27 November, 2010

C for creative Colors chuckle

  • This post is written for Leo's Z to A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November'2010.
  • A beautiful picture(below) is captured by my very inspiring talented friend Parker!
Creative Colours chuckled :

“I come to combine and concord your life
Spinning glowing down continue to celebrate time.
Challenging moments and composing human vine.
Confining fear in all verve turns,
Courageous care only returns.”

Green leaves crackling trees in the breeze
Cheerfulness orange sunshine rinse,
Here is life in every tone and yes in very rhyme!
Cute cluster pink flowers on the edge of earth prime,

Cloud and metallic fog in the winter evening’s log,
Chaste silver dews rolling down the deem
Culminate to conclude white mist within..
Bubble dwells for an instant but Joy everlastingly!

Ah! The colours of life it claims..!
Course of the rains on the blue plains,
A Kaleidoscope of colour in character trim..
Refinement in red charisma coalesce on cherry and cheeks elegance,

Little black locks swirled by.
Golden brown crop layering shy,
Busting joy charms one and all,
Come closure to the beam of colours radiance with a dash of magic wand,

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
Colours (c) Parker

Buzz against the boredom,
Nature engages enrichment pomp,
Fragrance gives me an ecstasy clue,
Beauty in colours just blooms and sail away the glooms..

This isn’t a complex line,
It got a warmth and world defines,
You gotta have a heart to daze mind to understand the art divine,
Akin to seasons serenity fetch changes over set-time..

And when the rain washes the world and there’s a glittering sun shine,
Soon a magnificent rainbow emerges in the blue
Bringing together serendipity in heaps of hue,
Stretching to touch the ground emerald green,

Miraculous Rainbow spreads the peace!
Shifting in comfort being firm bunch of bliss,
The tones and coloured curtsy bow and bend in grace sheen,
Embracing each of seven essential basic colours chase to be a team,
So Colours of life prism commences creative spectrum of cheerful marvel rim!
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22 November, 2010

They call me poet

This one is for all one the I truly love, adore, appreciate and get every time so much fascinated knowing them more! With affecting: Suni, Vijay, Mahesh, Rahul, Leo, Amity :), Madhulika, Mitul, Peeyush di and many many more..

They call me poet
When I wrote a line
I wondered if they were pulling my leg
Or simply my words were such worth prime!

They call me poet
Even when I made a painting
I wondered if they really liked the lines I draw
Or simply adored my skills of flaw!

They call me poet
When I cracked a joke
I wondered if they really understood my wit
Or simply admire my thoughts zing with cheer tinge!

They call me poet
When I step to dance
I wondered if they liked my basic moves,
Or simply flattered my stride sync the tune!

They call me poet
When I deliciously cook
I wonder if they truly loved my culinary skills
Or simply appreciated delightfully roasted whiff!

I know I’m not a poet
I don’t paint imaginary possessions with words.
I wonder if they absolutely believe my thoughts, I meant
I wonder if they believe my words, I said
I wonder if they feel the same affection, I wish
Or simply comprehend the pleasure and comfort with in!

My words are not just words...
It’s a language of heart to a heart,
It’s a link to connect the soul with poise,
It’s a spirit to transfer to cherish the choice,
It’s a hope to ignite the spark within!

My words are not just words in writing
It’s a might endeavour bestow enlightening
Nevertheless, it’s not just a prose to possess
When I don’t let my wholehearted words to get waste!

Attempt to regularize to memorize
Occasional rhymes that shines sometimes
Right spot wanna talk a lot
Mend thoughts and recollect emotions in words decode..

My words written are not always golden
Yet they are filled with eternal dedication
My words might not be wise always
Yet they cannot be just an uncared phrase..

My words are fully determined,
And here I admit my incline...
I like the sync and zing
In world of words dynamics rhymes sublime,
So far I’m not a poet yet!
But hold rhythm in every little humble care.

This is undeniably true,
My little words...
Passing by scores of perceptive barriers,
Touching countless apprehensions,
Warming many hearts!

Challenging to create a spark
Proclaiming a concord with a sword beckon as a word!
Yet! They call me a plain poet..
And I like to label thyself an ardent passionate ark!

~ Keeping the Spark ALive..
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02 November, 2010

Today I’m happy because

NOTE: This post is dedicated to my very inspiriting friend Pria and Leo, whose warm words constantly echo and encourages in bringing the better in little Humming mind.

It is so difficult to accept our limitation. I cannot stop thinking and believing that nothing much I can do with the worrisome moment of my mind. I know my options. Yet they are the best of both options. I cannot regret in what I get at the end of the race. Both shall be satisfying. However I cannot ignore I do get intended incline towards one of them. Though I’m happy with the options I have!

Now I realise to get activated to achieve something. To face the hardships strongly and not fear from taking a stand and make continues efforts till I accomplish my purpose. However I do know that my options available do not decide to give me opportunity to choose among the two. That shall be deciding seemly on luck and destiny, I suppose.

And as goes the path of destiny with immense difficulty and suffering, I take it as a challenge whole heartily with a hope. Now when I’m getting week at my knees I get to know how it feels to others. I’m consuming a lot on the subtle emotions and cleansing mind-set. Strangely though being compassionate by nature I realise I’m improving upon being more empathetic in nature for varied issues, which were quite unknown to me till now. There is a scope of learning in everything throughout the tenure of life. Indeed there is certain chain of things in life that one learns and discovers only when one actually goes through.

I got the reasons to follow and no reasons to feel low.

No matter the kind of rejection whether in person, proposal, application or admission. Rejections are so hard to accept.Yet when I know the reason, I raise my bar and recognize the truth. And there I know there is something always hiding behind that bitter truth is the golden chance for me to make a difference in my life and create history as a human. Yes I want my decisions to sparkle during the odd times of life.

Ballons (c) Vijay

I’m happy because I can see and explore such little things.
I’m happy because I can take a strong stand.
I’m happy because I can see conviction in poise.
I’m happy because I can feel hope of happiness.

And despite of all the hassle and bustle in a day,
I’m happy because I can see my people on my side supporting me.
This is a brighter side I see in the dawn and dust.
There is a blessing in disguise.

And I do realise life is far-far more than just winning and being on first place. The real charm lies in the claps of the cheerleaders and the motivating appreciation from the loved ones while you are still running hard to make it. However, they shall still care for you even if you actually lose to make it. And having said that all, until you keep trying, nothing can stop you from winning and nothing can stop people from loving you.

So true, God helps those who help themselves.
Nevertheless one is helped only when one never leaves hope in despair.

I believe that every day contains at least one happy happening, a distinct moment in time that we are thankful for. And if we are not...we should be definitely.

Even if certain day turns blur, there always be something to cherish and celebrate.
Something to look for and live for. Something that influences the aspirations and deep heart desires.
For I think we all need something to remember which is worth smiling over and staring a bright sunny side.

I'm happy today because for once, I've found very little basic reason not to be sad.
For I’m blessed
I'm happy being myself, which I've never been before.

  • There is a long thread of all the good things and happy moments to feel content.
  • Above beautiful picture is clicked by my very inspiring friend 'Vijay'.
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