03 November, 2012

Wrinkles tale

my little baby-steps to cope up..

Just like any other person I have my piles of troubles.
Even I worry a lot, at times for little things more than anything.
Honestly most of times it’s the little things that gives me challenges to lead a proper life. After all just breathing or merry-go round is not the only thing to focus about. We need to have a nice healthy lifestyle too. Difficult to ignore and yes stress almost these days over takes everyone’s life in a very creepy manner.

...every wrinkle or line have series of stories behindto be shared...
Problem is actually not a problem; important thing in life is how we manage such moments in life when we feel like we are losing on everything. Hopelessly helpless yet keeping the positive attitude is something we must tame our minds to learn. And almost every time we forget that Love and laughter are the two things we must focus on to celebrate our living and Keep the spark ALive..
Changes in the circumstances and human body shall always take place. Rather than working on avoiding wrinkles only to look good physically we must be encouraged to learn accepting the changes. Aging gracefully, being healthy and fit matters the most.

True beauty is not just the radiance airbrushed on the face but also the recognition and respect we receive from the people around us for the significance of wonderful work investing time and patience in the development of our family’s well being and work-place, we do. And where wrinkles are the expressions frozen in time and are the way to signpost of the journey of remarkable life.

To me wrinkles document the emotions we have experienced.
In our youth, if ‘we frown’ more, we tend develop lines around the forehead. With every laughter and smile, happy face like an enlightening worthy soul, we develop lines at the sides of lips and the corners of eyes as we grow old.

Here, interestingly the lines define how we lead our life, wrinkles weave the tales of the way the time was spent.

However, I will aim to measure my success of life, my value as a person, as a friend, a lover and most merely as a human being not just by watching the wrinkles on my face but also by counting the number of laugh lines found on ‘Your face’.

This is also a way to share a wish that we shall be together forever, growing much stronger. Just as I wish, we together shall embrace warmth in wrinkles and celebrate long and prosperous years of life spent with someone you truly love.

Note : The above picture includes My mother, with her enchanting smile in warmth and grace in her eyes.
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