  • Ghee/oil - 2 tablespoon
  • Red Chilli Powder- 1teaspoon
  • Dry Coriander powder- 1 teaspoon
  • Cumin Seed powder – ½ teaspoon (optional)
  • Hing Powder (asafoetida) - 1Pinch
  • Salt to Taste
  • Coriander leaves – to garnish

Method to make Gatte :

Making Besan ke Gatte 1
  • In the bowl take besan(chickpeas flour), red chilli powder, turmeric powder, hing and salt.
  • Mix it well and now add water in the mixture to make smooth-stiff dough. Add water slowly.
  • Take whole dough and divide into small equal portions to make round balls.
  • Now dust a bit of wheat flour and roll the dough with the rolling pin.
  • Let the dough ball turns flat like any other roti/chapatti or Indian bread.
  • Now again dust a bit of wheat flour and keep the chop-stick at the corner of the flat dough rolls about 5-6 inches long.
  • Now start rolling around the dough and let the chopstick be in the middle.
  • Slowly pull the chop-stick out of the rolled dough.
  • Do the same process with all other dough balls.

Making Besan ke Gatte 2

  • Now boil the water in the deep pan.
  • When the water starts boiling add all the rolled dough sticks/rolls with the hole in between.
  • Boil them for about 6-7 minutes.
  • Check one by pressing in between the fingers.
  • When they are perfectly done they will turn tight and quite solid/stiff/hard in texture.
  • After they are done, strain the gattes and keep aside to cool.
  • Also store the boiled water used, for latter adding in the gravy.
  • Then take the strained gatte sticks/rolls and cut into small pieces around 1inch in thickness using knife.
Method of making Gravy for Gatte :

Making Besan ke Gatte 3
  • Take a small bowl and mix to make a smooth paste with water and the dry powdered spices like coriander powder, red chilli powder, salt and turmeric.
  • Now add ghee/oil in the pan and heat it.
  • Now take those small pieces of the roll of the gates and fry them until they turn a bit reddish-brown in color. Take them out on the oil soaking towel.
  • Now take the same pan and remove any extra oil is there.
  • Then add cumin seeds (jeera) in the heated oil. Also add a pinch of hing into it. ]
  • After few seconds add back the reddish-brown fried gates and followed by the paste of species made with water and kept aside. Keep stirring it on high flame for couple of minutes.
  • Now add sufficient water to the pan. Let the gattes get soaked inside the pan.
  • Simmer the flame and let it cook in their own juices, around 12-15 minutes. Do not stir hard now, as the gattes might break. Be gentle and stir only ones.
  • Later the gravy shall turn thick. Royal Besan ke Gatte ki sabji is ready.
  • To garnish sprinkle some fine chopped green coriander leaves before serving with bread/chapatti/paratha/puri/rice.
  • When (in making dough and gravy) add water, very slowly and carefully.
  • Some people also like adding curd to the gravy but I like it simply.
  • Hing powder (asafoetida), helps to enhance the flavour of the dish.
  • No ginger, garlic or onion is used in this recipe.
  • Using the chop-stick is optional to make hole in the middle of the gates. One can directly and softly roll it and then cut into small pieces. But I like the other way round as this allow the gattes absorb gravy verywell, making it tastes better and juicy. You will surely find a difference!
  • The Picture below capturing the Rajasthan Touch is taken by Amit Semwal, who always incredibely captures the soul of the people with it's own very unique way to uplift the aura. Thanks! Buddy for the Picture.
Rajasthan Touch @ AmitSemwal
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