29 February, 2012

Journey - Haiku

for what is mine aye
can't wait for another life
gaze eyes journey!

The picture above is take from the movie Veer-Zara featuring Priety Zinta and Shahrukh Khan.

The movie 'Veer-Zara' is all about the Love and struggle between people of two countries crossing borders and have two different religion respectively. The video below is with the English Subtitle. So, hope you like it.
If the video below doesn't work, Kindly check this link Here

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25 February, 2012

Cult - Haiku

spreading ecstasy swath
could not seem to forget you
envy your humble cult

Picture is taken from movie "Hum dil De Chuke Sanam" featuring Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan

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24 February, 2012

Dream Walk - haiku

stuck feet deep in sand
feels like drowning at brown beach
dare desert dream walk

I hope you like this wonderful video and song as well, which has been my inspiration for the above haiku. The place shown in the video is in India, vividly colourful Rajasthan. Yes, apart of being surrounded by water from three side, we have Great Himalayan mountains full of snow and we have desert too in India.
Singer : Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Lyrics written by : Javed Akhtar
Featuring : Lisa Ray and Himanshu
Meaning of Afreen.
If the video does not play, please check this YouTube Link.

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23 February, 2012

Joy of Giving - Haiku

for joy of giving
Nobody need to say a lot
or share story of pain

or share story of pain
Nobody need to recite prose
to imprint touch hearts

to imprint touch hearts
and exchange lavish presents
stranger share smiles!

Read whole post Here..

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a stranger made my day

Slightest gesture sometimes brightens the day..

RRight after writing for hours in a stretch being in a hibernation mode, I looked all so pale and so washed. It was a challenge to come out of something that is a part of you. Some memories and dull moments in life are heart-wrecking while thinking of them later in life only upsets you further. And moreover I was writing, getting out everything out me my mind and explicit the emotions. This was draining. But I'm not complaining. Soon I found someone online. I looked pale, sleepy and weary so I thought not to come on camera but you see your smile has nothing to do with your tired muscles. Sometimes you need some people who would constantly tell you that you look beautiful than ever everyday just more of you. But my friend told me, "You need some sleep, You look tired", well actually at times you also need some people who would remind you that you have been too hard on yourself, deserve some sound sleep. (Related article, a true story of mine shall be soon posted..)

I agreed, I needed some change to come out of my numb senses.
I decided to go out to a near by local shop market. It is a beautiful place full of wonderful local shops, food and some delighting stuff to inspire you instantly. But what I love the most about that place is the people. There are all kind of people of all races, colors, creed and nationality. You will find plenty of people, some come only to visit the shops, some were buying stuff, some clicking pictures and some silly wanderers like me. Soon, I got a wonderful Spinach Tomato Pizza with chicken. Initially I thought of having it there but then suddenly I decided of getting a take away instead. I also got some rich stuffed mozzarella mushrooms and aubergine, which I am munching right now while typing. Seriously, sometimes unhealthy food works like wonder when we are into dull mood for a while.

Heading back to the hotel, on the corner of the terminal heard few people playing instruments and singing. That was nice but it doesn't helps much to improves my mood. My God, sometimes I wonder who will tame my mood if not me. Green light at the signal, I crossed the road. I see some people fagging, and I wonder why people have to bring out the smoke out of their mouths. Me and my irritation at it's best. The beggars here are so decent before they ask for some money, they say 'Excuse me..would you like to buy me a burger'. No that's not so funny at all.

It wasn't that cold today.
Actually I love it when I am shivering a bit, be it because of cold or nervousness. This makes me feel I am alive. I know there are multiple other ways to feel alive. Usually when people are cold, walking down the lanes with their hands tucked inside their coat pockets and head covered under the hoods, to me they look warmed up. Today it's bright sunny day and to me everyone looks cold. Or may be it's just my mood. I look around, breath a little more long and realize that life is all same everywhere be it in India, Europe or United States. Everyone is running, is busy working hard but at the end of the day each one of us need some peace and lots of love.

Yesterday one of my blogger friend SiS updated his status on Facebook, "some precious moments in life are those minutes when we wait for something to happen...". I thought it was my turn to feel the same today. I wondered what was I waiting for. What miracle would happen then..what?!

I thought of a someone who eats brown bread and pretend to be eating some kind of delicious brownies. My friend is on diet actually. If you think that is funny then listen to this, for the one who does not know what is my favorite beverage these days, it's "Water with no ice". Number of funny and serious thoughts passed in few minutes. Like I even thought of the movie, "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun"(Who am I, Yours!), I think the answer to it is 'I am your sweet stranger!'. Jokes apart, I was thinking about the past and wondering how my parents have gone through so much because of me, distresses me sometimes. I thought of my school, the mango tree in the assembly ground and some wonderful teachers. I remembered the swing we had in our school play ground, when I carefree played. Life was so easy then. We need not worry about emotions and fluctuating moods. All we had to do as a child was to play endlessly and give a notorious smile every now and then.

Soon I reached the Hotel lobby and was waiting for the elevator. Just as I was about to get inside the lift, I saw a man with his laptop bag also trying to get in the lift. I waited for him to get inside the elevator. But he very politely said, "after you" with a decent smile. I smiled back, got inside the lift and he followed. Pressed the button of the my floor where my room was. Waiting to reach. Suddenly that man harmlessly asked, "How is your day today?" I looked into his blue eyes. Gave him a smile back and said, "Good, How is your day?". "Good" he replied and got down to his floor of the hotel building.

Honestly I wanted to tell him that, "So far this is the best part when someone, a stranger asks you with a smile, how's your day?" He has nothing to do with me or my messy life but at the end that little smile matters a lot. I realized a curve on lips had a power to mend things up in life, it even fixes a ruined mood straightaway. Certainly one doesn't need to know everything to act upon humanly.
A stranger's smile had a lot to teach me today that your emotions, mood and needs are not different than others. We all have some wavy times and we bobble too. But never forget to leave an imprint of your smile. Let when he watch you smile, he remembers your smile for the rest of his life and feels pleased that it was your simple smile which simply made his day.

Smile is so valuable yet everyone can afford to share it and make a difference in one's life all together. For me this was the joy of giving! Smiles!!

If you liked reading the post above, you might also love to read a Haiku related to it.

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21 February, 2012

Love Quotes Love - Romantic Poem

This post is a dedication to words and great poets of the world and poets of this vast blogger world.!

For some weird reasons
I have for a long
Avoided certain words
Absolutely unsure
About their importance
And for some silly reason
I have began loving few words
Together creating waves of words
Adore each letter
Accepting the impact of verse
Being in love again!
Just when I found such words
Few words like love and care
And for peculiar fondness to pray
Words for someone special
Essence for the one who embrace
Found words except for I was lost
Lost in the depth
Dedication in words
Wonder why I write the way I do...
Chattered away
Carried away
Building castles
Careless breaths
Pale silent shadows
Chisel out
Erase aloud
Shape up a straight story
Whole life story in a little stanza
Scribbled in thoughts
Apparently untying loosening for love
In cared warm words
Concurred with presence
Proclaim concealed feelings
Passionately steer recollections
Sizzled few quotes unquote
Unforgettable lines
Unwritten prose
Unspoken words
Unheard rhymes
Wavelength converse eternally
Spark to evaluate concord!
Picture above is from a Hindi Movie 'Phir Milenge' featuring Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty.

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19 February, 2012

Spice up - Prose

spice route...

what is so unique..

couple of charming cloves
soaked saffron in mild milk

what are the unique ingredients...

cilantro smelling like a rain
or is it about the savory cardamom aroma...

I have been inhaling ocean lately

or is it about the sizzling sound
I have been toasting arcane almonds..
or is it appealing earthy rusty paprika color,
I have been watching dawn dusk sky

Sweet meets Salty

I think its lots of sugar,
And a dash of salt,

or is it enough sweetness,
fruity depth of honey
fullness of dark raisins

I have become a catalyst
Of being better from bitter

Tantalize smoky tempt
Waken up to sin taste buds

Live out of your quest,
Touch of pickle to flirty twist,

Or is it the side-dish

shredded sharp racy cheddar
double doze of sun drenched sherry
enriched candied julienne cucumber

silky dark seriously concentrated flavors
peanuts, pecans to pistachios encrusted jaggery
a pinch of cinnamon scent

Could be a garnish of orange zest
glistening gorgeous

There must have been...
No substitute of any ingredient, I guess

What is your secret sync...

herbs blending together seamlessly,
resulting in a complex composition

something serendipitous spicy
holy turmeric craves hearty

a dollop of cream
a pat of butter

Could be a crunchy counterpoint.

roast rest
begun to brown nicely
braised bubble away
sprinkle simmer

breathtaking beautiful breath

bright green mint leaves with purple stems
nonpareil warm aromatic pleasure
please every peppery cool palette aftertastes

grated ginger
bulbs of garlic
fulfill my pot-stirring duties

Indeed a unique recipe in whole

How are you made..
notorious for long lists of ingredients
deliciousness crosses all barriers and borders

Harmony was a component of his character!
An artifact unrivaled mastery of his own!

The picture above is taken from a movie, 'The Mistress of Spice', featuring Aishwarya Rai.

Etymology of "mint" : A Greek philosopher-scientist gave name from a Latin word 'Mentha' to the biological name ‘Minthi’ to the mint plant over 2300 years ago. He drew his inspiration from a Greek myth about a beautiful river nymph called Minthe. She was a lover of Pluto, God of the underworld. Angry and jealous, Pluto's wife Persephone cursed Minthe and turned her into the plant Mint- to be trodden on by others. While Pluto was unable to release Minthe from this curse, he gave the plant the gift of a sweet scent.
Mint is classified as a cooling herb whereas the others are warming ones. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, mint is classified as a ‘yin’ herb while the rest are ‘yang’ ones.ref.Mint

Contributed to Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub
follow this great group of poets on Twitter @dversepoets

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18 February, 2012

my sweet Tea Cup

unusual but a unique love story with a robust Saucer...

There are plenty of tea cups and saucers at my home scattered in my kitchen drawers.
Some totally matching and some which have lost their beloved pair.
The cup's saucer breaks by loneliness.
Whereas a cup cracks in despair of losing a saucer.
But really, do the cup and saucer need to match perfectly? Is there any set rule to follow to bring a Cup and Saucer side by side? Does anything in life lies as in only in perfection? Does everything comes in perfect pair?
All I know without any doubts that when we are busy in getting everything to be perfect, we tend to forget enjoying life.

There are so many legendary love stories, where pair of lovers at the end couldn't meet. They would have met or not met their infinite love defines them eternal lovers and decades after we still recall them as the potent symbol of everlasting love. Certainly if the enduring pair of lovers had met they would have just created new incredible painting redefining love with the a high-spirited tune and vast vibrant sky shades colors of their love. However, precisely the pair of lovers, the immortal souls don't really have to be their together physically always. Some relationships have no name and those make out as the most beautiful one to cherish. A presence of pure love in one's life and the happiness of other's world where you are not the part of it in anyways is still enough to enlighten and lead a lovely life ahead.

Anyways, I love anything which is coupled with creativity and celebration.
Can't the tea cup match the other saucer far from the set they were actually paired with. My solo answer to all above puzzles is that they can always be paired with the other colored or patterns, permanently or momentary, until and unless they look good together, as long as they mutually makes us happy.

So I began combining teacups and saucers that were not originally meant to go together and later found that they made some pretty combinations, some truly sweet pairs absolutely. Little did the lonely teacup and solely saucer knew then that they were so much more then just solitary soul.

The real purpose of teacups and saucer is to serve at the end doesn't matters me. I know they already essentially owe a permanent place pleasing my kitchen in my little house. They have a special spot in my humble heart too distinctively because these originally unpaired colorful teacups and saucers together coupled teach me to all intents and purposes something more unfathomable depths as 'Variety is the spice of life!'

Sitting gazing them makes me overwhelmed with their persistence beauty. The lonely souls of teacups and saucer united sometimes with matching combos, and sometimes not. I always look at them. Often touch them, to feel them and absolutely admire them.

My teacup and a saucer originally unpaired look at each other in genuine love.
Gazing reflectively and unwilling to be separated. It is difficult to displace.
Sometimes they are looking for someone special in love with them holding them in warm hands.
And sometimes it's the silly strong aromatic tea in the tea-cup waiting for someone special to be sipped sweetly, warming the hearts!

as long as I could
still until I stood
wondering why did I pour a second cup of tea
a small teacup settled strongly over the mismatched secure saucer..
night melting down into the dawn,
like sugar disappear and crystals just settle down to
spring dreams, bottom of the cup
dawn dissolves in twilight
ready to be stirred up

a second cup of life, this misty morning
my flooded with tears eyes blinked twice and saw
the waft gently oozes out of the warm teacup,
I felt like,
I heard like,
I read like...
I am here for you,
I will always be here for you!
You haven’t had tea till I’ve made a cup for you :)

  • This post was completely like my cup of tea! Enjoyed writing it absolutely.
  • Hope you liked the post too just as much as loved it, please do share in you comments below what mysterious you found about the post which was indeed hidden in the words.

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14 February, 2012

Sweet Lust - Endless Love

Happy Valentine's Day My love!

Absolutely divine sketch done by Danny at Beautiful Blog Igor + André shared with David Roberts. The sketches speaks more than any inscription shall do, yet I have tried in my own way getting inspired and adding few prose reflecting the tone of emotions and moment in the sketch captured.

Friendly fingers enlaced
Extremity ecstasy wreathed up
Long limbs lie at ease
Gentle rhythmic breath
Sway away through
The sunny warm hours!

Curled, cuddled, cared!
Couching keen rekindling
Between the sheets
Slunk slowly through elicit desires
Drowning into the deep dreams
Darkness dies
Radiance revealed
Soul-mate speaks
Proudly praise
Passionate power
Fragrance in flames
Knelt all stress and trouble!

Noble node in steady silent eyes
Infused in her innocence
Augury of a sugary-tale
Hushed all restless hesitation
Whisper tease flirt
Tiny touch summoned every senses!

And then turning to him,
Lying, poise head pillowed on his strong arm,
And one hand curved round neck delicately
Own a precious preserved earnest vow,
Offer what he was left with
Gave whatever she owed
The loosened dark hair falling over the sweat pouring face,
Familiar eyes blinking behind the hair, with a slight smile
Cute Cupped Chubby Cheeks
She drops down chin burrowed into his chest
Remained motionless snuggling sustained

Repose Recline
Reveled Riveting!
Rest on your right shoulder
A steady arm, a kind soul
Where she could sleep soundly,
Talk endlessly, kisses and was kissed infinite
A gratis gift given from a great lover

Receive in return
Eternal leisure
Intimacy fills faith kindled
To love, To be loved

Enduring raw lust
Everlasting pure luck

When she wake up,
Ending the endow dream
Beginning of a ensouling fairy-tale
Bestow shielded in his presence
She know her heart is still safe there hearing his heartbeat,
Everything seems so real perfectos!

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10 February, 2012

Someone is Special - Haiku

messed up day turns up memorable day

The picture below is taken from a Hindi serial 'iss pyar ko kya naam doon' featuring on channel StarPlus.

I melted away
Burning down
The darkness
Light up the Life
Fenced in boundaries
Build the bridges wide
Messed up all long day
And with someone special too
Love way you still love

I was fussed in drawing lines
Crossed to get Closure
Countdown begins here
Many momentous moments
Few messiest merrily
Awaited to count!

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09 February, 2012

Forevermore Feeling

Happy Chocolate Day,my love!
Here is a sweet post for you!

Absolutely divine sketch done by Danny at Beautiful Blog Igor + André shared with David Roberts. The sketches speaks more than any inscription shall do, yet ones more I have tried in my own little way getting inspired and adding few prose reflecting the tone of emotions and moment in the sketch captured.
~ This is his second contribution to this blog, please check here the first alluring drawing of his. Thank you so much Danny!

When I'm with you,
I'm free, I'm careless,
I'm loved, I'm cared,
I'm unbroken, I'm unbridled,

I endlessly make merry of everything...

I miss you when I laugh and when I cry,
And then I marvel, why?

May be because you are the one that makes my mirth grow
And you are the one that makes my tears withdraw
A decade later all that you said I still enshrine,
Every word so comforting, such a compelling charm!
Evermore with such a magical spell
Triumph over all the badly arranged constellations
Ruled over all the planetary position plotting

Something always brings me back to you!

Spending forever feeling this way..
Such a miraculous resonance,
We need to define and discover,
How this feeling forever stay!

Between, do you cherish me as well?

Feeling that I get with my own fingers
Leisurely running to my smooth locks...
And believe it's your pleasing friendly finger tips
With mystifying fine touch!

Such spellbinding sentiments
Are seldom simple to identify...

There lies
a harmony when thought of you passes..
a happiness when I am talking with you..
a comfort like beauty of holy chant in reminiscent,
a clue to my confusion to what you say,
a cue to ecstatic memories, we together share,
a cute affinity in everything you do,

Oh My Love! I got all sweet reasons to rhyme and hymn!

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07 February, 2012

Rollicking Affair - Valentines Day sayings

just as you said...Be my Valentine!

So why do I love You?
The night is so dark with shattering twinkle stars
A long and long night waiting to get over staring moon beaming behind the clouds
To get over the night and get closure to you, Dreaming only of you!
I thought, a longing night is a long trail of recollecting old felt memories with you!

The sunlight did not ask before brightening my room and delighting my day,
While facing the warm sun with eyes closed,
And sun gazing me is worthwhile,
I thought, I was kissing you with closed eyes!

The lightening behind the bamboo blind fits within the frame of an opened window,
Digging my room into the darkness
While I heard a rumble of loud thunder vibrating my heart
I thought, you called my name in your heart and I got hiccups!

The breeze which I could not see
But the mad meadow danced on it's rhyme
While I pretended to ignore and not see it at all
I thought, you blow gently under my neck and I could feel your presence!

Summers moved slowly
Autumn elopes steadily
Winters slipped in between
Spring came so swiftly

Dark cloudy long night urge,
Sunny bright morning prayer,
Thundered life mustered,
Cool breeze in sigh dismay,
Missing rain embrace!

Just as you softly whispered,
I got goose-bumps,
I followed your every move,
Your every said and unsaid word heartily felt
And before you could think, 'I love You too', I said!

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05 February, 2012

Only Lonely Alone - Ola

Only - Lonely - Alone, Ola! Welcome to Emotions!

FYI: "Hola" means Hello. In Spanish, the "h" is always silent. "Ola" means "wave." Not like a literal ocean wave but waving hand to say hello or Goodbye.
~ Lets find 'h', the hidden existing harmony in Ola through this post!
The picture below is contributed by very talented photographer 'Sandeep Rathod'! Do check his awesome unique art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

FFirst time, it was asked to me when I was a little girl just school pass out heading to give interviews to some big management school. They asked me to give my intro before they throw any tactic question. You know well how these Dean and expert panel try to screw you when they know how badly you want to get in that particular college.

Just as I was say things... “name...lala....lalalalal.....my interest...hobbies..lalallaa...”
“Tell us something about your family...” the Dean with a big moustache asked.
“lala..lla.a..a.....lallallla....I’m the only child of my parents....lalaala..” just about to continue...
And the Dean interrupted again, “Oh, you mean to say 'lonely' only girl...”
‘um...mm...m...’ I was so surprised to his words, I mean jumble of words. Wondered for a while did I say lonely or only... ‘no..I said 'only' only..obviously..’ I assured myself
‘Sir, I said, Only child!’ I confidently said.
The Dean of college again back fired me to confuse my current state of mind further, ‘Are you sure, because we think you wanted to say only and lonely...llalalla.... ’

Now something about my background,
I was just a school pass-out girl, quiet young with raw thoughts and was prepared to say in a very proportioned measureable words and lines. One word changed would wreck my thought-process completely. I was quite a teen still trying to find a quote of a life to follow.

‘Only – Lonely -Alone’ words echoed in my head then...just like a seventh grade student gives a second thought to words like ‘Accept - Expect - Except’

Then and there I fought back politely of course and assured that I was not confused. What I said is what I meant. They cannot further manipulate my lines and my briefs. And I came out with flying colours (lalala....lala...) getting admission for that college. However, I didn’t join that college since I had got a better option than that best college.

But latter I did think about those words. You know some little words sometimes can echo your whole life. Remember I was trying to find a quote of my life to follow...
I think, ‘quote of life’ sounds better and inspiring than the ‘purpose of life’. This purpose could pierce any person’s potential. What is the purpose of doing this, purpose of that, what is the purpose of life, what is the purpose of writing..
Honestly, tell those big philosophers that sometimes what matters the most in life is not the purpose question but what values the most in life is passion in living, anyways...

Then, one fine day I sat quietly and tried to figure out the difference between the words and more important figured out who and what I was or I am! As a child and being it was essential for me to realise and retrieve my peace of mind. It was like an identification to figure out how few words could influence your life.

Only: Well being only child of my parents was by default. I cannot change that. It is a unique by virtue experience. Yet I do understand and appreciate the importance of a bond between siblings. But then I need not share my parents attention with anyone is always an absolute pleasure. I understand how significant I am to them. And hence I do realise the need my parents possess. I love my parents just as much as their decisions and choices. What else and what more, well honestly, I owe my smile to them! That’s it!

Lonely: I was never lonely. I was always occupied by artistic people and creative ideas. Love friendship art food travel fabric always occupied my mind and heart. And whenever I was a bit drained or little stressed out, I made sure expressing it in a form of sketching or writing. Sure sometimes you feel like talking or hearing to someone, in person. Every time a virtual world cannot console ones soul. I heard music. I tuned myself into good memories. Some very vintage feeling always was rejuvenating. One needs to accept the circumstance happily. It is a process of learning and doing something more productive in that missing slot.
My simple mantra was ‘Let’s make something Lovely to beat the Lonely’

Alone: I better use the word ‘Solitude’ rather than alone person. I recognised that I was alone but not lonely. It was something I had chosen. But when I said I was alone, I sure had bunch of warm affectionate people around. And I am grateful to their support, their help and their presence. It means a lot. It goes good with the quote of Helen Keller _"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I wasn't lonely, but the trail to discover my quote of life was up to me and my own efforts – alone.

Yet being alone I realized I was not alone and isolated from anyone at all. I discovered my wishfulness, pining and yearning were such universal urging emotions. We, each one of us have our own little battles to fight and win over gracefully.

Some fought their battle crying, some cribbing and some crawling. Well there was less physical pain so I fought my battle with creativity, doddle and scribble.

And I am not at all complaining to anything I swear! I know, I just conquered it all

I became more thoughtful, grasp to use emotions in expression, comprehend colours and creativity in life, respect little moments, remember little words and adore daily delights. I still have my desires, my dreams, and some accomplishing wishes and they are still heart-felt as today as they were ten years ago.
It’s funny to see how life unfolds throughout the years all in little words and little moments.
'To forget' is not my trait at all. I like the archive of mind.
I love to cherish and find joy in every jiffy moment to celebrate. And I suppose this is why, you are reading here!

I still think it’s not just the way you think changes everything in your life. Nothing changes overnight. Of course if you are blessed you do get miracles overnight but they are rare. It is a habit and one must practice it. Getting used to, to anything is easy to adapt by human beings. So getting used to, to the pain, anger and lonesome will ultimately give you the same in return. Practice into habit being passionate, compassionate, creative, cheerful and productive. You need to keep you status of mind Happy mode to Heal quickly.

No wonder, I do get angry, irritated most of the times, cry when no one watches, and shout when I feel like. After all you are a human being with emotions (Of course not a good excuse to give for your bad mood). But, honestly I’m bad in hiding true emotions, whatever it mean by the status of mind, I mean it. And when those emotions are negative I’m at my purest form. I do feel hurt and awful at times. But eventually I do know I have to recoil back to my real realm of revival.
Only - Lonely - Alone, Ola! Welcome to emotions!
Well this is how I would like to conclude my post... wait...there is no specific purpose behind this post, just pure emotions and random churning of stimulating thoughts.

be busy
be lazy
be honest
be rude
be playful
be bold
be beautiful
be aggressive
be polite
be angry
be ready
be humble
be calm
be caring
be happy
be real
be yourself

be the best you are
They are just few true emotions!
Never apologize for showing your feeling.

Sentiments shine because you are divine alive.

*You just liked reading this post for obvious* reasons, and perhaps this obvious was just obvious _ I know it all*

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02 February, 2012

Mother - Haiku

Celebrate motherhood!

Beautiful picture below is Glisten Geetali, My friend Suni's princess Daughter. This one, is for you dear Suni :)

beamed Mother on ground
strong to hold her roots secure
grasp Child, tall in sky!

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01 February, 2012

Music to Me

Hue-day on Tuesday!
Quotes with pictures!!

Below is the picture captured as a reflection on the dark glass pane of the building. In a picture you can figure out a big bright red guitar in the reflection, interestingly it is actually a real Guitar at the corner of the street of Hard Rock Cafe building.

Music is to Me,
Marker to Mend Memories!
Muse Miraculous!


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