29 April, 2012

what hurts the most

written for You and I in this beautiful world Beautiful StorySpeaking MY Mind : Rahul's Blog

What hurts the most
in any relationship,
is not that the time invested
in building bond going waste,
Definitely time is priceless!
But the contribution
of thoughts for a person
connecting every thing,
small or big, faint or clear,
every single reflection
for someone special,
every other impression
tried for that one,
every small way
sentiment belief,
each and every cerebration
and feeling of want
and wanting to need,
and all dreams seen
of being together are true treasure!
Finally ending up
with no connecting dots,
to figure out
the churn up circumstance,
all rumination fading,
feeling of emptiness,
situations effecting sentiments,
fleeting doing nothing,
invading every word,
worthwhile of waiting
turning worthless,
far and away every bit of
every element detail
summarily and elaborately,
every sunset and dawn,
every comma,
every semi-comma
and an exclamation,
soaking into a question mark!
feels like wasted,
words lack in zeal,
words don't fly anymore,
neither they float nor sink,
no longer they are
created in day-light,
not long for anyone waits
to read them in moon-light,
space simply stretches
beneath the waves
to draw away
into seriously sad scars,
morning hours,
rainy days,
shadows of music,
every now and then
thinking with a halo motion,
pretending to hear
and not listening,
pretending to focus
and not actually working,
pretend living
and not being alive,
saying something
and wishing you had not,
saying nothing
and watched you walk out,
that what troubles the most,
most of the time!
that you always try
and I never recognize!
we never give
time to explain
to excel
and explicit
fear of flame
that extinguish
end of explore!

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Yesterday was a fairytale

the moment
I saw him first
I knew,
I had actually found him
he held me
glued still
with his one look
and I was like
a little marble idol stood

his hand
brushed me
the frozen
emotions melted
with a struck
of lightening
a sigh forever!

so far I could be
he was still close
so cold I would be
his touch was cozy

just something
with the presence
he changed everything
just one day
with his promise
he might change anything
one day!

It was then, I knew
now I was alone
all that what happened
was just sweet
dreams at core,

Yet being alone
I was not
all that alone
I was a part
of something
a part
of your world
You were
the part of me
a part of

I knew
I would
If I
I should

But if I fall

I knew
you would
only you could
save me
the same me
spinning around
the story
weaving dreams
placing desires
setting dares

when you said
'who cares!'

as you said
'I was
all yours'
even if
it was
a painted lie
I liked being
part of
'You fail to convince me'
All that you meant,
'You cared!'
You sure cared about me
'I believe you'
'I care for you too!'
believe me
yesterday was a fairy tale!

and between all
the then and now
lies and truths
lies something
more better
lock me there
in your thoughts!

I'm right here
wait and watch
my patient fingers
upon sweetheart shoulders
sweater's shoulder woven,
such way that it sucks
soak in all tears,
which are simply
when I'm sad!
I write poetry
and rhyme what
I really meant!

There is a heartbeat
a double heartbeat
one heartbeat
pushing harder the other!
May be I feel your heart
with my heartbeat
with couple
of slipping
and thumping
in synergy and zing!
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20 April, 2012

party isn't over

form for all : framed couplets

Such exist real long long time ago
Such a lenghty decade passed it too,
Sipping almost the last drop of drinks
And mugging up with goodbye and blinks,

There was such a true spark between us
It was so real, wasn’t it glorious?
I found a smile, the most genuine smile!
You found eyes, most beautiful eyes!

In a crowd, when people blurred,
When honest thoughts sank so abruptly
When the time was moving on swiftly,
And maybe you were moving slowly
So unclear to take next step quickly,

Then you focused keenly straight on me
Moving a little nigher illume,
You unhurried and quite clever moves
You pulled me close! Apologies!!

Unbound sea of turmoil emotions
Kissed me beneath silver hoop earring,
Great secrets unlikely be hidden
Essence intimacy awoken,

Sudden quick thrust, seriously felt
A push and pull of reality built
A dream with a complete new twist
Nothing as such amorous happened!
Just as you delicately whispered!

Those were the three kind admiring words,
'You look pretty..' tone a bit awkward
They were not exact prettiest words,
as I actually expected,
But I was left for longing amused!

My right touch of the sincere shyness!
Your warmth rushing into me agrees!
A rare emotion, a real feeling,
We, you and me, were sort alluring,

Couple of people left accomplished
Recognize memories unfaded!
It was over, but so unfairly,
Party was over casually,

Such unfolding real long darkest times,
We parted emotions dismiss,
So unpredictable, never counts
Just the couple of missing minutes,

Were only the sheer lasting moments,
Unable to leave with unsaid words..
we were the last to leave the party
Utterly uncertain destiny,

Unwilling to unaccompanied,
Look what people literary said,
They thought we would never ever meet
We actually met, by God's grace!

You and me reunited so worthy,
Dedication is worth waiting for
Being brave means something to risk for,
Finally realized magnitude,

Of the love, I had for years for you
Unbreakable vow it has been since
Run into your arms, Kissing Crying
And hiccups unexpected! Oh yes!

Clearly, I'm not lonely thinking that,
Certainly, You still feel my heartbeat!
Impatient blossom tugs and hugs
Let universe melts down warming us,

Celebration outside party hall
Our story isn't over after all,
Party isn't over, one last call,
Until we meet, unless melt one,
Brings together, end missing someone,

Talk of the town secret not hidden
Mending Stories to be sure revealed,
For ages wondered, wish I could have..
Wish you would have been here like always..

Smiles to be heard,hugs to be shared
Strongest souls ever to be called,
After all this and lots of struggle
We made great couple, didn't we cuddle!

Thankyou Beachanny for making me understand the basics of this format of writing, I actually enjoyed it ones, I was trying to grasp it. I shall try to write such formats further in future. Though this act is still not the perfect one in sonnet, but I tried, and I guess a bit accomplished ones you guided me! Thank you for having patience. Loved this challenge!

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18 April, 2012

at time and Sometimes

A beautiful picture below is captured by my dear friend VishyFishy!
Check his wonderful photography page: Biswajeet's Photography on facebook

Sometimes for someone’s heart
is a way walking through loneliness!

Sometimes for being someone’s sweetheart
is a big wave surfing through longings!

Sometimes for someone dream come true
is only having a vacation for two!

Sometimes for someone choice is
giving up one thing for whole world
or give up whole world for one thing
and still feel like no choice to make!

Sometimes for holding someone’s hand
is like waking up all through the night!

Sometimes for a special profess
is wasting ten papers to scribble only three words..

Sometimes wasting time is only
eating, sleeping, playing, working and
Waiting for hours for someone special seems so interesting!

Sometimes trying to get back to a person
is by hearing one song that sounds the same,
like every single moment together spent!

Sometimes to feel you are till alive,
you need to bend your knees hugging your chest and cry!

Sometimes when we ask about how far is a certain place,
people tend to say, 'Just ten minutes or something with a walk'
They calculate and measure distance in minutes!
At time, I try to measure the distance between us,
Neither in minutes nor in miles but counting in moments in every while!

Sometimes to have butterflies in the stomach means
only a feeling of belonging, you know someone that completes you!

Sometimes for a wonderful whistle coming naturally
are worth having! Apparently!

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15 April, 2012

Daily Haiku - Hymns of Creation

Everyday, a word shall be linked with a Haiku,
Click on the word and go through some simple few lines expressions.

Eager Deserted Harbour Doubt
Waves Hope forgive play
seashore summer possible
coherent warmth aura alive
being wonder white honeybees
renovation serendipity Still
mesmerize Bliss Kismet Melody
temptation Clarity
anytopic Zest

Hymns of Creation is my another blog :
bliss as being in seventh heaven in hymn, rainbow colours in seven days creations . prose . verse . poems . sonnet . haiku . senryu . rhymes . hymes

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Subways Stories to say

Tile art in New York City's transit systems!

Platform number seven
waiting for someone unknown,
five-thirty sharp as she arrives
with a descending sunrise
a smile that out of the mind never goes
it has been fourteen months,
three days counting really hard
she is like a descending angel
stand by my side
together yet far
waiting on the subway!

As we walk through the train,
walking inside a by-lane,
pushing, pulling and sometimes hugging
Opps! most of it was a mistake
She clutched at the pole eagerly,
and her friend chatted down with her.
Peeking up from above her arm,
she looked at me solemnly with big brown eyes.
A moment for which I wait everyday
a little while looks like I'm dreaming!
She spent hours and hours just riding the subway
And I'm consuming every minute in hallucinating!

Idly sitting on the subway
thinking something and everything
she does not even know that
I dream to see a future with her
As she gets own her stop,
it is my time to sleep,
I would wake up, rub my eyes
check my stop,
then go right back to my mouth-gaping,
head rolling back, half sleep.
A battle to keep my eyes open
was my struggle everyday
I wish I could lean
someone cozy and strong,
Someone who could take my weight,
my pain, my struggle,
my stress off the shoulders!

I tried to perceive
beauty in an inappropriate wee-hour
People with bags,
newspaper, umbrellas, chips-packets,
People talking on mobiles,
People chatting neighbors,
some people silent,
some people sleeping,
some people alone, lonely
People with hands in hand!
My journey of imagination
never come to an end!

People with head-phones
bobbling their heads,
Head down giggling
How right a homeless sings,
a moment and a man with good taste
in fact, in a few moments
he words drew my hands into my pockets
search for some penny,
needless to say I enjoy
right now the most
with the aura of music in surrounding
and the trains are 3 hours delayed.

Stand still
waiting for the train,
Spilling over the coffee
look like people sipping tea,
Read magazine
while others reading newspaper,
Hardly go through the page
busy staring at people,
There comes a snack-man
selling some roasted peanuts,
There comes music, art and culture
in a little span!
Busy than busier life
under subway!

  • Written for d'verse : Poetic Subway
  • A gazal, kind of Indian song Sung by Pankaj Udhas Link is my fav. & reminds me of NYC subways! Thought to share with you all!

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05 April, 2012

fortune cookies to crack

My second guest post to Lena's 'Colour my Soul'!

Yesterday, I was relishing the Chinese food in dinner.
The best part was the end part when I had to crack the cookie and read my mysterious fortune tag. I’m not at all the superstitious being but anything mysterious gives such a magical feeling. You believe it or ignore it is absolutely your choice. But I just love this concept of fortune cookie!

Sometimes I wonder how would be the life without a cookie. Everyone needs a kind of motivation in life to keep the momentum go on. There are ample of troubles and hefty of worries to keep us all on our toes. Each one of us needs a kind of cookie. It’s just like we give a little child a Cookie (this is a different Chocolate Cookie), to keep him/her encouraged and happy. We the grownups also need a cookie, sort of a Cheerleader to keep going courageously.

In every circumstance and different junction of phase a cookie changes according to the need. It could be a nice friend when you are sad, a good stable job when you need money, a prosperous family when you want to be cared. For just one of the kinds of cookie for which we all are working hard, costs every penny and spending our precious time on.

Chronicles of cookie defines continuation, survival and way of life.

Bring me sunshine, give me a cookie!

Now I remember I need to clear the cache and cookies to keep my computer working fast and fine. We could be utterly clueless at times but Life is full of Cookies* to Crack!

Just as I opened my fortune cookie to see, a piece of paper popped up with certain words, definitely made sense to me...I read, ‘Speak only well of people and you need never whisper!’

As soon as I read that, definitely the first thought was ... READ MORE here.

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03 April, 2012


This post is a refection of thoughts, something I absolutely relate to, something I adore, something in some lines I'm still in process of recreating my image into words, written specially for someone on request!!! And heartily Thank you dear friends for your support on facebook, it means a lot!
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case! The original photo has been tilted up-side down for the need of the post. © Sandeep Rathod Photography

Salty water rolling cheeks,
transparent, evanescent
texture of the water
rendered patterns expression
textures in colors of emotions!
Roller-coaster of life!
I feel the earth,
swelled with joy in tidal teeming
I smell the water,
more like beautiful as rains,
drizzle soaking earthy grains
more like humble as lake,
serene as it looks
more like powerful water-falls
breaking bottom lying hard rocks,
naive tides and mysterious rivers
creating creaking streams,
more like huge story-teller oceans
naughty repeating waves,
like muddy as puddle
proud parenting pink lotus,
like unfathomable fountains
blissful birds getting dips,
like innocent simple dew
childlike credulous clue,
like cascades down the cliff
candid and so liberating,
Every tiny little single step
on the sharp stones,
and sailing smoothly on pebbles,
I went on a small walk
some husking rustling sound,
no words, no sentence,
just like a strange serene silence
a sound of wind blowing
through the leaves
on the tall trees
asking to 'let go',
'Set free the tree'.
And a leaf obeyed the breeze
and left the branch.
Like a lifeless, broken, alone
yet bright orange leaf
fighting the dust and heat,
finding it's way,
following the shadow,
falling for the reflection,
floating on the water
re-living and taste ones more,
the last final moments of life
with it's own reflection!
Contemplating thyself in the mirror of water!
I felt as always like a fish out of water,
and to me you are always the sober sea!
Which I utmost need...
Just as I read you more
I see the vanilla skies,
I see the purple mountains,
I see the eyes full of stars,
I see the empty hands holding vast,
Your face is a painting
A painting with water colours on the water,
Soft strokes and revealing illusions,
Brushing and washing over rocks
I love that parentheses care
of cupping your sweet face
and spilling it all the way
My quench in a refection,
I keep watching it
Reaching the light,
that's been waiting
but it keeps changing,
even with a slight thought,
light effect, delicate touch...
with every rhyme
billowing breaths
estuary by the tide
every composition on water
every story of every drop
of joy, Behold!hold water!
I don't hear words
I listen waves..!
reflect over my thought...

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