26 December, 2007

Star Star everywhere..

"Nature is full of Stars and Wonders...

hence I wonder..!! are these really Stars.

Christmas eve, n a sparkling pic..

taken by the PhOtographer..with his words so called as wisdom contributed to this blog..!"



" As the Doctor [ladkiii Rachnaaa] ordered here is the account of how Merry Christmas was for me.

In brief, Merry Christmas was as boring or as interesting as any other day. It was a No-Holiday at Ashoka Holidays! At my work station I was busy doing nothing but making Holidays :( [working as a Holiday developer at the above named travel house]…..gurrr I wont use this word ‘holiday! Anymore its getting repetitive everytime I use holi….shhhh!

Merry Christmas Day wasn’t bright & Evening too was without Lights, Camera & Action…

Hey…wait…did I mention ‘camera’ somewhere. Yes, I did [he he ... as if I didn’t know…Sorry! no smart act anymore]
You know, on Merry Christmas I had a healthy camera, meaning a zero occupied memory & cent percent battery, with which I stepped outside of my uncomfortable-zone (my office) to click some cute photographs of a Saint Bernard Puppy’s look-alike who came from nowhere. Meanwhile, His smooth brown & white coat earned him a St.Bernard Title where ‘St.’ stands for ‘Street’!![he he he]

" While I was taking his pictures the mosquitoes’ troupe too joined me to complement this eternal meeting of the 3 creations of nature.
“Now is this what I deserve?” I asked to Mother Nature… “Yes!” came the smart reply not from the Mother but from an irritating colleague who knew that I had been applying melted gheeee!! In the absence of any Boroplus sort of thing [for those who cant stop smiling at my ignorance about the facial accessories I must direct you to your own (ignorance): Emami’s Boroplus, a 25-yr old brand that not only upstaged the success of Boroline, its father brand, but also led the Indian market with a around 60% market share & in India is synonymous with ‘cold cream’ / ‘moisturiser’ / ‘fairness’ / ‘antiseptic’ lotions! However, those smiling at my butter application can continue doing so]..."

Whatever I deserved is & was none of anyone’s business: So taking from where I got distracted ….. The enlightened evening was all set & in the name of celebration all I had was these teeny-weeny satellites hovering & dancing all around me [as shown in the diagrammatic collage]. Sensibly speaking, I was surrounded by the mosquitoes on Merry Christmas!

I don’t know any Christmas carol neither did the Puppy & the quitoes gang know it! However, I wont give up this momentum just like this & would like to rhyme just like this:

No stringed guitars to play no rub-a-dub of Drummmmmm….
It was all about the Puppy’s gestures & the mosquitos’ hmmmmm!!!

Shall I deceive myself with “An eternal Species’ Melting Pot…”
Whatever!!! With a camera in hands only an idiot wouldn’t have taken the snapshot!

All written & read ….
I wouldn’t have done it had it not been for her…
I won’t say ‘thanks a lot’ but girl keep the reminderrr [bhedo bhedo kuch bhi bhedo]

“teri MERRY sabki christmas...masttt thi....man i jst saw ur newcollarge..n its the BEST....completely no comparations......its awesome..” is what the Doctor (ladkiii Rachana)wrote. Well, I don’t know how good this collage was comparatively & technically & interpretatively & Bruce lee & Bret lee.…….. I know just one thing that when I collaged [or rather clicked objects so diminutive!] I liked it…. & when u are appreciated for the things that u like …then u like it….isn’t it?

Finally, I want to get philosophical but for humanity sake I won’t & will terminate this seemingly unending program……
I could have clapped the hell out of these little beasts …But accidentally & luckily ended up shooting them. Had that been the case ….. Well this write-up won’t be in the first place! "

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24 December, 2007

Taare Zameen Par - a Colourful Childhood

a zone to make mistakes..
a state of freedom
a pulse of innocence
a curve of happiness

"Let the Childhood be Carefree and full of Creativity.."

"Taare Zameen Par" is all about this and a lot. A must Movie to watch and go back to our childhood aspirations. When I was watching the movie, instantly I could relate myself to it to many instances.. as more having a keen interest in Painting since childhood.
And surely the realization of the Mighty talent was through the encouragement of Teachers. I still remember how in "GREMS, Baroda".. Madam KARUNA GUPTA asked me to paint in class-II "The Republic Day", in which I guess, she thought I was expert. There has been CHANDRIKA Maam who believed in my potential & gave me lots of opportunities to participate in varied painting competitions. This gave me lots of exposure and confidence in painting. Indeed their presence made it possible to know my aspirations.

It was then in my next school "KV(IOC) Noonmati, Guwahati", when my aspirations somewhere became the inspirations. And it was Dr.A.K.Goswami Sir who not only appreciated my skills of painting but also encouraged me with his magical words. I believe it has been his blessing that I today excel in the field that I always wanted to be. Its not about good or bad but its about the how one follows the heart.

Teachers play an important role and I am glad that I have been blessed by some of the best teachers, who helped me to get connected to my inner soul.
The journey have been great..and the teachers of my school made a difference into my life.
"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in." - Graham

That moment has been created by my faculties. Check out my colourful world through this link - http://www.freewebs.com/rachanashakyawar/

"Taare Zameen Par" is the movie of the young boy who turns out to be a tiny star in his own creative way inspite of what the world thinks of him. This got possible only with the support and affection of his empathetic teacher. One who helped him in sorting the difficulties and ones again introducing the boy to the lost world of colours, he has been so passionate about.

Three cheers to Eshaan Shanker Loy, who composed awesome music ,which is so much real, breathing and living with true aspirations of child, yet simple to sing.

One movie which reflects the child of Today's World, struggling and fighting against all odds, expectations, competitions and ambitions that are thrown by his parents and rules laid by the society. So I feel, this first movie directed of Aamir Khan deserves 5 stars (*****). He have this knock-out concept of movie with heart-warming performance and the eight year old guy marks himself to complete victory. But in all that The mom role cant be ignored, who have been so calm sweet emotional spirit, which hold the scene with so much sensitivity and care. Each sheded tear made one and all in the hall to cry. Such is the intensity of the aura of the movie which have captured the child's innocent world.

But the only thing that haunts me is why only that boy was given the result to be winner in the end of the story, when it has been promoted, "EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL". I beleive they should have made few more winners with the main lead boy, so that we could assume that the boy have come struggling all his way to get into the list of NORMAL students, yet being so SPECIAL, with his Mighty Talent. Anyway, its just the thought but the thoughts factory generated by watching this movie is vast than what imagined, a ride into my own childhood, rembering school and teachers, and above all, other one result is the blog dedicated to it. Enjoy this movie..!!

Check out the Official site of the movie to know more..
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22 December, 2007

LAST Christmas..

Christmas have been always a Beginning of great time and end of good times..happened all the year. Its time to celebrate and have fun..in the chilly wind hearing the carols, lighting the Star in the courtyard and waiting for the Santa to knock the door with load of gifts and happiness to enter the life.

For me Christmas means only & only Happy Memories shared with friends and family and praising the Lord.

When today whole world is thinking and planning for the Christmas celebration this year...I am here deep in my purple world remembering the "LAST CHRISTMAS" year 2006.

"How the celebration created the amalgamation of friends and fun even during exams and tight schedules...! Greeting all and one even when no talk were done with people whole year...it was a time to forget all the negative things..n remember only to celebrate..the occasion, the very thought and festive feeling."

Chocolates, plum cakes...the sparkling christmas tree, gifts , snowy winds and dozens of winter clothes on body making us to look as fat and plum as the SANTA.. with a deep red CAP, a perfect symbol and touch of the festival..calling "Merry Christmas..Ho..hoo...Hoooo..ho..."

This is the day I recall my very friend DINCEY (GREMS, school days friend) who used to bring home-made cakes for me during Christmas..well made by her mother...Its also a time when I wonder the awesome time spend with NUPUR (nupu) my room-mate for two consequent years during college celebrating Christmas with Chicken and Cake.

The Christmas is time to simply "LET GO.." posture & ideology to follow your life for the most awaited moments of satisfaction and happiness in the new Year as we often gets stuck up for longer times in the hassles of day-to-day living. Its all about "LETS GO.."that is move on.

LETS GO and Freeze the Moment of Happiness this Christmas..
Wishing you all Merry Chr!stmas..Celebrate L!fe..
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16 December, 2007

Wah Taj..!

Taj Mahal the symbol of love..which gets propogated through its cool & calm colour of the marble..most brighter than the Moon-light. The world sees the purity & peace in the architechture and beautiful mosaic carved in the monument. A monument which peeps into a deep history of art, culture and Love.

Location: Yamuna River banks in Agra,Uttar Pradesh, India.
Construction time: 1631-1653
Spread Over: 42 acres
Built By: Mughal Emperor "Shah Jahan"
Built For: In memory of the Emperor’s dead wife "Mumtaj Mahal"
Significance: One of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Taj got listed as ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ in 1983 as a universally admired master piece of world heritage.
Taj Mahal is now part of the elite list of New Seven Wonders of The World. According to initial reports received, the Indian monument of love received one of the highest shares of votes in the poll, which was conducted through Internet, SMS and on the phone. About 100 million people had voted in the campaign through SMS and email. The campaign was begun in 1999 by Bernard Weber. And finally on the 07.07.2007, the TAj Mahal was declared the a clear winner.

Above all, the Taj Mahal was a monument to a woman...very well reflecting the beauty and honour of the soul.

Awesome pics been taken by the PHOTOGRAPHER Amit, on his Agra trip.. reflecting the vibes of Indian people and incredible marble monument with the moments captured in the camera...with the mesmerizing things.
Please take time to check out some of the most classic looks of India and its identity...the Incredible Taj Mahal..
Indeed, Taj Mahal is the pride of India, and we need to save, conserve and not to pollute it..
All I can now simple say Wah TAj..!..Wah Omit..!

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13 December, 2007


The photographer, I Captured is the ONE who not only takes pictures but somehow captures some of the most profound moments and magic of emotions and expressions, even though its not his profession.
I call my very dear friend AMIT SEMWAL-THE PHOTOGRAPHER,

I am not exactly aware of the place where he took these pics, but what I knw..that he almost captured my mind and soul for the moments iIsaw the pics.
I got bobbled with the high emotion and feeling which transformed into me. The rural rich India so well captured with the amazing forum of culture and heritage of India. This pic have a temple and the sun rays are blooming and making the moment glow.

The next pic, is of a humble girl found at that place. Her three pink bangles in hands reflects the inner beauty of hers, and amazingly captured by THE Photographer.

Amit have many sides and angles to capture the emotions..and does definitely reflects in his photos. I still have a huge collection of his creations but one thing is common in all the emotions and the liveliness of the time. All are equal and get full footage and justice in his pics, from common persons, Friends, nature, animals, and abstract..

I might not explain the pics in words better, only I know its an emotion that travels through your eyes and touches your soul.

That is why he is different from all those professional photographers. Check out some more, photos of the set ..by just one click to...." EXPLORE INDIA".

Check out the Exclusive FOOTAGE to EXPLORE INDIA..

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03 December, 2007

Hyderabad Blue - BIRYANI

India have a lots of clues and hints which defines it as Incredible..and one of them is Hyderabad.
Hyderabad, which have turned up as the fifth largest metropolis of India, the state capital of Andhra Pradesh, known for its rich history, art & culture...
But today it have an identity as booming IT City. Beautiful monument Charminar adds up to its beauty..more when thought about the beautiful & bold ladies born & brought up..like Miss Asia-Pacific 2000 Dia Mirza; Tennis player Sania Mirza...

The City of Nizams smells like Heaven and the credit goes to The Briyani....the famous "Hyderabadi Biryani".
Sources say that the biryani is originated from either Persia or Arabia. Biryani is derived from the Farsi word 'Birian' that means "fry before cooking".
But in the Hyderabadi Biryani, neither the meat nor the rice is fried before cooking but they are marinated in a paste of yogurt and spices. The 'the marinated meat' is transferred to Handi (deep vessel) forming the layer of meat. The next layer is of the Rice, which is also marinated into yogurt. The Handi is sealed with dough of flour and left for Dum cooking for hours.
When the meat and rice are cooked, the seal is opened and we find the flavoured colourful biryani which have more of yogurt flavour with species.
Hyderabadi Biryani is accompanied with Dahi chutney (curd & onions); Mirchi ka salan - a chilly curry. The salad includes onion, carrot, cucumber, & lemon wedges.

~ But to enjoy the flavour of Hyderabadi biryani one doesn't need to go Hyderabad and eat...rather one can move to the "HYDERABAD HOUSE". Its an International chain of Restaurants. I recently went there, one in Bangalore. The ambiance was great..something very much soothing and warm and easy-going.

We almost reach at the peak hours of the dinner time...and hence had to wait out side for the table...indeed a busy restaurant. There is also the facility of Take-Away. The staff of the restaurant was calm , friendly and suggestive..which really helps to the people like me cumming for the first time..

Soon we got the seat.. and without wasting much time order was placed.. Chicken Tikka and the very original Hyderabadi Biryani. It did not take much time to come and I was very much impressed by the piece of art in food to see. The chicken looked marvelous...so juicy-hot-spicy. Simply mouth-watering.

I don't know what to say...it was luck or unluck but indeed i was fortunate enough to have a to the candle light dinner. There was the power cut...Hence, the staff placed lighted Candles on each table. Well then we had CANDLE-LIGHT DINNER. It was then I realised that the aura of the restaurant was not only good in looks but practically was great. The Candle made the room glow and above all inspite of so many candles there was no smoke which made us sit comfortably and enjoy the food.
Indeed, it added to the flavour of the food. The Hyderabadi Biryani looked as prefect as anything. With lots of aroma, flavour, beautifully blended of colours and spice. The Rice were cooked just on the right temperature..that i could even count each rice. The chicken tasted great, it was so soft that one dint even need to have fork or knife to cut it. The curd provided as the accompaniment was smooth and tasty. And the chilly-curry just completed the whole meal so well.

The HYDERABAD-HOUSE indeed is the place were one can enjoy the very ethnic flavours of India. And "Hyderabadi Biryani is the right staple to smell and taste."
~ Check out the link: http://www.hyderabadhouse.com/
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