Love Poems

Romance is on and so as the passion!
Love is a fabulous feeling to share.
These series of love lines are for someone I love!

Hope when you read them, you feel the same spark and glory for your loved ones! Wish it just makes your day! Share poem link/lines to share smile with someone special you muse on... Hope it touches the harmonious heart beat!

Collection of love prose :

Winters Rain in dark night
The darkest hour!
Just before the dawn!
There was a dark room

Party isn't over
Those three kind words
'You look pretty..'
They were not the prettiest words

Subways Stories to say
waiting for the train,
Spilling over the coffee,
look like people sipping tea,

Spice up Prose - Spice route
Tantalize smoky tempt
Waken up to sin taste buds
Live out of your quest,

Sweet Lust - Endless Love
Noble node in steady silent eyes
Augury of a sugary-tale
Hushed all restless hesitation

My Last Wish - Prose
in process...

it's pouring over head process..
Bottomless overflowing pits
Downhearted blues
Stabbed Stumbling...

Forevermore Feelings
Triumph over all the badly arranged constellations
Ruled over all the planetary position plotting
Something always brings me back to you!

Rollicking Affair - Valentines Day sayings
Thunder sky mustered,
Cool breeze in sigh dismay,
Missing rain embrace!

a whole lot of nothing
I was there where I started
It all began here, slowly
I crumble a bed sheet with little tight fist..

If only you knew – Love thoughts
Bet myself I would not take another fall, not again...
If only you knew..
But I'm ready to fall for another moment into your gravity!

Waiting - Love thoughts to ponder
Turn leaf of pages and days, keep promises and pray,
Drove miles in dreams before I sleep!
Please do not wait for my words to get wings...

Just We - Love thoughts to ponder
How much I wanted you to be with me all the while,
Just two minutes - just we two - just me and you...
When I was alone or standing in the crowd with a smile...

p.s. i love you – passionate prose
Draw doodles of us
Scribble names and decorate
Fill sky with red ink..

for a change
I will cringe at your charming voice,
Will chase away the tears
Give me a chance!

Angel from above - Romantic Prose
Oh! I need you now
Next to me hugging
Making mighty memories

I adore you - Romantic Poetry
Nights of bright dreams, in between a pillow fight!
A little smile in a celebration of 'us'
Memories and long talks letting go of stress

Little Love Letter - Romantic Poem
But frankly despite everything in pace n place
Without you Writing is such a waste of words!!
Yet wholeness beyond the words is what is worth!

In love again Last night - Romantic Poem
I may run, walk, stumble, drive, or fly,
But let me never lose this fleeting vision of the worthy reason
A journey of sweetest memories in a single moment!

in a heartbeat - Romantic Poem
Lost together with fingers tangled
Lost in some eyes deep defining dreams
Swept with the unsaid few significant words

Waiting at the corner
I was here at intense gaze
With sprinkle dews in eyes
Waiting without a clue

to be loved – Happy Valentines Day
A little assist in little things..
A little touch and a little blink!
Many small talks yet long conversation

mystery of love
Nothing yet a lot has been changed
Except for the feel of that old flame
We have tried to move on

mystery of love
When we shared a word
As you did precisely,
I fluttered and shared my world!

I tried - Sweet Love
Sometimes I forget,
Yet sometimes I just easily shy away,
But I heartily wish and hope to tell you someday..