10 February, 2010

Everyone needs a Personal Cheerleader

Few weeks back I was watching “Australian Open” match, and something that captured my attention apart from the enforced match between the players was the cheerleaders present there. It took courage in me to convey my regards to have made the things willingly wonderful.

I got speechless but the words ran in my mind with true emotions in my heart. An echo with bang in my head,

I would have been in vain. I would not have been ME. Worst would have been that there would not have been MORE of ME. I would not have been the Creation and the creativity within and beyond.
I would have never believed to say “I’m my happiness”, which my friend propagated me to inspire.
Trust me if I didn’t had my own Cheerleader, I would have lost to all my loses and lost to all my wins, perhaps been a complete gone astray!

Hence, I owe me to you, my dear the cheerleader!
~ And I proclaim this with pride.

Icheer4U ~::Click here to see the Enlarge Photo for better view!

Because charity begins from home, my personal cheerleaders list has my maa-paa on top, followed by my all the Teachers, my close school friends, my colleges, my loved-ones, my hubby and my Creator!
I didn’t wait for my cheerleaders ever to motivate me; perhaps they habitually consistently came along the path of my life and destiny with a genuine appreciation. Yes Guys, I’m truly blessed like anyone else!

  • There was no too much of praise to make me dependent on their words,
  • There was no unfairness to welcome my work unwillingly,
  • There was no manipulation for personal gains,
  • There was no exaggeration to harm the bond being shared between me and them.
  • Rather it was seldom when I was ever left alone wondering. Perhaps, they often took me in admiration with their presence.
  • They had been there to pat my back when I did well and slap me ‘Chapak’ when I devalue, and gave me the big bear hug when I needed the most.
They empathetically understood and reciprocated the same in all situations. And someone truly said, There has been enough Liberty from someone only when u thinks that he/she is close enough to be given that Leverage.
Perhaps, everyone need their Personal Cheerleaders!
~ And I got some mine, truly mine!

Cheerleaders when clapped, applaud me at the best, though being at the last row, made noise and called the name loud. This only multiplied the enthusiasm with their wings of love fluttered.

~ I wanted to tell them all always but I never got chance perhaps through this post want to take chance to say that U been too good to me. More than I could expect...and beyond that I could ever tell U...Luv u for that Always :)

Cheerleaders’ always uncomplicated the situation and redefined the undefined relationship.
They themselves being so dynamic brought their best positive vibe to create a flow of the best in you and boosts up your confidence. Their strength and the selfless unconditional love have been unbeatable. It does not matter you win or lose the match, but they will be there with and besides you comforting you. They helped me to conquer my disappointment and doubts, in their own beautiful cheering way.

My cheerleaders were not only to stand beside me and congratulate me for my doings but they were also there when I lost my interest. When nothing urged me to rejuvenate, my cheerleaders brought back the inspiration with an aspiration to cherish and celebrate further.

And like some Management Guru said, “One has to derive various ways to motivate the mankind skillfully, so that he/she can feel in real sense charged towards discharging their duty with pleasure.” It is like, “Motivation helps the mankind to enhance the productivity in all works of life.”

Sometimes I definitely look forward to the unfair compliment when I cook the meal awfully bad or make repetitive boring drawing. It is like managing the meal with the merging thoughts to make it even better next time. Possibly, I wish to get my share of due for my humble little efforts made.
~ Praiseful words most of the time does not do harm but only enhance the things around, and I like to accept this as true. Undoubtedly, I’m aware and am working on my weakness.
Perhaps, without my cheerleader I wouldn’t have bounced back to recreate and reflect anything but words that are more delicious...munch and enjoy them.

So this is a payback time, let me give it a green house effect!
A tight teddy bear hug for you, under the big lustrous Green leafy Tree where we converse the most...conceivably am not talking about of the Chipku Movement. But a green generated the good between..
~ While this time I sit at the other side of the table,
Sipping a Coffee Cuppa and
Cheer for you always..
.. in the Contest of Life!

  • Big thank you to all My CheerLeaders…each one of you are considered uniquely special to have made a huge difference into my life mission and am truly blessed to owe you! God Bless:)
And Yes! I want to believe that you got the Best Cheerleader in Me for You!
  • Would'nt you make an effort to Thank, your Cheerleaders of Life..!
  • The collage ABOVE ^ with the colorful patch pasting of old magazine paper chits ((kinda promoting the Recycle Process in the Creative Form)) has been created by ME and inspired by very talented Madhulika's adorable art work. ~Check her blog Link to see more of creative idea.

...All I want to say to Her that,
Look Gurl! What unbelievable infinite finest thing have you brought in me, with your little kind praiseful words...which provoked me to sing and dance on one toe to discover the divine being in me!

Check out The Colors Magazine for their new Show Your Best Contest. The post I announce for the contest is the First post of my this be very new brilliant year, "Oh what an F-Word!". This is Lena's Best way to Cheer :)

Icheer4U ~ keep the spark Alive..


  1. This is truly an inspiration for many who is gonna read it. I am glad you have people who really care and cheer you.

    Beautiful post and motivated one.

  2. Very nice thoughts and very well written. I am a new reader of your blog and going through your many previous posts. I am humming the 'HUMMING TODAY' ;)


  3. Nice moments are found not small bunches and it depends on you, whom you give the credit too... many say its their inner belief or the hard work - what we leave behind is the support... the real cheer leaders and at times we even neglect their existence... This post inspired me to have a look-back and scan up every cheerleaders that inspired me... to be here today...
    Cheers life...

  4. You need not publish this, although it depends on you
    Liked the new fresh look of your blog, but have you noticed that the header breadth is a bit large? Try to rectify that, rest it looks cool...
    bye... happy blogging...

  5. Great topic. Amazing post. Truly moving.

    We really owe to our cheerleaders.

    I am going to call and talk to some of mine :)

  6. This is my first visit here.
    Very interesting.Will come back

  7. Dear RACHANA,

    Its getting beSter n beSter post by post:)....I like the topic u chose and also the way u hv written it...its called Deep Thinking...after going thru it i'll b striving for being a cheerleader to maximum of people i come across...just like u :)

    U r a marvelous artist too...What i can only think, u can actually give it form...very well justifying yr name :)

    The collage u hv made is SOUL-STIRRING...I know hw much hard wrk n effort u must hv put in to make it to so much perfection...

    It has been very kind n sweet on yr part to hv been mentioning very honestly yr inspirations...Thanx for acknowledging yr B Buddy's presence....U reli rock...RACHANA ROCKS...

    Wish u Lots of luck,

  8. Beautiful thoughts!!! Thats so true...every1 needs their share of cheerleaders:)))

    Thanks for your inspiring comments in my blog and thanks for following me...It means a lot to me!!!

    You are indeed a gr8 cheerleader!

    Do keep revisiting. I'll be bac soon:)

  9. Thats truly a divine collage:)!!

  10. And I do know the value of cheerleaders ...... coz i experience their absence most of the times and am habituated as of now.......

  11. Nice blog ! LOVE reading it, its very interesting !
    I write for a fashion blog. You should follow me too-enrapturenow.blogspot.com

    p.s-nice thoughts put together in a good way !

  12. @ Priya
    Glad u loved the Post...But gurl always remb. YOU GOT A CheerLeader too..in ME:)

    Luv yeah!!

  13. @ Gaurav Kant Goel

    Welcome to Humming Today..
    I'm so happy that u liked the post and considered old one too.
    Visit again :)

    keep the Spark Alive..

  14. @ Makk

    YOU GOT A CheerLeader too..in ME:)

    Cheers to U!

  15. @ Jayanta Deka

    It makes me so happy to see that the post made you revist your cheerleaders...and feel grateful to them. Yes..my purpose is done..and now you will create a new beginning..of happiness and calm!
    YOU GOT A CheerLeader too..in ME:)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  16. @ Jaky

    Yep me very blessed..same as you!
    Always remb. YOU GOT A CheerLeader too..in ME:)

    Kepe the spark alive..

  17. @ Ayu
    Thankyou so much for visiting the post and leaving your lovely comments! Feel so glad!

    But gurl..remember...I will be there always to cheer for u in your contest of life:)
    God Bless U always!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  18. @ Little L

    Finally U hav come bk with the words..and I feel so gud.

    Yes..we owe a lot to our cheerleaders..and give me a treat today...as i'm also your one of the cheerleader ;)
    Welcome Bk

    Keep the spark Alive..

  19. @ BK Chowla Sir

    Welcome to Humming Today Sir!

    Thankyou so much for follow up and leaving your lovely comments! Feel so glad!
    Do visit again:)
    God Bless U always!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  20. @ Madhulika

    O dear! U are so inspiring in all ways you tend to do that I'm so proud of u.

    Thankyou so much for adding up my views and thoughts. Feel so glad!

    But always gurl..remember...I will be there always to cheer for u in your contest of life:) And i meant that with all my heart:)

    God Bless U always!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  21. @ deepaArtz

    Welcome to Humming Today!
    Bow to u Creativie Lady!
    Absolute my pleasure to have u here..cheering!

    Thankyou for the compliment on the collarge...as it comes directly from the Creative Zone...I heartily appriciate that :)

    Thankyou so much for visiting the post and leaving your lovely comments! Feel so glad!

    Yes..gurl..I will be there always to cheer for u in your contest of life and Zone of Creativity:)

    God Bless U always!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  22. @ Mahesh

    Hey buddy...how can u say that miss the cheerleaders...trust me U definitely got one!

    Arree..babaa....thts ME!

    Also remb. your comments and views matter a lot...I never take them for granted..perhaps I knw You always have a correct point!

    God Bless U always!

    Cheers to u!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  23. @ Naina Sethi

    Welcome to Humming Today!
    Feel so glad thta u like the post so much...

    Kindly invite me to your blog an di shall follow it :)

    Thanks again for visiting an dtaking time to comment!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  24. @ Mahesh

    I thought this was imp to let u knw that in the first para...the words in green...MORE OF ME...has been learnt from U and your enchanting blog!

    A Green Thanks for it :)

  25. yeh mere liye hain na... hugs to you... toh mera naam kention kr na.. :)

    lots of luv dear,


  26. Rachana, Why did I read this post so late? I am so so sad to miss such a sweet post.. Cheer leader, everyone needs one, and your post is truly inspirational.. Loved it..

    Someone is Special


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