30 April, 2009

the most beautiful bride - MY friend

“You have a heart,
like a crystal moon sparkling all white and pure
with tender words and softspoken

which carries away a woman afterall.”…ref: Pria’s Poem
"I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, Even over the longest distance. "

Going through the marriage invitation card of Nikita, I realized that I was slipping my fingers into the innocence lane of early school days. Those days were full of activities and nuisance. Our friendship story is quite filmy. It’s a friendship which came intact after covering many years in between and with all the technological differences. And I wish today to share our bond-story with my readers.

Those were the days when we studied in the same class and school GREMS, Baroda; Gujarat. Every evening after reaching home from school, I used to rush to her home, to play. We rashly cycled together, n had lots of fun. She also had a younger sister “Choti”, and we pampered her a lot. Sometimes she used to hang up my home on Sundays. We made sure that we had blast playing with dolls and making homes under table.

I still remember, she was one of the cutest kid in our class. "She owed blond hair, with blue eyes and white skin.I always admired her beauty but she never threw any tantrums, which I appreciated the most about her. Also I believe that Nikita’s this nature characteristic credit goes to her mother, who was genuinely warm and so much dedicated to the motherhood, paying interest to each and every detail of her activities of school.

It was after class 5, her family shifted to a different location in the same city and hence she also went to a different school. We lost in touch. In early 90’s there was no good facilities of telephone. And infact we were so young that we hardly had any sense of exchanging the contact address. It’s a very hurting experience to get separate from your very nice friend. I missed her so much but dint had any idea how to contact her.

Soon after two years, my father also got transferred to Guwahati, Assam. I got into a new school. In the beginning it was quite difficult to adjust. And during such hard times I used to sometimes recall the best days of my childhood spent with Nikita.

Slowly I made new friends but forgetting the old was not in my nature. I wasn’t in touch with her but she was there back in my thought when I celebrated or when I was in grief.

In this very young age I did then realize that in life it’s sometimes hard to move on leaving dear people behind but somehow one has to without any choice.
Long after three more years, I was in class 10 . Engrossed in studies and was very well used to that place n friends. One day after school when reached home, it was a normal and a daily routine day until Paa gave me a big envelop saying that it is addressed to me but was at my paa’s office address.

I could not believe that; envelop for me……Who could send it..?
I had no and not even any rough idea.
I opened it with care, and to my surprise it was a greeting card. Strange but it’s not my birthday or not even close to it, so why this greeting card and from whom….?
It stated, Dear Rachana, followed by a sweet friendship quotation and ……..from Nikita Bakshi….!!

I could not believe that..it was my very dear childhood friend Nikita. My mom asked me, and I replied it’s ‘Niki’, mom! Who ‘Niki’? My mom again questioned back….and I started describing all her prompt physical features, like her golden hair, blue eyes…and so on. Yes! Mummy could remember her and even she got amazed.

I indeed appreciated her act that after 4 years, she managed to search my new address and sent me such a beautiful greeting card. Without her this effort, we would have not ever renewed our friendship. I acknowledged her back soon by sending a long had written letter. Sending letters by Post have been the best option. So till my last school days, we kept intouch, and sharing our worlds with letters.

Also this incidence made me believe very strongly that peole whom we love the most are always conneted with our destiny and hence we do manage to meet them anyhow.
After School we enrolled into our respective colleges. And again due to the studies pressure, we were not much frequent in writing letter. But by then, emails and chatting had taken over to support our friendship.

It was the second year of College, when My family decided to go Boroda at some of my relative’s home to spend the vacation. I was super excited as I would have chance to meet Nikita , who lived in the same town. I did not inform her, and thought to surprise her by reaching suddenly.

By then apparently I was supposed to meet her after almost 9 years. But surely the "Time or distance cannot touch the friendship of the heart."

I reached her home and rang the door-bell. To my good luck, it was Nikita, who opened the door. Of coarse I could recognize her for her bright eyes. For a moment I thought she would recognize me but this dint happen. She thought I was some sales-person and soon she replied, “We don’t need anything”. Quickly, I decided to keep my identity and play a bit with her. I replied “I’m not the sales-person; let me come inside the home.” Before she could reply anything again, I literary pushed her a bit, entered the house and took my place on the couch.

She was completely dumb-founded for the moment. Her mom came and started wondering who was I..? Suddenly I found Nikita’s sister coming from the stairs. I chuckled saying “Choti, how are your studies?”
There was a huge confusion. But again to my surprise, Nikita’s mom, somehow recognize me and she stated “It’s Rachana”. Nikita interrupted her mom saying, ahh! You don’t know anything…and when she looked at me again, I was smiling. She stared at me keenly and may be then she felt her mom was somewhere right.
I confirmed, yes it was me her childhood friend….and soon after realizing the fact she jumped at my couch and hugged me.
We instantly became the chatter-box. Because almost a decade was passed, we had so much to share and talk. We were no more kids; we had grown up as young girls. The strange part was that, in our conversation the 9years gap din't not bothered us. We were very comfortable with each other. That was one of our last time we met.
Ever since than again today at least 5 years have passed, but the memories are still so fresh and our friendship is still intact.
This year, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, she got married. Though I could not make it up to my best friend’s wedding, my best wishes are always with her. I recently saw her marriage ceremony photos and found that she is indeed the most beautiful bride and groom of the world. Do click HERE and check to view short-video  her marriage ceremony.
I was happy to see the transformation from a young school girl to much younger and beautiful intelligent girl stepping slowly into the womanhood.
This blog has been dedicated to our bond.
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