30 September, 2011

Coffee Day

A popular song lines goes like, 'Wake me up when September ends!' and I always pondered upon the line. I realize on the last day of the Haiku Height Challenge so let me announce that I just woke up into a 'new world of words'.

The credit goes to dearest buddy Leo, who is a profound blogger with a blog 'I rhyme without reason'. He has been always so inspiring, supporting and generous enough to teach me the true essence of prose and haiku combination. Just in case if you are (Leo) reading dare you laugh on lines above...Since I mean it all. I'm extremely proud of you and feel blessed to cherish a blogger-bond with you..perhaps you should know by now ;) Indeed, YOU and your prose are the only reason for me to try my hand in writing Haiku :))

Mirror of mind meet,
Slight smile behind coffee cup,
Stir beautiful mess!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 30 - Prompt #88 - Poet's choice - Mirror

Definitely sipping coffee is an experience and perhaps I share a beautiful bond with my strong aromatic coffee! Read more post on coffee 'White Cup of Coffee' and 'Gulp of joy of Hook to Habitate'
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29 September, 2011

Scent of a Woman

Very adorable picture below is created by my very dear friend, Samarjit Roy aka endowed artist SAM! Please go through his blog of art, 'Figments of Imagination' which is unique and too artistic.

Dabbed little perfume
Honed exotic charm no harm
Inhaling deeply!!

Honeysuckle scent
Warm trail of sweet memories
Lilt rhythm and blushed face!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 28 - Prompt #86 - Charm
The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 29 - Prompt #87 - Rhythm
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27 September, 2011

Perfect Poise

Beautiful Picture below is contributed by my very dear friend Aishwarya. Thanks a ton dear!!
The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 27-Prompt#85 Poise
for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: You animal!

Settling inner war
Best friend stray dog far from noise
Poise mind in progress!

The dogs found on the Indian streets are referred as Indian Pariah Dog.
The word pariah is derived from a Tamil word first used in English in 1613, to refer to the lowest level of the traditional Indian caste system; in English, it is used to mean "a social outcast”. The Indian feral dog was considered an outcast as well. The term "pariah" when referring to feral or wild dogs of the Indian feral dog type is sometimes replaced with primitive, in the sense of "relating to an earliest or original stage or state" or "being little evolved from an early ancestral type". It is assumed that dogs placed in "pariah" or "primitive" groups are of an older type than other modern dog breeds. Future genetic testing may show the actual heredity of these breeds or types.

Not many people know that The Indian Native Dog (INDog) is an ancient autochthonous (landrace) type of dog. It was featured some years ago on National Geographic Channel's film, 'Search for the First Dog'...ref. Wikipedia

These dogs extremely alert, social and are capable to adapt and survive in the extreme conditions of the environment changes. When in today’s scenario people love pets especially dogs, they pay hefty amount to buy the best pure breed of dogs, yet are not willing to support the stray dogs. Adopting the stray dogs in India could give a good life to Indian street dogs and also create a whole new prospect of loving dogs and one of its kind setting examples of giving a change to the dogs which need little love after all.

Must watch outstanding Dog Movies:

  • Marley and me
  • Turner and hooch
  • Beethoven
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Fluke
  • Hachi - A Dog's Tale
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26 September, 2011

Hope Rose

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 26 - Prompt #84 - Phoenix

Like phoenix hope rose
Some new starts and some well ends
Some more live laugh lines!!

P.S. Wrinkles should be Embraced!!
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25 September, 2011

the long drive of my life

The drawing below is created my thyself as a part of Rachi Creations..

Hopped into new car
Boozing takes my breath away
Sprint steers dire end life!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 25 - Prompt #83 - Poet Choice - Breath

...if you drink don't  drive mixing both is short-cut to undue lost of life..
Absolutely a boring statement to make, ‘Do not DRINK and DRIVE’!
When there is a celebration, people drink and celebrate the moment, of course a legal choice of an adult to feel privileged, relaxed, happy and fun loving.
However, endangering your own life and your loved one sharing a seat in the same vehicle is not so much fun.

If you drink DO NOT DRIVE!
Drinking and Driving both are fun, but Do not mix them.

People tend to take silly challenges in ego from friends in a group and agree to have a short racing of cars at the highest speed and the irony is that the moment to show off an attitude, it a short car race becomes the short-cut to undue death.

They say, "Drinking makes you feel like flying in heaven"
Perhaps if you think so, you definitely are near hell!
Just BE Careful!
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24 September, 2011

the lost get found

The picture below is captured by talented photographer Vijay Raj.
"Interestingly, he was not aware whose picture was he capturing on the sunny morning until he actually uploaded it on facebook and added one more super moment with a super snap captured.
He spotted this cute little banner on the streets of Basavangudi, Bangalore (India). It was a small thermocol pasted with a picture hanging with a string to a tree branch!"
Vijay Raj is a profound photographer attached with many NGO's and predominantly is passionate about portraits and street Photography.
READ MORE below about whose picture is it...
When I come across to the whole story of a little old black and white picture, I could not resist to capture the zest in my page. I wanted all of you to read and feel the generosity of the moment. There is an ecstasy in the picture that even after being lost was still found by an artist capturing the momentum of the moment. And as on the way we forgot the face but could graciously recognize and remember the voice, even if it meant a long silence after ages!
The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 24 - Prompt #82 - Lost

Timbre tears
Memories missing
Mutest lost...

Gangubai Hangal
5th March, 1913 – 21st July 2009

of a lost melody and voice..
Gangubai Hangal was born in Dharwad to Chikkurao Nadiger, an agriculturist and Ambabai, a vocalist of Carnatic music. Hangal received only elementary education and her family shifted to Hubli in 1928. She began to train formally aged 13 at the music school of Krishna Acharya, studying Hindustani classical music instead of Carnatic music. She also learned from Dattopant Desai before studying under Sawai Gandharva, a respected guru. Hangal could only study sporadically under Gandharva when he returned to his home, but she received an intensive training of three years after he relocated permanently to Hubli.

Hangal's family was considered to be of low social status and for women of her generation singing was not considered appropriate employment; Hangal struggled against this prejudice and made a career. She performed all over India and for All India Radio stations until 1945. Hangal had initially performed light classical genres, including bhajan and thumri, but concentrated on khyal.Later, however, she refused to sing light classical, saying she sang only ragas.

Hangal served as honorary music professor of the Karnatak University. She gave her last concert in March 2006 to mark her 75th career year. She had overcome bone marrow cancer in 2003, and died of cardiac arrest at the age of 96, on 21 July 2009, in Hubli, where she resided.
She had her eyes donated to increase awareness for organ donation. ....(resource: Wikipedia link)
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23 September, 2011

Hold Water

An outstanding detailed colourful painting below is created by a very talented friend of mine 'Jigar', who is a Doctor by profession and a passionate artist by nature! ~Keep the spark ALive dear!!

Silver mist
Cold calm breeze at face
Earthy smell

Thrill quiver ooze
Mountain meadow slope
Dark woods grove

Beamed to see true dew's
Swirling puddle on pebbles
Ebb changing many lives!

Causeway swamp
Naive still renders
Nature bond

Soul undercurrent
Heed treasure by fine fingers
Dribble water drops

The Height of Haiku Challenge,Day 23 - Prompt #81 - Water
P.S. Save Water!
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22 September, 2011

Great little ideas

The picture perfect below is contributed by my dear friend Anshul who's blog name is 'Aesthetic Blasphemy'! Thank you buddy!!
Also this post is dedicated to my very dear friend Mitul, who owns a blog called 'Journey', consist of ideas and inspirational leads. Hence this post is inspired by his words/posts.

Unique sight
Little words echo
Enrich art

Courage to excel
Dignity merge with hard work
May you reach each goal

Dismiss your fears
Yet you should touch many souls
Doubt might blur your thoughts

Dare to dream
Believe in miracles
Sole brave rise

Creative triumph
Eventual rewards deal
Let go and love life!

Focus strengths
Nourish idea
Risk brings change

Write might effort
Some day glad to have hardship
Bull's eye pore learning!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 22 - Prompt #80 - Bullseye

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21 September, 2011

Catching up with bubbles

This post is dedicated to my very dear friend 'Madhulika', Oye bubbly!! :)
Spreading bliss and smiles
Soft whisper

Free fly high
Harmonious breath
Catching boom

Too and forth
Floating fleeting way
Life like froth

Delicate trembles
Little world charm in the swirl
Leading to more thrill

Peace and tranquil rays
Within soft smooth velvet wall
May compose wishes

Little mermaid waves
Busting and beginning boom
Whoosh in deepest blue

Hide and seek challenge
Playing with mini bubbles
Glee free from troubles!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 21 - Prompt #79 - Bubbles

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19 September, 2011

The Bold and The Beautiful

Let bright be bold
Let beautiful be behold
Let the best be mould!

Bolder thoughts
Boldest ideas
Bring a change

He was in black suit
Though I looked the prettiest
They said black is black

I took my stand straight
Trumpet when I type and say
Accept depth in words

No take on colours
Addicts owe bold blackberry
Bold have new meaning!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 19 - Prompt #77 - Bold
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18 September, 2011

Good feelings ahead

Original perfect picture below is captured by very talented Abhijit Bhattacharjee !
Do check his awesome art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
Words and lens

Confirm confidence
Bouncing back

Return to race
Circumstances change memories
Stepping toes ahead

It’s been good so far
Control is only a guide
Believe beyond all

Flowing emotions
Follow only the free path
Light years to face more..

Keep the spark alive
Bright side is count your blessing!
Good feelings ahead!!

  • The Height of Haiku Challenge Day 18 - Prompt #76 - Poet's Choice "FEELINGS"
  • Also let me tell you this post is inspired by a beautiful post 'Good feelings Ahead' written my dear friend Rahul
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17 September, 2011


Momentous picture is captured by my very talented photographer, Sandeep Singh Rathod!
Do check his awesome art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

Shorter days
Longest lifeless night
Sad mad mood

Frizzy hair
Lonely weathered soul
Flaky face

Darkest fog
Healing haunt down
Soft whisper

Comfy easy curl up
Frozen over the mind realm
Prolonged moving spells

Cold unblinking eyes
Untouched subtle coffee cups gaze
Yearnings clinch hugging

Quite nostalgic
Little ice-age phase in me!
Warm up with snowflake

Winters was in eyes
Rapid rise with a surprise
Melting cold hearts!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 17 - Prompt #75 - Winter
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16 September, 2011

Music for Me

Adorable moment captured by my dear friend and very talented photographer Prasanna! Check out more of his creative works at Silhouette of Color !!
Vibrant aura shine
Vibrating waves
Rock Star is born

Fan shouts praises
Girls’ faints for heart-throb
Lungs panting

Voice tempo
Head bangs harmony

Still moments
Note echo whistles
Claps connects all..
No border
No limitations
Show success

No language
Just surrendering
Spark divine

Enchanting chanting
Power of rhythm
Just pure music

Journey of silence
Rhyme of Self discovery
Tickle in Chime scales!!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 16 - Prompt #74 - Chime
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15 September, 2011

Pace of patience

Original beautiful art in picture below is created by my very dear and talented friend Rhonda L.Hall !

Prose prompt
Peace blooms..
Pace of patience cultivate!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 15 - Prompt #73 - Patience

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14 September, 2011

Elixir of life

Detailed picture of dew's on the lotus leaf below is captured by my very dear friend Naveen!

Drops of shame
Frozen spirit in fragrance
Spry dew elixir of Life !

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 14 - Prompt #72 - Elixir by Fiducia

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13 September, 2011

Liberty - Wise Words

Amazing picture below is captured by my very dear friend Vijay!

A careless interpretation marred
A lost beauty of wise words
Strengthen me with Liberty to learn creativity!

The Height of Haiku Challenge, Day 13 - Prompt #71 - Liberty
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