24 March, 2011

Bits of Life - mixed emotions

Okay now I feel that I’m growing up...almost fully grown!
I mean in a sense to values. I feel that I’m groomed now to manage almost all the emotions, relationship and more harmoniously.
I can currently also comprehend why there are so many people who are looking for peace and introspected own soul. I recognize why people want to take a flight and free themselves from all the frustration.
~ bits of life - survival ~

Life is tough no wonder!
The more I live and see around I see everyone facing and fighting their battle. Indeed, no one battle is less significant than anyone else’s. And when each one of us is fighting our wars to win...we are not alone, I guess! Perhaps this thought helps me sometimes and demands me to be a bit kind to others too. However each one of us is doing our best almost every day to overcome it.

Few days back one of my friend’s younger sweet sister was upset and puzzled about something. I got to know it from her facebook updates stating as, "Mixed Emotions!"

I without knowing the issue promptly replied her,

..I think what you are thinking is right now so correct, just go for it, do not hesitate...don’t doubt your heart :))
See 2+2=4...now no matter how many times or 1000 times you add the same thing....
2+2 will always be 4.
Indeed that what heart is saying...why recheck and doubt your own will!
But if you still have some kind of doubt than hold back your horses, may be your brain is still calculating the moment.
But alas! Your heart has already given you the answer of your life that would make you or break you in your opinion.”

However as far as I know, "heart never gives doubt...it’s the mind that troubles more"...it's calculative huh!

...But before you choose consider this too...if the situation is 2y+2 than the results won’t be the same as 2+2. We need to find the hidden value of ‘y’ and many possibilities are that the results will not be 4.
I think ‘y’ is something hidden agenda...and need to be explored. ”
Sometimes in a crowd we think same like others looking at each other’s face. We need to have different prospective before we make major decisions, there is nothing wrong in hearing after all!”

Perhaps, calculations are the part of the life right from the beginning. Some planned steps and some unplanned but calculations will remain and you would counter at many cult of moments.

LoLz....I’m actually bad in subject Maths!
But creative calculations sometimes help!

And finally after many hardships one thing I have understood,
“It’s not that easy to fall,
Until you know you won’t get hurt
or you know the dept
or you know you will fall over the gushy of green grass and carpets of supple flowers and bounce back..
..then you might just jump instantly put up your feet up with your arms open wide and least bothering to touch the ground with knees!”

Note: I’m ruled by planet called emotions hence u don’t find my existence over this place...and perhaps this is a reason nothing rough comes by my way but only love tickles!

Okay before I sum up my calculative funda...mull over this one:
What is the sum of 2 + 2?
*found in forwarded mail from a friend.*
An accountant will say "What do you want the answer to be?"
A mathematician will say "I believe it is 4, but I will have to prove it."
A statistician will say "The population is too small to give an accurate answer, but on the basis of the data supplied the answer lies between 3 and 5."
An economist will say "Based on today's thinking, the answer is 4 but the answer may be different tomorrow".
An engineer will say "The answer is 4, but adding a safety factor we will call it 5".

*How do you sum up your life formula!?

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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17 March, 2011

Walk of Life

This is a GUEST-POST for inspiring Jaky's Blog as a contribution in 'Healthy Living Challenge-2011'  (CLICK LINK), a one cool way to get your life on track. Join the challenge, share your ideas, regain health! I just shared mine my little secrete in this long post below :))

The beautiful picture below is contributed by my very dear blogger friend Amity :)

PPast few days I was upset!
Upset for something I dint even knew.
Perhaps everything was fine in life all well settled yet a kind of restlessness for something unknown. It’s like when you know it all yet you don’t know how to explain thyself. Or be it like this there is no problem and yet you want to solve it. I kept thinking...for hours and days. And waited but there were no good results.

I’m a warrior but nature hence I never give up and keep fighting! Never let myself down when I’m literary down with low energy and perhaps lower esteem..so I was trying quite hard to outline all list of hassle views.
...i'm a warrior and a worrier too..
But since I was a worrier too, I kept thinking and worrying of many bits of strings of things which almost made me sink all the time. Why, what, how, when were words echoing my head with no drop of answer. For me no change nothing moves, nothing breathes ...I saw the horizon still...with no prospective!
God knows what was wrong with me!

They say to divert the mind attention...hence...

I tried writing something worth but lost in words.
I tried sketching something yet no picture appealed my pain.
I tried singing but no song could match my skipping heart beat.
I tried dancing and it was tough to follow steps.

All that I tried is something I liked, enjoyed and regarded them as my hobbies and passion.
But see the irony the passion itself does not please me at all at that juncture state of mind.
Suddenly everything was falling apart, my focus, my thoughts which simple scattered, my hope vanishing gradually, subtle emotions swinging, plain feelings erratic and even intuitions overlooked and me walking at a snail's pace absolutely!

I felt missing someone, something or just missing thyself!
Felt hallow inside, felt lonely and felt terribly tired.

I dint feel like calling anyone and telling my sad story perhaps thought if I said, they will ask what happen and I dint had any one line answer to the question.

Blame the hectic life or the routine life we live in, I felt so bored and tied in numerous little issues quite mysterious!

One fine day staring aimlessly a mark on a wall, struggling in perception and right that moment only thing was running in my head was how to come out of this loop of distress and bring back me the happy chirpy girl like ever smiling and bringing smile on other’s face.

Suddenly one of my very dear friend called me on phone. I was sounding low and slow. He could make out something was bothering me, something that I would not even share. Something was worrisome and he knew it. Perhaps that what good friends do, they listen before you open your talk, and they know you’re giving a fake smile. But how can even they help you until you don’t know what is bothering you and what makes you so anxious at times.

Only thing my friend hearing my bewildering status of mind said, “It’s an evolution to find a better solution”. This really relaxed me a bit, thought it wasn’t that bad at all...if it mean figuring out, sorting out things.

~ Indeed most of the times people just say things, they are just now aware of their words, which have so much of power. They don't know what they said in few words n some lines yet their little words sometimes words echo and at times change life completely too. Honestly they have no idea...how much they inspire you; support you unknowingly in their little gestures...perhaps in their words!!

It’s a not always about speaking heart to someone, sometimes we need someone listening your heartbeats!

Next day, I was sitting close to the windowpane of my room lost in my own world...searching a spark. And a little sunshine passing silently the glass window pane and touching softly my little toes warmed my feet. I enjoyed that moment playing with my feet shadow under the golden sunrays. I could hardly open up my eyes looking up the dazzling sun but I did take my head up and passed a slight smile at it. Until then I hardly knew things were slowly but surely changing.

It was a moment and just a jiffy instance when I swiftly got up and not thinking much changed my dress, got my shoes on, my shoelace fine tied, took my mobile cell and walked off the house locking the door. It was supposed to be an aimless moment yet it was not an aimless walk...but I hardly knew than that clueless moment.

I started walking on the pedestrian in the lane just beside my house. Walked...took steps...long steps...still trying to grip ground and took longer breaths, took my head up firm and walked. Kept walking!

Din't think that it was not a park to walk and there it was coming a crowd, swarm of vehicles on the road beside I was walking. But what appealed me at that moment was the losing of energy and I think it was a negative one. I looked up, high up in the bright blue sky and clouds settling by, few birds ruffling their tiny feathers and sunshine passing through the creek of the buildings and reflecting my face. The traffic sound was loud but I was determined at my inner voice.

Suddenly my mind was diverting from grief towards greenery around.
Until then I was walking the forest of mind and yet latter I was looking to be lost in the true wilderness of woods. I stumbled but something helped me from falling. I knew it’s gonna be a long walk ahead. The faster I walked, swinging my arms, involving my body into the walk, quicker I gave up focusing on the odds in life!
...i sustained the walk
for hour and more of me with 

I walked a little faster, unexpectedly latter I realised I enjoyed losing breaths, that panting sound appealed me, that utter sweat, red blushing face and me still walking faster. All of a sudden there was a good rush of blood in body parts and me without using my brain too much was walking and stimulating to leave behind all my worries, the unknown pain and shedding all the confusion. With a cruising pace, I was crushing every hard time I had. I sustained the walk for an hour and more of me with me.

Perhaps, then I got enriched that I have nothing to lose since I’m here only to gain after the immense pain. Best part was I was walking; building muscle and burnings the fat same time and focusing on something better.

All that puffing paid off when I felt truly the tranquil latter. Somehow now I could figure out things better, which I could not do it while being a couch potato. I comprehended that with each firm step I took, I was actually breaking my myths and perceived notions. I truly was strengthening my mind and composing my thoughts.
Walking actually lowered my anxiety levels and lifted my spirits again! It was a time to heal after the hurt! The recovery results were instant.

I walked and ruptured my weakness.
Finally I discovered, I was no more walking or running...but I got my wings back and I was flying!! I was enjoying my life, my world and every little thing was apparent and effortlessly simple then!

It was walking life and waking life!
While waking I was exploring my thoughts and figuring out a new quote of life to follow.
Everyone have one quote of life to follow I just rediscovered a new light being conscious waking into life...that often racing the series of thoughts in the head does not help much sometimes we need to put on the shoes and run a bit to catch the breathe in rhythm in our series steps of life!

And a quest walk ain’t over yet.
I still love to go for a walk take tiny baby steps, walk in the street after rain, walk on beach barefoot, walk in crowd, walk in life, have a walks of life when there is still a peace enclaves in mind. I get pleasure from the soreness in muscles. My toes nibble and my body aching leaving me in pain but somehow my inner pain vanishes while I walk. And to enjoy the feeling of independence and freedom I guess, no time zone is that important than actually lifting feet, taking a step forward and walking!

So tell me when you are going for a walk of life!

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15 March, 2011

55 fiction - clueless loop of love

“Opps, I was just trying!” Nandini innocently said.
Sameer’s eyes narrowed yet passed a smile.
Nandini might have unwise loop of conduct and be childish, but he also definitely wasn’t that easy-going person.
“It was looking beautiful and I could not resist trying ones” she said earnestly.
Perhaps, she was trying Sameer’s mom wedding dress.


Sameer shrugged.
Nandini upset turned around and walked upstairs.
“You look so beautiful in this dress” Sameer finally acclaimed softening slightly.
She stopped at thirteenth step saying, “I always wanted to wear this dress while marrying you”
Indeed, it was a childhood fantasy, lived by her youth.
And he acknowledged it as a genuine desire!


Nandini whispered, “What to do now?”
From her gesture she knew exactly what she wanted to.
Silent though persuaded they stood crushing behind the doors watching mom passing by corridor.
“What?" Sameer arched his eyebrow.
“Say yes” Nandini insisted playfully.
It was seventh time in one day, endearing Nandini proposed and mischievously smiling Sameer disposed!

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