30 December, 2010

Thursday challenge - Toys

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week.This Week challenge is "TOYS" (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,...)

  • This is no ordinary truck-toy...it is more than 50 years old and absolutely in a good condition!
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27 December, 2010

Fleeting Beauty at Christmas

Note: The collage below has the pictures taken by my very talented friend Parker! Hope you like it. Also the prose below is created in exactly 100 words!!

Fleeting fine beauty said..

Deepest-darkest winter hours,
Twist turn dance frisk in, freezing a moment,
Shiny wink,
I bat my silver lashes,
Fleeting beauty, falling head over heels...without a sound,
Touching the soul, other side of the windowpane,
Settling smoothly, waiting willingly,
Lingering and dreaming of him
Knowing all would be hard,
Knocking would hurt;
Knotless admiration is worth knowledge!
Graceful spark from the confident core!
Tiny yet so intricately inimitably joy formed.
Considering a contribution this Christmas,
“Before rays trace me, look at me, my love!
Warmth in me is the coolest thing...
I felt melting in your arms”...
... fine Snowflake said!

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23 December, 2010

young Indian Bride

Swirl spins eddy goes the world
Curl the eye shadow deep within
Mellow down the sleek cheeks!
Sealed lips with red tone sheen;

Wavy locks, speaking scores of lines
Sweat sweet, bat your lashes
Flame under the sapphire sky
Whispering feather plea to fate

Melody mingle in every move
Standing in the shallow
Unruffled emotion crept soon
Brewing premise awhile really slow

Smile O Smile! Solar flair!!
Dousing in mystery
Stretch fragrance forever
Rising in tranquillity

Brilliant angelic young bride
Begins to believe in being
Beautiful blossoming butterfly
Heart beats truly skips acting shy

Barely reciting apprehension
Before the whole comparing impression
Beyond the promising comprehension
Committing to care and considering compassion!

* To 'bat your lashes' is a piece of 1920s slang meaning to make eyes at someone, the idea being that the enormous false eyelashes in vogue at the time looked like bats when your eyelids fluttered.

Young bride

** Beautiful picture 'young Indian Bride' is captured by very talented 'Vijay Raghavan', which actually inspired this prose! Interestingly, the prose complies exactly 111 words.
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18 December, 2010

Holding Hands - 55fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
A joy to discover something new!
A moment to rebound in a relationship!
~ This 55fiction is an attempt to recreate the overwhelming experience with a twist to the whole apprehensive look in the rapport shared.
~ The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend ‘Vijay Raghavan’! Thanks buddy :)

55fiction : Holding Hands

Little did she know that he loved her heartily!
That he would never hurt or hinder.

Shivering, trembling soft hand motivated to hold his hands;
He held her tender hands tight giving a slight hint,

Only brace, holding breathe,
She kept her head up,
Passion flows beyond blessing,

Her feet above the floor,
Eventually trusting!

my love my child@ Vijay Raghavan
my love my child (c) vijay raghavan

Okay this is when the whole world types in Google page to find out "how to hold a girl’s hand"...I wonder is it really that difficult. I could not think of laced fingers or curled up hands in an intimate relationship but a warm momentum of letting free followed by faith in building a bond!

For me, holding hand is just as deep and devout as competing to accept the person whole heartily.

Whether they are warm hands or cold, gentle by touch or rough by grasp, hands brings out the person’s persona fairly by choice. It is a convincing certain circumstance of a challenge to make a person feel comfortable and cared!

Perhaps greeting in a personal secured space, gears to hold hands brings a genuine lift in soul!

HOLDING HANDS ~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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12 December, 2010

Seasons Greetings Card

This is just the beginning towards the best and better days to come ahead and celebrate!
Wishing all my loved ones grace - bliss - spark!
Cherish with rachi creations..

The Christmas is down the corner in rush
Rachi Creations.. are token of affection and love
Convey for the treasured and care
Flattering the moment in joyous flare!

Bright faithful frosty flurry
Sugarplums tend to snuggle
Sweet candies, muffins and cuddle cream
Fills me in desires and lucid fulfilled dreams..

Holidays together in cozy home-caves
Hugs and Happiness is all that I share and crave
Warmth in the chilly wave truly saves
So here, THE Christmas card spreads cheerful parade!

Enchanting tiny silver stars; Engaging little golden bells
Sparkling and tingling roll over the Christmas tree
Angels around glowing graciously
Enough to help my grin unwind,
Wishing YOU all a refined radiancy!

~ Celebrate Life.. Celebrate friendship..
~ Keep the Spark ALive..

Red nose reindeer
rachi creations.. wishes you Celebrations of Seasons
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