Quotes from the inspirational posts of the Blog!

I realized that unfavorable moment actually created a favorable circumstance for me to discover new satisfying skills_Every Scar have a Story to tell.

There lies huge difference between giving freedom and living with a free-will _ Nasty four letter word

Technology connects everything and everybody with ease but with expectation! _ hallmark of emotions.

A life lesson to trust and have faith in the unknown. game of your life destiny cards

I wish a wish for you! _ A wish come true

Life does not come with a fixed timetable. _ I had a time of my life..

In search of me, a never ending journey turns into THE Journey of life..!!! _ The Journey

“However, as far as I know, "heart never gives’s the mind that troubles more"'s calculative huh!”
_ Bit of life- mixed emotions

Walking and stimulating to leave behind all my worries, the quest is not yet over _ Walk of Life

My conversation with my coffee was hindered by this silly cup _ the white cup of coffee

I want to a new word to define my warmth _ few friends are just more than friends

I'm happy today because for once, I've found very little basic reason not to be sad. _ today I’m happy because

It is believed that losing hurts but it motivates me...hope it does same to all _ digitally losing

Best Friend’s bond shared regardless to differentiation and limitation _ best friends -sweet companionship

“Growing old is mandatory but growing up is the choice you make…I wonder why! Let shuffle the statement above. Let it make it like this: Growing up is mandatory but growing old is the choice you make! Now it sounds better :)” _ Rainbow - seven colours in me

Every umbrella has its own story! _ Beyond drops of rain

"Hope and Dream” are so much interlinked and liberating! I hoped to happen and dreamt to dare! _ I will hope and Dream- Journey of Joy

Renunciation is nothing else but a forever cheerful commitment. _ not escaping but evolving in renunciation

The question is not that “DO you deserve it?” But a profound answer is “I deserve it”. _ because i’m worth it – i deserve it

Never Surrender at any point and use your presence of mind quickly. _ encounter never escaped and echoed rest of the life

I decided to move on! Move on with the Memories..wholeheartedly.. _ escape

“Every person has a bit of philosopher in him/her and have his/her own a way of philosophy of life to define, look and explore the experiences, feelings, and fundamentals! I have tried to ponder, express the unexpressed thoughts and define my own quote that I follow in my life.”
_ top ten simple delights of life colours

Life is not about only, Calculations and counting Money, Live with Passion Live your Passion! _ live with passion live your passion

And the Rain definitely follows the fools! _ fool

Yet just sometimes, being a bit clueless is the biggest hint can give to triumph over new options! _ clueless leaf- leaves me breathless

...I will Survive to Smile and Surrender to the Service.. _ smile surrender survive dedicated service

Cheer for you always.. in the Contest of Life! _ everyone needs a personal cheerleader

I absorb creativity in my every motion and moments of living in the real world. _ daily delights

There are many such miraculous words defining the memorable moment, yet these words cannot define them the best. _ one moment of undefined relationship

I do not resist responding, perhaps I remain myself and Speak! _ dash of madness in me

Miracle is all around us, just like the caterpillar loves the apple so badly, I kinda love my random thoughts so badly. _ Original miracles random thoughts

“I have mounted and mounded my observations many a times. I have understood and learned to try getting into a diluted different aspect to many of my strong beliefs and opinions. I have learned to prove myself wrong and again undo the things and relearn the distinguishing attributes. I enjoy this change and learning practice.”
_ Perception reflection - Part one