29 June, 2010

Women's era

Men always remember those women who make them cry, and women always keep those men who make them laugh in their mind..
But men stay with those women who make him laugh and WOMEN chose to stand by the side of those men who make her cry as a result of laugh...~Unknown Author
Women wants more of all positive promoting signs pointing to a new era, new world of women as in charge - socially, economically, politically...counting +8 hours into work and than going back and again adding sincere +8 hours at home-work with smile and warmth in ever tiny gesture 24/7 and 365 days.
Woman in different eras have created certain sure changes over the time but some fundamentals of her need still remain the same. In today’s scenario..woman stature can be divided into two groups. One who is quite elite educated and one who are not that educated. Yet the aspirations and desire are not hidden from anyone of them.
But more the education and awareness rise, it raise the same out pour of dreams and yet fulfilling them as well.
Being a woman and having celebrated silver jubilee of life. I learnt there are basic but foremost five-points that defines so well the whole of the womanhood and give a shape to femininity and humanity.

  • She wants to be Heard:
~ Ravishing _Rosemina ~

~ She likes to say things and so as hear things.
No matter how weird or smart the idea is…she has her voice, her opinion, and way of thinking which needs it to be heard and unconditionally respected. People lean to suppress the voice giving excuses, that how she will know the stuff so well. But perhaps, when never heard her voice losses many defining moments.

The Indian woman is expected to grow into independence but most of the times time at different juncture of life she realizes she has no voice of her own. That, despite her privileged schooling and many degrees she is underestimated.

~ Being heard is not less than giving respect that she definitely deserves.
Women are choral creatures. She knows that you love her, but since it is always nice to hear if you say it, too. It’s not about the being insecure. It’s just the kind gesture! Words of appreciation aren't half-bad either. It doesn't have to be over the top note, just let them know that you see their effort they put in, and you're feeling so wonderful about it.

It’s about being a true friend and listening to her. Let her share her good times, troubles and fears. Be there, rather than be just hopeful to be there after promising but not reaching when actually needed. Lend an ear and continue the dedicated constructive action is a definition of love after all
  • She wants Acceptance: Appreciation
~ Daring_Devika ~

More or less, people or family has a sort of defined way of living and hence they tend to impose the same on the woman/girl child.
~ To talk in certain way, not allowing to choose the kind of wardrobe purposely western, not to spend out late-nights, not to be friendly with guy or way she look overall is all instructed in the name of culture and tradition.
~ Its so difficult for a divorce woman to find her existence in the society or care a child single handed.
And just when the woman has her own style or way of doing things it is highly protested. Protested sometimes verbally and sometimes with physical actions to show the men-power.

Now some might just argue, “Woman always tries to change the man…so not vise-versa”. Remember, that when a woman does so, it adds to the better healthier living. This reflects in every single tiny odd habit that man posses from leaving a wet towel to on the bed to leaving shoes and sock lying anywhere in the room and woman organizing every tiny bit of untidy. But when a man/family impose it’s about there embedded castle they have created of their own out of thoughts and want it to get applied on everyone, especially on the woman forcefully.

Accepting her as she is, almost like accepting her and her with the flaws. Giving her a freedom that yet standing firm and strong supporting her is the true acceptation!

Be it thin, fat, beautiful, talkative, introvert, ultra fair, dark, short or tall…accept her as she is! Don’t go for her physical looks…perhaps the prettier thing is much deep connecting her humble heart and smiling soul! Let her words and action speaks loud “I Am”.

Let her know she’s unique and special. Point out her particular personality traits that you find fascinating. Admire her, and allow her to understand that you care, are paying close attention and accept her as she is.

  • She want to take a stand: Decision Making: Empower women
~ Thoughful_Tanushree ~

She wants the ability to make choices in life on their own!
~ What she want to do with her life?
~ What her aspirations are?
~ Decisions like in term so choosing the right person of her life, promoting her decision of kind of job she wishes to create; little things like whether she is willing enough to wants to change her name after marriage? Given her prospect to make decisions and being enthusiastic to support equal treatment in the workplace! And her determination of decision when to extend the size of her family!!

Perhaps cheering her involvement in sketching plan of a day, occasion, trip or a journey for a life.

Let her decisions shines and you don’t hold her accountable when things go other way around. I truly believe that the decisions are good only when taken mutually but I still stand strong that the prime decision has to be her!

Though a man could choose in ages past to make a success out of his life or gamble away his fortune many women had no such choices. So, show them through your actions that you not only appreciate but also respect their opinions, careers, interests, friends, bodies and minds and the decisions they make.

Possibly, one cannot ignore how the best decisions of the woman are considering varied aspects and shades of life, relationship, and people emotions attached. She is a born generous giver by the nature. So in any case or crises you can vouch her words and try to honor their opinions as valuable contributions.
~ However, follow the golden rule and treat them as you would like to be treated: Be honest, fair, kind, and considerate and consistent.

  • She wants Support: Security: Stability: Space:
~ Adorable _Aishwarya ~

Women today have many more choices than were available in the long-ago and often she feel frayed between career ambition, clock ticking maternal instincts and motivating phenomenal actions. In order to assure that you truly care it is necessary that you show your support for the details in her life.

~ It's no about giving liberty to woman...but treating her just like any individual liberally!
Emotionally, physically and financially security and secured stability the whole lot is significant for her!

~ Yes! She does not want money but she deserves money and lots of money.
Men often make fun of the fact that they might just misuse the money in shopping or just won’t be able to use so much of money, hence and presumption why to give…! How do you forget, she does and have been managing the homes so well since ages. And serves the family members unconditionally and with so much of sincerity throughout her life. She is a multi-tasked, a good manager and its hard to deny the fact.

We have witnessed so many family buying lands and factories in the name of Son of the family. But a daughter gets nothing that sort of privilege. It is expected that ones she will be married, there will be a grand celebration and that aspect is more than sufficient to affirm that the family truly cares their daughter.

~ However, my question is why waiting for just a grand celebration?
~ Why not celebrate her living everyday..!
~ Why not educate her best, save some money in bank in her name…so that in case some crises she is well of confident at least financially.
~ Doesn’t she deserve some security?

Of coarse she can earn…she even does…when needed, just like any other son of the family….but how many daughters actually are being equally supported by the family eternally just like the sons even after marriage. The family rules out saying that now the crisis is own and her in-laws shall handle it. Indeed, the Indian law recently has made a remarkable act by giving a chance to the woman to get the benefit that she does deserves property rights just like any son of the family does.

Stability, space and a good status became a valuable commodity for woman with a desire of aspiration.

  • She wants to be genuinely pampered: cared: loved
~ Cheerful_Caroline ~

You need not be that cheesy with lines and just be a bit more genuine.
Women always have some kind of strange fear about some one chasing, glaring, inspecting, over-hearing, etc.. , Hence they want to avoid strangers for teasing behavior.
~ Please do not treat a woman like a piece of furniture!
~ Or make her feel like a sex object or piece of meat.
There is always a difference of opinion over thoughts and decisions but bringing that same difference between the normal conversations is not right.

~ Let the Gorgeous speak for her. Be proud of her!
Accept her fabled effervescence and warmth but do not ignore the health issues and care for her! She needs you just the way you need her.

Perhaps, pampering is not just giving her gifts or allowing her to spend her day relaxing in spa. Loving is what gets reflected everyday in daily routine. Why not turn the daily boring routines into daily delights!

The realities of a 21st-century relationship are that companions probably work. If you happen to get home before we usually do, why not take clean the desk or studying room or throw in a load of laundry into the washing machine or help her in kitchen, even if you don’t know anything about cooking! If you take the garbage out without being asked, probabilities are you'll be getting a big smile in return when you come back. Okay this applies not only to lazy hubby but also to laid-back kids.

~ Women are often the caretakers of others.
They care for men and children, friends and family, but often forget to care for the same when it comes to their own body. Stress causes immense physical harm, it’s important for women to reduce stress and give break to their strict daily routine schedule. Nurture them and their little souls genuinely.

~ Let, men share in the responsibility of constructing step by step a wise- happy-relationship.
Helping make each day fun and carefree; living with purpose of considered aspirations, sharing the good times, and together taking stand on the crazy challenges life throws, and dividing the stress actually is what makes any relationships becomes eternally worthwhile.
~ Perhaps, they want to be passionately loved and madly fall in love!

Trust me! it’s never that expensive to make her feel happy...just a bunch of lilies or tiny packet of chocolates or five minutes free-talk with a walk can play magic with any woman instantly!

Women's Liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It's the men who are discriminated against. They can't bear children. And no one's likely to do anything about that. ~ Golda Meir

  • Here’s my entry for Blogadda’s weekly contest sponsored by Pringoo.com .
  • This post is dedicated to all my woman-friends of school, college, Blogger bonds!
  • Thank you so much for sharing the pictures so generously gurls! You Rock Gurls :))
  • The pictures above are of the profound phenomenal woman and my fine friends.
  • Kindly do not copy the pictures without permissions! Respect the decision!!
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26 June, 2010

Easy Meal - Healthy Pasta at Butter Punch

Kindly Note: This recipe is a Guest-Post. To know more about the Chef, click the link given below...
Come one come all to the “tofa-kitchen*...
Fusion cuisine with lots of innovations makes this recipe quite easy to prepare...

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Yummy Pasta

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......Luv yeah all!

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22 June, 2010

My Childhood Memories - Invincible Incredible Bond

The Colors Magazine’s site contest to “Show your best” choose this post as the Winner for the month June.Enjoy Reading!
This post in dedicated to the Indiblogger contest, "Jiyo(Lively) Life Moments Blogger Contest!"

I thought of many-many hundreds of moments and situations when I truly felt like this moment was an ultimate and nothing better could have been. Hence, I ended up thinking and only thinking...counting but not able to choose any of that one or foremost moment from the series of bliss and care!

~ But few days back something unusual yet appealing happened with me!
Which shall be cherished for some longer than other moments…for it is attached with a long old story something like, "Alice in Wonderland" ...perfectly on personal track, truly an absolute way back but still lingering the urge!!

Consider this post as a long one…but I bet! You won’t find even a bit of the word boring…and will connect with my memories instantly!
~ Vouch my words and memories..and let me begin from the start…
+ I wish to initiate from the specific foundation of the typical era when the computers of the first generation were actually introduced in this world and perhaps in India.
It was around Year 1993 , and if we actually go through the history, we will find that…
This was year, when
  • “Fifty World Wide Web servers are known to exist as of January.”
  • “Microsoft releases Windows NT, Microsoft Office 4.0 and MS-DOS 6.0.”
+ It was time; all about the new bag, new Tiffin box, water-bottle and who possessed best stylish pencil box and a pencil with a delightful tiny eraser on the top of it in addition also raised eyebrows in excitement. It was about that strange smell of the new books. It was all about those crisp pages glued together from the sides. It was about the new fascinating name stickers of Disney and super-heroes. It was all about writing the names in beautiful hand-writing penned down on every first-page of the new note-books…100pages (HW) Home-work Notebook and 250 pages (CW) Class-work Notebooks :))

It was all about the new diary provided by the school. It was about filling the first-page of that diary with personal details and get parent’s signature too.

+ It was about the craft, cuts, colorful papers and sticky gum bottles.
+ It was about lending scissor in the craft class to friends.
+ It was about growing a gram/chana/lentil in the ice-cream cup as a science project. It was about making the "igloos" with the cotton during summer break as project work for (SST), Social Studies Geography subject.
+ It was all about preparing the project-works but submitting on the last date of submission.

And latter Year 1994:
  • “YAHOO is created in April, 1994.”
It was all about the colorful charts..larger than life picture contributing to the "fun-fair stall". It was about watching our seniors dedicating songs for their teachers and classmates at chore. It was about the satin ribbons and blowing balloons. It was also about wearing colorful dresses on this entitled day.
+ It was about the rainbow life, soaked shoes in rain-water and free flowing ecstasy. It was all about the rich multi-colored Raincoats and beautiful vibrant umbrellas shared with best friend.
+ Enjoying an exceptional treatment and humming happy birthday rhymes sung to celebrate the birthday. It was all about the sweets distribution among class-mates and teachers.

Year 1995:
  • “The dot-com boom starts.”
  • “Hotmail is started by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia.”
  • “The first version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0 is introduced.”
+ This was the era when we were kids and I was a kid.
+ This was when we were introduced to computers in the school first time.
We had out of the ordinary “25marks” exam and which almost whole class attained to get full marks, interestingly the only exam where the whole class would top with ease!

I must have been in class, three or four specifically.
This was the early childhood stage in the school making the first few close friends too. Crafting some friend-groups with certain outlandish names and being happy to posses around the best-friends.

+ It was all about throwing the school bag on the floor and running straight into the play-ground on friend’s call. Coming back home, doing our home-works and again late night bag-packing from the timetable for the next usual day in school.
+ Polished our shoes only when our mom actually insisted to do, other wise managing with the dirty shoes by rubbing at the back of the legs with the socks.
+ Forgetting to take art-book or color box and standing outside as a punishment. For the one who was least interested in drawings or painting enjoyed this session of standing outside the class and planning another mischief of the day for the class.

+ Sitting in the class room but looking outside the window…a chalk hits the head thrown but the teacher and realizing that a new chapter was all started.

~ It was indeed the best-time of any child!
Though being in that phase, we always dreamt and were so charmed to see and to be grown-up soon. Perhaps, we always used to wonder, why we are in school, why we study and why we have to gives exams to prove!

~ my most memorable childhood memories ~

Year 1996:
  • Google is first developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.
+ That was the time, we used to have this strange connection with classmates playing “Statue and over…till the third period…” It was all fun and work all shun.
+ It was the time doing exercises (MPT) on Saturdays morning assembly and wearing White uniform with white canvas shoes.
+ While stretching work-out, we bent and jumped and followed by making fun of each other.
+ It was about being caught to have not worn the badges and belts as the part of the uniform. And there were few as king view's, kept the belts and badges in bag and showed the monitors only when got noticed.
+ All the time we looked each other’s chubby faces and giggled for nothing.
+ The best competition we could ever have been about how a girl or a boy was superior to each other in all terms. It was about the fighting and making up soon with friends. It was all about sharing Secrets and the Tiffin food at the end.

Year. 1997:
  • The dancing baby becomes one of the Internets first fads. The dancing baby is a short 3D animation of a small baby wearing diapers dancing. It was first created by Michael Girard later it on a CompuServe forum as chacha.avi.
  • Intel Pentium II is introduced on May 7, 1997.
  • Bill Gates is now the world’s richest businessman.
+ It was the time we joined the "Scout and Guide" forum.
Attended the Sunday extra classes and learnt making different knots with the single rope. Performing the dumbles and reciting poems. It was when we all were dumb yet aspiring to be expert in all.

+ It was about the chocolates, toffee and cream biscuits packets we relished during the “Independence or Republic Day” celebration.
+ It was when we ran faster than the other in the race to be first on the "Sport’s Day" celebration.
+ It was about preparing the skits and plays for the “General Activities period” in school for enhancing the extra-curriculum activities.
+ It was about singing in group and yet forgetting the lines and dumb staring the faces. It was about the announcements we made on arena as a chance to remove our stage-fear in "Morning-Assemblies".
It all about who’s best hand-writing was in the whole-class. It was about who could learn and recite the poem in front of the entire mass. It was about the fear of report-card day...comparing the marks and grades.
It was about the joy for being published in the "school magazine" and getting the certificates and achievement gold-silver medals.
+ It was about the “School Annual day” celebration, when we all wanted to participate but only few of our mates got selected. It was the excitement of wearing the peacock’s dress and flaunt in the dance of the Annual Day hunt.

It was being known as primary-section of the school.
+ It was about asking permission let in the class, “May I come in Madam..”
+ It was about the charm that we all wanted to be “Duster Monitor” and be known as responsible dude. It was all about comparing the heights and standing in the straight-line. It was about hating to sit in the first bench when every-week the turn came. It was all about running here and there yet control the feet in the corridors when principal noticed. It was about the payment of the fee and getting back the receipt.
+ It was about the "picnic" we together had. More than the destination it was the journey by the bus that made us all so excited which still fascinates.
+ It was about the sound of murmur teacher had while counting heads..it was all about the shouting smirk pitch “Present” that what captured the split second.

Year 1998:
  • Google is founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page September 7, 1998.
Perhaps, all it became a sweet-memory for me.
It was when my father got transferred to a different land. New place, New school, new teachers around..but I missed the faces which were so familiar and sound. I wanted to go back to my old school. But that was not practically possible. Perhaps, I then understood now that I have moved on to a new place…Practically not possible to be back…I shall prefer to dream and recollect all the memories in my mind.
I knew, I was grasping a trait from an Elephant, for memory was clumping even the tiny tint of details and moments that have influenced my life-moments essentially!
Year 1999:
  • IBM introduces the first Microdrive, the world's physically smallest hard drive capable of storing 170MB.
  • Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 5.0 in March 18, 1999.
As I was growing up, it was time when phones were not that popular.
Mobils was something like a wild idea to have in future…! Hence, there was no short service of messages (SMS). There were only inland letters and envelops enfolding the messages.

~ I could not be in touch with my pals and all my old stuff…But I was moving on with a never dying hope to see them again. Though it was almost next to impossible, I wanted to be friends with them all over again. Now that I was far but my feelings were quite close to heart…I knew this falling in the name of old school shall bring back the entire group in due course of time binding the souls.

Year 2000: (Y2K)
  • Computers continue to work and the world doesn't come to an end on January 1, 2000 as some feared might happen because of the year 2000 bug.
I got busy and busier in new place, new culture and new life amendment..it was then, being friends with new one was not that complex issue. But somehow..I JUST knew that I was still much hooked in the old time…the old rhyme..
So I learnt then that I need to “MOVE ON..move on with the memories
The memories of old school and friends always brought smile on my face…I knew this was the urge for which I shall move on and my spark shall never go in vain. I took my childhood crush curing memories as an inspiration and aspiration...

~ I moved on with a series of miracles and tiny tales within.

...childhood inspiration is the
back-bone of all my strenght and long tales
I write..
For that every smell of flowers I gave to teachers while greeting,
For every scribble I made at the back of my book,
For every line I drew with pencil in the text-book,
And for that every little and large, together the laugh we shared,
Fought and shed tear and then happy again..
For every sharpen tip of the pencil
For every mis-spelling erased with a sweet scent eraser..
For that touch and giggle in lunch break together
For the names studded with pointers on the wooden desk
For the fun, happiness and excitement
For that every tiny detail of mango trees around, notice-boards, walls of old school, swings, sand and play-ground..

+ I shall relive and revive to rebuild the love we shared.
+ I shall revisit the memories and rejoice forever the moments I care!

Year 2005:
  • Wondering and Wishing
Almost everyone of my batch of school days must have more or less completed their graduation. I was doing my MBA and expected them to have made there own glittering history some where.

Yes! Those chubby cheeks were still at the back of my head. I never thought of them (my friends) changing even a bit. I thought those guys must have been still wearing same half-pants and girls playing same old “Statue” game.
I had no wild idea..where they all must have headed..but I in the core of heart only gave a silent prayers for their well-being and happiness.

Year 2006:
  • My heart still pumped harder.
I had this strange rush into my blood-stream. I could not believe that some where my silent prayers were heard in outward appearance of technology.

It was ORKUT for God’s sake!!
+ The ugliest thing I had ever seen.
+ It brought the tears and pain back.
~ The sweet memories we no more sweet but were sweeter.
I found my old school mates…right one after the other in the row of the friend’s-list.
I found their latest pictures and was completely stunned and bowled over their appearance. They were no more so called chubby, but they had this very childhood charisma that I could not resist sending the invitation of joining the friend-list. There were few who remembered me and welcomed my lure. For there were all others whom I remembered but could never seize that courage to start the conversation.

But I was Happy!
In fact more than happy to see them booms at every stage of life. I watched their profile for hours trying to accept their new groomed and grown-up images but it sheer so difficult. Only few looked the same..rest all running being the style and fame :P

But then physical appearance dint made much difference for I knew they all have moved on just like me in their life. But sure I wondered, but how many were still there who have “Moved on with Memories” like I did. It was difficult to judge or conclude for we added each other in friend’s list but could never approach to ask.. “Do u remember….!”

It was like we asked, “How are you…?” following the reply with revert basic question, “I’m fine, how are you?” Our talks started and ended right then, but the irony was we were still friends in the “Friend’s List” of public domain. So sad :(

~ Year 2010:
  • High-tech is the word of these days.
  • World is the Village.
People from domestic region or far distant and over seas connect with so much of ease and clarity.
+ Time have surpassed everything but not the memories of the school.
+ For that little child we still enfold in you, tempting to have fun and alluring mischief we had in school.
Orkut is NOW outdated. The one who wanted to be friends are friends now others all acquaintance with some old connection of common friends.

I have been for some long on Facebook, yet another friend-ship site.
Moreover I’m on Facebook because its hip and people call it cool!
Yep! I thought the same and deliberation to join it only to be familiar with farm-villa and other games.
+ Yes! What a pity indeed!!

But then because I was blogging and had so many blogger-bonds, I made myself more at ease in sharing links and doing all literature stuff, until that day!

It was a day (17th.June,2010) when I thought to share my school class-group picture with them. I wanted my blogger and college friend's to know my inspiration, my back-bone strength of all the long tales I wrote in my blog and other forum.
It’s the enthralling memories of childhood and especially the spellbinding moments of my school that captivates my heart and soul completely everytime ponder upon!
To my utter surprise…I found more than plentiful comments within an hour. And miraculously all the comments were pouring in from the school friends. Everyone saying “Remember that….”… “O! How cute we look together..” and so on…

I almost toppled down the chair looking at the unexpected amusing response for the same people, who were in the friend’s listing always but never spoken!
~ We here were sharing all that we shared together and missed after all.
Indeed we all moved on with the memories. Amazingly, we all had our bit of own story attached with every one of us…and soon other few more friends of the same class, displayed their collection of pictures too. The comments crossed all the limits just like the sensex bar upshots.

+ All of the sudden the nostalgia cloud covered our mind.
+ We all started checking frequently our facebook updates.
+ Only aim to know who more have joined in the discussion board.
~ We all had that common emotion exploding after such a long time.
This was a time where many of us had made new marks in careers and family bonds.
+ Of course, now each one of us was assuring that we are still the same, not been at all changed…and over the years missed so much in between. Can we meet ones again!? Hang around and share with new beginnings, for we are now old enough and can a handle criticism and accept the appreciation with grace. We have grown up, are mature and responsible at the same. Sure every one of us looked more bold, bright, brilliant and blissful in observation! We had well establised our unique traits.

And for the one who never talked and only observed…it was a chance again to share a word, amaze with new skills learnt and accomplishments captured and compliment each other!

It is sure the time to share.
This time we friends are not because of the common friends we have or we support the common group forum...We are here to share the memories, the thoughts, ideas, feeling, emotions and enduring friendship bonds in the name of our common school name and our individuality parade.

Years just ran like a rabbit!
But here we are together NOW to celebrate the NEW!
+ Rejoice and relive again the memories and childhood triumphs.
~ The memories of marvel always travel.

Interestingly, still I know it would not be that effortless or easy to meet up all of them for we all stay different places and have been tied into different time zones but sure I think if got a chance
I won’t hesitate even a bit meeting and hugging them!

~ Yes! This time the hesitation is gone!
I feel like never parted.
I feel like knowing them all so well as always.
I feel like we can start fresh right where we are and knowing each other’s world more.

It's about having one life.
Just one life. It's about making the most of it.
Every craving minute and every slipping second,
it's about living the best,
living with the best people around
the family and the finest friends/buddies
(Gems of GREMS)!
Caring and sharing together.
Indeed this is the moment for which I have been waiting for so long and for it is my most memorable Jiyo Life moment!
~ Everything is finite and so specific moment are so perfect.
~ Yet the memories are infinite and so stunning every time pondered upon.
+ I realized Live dreams are good but Living the Dreams is actually great!
+ Though forever is not quite a rational term but what if this moment could last forever..!

But one thing is certain and absolute;
If you carry your Childhood with YOU, you never Become Older.
_Tom Stoppard, British playwright.

  • This post is not particularly for the contest. It is just the co-incidence. But what a beautiful co-incidence indeed, that I’m able to project and display memories. And flaunt my affectionate love for you all (GREMS Gem) on the public forum!
  • The computer era facts are taken from this esteem link: Click here
  • GREMS is the Name of my school of which I'm actually dedicating this post!
  • This one is for you too, the presious Gems of GREMS :))
  • It has been fulfilling beyond words for me to get in touch with you all again :) "Perhaps, it's only words and words are all I have..to take your heart away...(Boyzone-Words) ;) "

~ Keep the spark ALive..
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20 June, 2010

Captivating Sight - 88 fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Yet this one is in 88 words-limit..

Fiction 88
~ Captivating Sight ~

Every time I went out,
I found this strange old man on the street.
Sometimes, he would just come near me
and invoke blessings on my head
with his conjure gesture.
Yet occasionally,
I didn’t like him despite his gratifying behavior
I knew he had inexorably cashed on,
 out of his hardship.
For there are opportunities for him
to work much harder with other people like him
but he found conveniently profitable,
the begging.
It was difficult to resist his captivating sight...
..though I knew he was blind.

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18 June, 2010

Not Escaping but Evolving is Renunciation

MY Last post of was on “Renunciation-99fiction”, which almost raised an alarm from everyone that it was sheer complex to grasp in simple ways.

To start with,
We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It's one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it's another to think that yours is the only path. _Paulo Coelho

Yes! It could have been simple but if it was so simple it would not have been renunciation…it would have been just another story with a dramatic twist!

So I decided to elaborate my stand and approach for the post through the deep and coherent questions over the topic from Mahesh!

And as he said, Let them lead to new ideas and understandings.. Let us evolve...

_Perhaps, I could not escape the Questions for I love churning thoughts!

Renunciation ... a highly debatable word not just literally but practically and philosophically!

~ My intention in the post has been only positive and making an effort to bring back the light over some of the best-practice of life!

The questions you asked for the clarification and insight of my view are as follows with my reply:

» Do you wanted to project her renunciation as a positive factor or a painful factor ?.

A very apt and a basic question…!
I thought a lot about what exactly I believed in was so true and huge about renunciation, though your question was so strong that it made me rethink over the whole issue to get the best possible term.

---»  It is believed that one gets pain only when one is actually attached with that particular thing or in person. The more your attachment and clinging feeling..the more you suffer and feel hurtful. Especially when  the things does not goes or moves the way suggested or felt for.
It all happens because at that moment like any human being we are thinking of self first.
~ I and my Infinite world first!
How will this thing affect me? What will happen to me? And so on..all related to I me myself, resulting pain and suffering!

---»  Perhaps when it comes to Renunciation…it is all positive. Just giving up is not renunciation. Giving up and then never holding any craving feeling sums up renunciation.
~ Hence, not everyone can do or have dared to do!
Renunciation happens when we think of the other person’s will and than act upon us…without bothering if at the end it might just affect self! When one does renunciation, he/she does not feel pain…all there is a prayer for the other person resulting it as a positive aspect!

---» The best example could be the bond between mother and child. She gives up all her desires and dreams forsake of well-being of her child. (Of coarse this example is debatable but still I feel it is quite an apt one)

» Are you talking about being free or setting something free?

---»  Both I guess... with same thoughts! _That is being Free from negativity.

Free the other person from hesitation, resentment, frustration and fear.
Free thyself, from blame, misery, guilt, hurt and blot for the other person.
It is the freedom of expression without any bondage!

Infact, you are so utter sure of your decision that you can never regret, repent or rethink over the result.
~ Renunciation today and rejoice tomorrow.

Have you heard a quote something like this,
If your loved ones goes away, don’t stop that, if it comes back, it is yours and if it does not come back it was never yours.
Indeed so true!
~ Drop your ego and make decision for betterment of both before it’s too late!

---» Hence, I have in my post said there are three things you can do in a screwed situation

 “Repentance or Ruining or Renunciation..you decide!
  • Repentance for next week, month or years...!
  • Ruining the whole thing...forever..thats when it make even more difficult to share a thought together or have a simple conversation again!
  • Renunciation where you prefer to pray for the other person over.. “NO there is no ‘over’ thing such as..you don’t think for self-comfort in the first place at all...all these thoughts comes secondary or never!”

I regard Renunciation as a best-practice for life!
Quite intricate to implement but absolutely worth results!
Renunciation is the liberty for change for better!
Renunciation is Evolving beyond the Ego!!
~ For your feelings are sincere and stronger, renunciation reflects the real care and more than a commitment for the well-being of the other person in simple term!

Nope escaping is no renunciation!
Perhaps I could not escape the renunciation questions!

Would like to quote here Osho
In the past it has been said again and again by the priests that if you renounce you will attain to bliss. I tell you just the opposite: if you become blissful there is renunciation. And that renunciation has a beauty of its own — because in your rejoicing, all that is non-essential starts dropping away — because you can see it is non-essential. The very seeing is the transformation. If after seeing you have to do something for transformation, then your seeing was incomplete, was not entire, was not total, was not real…

So basically to sum up in my own way…
~ Renunciation in my view in simple terms is under some strict observations like
  • Giving Up thats yours…
+ Something that you would owe..
+ Something that you could anytime claim
+ Something that you always achieved and aimed..

  • Giving Up very much Willingly..
  • Giving Up for the Other’ person’s bliss..
  • Giving Up and never ever a regret or lament thought arise..
  • Giving Up and enfolding into own Self satisfaction and latter blooming stage feeling light and as there is still much to rejoice!
+ It’s like Giving UP without Holding BACK!
+ It’s like only GIVING without expecting something in return to get Back!

It is the moment of Maturity..
To make up your mind
And the merrily well-being of other’s arise
And of course rejoice you feel in self
as a sense of Actualization and Celebration to Claim!

+ Renunciation is nothing else but a forever cheerful commitment.

Feel free to drop a line or your share your point of view..for it only enhance and enrich the thought process to understand better!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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16 June, 2010

Renunciation - 99 fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Yet this one is in 99 words-limit..

Reboot Girl
~ Reboot Self (c) Rachi Creations.. ~
To enlarge view Click Here

99 fiction
~ Renunciation ~

As he described her more the intricacy of repentance,
her feeling in the heated tears streamed down the cheeks
assuring the intense pain she felt then.
The sadness had turned into anger
and anger evolved into tears soon,
followed by the fear,
a fear of losing,
a fear of being lost!
She stood still
and turned into a silence,
gathered her strength
and forced smile with
a strange sense of satisfaction.
Probably now she knew where she was sailing..!
Her renunciation,
surprised him
in those calamitous yet calm earnest words,
“I think we should be just friends”!

Dictionary meaning of word Renunciation :
  • A declaration in which something is renounced.
  • Giving up things of your own interests in favor of the interests of others!
  • the act of forsaking
  • a written statement or declaration
  • the act or an instance of renouncing; a giving up formally or voluntarily, often at a sacrifice, of a right, claim, title, etc.
Exact Meaning of Renunciation:
* The word that has been translated as "renunciation" actually means "the determination to be free".

**Detachment in Buddhism is connected with Renunciation.

In Buddhist meaning,
Being detached does not mean that we cannot enjoy anything or enjoy being with anyone. Rather, it refers to the fact that clinging very strongly to anything or anyone causes us problems.
We become dependent on that object or person and think, "If I lose it or cannot always have it, I am going to be miserable."
Detachment means, "If I get the food I like, very nice. If I do not get it, okay. It is not the end of the world." There is no attachment or clinging to it.”

  • Indeed, no relationship can exists when clinging and craving feeling is attached with it.
  • Repentance or Ruining or Renunciation..you decide!
  • Let go _the Ego today!

» enjoy this video before you wind-up reading!
The Song is "Why are WE still friends!" by 98 Degrees,an inspiration behind this 99 fiction LINK: Click here.

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

To Understand better the "Renunciation" click here Not Escaping but Evolving is Renunciation
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14 June, 2010

The Power of Smile - LOL

This post has been written in response to Corinne Rodrigues' appeal to participate in her blog hop on the occasion of “The Power of a Smile” day on 15th June 2010. Other bloggers are requested to submit their entries if they wish to participate.
Internet has been a part of me since past many years. And with every moving clock hands, I learnt not only new stuff through surfing on it…but realized that the internet services have also been enriching with every year of growth evolving to become more personal space and user’s friendly.

Today internet has become an integral part of our life and also an extension of self, for it helps to express freely through blogs, it facilitate to keeps in touch with friends through various friendship sites. It assists us to search through so many things with meanings and reports with just a single type of word…perhaps Google-search page is just amazing!

Because it is now an essential part of almost everyone’s life…in the world of virtual temptations have created certain signs and words to give more a personal touch to the whole conversation or rolling typed words. The similes and other short forms of many words have been introduced. There are many initializations for expressing bodily reactions, in particular of laughter and smiling!

Be Happy
:-) Smile
:-D Big smile
:-0 Surprised
:-i Semi-Smile
:-’ Has a Dimple
:-)) Really Happy
:-} Embarrassed Smile

Everyday, hundreds and thousands of short messages are forwarded on the mobile, mails or other friendship sites like facebook, twitter or myspace…where people share cute little quotes…often related to smile bringing a direct short cut curve on your lips!

~ People have learnt to great each other in the morning on the sites with the cup of coffee or tea...created with the symbols present in the key-board, like

The genuine efforts and foremost aim is only to bring that billion dollar smile on your face!

All this has been an effort only to bring a tiny smile on your face, for we are becoming much busier, staying far from our loved ones. Such notions often make it possible for us to bring that intimacy back and create closeness. Many of us will contradict with the feeling not to be legitimate but the topic is debatable…and the results of Smile brought, have just crossed the entire top chart list. Hence, it still existing to touch hearts for some and for some just fooling around!

But here I share my bit of tiny but very hilarious encounter with the words and symbols of today’s times we often just type so unconsciously!

The word is “lol
I still remember some time back when I was though quite familiar with all the norms and styles of typing while chatting with friends, I first time came across to read those tiny little nasty words.. “lol”

My friend wrote something…and at the ends of the sentence filled the space with “lol” word. Needless to say…she expected me to know and understand all those petite but essential words.

She wrote something like…
Nice pic..lol” or “Great thought..lolz

I believe to have understood the same word…but with my own particular meaning and perception attached. I thought my friends were too kind and wonderful for they love me so much. Of coarse they do…but I don’t know how could I ignore the real bully but in a funny way friend’s behavior of nature always posses. (Why I say this..you will know it below..!)

Time went on…and one fine day I got to know the real meaning of the word “lol” as it’s an abbreviation is "laughing out loud" or "laugh out loud" or or sometimes "lots of laughs" as common element of Internet chat.

~ I got a setback, for this is not what I thought and expected to be. Now the whole perception meaning was changed. I was just wondering, what made them laugh after every notion, for they write “lol” every time they commented on somethin.

Perhaps, my perception for expansion for LOL was “Load of Love” or “Lots of Luck”!

~ Yeah, I know now you just feel..“BWL” on me, am I right?
BWL is “burstling with laughter” or you might be just ROFL, “rolling on the floor laughing”!

Bwt. I also felt that 'lol' also resembled to the dance step of "Balle Balle" written off, just like putting up both hands up in air, moving with dancing step...
~ Absolutely an Indian version of 'lol' - Balle Balle and ..having fun..!


I did the same latter over my innocence or in real term on my foolishness…LMAO, "laughing my arse/ass off"!

~ Bwt. They say, there is a fine line between Innocence and foolishness; I really have no idea when I crossed it both :P

  • The effort behind this post was only to bring a smile on your face :)
  • Thanks to Gopinath Sir, for forwarding this message…for which I could create this tickling post! You can also read his hilarious post on this topic, LINK: Click here
  • On the serious note on Smile...do check my other post on smile, LINK: Smile Surrender Service-Dedicated Smile
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12 June, 2010

Because I'm worth it - I deserve it

The question is not that “DO you deserve it?”
….But a profound answer is “I deserve it”.
Many of us at different instances of life have unconsciously questions self, “Do I deserve it..?”
But interestingly we all knew we sure deserved it, hence we got that.
Perhaps now the question is if we got it…why don’t we preserve it, “the deserve aspect”!
  • Every moment of your reserved thought of mind…you doubted your own strengths, your capabilities, your potential and competence to make things happen.
  • You had this strange hesitation in approach in the possibility in shaping and sharpening of your strong points.
  • You lacked in claiming the rewards and naming the dreams and desires, you always gaze at.
Perhaps, you could not release the fear feeling off and accept “the deserve segment” whole heartily.

I deserve it» It is really strange two aspects of life…when there are people who get positive things in life…and still they stand still and question self, “Do I deserve it?” doubting your own proficiency.

» And there is other whole bunch of people who sometimes did something wrong, at times or circumstantially, made it very difficult to take up a strong a stand and say “I deserved it, as I messed it”

But why don’t they understand this is life…
+ “You deserve all that comes into your way..”
Just gotta take up the responsibility and acceptance of the consequence.
The moment you accept the problem and identify, the sooner you get a resolution that would minimizes the weird consequences.

Sure you don’t deserve the verbal abuse, the physical harassment, the mental suffering …but again it’s what you think you deserved it anyway...

~ You deserve exactly what you can tolerate.
  • Don’t let anyone rule your head so badly that recovery is difficult.
  • Raise voice against the odd…for you don’t deserve it in any case.
~ You have to believe in what you deserve in!

Let go of everything that reminds you of what you don't want, and adopt everything that reinforces the feelings of deserving.
Also, Learn, “someone's lose is someone’s gain”. And perhaps not every time you gonna win but for every time you lose, you sure gain more of patience and strengthens your weakness to strive for excellence. So you gain anyway…and you deserve it for sure :)
~ And a bright sunshine after a cold night…you certainly deserve it!

Acceptance of changes brings grace in healing.
It helps in recovery, building resonance, and rejuvenation.
However, you deserve definitely the best of all.
You deserve a star, a princess treatment and a king of choices flame..!
You deserve, even if you don’t think you deserve it.
For one have to, Fake it until you Make it. Remember, “All is well” quote from the movie, 3Idiots.

You deserve to give your best as well as to receive the best. Maybe the reason you don’t feel deserving is that you are definitely not giving an adequate time, thought, belief, value to what you were asked here to give in.

You deserve all the best treasures of joy, the tears in laughter, the care of people and company of good friends and affection of loved ones...Perhaps you also deserve it all to give the same ample of love, pat, support and back-up to others they deserve!
  • Reward today yourself for tiny best bits…You deserve it!
  • Relax today yourself for stress ruining so much…You deserves it!
  • Rise today yourself for good thoughts are meant for…You deserve it!
  • Rewind today yourself to good memories…You deserve it!
  • Recognize today yourself as a better being…You deserve it!
  • Reinforce today yourself to strengthen your decisions..You deserve it! Absolutely!!
+ Because I really want it!
+ Because I did like it
Say with me..."Because I'm worth it...I deserve it!"

I deserve a sound sleep

Here’s wishing all the dreams and desires you deserve!
~ This is indeed beautiful weekend and I now deserve a sound sleep to reserve my energy for tomorrow!
~ Hope this post boosts you up and fixes a brooch smile flash on your faceYou deserve it! Afterall!!
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08 June, 2010

Butter Punch - Mango Chutney

So before the summer ends completely and monsoon arrives, I want to capture the flavor of the fruit mango into my recipe and relish it for latter season.
Call it pickle or chutney, or chunda, murabba or just any name.
~ This is a sweet-sour-tangy recipe of the raw mangoes made in lowest amount of time and energy involved.
I’ve come up with a quickest delicious homemade mango recipe... for recipe click here:
~ Homemade Mango Chutney Recipe

Sweet-Sour-Tangy-Raw Mangos

As you all know we have introduced a new food-blog "Butter Punch"
We will sure need your views, support and Recipes...To make it further better!
+ Kindly check the first recipe and Let us know You views!
+ Please do not forget to enroll and subscribe free for other updates :)
......Luv yeah all!
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05 June, 2010


Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words. Yet this one is in 99 words-limit..
@ Rachi Creations..
99-fiction ~ Hidden ~ Happy Marriage is a result of many joyful moments shared together. She got married and was happy being in a new family with her loving husband. * Two years later, her husband suddenly died due to some chronic illness. This thought upshot a poor health to her. * She went to a doctor and got happy news that she was conceiving his child, now her only hope to live life. * However, the next news blustered that she was suffering from AIDS and hence her unborn child too! * A cynical-ugly-truth, husband had hidden from her.. instead of confronting before marriage..!
Note :
  • According to the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), India currently has an estimated 51 lakh people infected with HIV/AIDS of which 19 lakh are women. While popular perception might lead one to believe that most of these women are commercial sex workers, official numbers indicate that sex workers constitute about one lakh of the total female infections.
  • Hence the reality is that the majority of women with HIV/AIDS in India have been infected by a husband or primary male partner!
  • Also go thorugh this exteem link: Breakthrough, an international human rights organization, is launching a 360 degree media campaign, What Kind of Man Are You?
* Know more about AIDS, here link: Right Here right Now Red Ribbon ** The Above drawing is made by thyself as an extension of rachi creations.. on MS-Paint.

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e-Green - World Environment's Day

On its 38th anniversary of World Environment Day (WED-5th.June), I still it feels as much critical and crucial for the essence this day holds. But I know someone among you will think why I feel just today or this left out single day to care for the environment or our only green planet the Earth.

Perhaps, let me tell you it is not just this day when I raising my voice for certain cause but it just one more humble reminder to halt for a moment and look around the hassle and repulsive ridiculous acts we make.

World Environment day
e-Green @ rachi creations..

Today I stand up for the people, creatures, flora and fauna that have inspired me in my daily delights. Yet, I/We have always ignored them and their Will to be in this pollution-free world with peace.

Of coarse, everyday should be World Environment Day.
~ And everyday we must celebrate this event in that little “e” of earth, ecosystem, environment, ecology, empowerment, energyenact, evergreen, expression in each and every notion of life.
Let’s encourage this “e” thought!

~ Or else we shall be left over with only emulsion, emergency, echo, encounter, earnest, endangered, erode and era of errors with a wide encompassing end.

~ Let’s today we get enlighten and evolve, express and explore, exchange the thoughts, ideas and expose our dirt, for there has been enough evidence of human's culprit minds, filthy behavior and habits only to harm the earth and the environment.

This is a movement to expand and encourage our thoughts and Support the e-Green world!

...lets grow more trees, save energy, follow recycle, reuse & reduce concept for
e-Green world..
  • This is a Green Post!
  • The above drawing is made on the MS-paintbrush by thyself as an extension of Rachi Creations..
  • If you like and endross the Green Thought than you will adore this Green link of Mahesh : GREEN DEEDS.

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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02 June, 2010

Introducing debut - BUTTER PUNCH

Matar Masala Paneer


...inviting friends at the
Happy Hours!
with a ~BUTTER PUNCh..!
Introducing a brand new blog only for Recipes...cooking in wok..and inviting friends in the Happy Hours at Butter Punch.

~ This is one of the first recipes on this good-food blog. (TO Check the Recipe CLICK HERE).

Here, we shall prefer the recipes which are delicious and have minimum ingredients,a brand new blog only for Recipes cooking in wok and inviting friends perhaps which are easily available in the shops.

~ So all the good-food lover and passionate makers, roll on your sleeves, tie back your hair neatly, and move to kitchen for today to make, as here is the very quick, easy and healthy recipe for your desire of appetite.

To make it further better... we sure need your views, support and Recipes!
+ Kindly check the first recipe and Let us know You views!
+  Please do not forget to enroll and subscribe free for other updates :)
......Luv yeah all!


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