20 September, 2008

Little finger Story - Big Lessons

" Big things come in Small Packets."
" Its in the small things where our strength lies."

Very well said in the quotes. Here's sharing a short inspirational story of a Little girl and her fine fingers, where in simple words tell to care for little-small things.

Ones upon a time a little girl was praying to God joining her hands close tight with her fingers touching each other. Soon she was surprised to see her hand fingers started to tremble. She looked up her fingers and found that her cute thin fine fingers were fighting and making lots of noise. The little cute girl got disturbed and hence could not pray. So the girl in her very gentle and toned voiced asked the fingers the matter. And why were the fingers fighting in front of the God.

Soon the fingers replied that they were fighting to know which was the best and the super finger of the hand. The fingers were trying to know which finger was superior and most important. The little girl said that she was ready to judge the fingers and find out which finger is the best one. The girl asked the fingers to say one by one their best quality for which the fingers has to be judged. Each finger was given time to express their view.

Little finger Story

The Thumb decided to speak first and said:
I’m the thumb and the most important. Without me no word done with hands is possible. I play a major part in holding the things with the hand. Also if I sign upwards means best of luck and if signed downwards it means bad luck. These are some of the major expressions in which I’m used and are very important. Hence, I’m the most superior and so best in all.

Hearing the Thumb, the Index finger, the first finger next to the thumb said:
I’m a very powerful finger as if somebody keep me on their lips, it means to maintain silence…sshhuuu..! And often been addressed to be the first finger, hence I’m superior to every finger in this race. So I’m the best and most superior.

Then it was the chance of the Middle finger to express, its views:
I’m the most superior to all other fingers as I’m the tallest finger in the hand. All other fingers are smaller in size than me. So I’m the best and most superior.”

It was the turn of the Ring finger to tell how was it the best finger and it said:
As everybody calls me the ring finger, I’m the most precious finger in the hand as I wear the costly beautiful studded engagement ring. It’s me the Ring finger wearing the ring, which makes the occasion of the person so memorable. So the Ring finger is the best and the most superior to all.

At last, the last finger the Little finger's chance to say. The Little finger kept silent. It looked each and every finger around and said nothing. All other fingers soon broke in to a huge laughter. All the fingers started teasing the lean and thin, little finger. They asked the little finger to say the great things about thyself and followed next was the huge laughs. The little finger felt sad and disheartened.
Soon the girl said to the little finger to say something that made it the best. Hearing this little finger said with one tear rolling down:

I’m no superior to any of the finger or thumb. I’m the tinniest and have no great thing about me. I’m inferior to all. The only thing that one can notice about me is that I’m the smallest finger, hence the weakest and stand last after the other major fingers.”
The humble little finger started crying intensely and all other fingers kept laughing loud on the little finger reply.

The girl was very much disappointed at the behavior of the other fingers. Then the girl consoled the little finger and said that the little finger was no less than any of the other fingers of the hand.
And there is one quality that the little finger posses in the hand make it special. Hearing this all the other fingers and the thumb got amazed and asked the girl, what quality of the little finger makes it special than them.

The girl with pride told the fingers that whenever she prays God, joining her hands close, it is the little finger that the God watches first. So indeed it’s the little finger that comes closest to God while praying. Hence, the little finger is the most special and blessed finger in the hand, in spite of being the tiny finger.
God have made everyone equal yet special. It’s our own perception that creates complex situations. He have gifted all of us some talent. We all the unique in our way but at the end of the day the person who is remembered is the one who respects all and is humble enough by nature. There are people who have pride of being either very rich or having good looks. But the richness is the golden heart that we posses and bring happiness in other people’s life. The people who feel superior of certain thing, actually forgets that there is only God who is larger than anyone else in the world.


"One must be kind enough to give respect to all regardless to any imbalance in the atmosphere. One must not make fun of others. Greatness is in people who accept all as they are without any demands made. In the society all types of people are important to have varied choices in the decision making to get the best results. Each one of us plays a unique role in the development. So there is lot to learn for the little finger story. "

There is still more and interesting to add this Little finger story. When ever we are praying God, joining our hands close, we must remember the “Five-Musts” to follow are given below:

  1. Our thumb is nearest to us. So we must begin our prayers by praying for those closest to us. They are particularly our parents, friends and relatives, the easiest one to remember.

  2. The next finger is the pointing finger/ index finger. We must pray for those who teach, instruct and heal. These include the teachers, doctors etc. They need support and wisdom in pointing the right direction to follow. Keep them in your prayers.

  3. The next finger is the tallest finger. It reminds us of our leaders. Pray for the president, leaders in business and industry, and administrators. These people shape our nation and guide public opinion. They need God's guidance.

  4. The fourth finger is our ring finger. Surprising to many is fact that this is the weakest finger; as any piano teacher will testify. It should remind us to pray for those who are weak, in trouble or in pain.

  5. And lastly comes our little finger; the smallest finger of all. The pinky should remind you to pray for ourselves. Pray God not to remove all your pains and sufferings but pray to have the backup of God always with us in any circumstances. Pray for peace.
...Indeed the greatest gifts that God have given the human-beings are His answered Prayers!
Celebrate friendship..

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
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08 September, 2008

My Birthday - unfolding petals

Surprise at 25th Birthday© rachi creations..

Regardless of the increasing age, birthdays are a special day for you and your loved ones. Some friends of mine teased me saying that why am I making all the gaga-story of my 25th birthday, as I am getting older every year. But, there is a strange saying I believe in is “Old age is always 15 years older than I am”, so celebrate life at the fullest. Above all if we carry our childhood with us, we shall never become older.

Indeed yesterday, I had a blast on my birthday. Lots of gifts and greetings simply added the glitters to the special day. For a change not cooking at all at home(which I usually I hardly do :p) and having Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner out was a great of fun with hubby. In the evening blowing candles on chocolate cake is the ultimate pleasure on birthday. But of coarse the most adorable gift of the day was reading the friends messages on Orkut and receiving loads of phone call, for the birthday wishes. One of my very close friends of mine Nirmala, mailed me her wedding ceremony pictures as my birthday surprise gift, for which I was waiting since so long. Truly sweet of her.

But some coincidence happened on my birthday and I found the mail delivered in my inbox. It was completely unexpected and truly amazing experience to read the mail. Please read the mail mentioned below:

first of all..
WHEN u'll read this mail it would have had become..
Which ever is true HAPPY BIRTHDAY remains the same....

u wud have been wondering why i wrote u today..
u may think that
today was ur birthday (coz its 10:10 and now its 11:10) so
i wrote u..
but truly speaking i didnt remembered ur birthday but i really dont know
how, i was surfing on the web and i found u [on Blog: HUMMING TODAY lattest post Link: My Birthday Weekend - just Began]..and
10:00 i came to know that
today is ur birthday at 10:10.

i dont know
what it was ,how i got u today
and not in the days which are passed...but it
was really nice.

I thought i shud write a poem for u...
but my brain
isn’t developed in the direction in which i can write poems ..
But never
mine i got one frm internet for u...thanks to KAYLA FRASER..
Who wrote this
poem {for me}..as if she knew one day i m gonna download it
for U.

so here it goes,
" A sister is someone who leads you when you are having a problem.
A sister makes you laugh and cry.
A sister is someone who likes to fight with you.
A sister is the one who stands with you in all your ups and downs.
A sister makes you remember who you really are.
A sister sometimes makes you cry when they are very sad.
A sister is someone who is always there for you through all the laughter and tears.
A sister is real.
A sister never will pretend.
A sister is someone like you whom
I treasure everyday in my heart. "

all yours,
suraj singh

"I meet Suraj's parents last year at my marriage ceremony. But I haven’t met Suraj, since last 12 years ago. Interestingly, today I'm around twice the age we meet before. Surprisingly finding this mail today and reading the whole story, truly makes me believe that destiny indeed stores some special gifts. The Surprises which are totally unplanned and unexpected...well! that what is the Life; a beautiful flower, unfolding petals of surprises. Suraj is right now doing his Engineering, and here wishing him good luck and all success in life. And Sweet Suraj...thank u so much for that wonderful peom and the mail that is such a preety gift on my 25th Birthday. Hope we meet soon."
NOTE: The pastry drawing is created by me © rachi creations..

Celebrate friendship..

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
..Blog Author
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07 September, 2008

My Birthday Weekend - just Began

Just to let everyone, but today, Sunday a Holiday and I’m off flying high for my birthday weekend. Today is the Silver Jubilee of my life. I shall turn 25 at exactly 10:10 at night. That was the time I was born and my Mother loves to remind me. She also reminds me every year of when, where, what, why, and how I was born. Truly sweet of Her.

Today, is the day which naturally reminds me of some of the most special people of my life, who made this day more memorable and hence special for me.Right from the beginning of my childhood memory lane goes how my parents managed to celebrate my birthday almost like a festival of the year. All around the home colorful ribbons and decoration made a home a total different place to live in. My Grand-Mother used to bring colorful bangles for me on my birthday to match with my new birthday dress.

Birthday has always been a special fine day, when I used to wait for the amazing things to be gifted by my parents. I remember, on my tenth birthday I got my “Avon Cycle” .Mummy-Papa brought it from the market, tied at the diggy, back of the car. It was indeed the happiest day of my life. One my sweet sixteenth birthday I got my first Laptop (IBM) in my hands. These were some of the most memorable gifts got in my childhood on my birthday.

My birthday (7th September) also reminds me of my Raju Chachu (parental uncle), who used to stay in Mumbai and bring home personally prepared cake traveling over night in train from Mumbai to Baroda. Blowing candles and cutting cake in the party with all the friends, neighbors, relatives and parents around, made me felt “Yeah! This is My Day”. But my uncle’s presence made my birthday party and day so special.

Waking up in the birthday morning and finding so many relatives at home came from far places just to bless me on my birthday was a great feeling. Some had to really take up so much pain coming home fully drenched, as my birthday being in the Month of September; it always rained heavily that day. In my childhood, I had to never buy new clothes whole year, rather during my birthday I used to get so many new dresses and other gifts from the relatives.Everyone is amazing and I love them dearly.

Going SCHOOL not in uniform but in the very new crisp colored birthday dress was the ultimate pleasure. Distributing chocolates it to all my classmates and teachers in the school was another attraction.It was sometimes amazing to see that other some classmates or schoolmates also had birthday on that same day.

Then came in COLLEGE and celebrating the birthday had another heights. The birthday party at college hostel have total different scene. The SMS beeps and several mid-nite calls at the 00:00 from friends were great fun. Dancing late nights on full volumes were very much the hostel way of celebrating birthday party. Some close friends also made sure to give me greeting cards and other birthday gifts, actually the gift were the same things that I wished to buy sometime but dint buy, and here they were giving me a total surprise ofcoarse as they became father-mother only when I was born.

All around people wishing you,Happy Birthday!..Happy Birthday!!”;I simply loved it! Going out on lunch, giving all close friends small treats were great ways to rejoice.

Last Year 2007, my birthday was first birthday after marriage. I was far away from all, my parents, friends, relative and all. But my Ravi Mamaji (maternal uncle), came here B’lore far from Baroda just to wish me Happy Birthday. And my Hubby made sure to have fun on my birthday. He took us to an amusement park. Although missing everybody that day, I had great fun being adventurous playing in water fountains. I almost felt like a kid again and he definitely made me feel amazing.
When it rains on my Birthday, I feel as if God is showering the blessing on me. Same, I felt when I got married last year 23rd July 2007. Rain has become such an intrigue part of my life. So my birthday has been amazing always more because of the drizzling and showers.
I definitely want to thank my Maa-Paa and friends for making this such an Incredible Birthday for me. Thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday on Orkut and through other mails. And also the people who could not call me but did remember me on my birthday:)
. I have so much to be thankful for the last 25 years. Its also an amazing year as this very date on 12th July 2008, my paa celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Life.

I’m 25, celebrating the Silver Jubilee of my life, a quarter century old and I’m proud
But I firmly like to believe that my Papa and Mom are also 25 yrs old
I also want to thank my Hubby for being there and making each moment so special. I’m sure he must have planned something today also. Till now it is a surprise. I can’t really wait until the sun rises or rains this morning Sunday. There is more fun still waiting for me. My Birthday Weekend has just began.

But I shall leave this post with my deep feeling in form of Pria's poem "Child”, depicts best of my Birthday fumes with a typical touch of Virgo quality. To the people who don't know, my sunsign is Virgo. It almost seems as in the poem “She” is “ME” talking of my childhood, month of September and my birthday bash.
" Trees and flowers filled with water
on a rainy day,
She sees herself in those dew drops
picturing herself before the mirror,
a small world to see who she is.
When the train passes, flowers bend
to welcome all
and sprinkle with new fragrance.
With the smell of wet soil
she waits for the raindrops
to fill the potholes
where she can step in to jump.
Ther comes a splash of water and dust
all over her
and she runs again to find
clear water to wash her legs.
She's a flower, waiting for the rain
with a small ponytail, and her skirt
filled with daisies
jumping and walking, nothing
to worry in this world.
She is a child, a girl and a woman
who lives a life of innocence."-

NOTE: The painting above is created by me on paintbrush © rachi creations..

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05 September, 2008

MY PENCIL - Lead Leads MY Life

Photobucket© rachi creations..

"The average Pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser so move on and draw out your Plan on paper make changes if necessary using eraser. The Pencil with the Lead, leads through the basics in Life to Learn."
Ones there was a Pencil-Maker. Every time, the Pencil-Maker made the Pencil, he gave each pencil a personal special attention and care during the making process. For the Pencil Maker, His made each Pencil was very special and dear to Him.

The Pencil-Maker took each at a time one pencil aside to talk and share the wisdom. He helped the Pencil to understand the life after it enters the world. So just before keeping the Pencil inside the box, the Pencil-Maker said the Five-Must to do, when it enters the world. These Five-Musts shall make the Pencil, the Best. These Five-Musts are the purpose in life...

  • The Pencil will be allowed to do many great and creative things, only if the Pencil allows itself to be in Someone’s hands.

  • The Pencil shall be allowed or rather shall be able to correct any mistake made.
  • The Pencil shall be going through an experience of pain, every time while sharpening. This process shall always make it a better pencil.

  • The most important part of the pencil shall always be inside it.
  • No matter what the surface is used o write, the pencil will have to leave its mark and must continue to write.

The pencil promised that it shall never forget the Five-Musts and shall continue to follow the points under any circumstance to become the Best-Pencil. With such promising note, the Pencil went inside the box.

Now, just by replacing the pencil with “WE” (Human-Being). Understand the Five-Musts and become the Best person in the world.

  1. We (Human-Being) shall be allowed to do as many great and creative things, only if we allow you to be held in God’s hand. And also allow others to access our capabilities and abilities to explore the world.

  2. We (Human-Being), will always get a chance to correct our mistakes made. This shall allow us to accept our mistakes and learn from them.

  3. We (Human-Being), will be going through many problems in life hence will have to go through a painful sharpening process from time to time. This process shall make us a stronger person to lead life.

  4. The most important part of us is inside us, hence one need to explore the best of our blessed talent and aspirations.

  5. No matter where we stand or walk, we must be able to leave our marks with our deeds. Under any circumstance and situations, we must be able to perform our duties.

Like the Pencil understood and promised to remember the Five-Musts, in the same way “We (Human-Being)” must also not forget the Purpose of life. We must also remember that each one of us is special unique individuals who are born to fulfill and accomplish the purpose of life following the Five-Musts.
The Five-Musts is an attempt to try to be the best as can be and hope that is the best ever. Remember there is indeed nothing which cannot be changed or rectified. One mush believe that God will not give "Me" anything I can't handle. So no more worries.

My life is significant. I don’t have to further fear for my mistakes as ironically I think; only those who do nothing make no mistakes. It’s better to have sharpened our pencil and hope that God doesn't turn it over and use the eraser.

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he/she has overcome strongly. So after being sharpened so much in life, I have turned to be a strong person.

A fresh look at what we normally take for granted brings outs the creativity. This time it is the lean thin Pencil with loads of power that took my heart away to ponder some lengths of life.

"Patience-Perfection-Painstaking-Power-Penmanship-Praise-Participate-Paper-Problem Solving-Picture-Painting-Profession all lead with the -Pencil- how to hold and grip in the little hands with tiny fingers, taught by parents and teachers in the childhood. "

I want to thank heartily all my Teachers of Sacred Heart School-Mathura, GREMS-Baroda, K.V.(IOC),Noonmati-Guwahati, IHM-Guwahati, IITTM-Gwalior, who gave me something to take home to think about besides the homework. There have been some of the really true teachers who taught and still teach from the heart, not from the book, “Parents” are the best example. So a silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone, if you CAN Read the above short story than stand up and salute to the teachers and say Thank you for teaching. This short story heard in the childhood, mean a lot this day.
Happy Teachers Day!

(NOTE: Above drawing made by self. © rachi creations.. )
Celebrate Life..

"I write the blog
not because
I need to but because
I want to."
..Blog Author
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