15 December, 2009

55Fiction - i call it the National Shame

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
This 55 fiction present below is an attempt to throw some light over an element which is almost a deafening issue where a women/girl deals everyday in their daily life, defending their dignity!

|| Painting (c) Priyanka Raman ||

I was born and brought up here.
But it has never been so difficult to survive.
It’s not about the price hike,
not about climate change,
neither it’s about the religious riots
nor the political fights.
It is the woman disgrace,
You call it
eve teasing,
Perhaps, I call it
"The national shame!"

I want it to be CLEAR and LOUD to know your views on everything you know about this, about what you feel,or even about whatever you have experienced!

Until we don’t talk about it freely, we wont be able to know what’s behind the insane scene and sinning mind.

  • YES ! when we talk about it, some people will also think we are only making too much fuss about the issue.
  • Perhaps, then let’s first agree on the basic, this is definitely an issue and this is an absolute shame!

From minor unnecessary flirting, to sudden wink, to utter brushing shoulder, to deep staring the body parts, to the passing of unwanted comments

  • Just say CLEAR and LOUD about everything!

I have below mentioned few points to keep in mind and try following them to prevent molestation/ eve teasing :
  • Under any circumstances never travel in a crowded bus. Better wait for the next bus and proper seat.
  • If traveling in the local train, then prefer the ladies compartment.
  • Try to avoid cab and auto rickshaw late night. Never share your auto rickshaw with any person even if the driver insists.
  • Always be aware of the new place, keep yourself updated with some perfect info of the place if you are new to the city. This shall boost some confidence in you. And any driver or person cannot fool you around, taking advantage of your situation. Carry a map and be well read.
  • Never stand alone on the street, try to be accompanied with some other girl.
  • The moment someone tries to bug you on the street try shouting loudly to attract the crowd. The insane people trying to tease are actually very scared of being publicly acknowledged with their acts. So bring on spot light on them.
  • While walking on the road try to be at extreme side far from the road. Walk on the foot path, to avoid any nuisance or disgrace act by some cyclist or biker.
  • Carry your Mobile every time you step outside. Also keep the speed dialing number of some of your close one to take Help from.

YOU might be having some more and other guidelines which can prevent or actually help in avoiding eve teasing and molestation incidents, please do share with us in the comment section. Let's educate each other.. Be alert !

I heartily thanks Priyanka for allowing me to have this wonderful and apt painting in this post. I'm so glad to add her name too; in my talented contribution list of the blog :)
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11 December, 2009

My style - Fried Rice

Winter waves have already begun in all parts of the country.
Eat hot spicy food to overcome the winter blues. And I’m right here with my own way using the left over rice.

Rice mixed with numerous colorful vegetables and flavored with the spices, is a great amalgamation to enrich the multiple flavors and is an energy booster. Adding lots of vegetables to add fibre and to stay satisfied with healthier food.

You might just like to add the butter over the hot rice oozing out making it even yummier!
It's indeed a perfect in winter’s recipe!

So don’t be bored or suffer from the grey clouds or the lack of light in this winter, pick your own basket of favorite flavors of the vegetables, give a burst of energy and zing on your own to cook this very easy recipe.

Enjoy! This fried rice is delightfully delicious, will warm you up in winters.

Fried Rice my Style

Ingredients for making fried Rice:

ingredients for fried rice
  • Rice (cooked) - 2 cups
  • Oil - 3 tbsp
  • Capsicum Finely Chopped - 50gms
  • Carrot Finely Chopped - 2 Nos
  • Peas – 50gms (1/2 cup)
  • Onion Sliced - 1No.
  • Cabbage Finely Chopped - 100 gms
  • Spring Onions Finely Chopped - 2
  • Green Chilies fine chopped - 2-3 Nos.
  • Ginger Chopped Finely - 1 tsp
  • Garlic Finely Chopped – 5-6 flakes
ingredients for fried rice
  • Red chilli powder- 1 teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder-1/2 teaspoon
  • Coriander powder -1tsp
  • Black pepper- 8-10
  • Cumin seeds- ½ tea spoon
  • Cinnamon – ½ inch
  • Sugar- ½ teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Worchester sauce – 1 tsp.
  • Oyster sauce – 1 tsp.

Method of making fried Rice:

making of fried rice

  • Heat the pan, add the cumin seeds, cinnamon stick and black pepper. Roast them for a minute and then crush them into powder and keep aside.
  • Now heat oil in a pan. Fry carrots and capsicum.
  • Add peas and stir well. Keep the high flame.
  • Now add onion, ginger, garlic and green chilies, stir well.
  • Keep stirring and now add the spring onion, on medium heat.
  • Add the sugar and salt simmer for a minute.
making of fried rice
  • Add the crushed powder and stir well the vegetables.
  • Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and coriander powder, simmer for 2 minute.
  • Mix in the sauces in to the vegetables.
  • Add the boiled rice into the mix of the vegetables and stir continuously till well set.
  • On the slow heat cover the pan let it set (for about 2 min).
  • Delicious spicy fried smoky rice is read. Serve hot.


My style fried rice

  • The soya sauce is alternative for Worchester and oyster sauce. However, its really fun to have different sauces at home to add and create a change in flavors. Trust me oyster sauce is fabulous!
  • You can add shredded cabbage also, simply any vegetable, even paneer chunks or omelet pieces. Enrich your dish with more nutritious.
  • Cooked rice could be your let-over rice…So what are you waiting for, make the best use of them to relish your tastes.
  • Add the ajinomoto salt to enhance the flavors.
  • Deseed the green chilles, to avoid the sting hot flavor.
  • Keeping the half cooked vegetables only enrich the nutrient of the food.

~ Hope you liked the recipe, so do try at home and let me know how was your recipe!!
~ Enjoy your Winters:)
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08 December, 2009

One Moment of Undefined Relationship

Consider here, U as YOU (the Reader) and other as your friend could be girl, boy, stranger, family member anyone according to the situation and circumstance.

One moment of UNDEFINED relationship

Photo(c) Sameer
Can YOU see in the above picture, a slight face facing left side on the surface of the water created naturally with the falsh of light from the sky?

Consider this (1)
You and your friend together on the crowed street, chatting non-stop on varied topics.
Suddenly, you notice something or somebody on the street, grabbing your attention for a minor second of your breath. Same time, your friend is also talking with you. However, you look at your friend and surprisingly find that your friend also looks at you. Looking each other for a second at the same time, simultaneously dropping your talk, you both together laughs and moves on.
What do you call this? Think about it…may be Co-incident.

Consider this (2)
You busy and you friend busy at the work staying at the distance. The distance is probably in miles. And in some common moment, you think of your friend, casually or intentionally but expecting nothing.
Suddenly, you notice your phone rang, SMS or just a certain mail for you from your friend, bringing you in an awe moment.
What do you call this? ummm…Strong feelings..?!

Consider this (3)
You are sitting alone in the restaurant in a Mall, looking outside a window noticing a girl in pink dress, grabbing your intention far away from your place. In the mean time, you get busy in sipping your coffee. Suddenly, you notice the same girl sitting next to your table capturing a slight glimpse where she was actually perceiving you from the side of the menu-card.
What do you call this? ...May be vibes!

Consider this (4)
You and your friend are watching, the T.V. or movie together. At certain point you get reminded if something and instantly you share the same thought with your friend. And the reply back comes from your friend is “you read my thoughts, and said what I exactly wanted to say in the first place right then”.
What do you call this?

Consider this (5)
You made call to some of your friend.Both of you talked and continued to talk over many things,sharing thoughts. However, you knew and only you knew that you made a call only with an intention to know about something or somebody. You wanted to ask but you could not so continued to talk and merge with the sharing thoughts, leaving a hope to ask.
However, you suddenly noticed your friend actually talking of the same thing that you wanted to ask and made that an intentional call to your friend.You get your info and had a chat with your friend all together.
What do you call this?

Consider this (6)
You went in a huge party. As many glasses and as many people around you. Perhaps, in that crowd you notice that particular someone at the corner. There was nobody who could introduce you with that someone and party gets over. You move one in your life and decide not to talk about that someone with anybody, perhaps that appeal of the moment was as fresh as ever with you. After months or ages, the table turns and you find that same someone across you through some of your friend.
What do you call this?

Consider this (7)
I was wandering in the mall and noticed a beautiful red shirt and wished, if I could buy it. I waited and stared at that dress. And then went back at hostel. I told no one about my desire to have that shirt, until next day I found my roommate gifting me that same red dress.
Surprised to see a dress, it was neither my birthday nor any special occasion but she brought that dress because she thought it would look great on me and she gifted it me, making my moment special.
That moment so special.
What do you call this?

Consider this (8)
It was normal routine day. You came back home and had a good sleep at night. When you slept you saw many dreams, but what you remember the latest just before waking up was your mom in your dreams. You wake up hearing the phone. Astonishingly, it’s your mom’s name calling you.
What do you call this?

Consider this (9)
I was in the gift’s shop and found a beautiful birthday greeting-card.It was the perfect greeting for my friend, whose birthday was then after a month. I decided to buy that greeting-card latter and went away.
Days passed and next day was my friend’s birthday.
I with my other friend went to the same shop to buy to buy some gift.
He said that even he had seen some interesting greeting card to gift.

So we decided to go alone different sides and search our own favorite cards. I searched hard and could not find it. No wonder, one month is a long time to sell. My friend, who came with me, suddenly brought a greeting card that he liked, asking my opinion.
I got shocked; to see it was the same greeting I had seen a month ago and now in his hand. I told him that it was the same greeting I was searching minutes ago and had seen it a month ago here in this same shop.

But the story was still incomplete without his part. He saw me in awe and said, “Are you kidding!”
Nothing to joke about that’s the fact, you believe or not. But what surprised me was what he said that,
“Even he had noticed this greeting few weeks ago and felt to buy but didn’t buy, same as my case”

Amazingly that same greeting was seen by two different people at different time but having a same thought. To not buy then until our friend’s birthday arrives. The extreme coincidence happened when we both got to know that the greeting card’s receiver was that our same common friend!
What do you call this?

  • ~Thinking over:
I’m not sure, whether in such particular moments the other person is aware of the intentions and thought of the person. But I’m pretty sure that there is something that’ sync, zing and spark simultaneously acting.

It’s amazing that we have words for everything, yet it’s sometimes difficult to define.
Like if the thing that happened according to your wish and desire, we call it willpower.
And if the thing that happened, about which we had not thought about it, we call it destiny.

Some could accept it as a great theory of telepathy and yet some could call it as a vibes, the wavelengths matching, and sixth sense and so on. There is always sheer wild instinct, holds, sustains, attracts, will power , motivates, circulating to the circumstances, destiny, fate, luck, fortune, divine power, immortal, circumstance, intuition, consequence, indication, purpose, reclaim, which falls to one, by chance or without his planning.

There are many such miraculous words defining the memorable moment, yet these words cannot define them the best.

I’m still not sure with such strong co-incidence of the situations in my life that takes place, perhaps...
  • ~Mull over this:
A slight unsure is always a first sight of being sure and ignorance together.
You are always 100 percent sure but only 10 percent not sure still you regard yourself as being unsure and ignore the rest!
The wonderful part is that this suspicious ten percent shall always lie in our life to create the situations of probability and possibility, incidence and co-incidence.
And that one moment or one person at that moment makes a difference in life!
  • ~ Reflect on this: purpose in inclination
When we go to college or school, we are open to all people to be friend with. We don’t decide with whom we want to be friends and with not to be. Whether my friend is going to be talented or smart, dumb, or short or fat! We meet everyone and greet everyone.
However, at the end of the day, we become friends with the one with whom we had some slender or most of similarities with.
So at the most the reason can be considered is the likeness between the two people.
  • The similarities if counted could be only two or could be ten in number.
  • Perhaps, one cannot forget or ignore the fact that there is a huge list of dissimilarities too between any two people.
  • Counter parting the above statement is, however the enormous list of dissimilarities be between the two, it’s the real similarities even if it is only the two that acts as the deciding factors in bringing their togetherness.
Similarity refers to how closely attitudes, values, interests and personality match between people. Research has consistently shown that similarity leads to interpersonal attraction. Interpersonal attraction is related to how much we like, love, dislike, or hate someone. Perhaps, similarity seems to carry considerable weight in initial attraction between the two as it reduces the risk of conflicts. The similarities between the two people bring them together contributing the relationship satisfacton.

principles statethat
would preferfriendly
However, the hypothesis of Similarity is responsible for bring two together but after bringing them together, it the principle of Complementary that sustains the two people together for longer time.
It is the way when we respect other's way of doing things. We consider others views resonable. Also at the same time not forgetting to learn to improve and not feel bad to have criticized over the thing.

Complementary however, allows us to maintain our preferred style of behavior. The theory of Complementary assumes importance as the relationship develops over time.

It’s a step ahead that explains whether "birds of a feather flock together" or "Opposites Attracts".
Read more on complementary theory from the link..
~me and my hubby-Opposite Attracts

Principles of similarity and complementarity’s seem to be contradictory on the surface. But the fact lies both theories agree on the dimension of warmth shared!

When I was awestruck, wondering about the principle of similarity and complementary. I was fascinated with the fact that slight parallel line between other’s blog made one feel like reading it with interest.
But until one does not develop an attitude towards the enjoying of different-dissimilar aspect of each other’s writing and presenting skills, one cannot sustain reading that blog which one liked in prior phase.

  • ~ Be Concerned about:
I might not be able to conclude this post with certain specific result or outcome; perhaps, after so much of studies and researches it is a fact that

  • ~ there are few things still not been explained by nature, perhaps in a life or whole day there are certain specific humble moments which are classic in spirit,
  • ~ perhaps sometimes yet just sometimes one know that is the One and "This is IT"(Michael Jackson last linear line)and
  • ~ perhaps sometimes we need to believe that there are relationships which does not have a name to define them, yet those bonds and connections are too special and content!

How can I ignore the fact that how you, my readers whom I like to believe not know me much and vise a versa, flock at my blog post and placed their prayers, best wishes for the well being of my dear friend present my pervious post, All in the day's work!

Not bothering to know who she is and what made her suffer...the best wishes just got poured in from everyone, stimulating the very basic common string between us through Humanity! In a way intertwining all the miraculous words with compassion and civilization!

  • Your views and counterparts are most welcome!
And while I’m trying to wind up the post, I like to share one of my favorite quote from the popular book "The Alchemist" written by Paulo Coelho.
"If one really wants to fulfill his/her Personal Legend, the whole universe will conspire to help make it happen"…
I’m glad that I desired something while writing my previous post not challenging to happen exactly but the coarse of will was so desperately distinct that it happened more than exactly how I had perceive it.

~ I owe my heartily big thanks to all my Readers for wishing the best for my dear friend!
~ I have recognized my readers intensity and shall seize there importance throughout my journey of best times in life
~ It’s like revealing the goodness of others and experiencing the bliss within!
  • Thanks for being persistence in reading and bearing my longer than long posts.

  • Heartily thanks to my friend Madhulika and Nupur for clearing my few doubts on this post!
  • And Sameer for sharing this above mentioned miraculous moment of picture.
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05 December, 2009

All in a Day's Work

One of my very close friend, is going through a very rough phase of her life, it is something she have been suffering and trying hard to survive. I’m praying here all day and it’s not just the part of all in a day’s work but its something pure and for someone special.
  • Through this particular post, may I request all my dear readers to pray for my dear friend, that she gets all the strength to stand and face the time bravely !

my Prayer @ rachi creations..

~|| All in a Day's Work - my Prayer||~

I wish that the days come easy but the moments pass slow,
I know you are sad, but this woe shall not last and go,
Remember that I’m here praying all well for you,
And this too shall pass though…

I know you’ll get two roads ahead to choose,
Memorize that when you make up your mind to pick,
Decide this time, the one which leads only the happiness within.
Don’t you despair and leave the hope,

There’s more to see and more to do and more is restored for you.
There’s not far too much, the feeling for healing and power,

The beauty of bliss is what you ought to prefer,
The bliss definitely deserves the beautiful as you are,

I wish you never lose your innocence,
I wish you forever-love to immerse in,

I know you will get it all while you strive,
I know when you’ll keep marching and skipping the undesired;
I know you will find a door on your way knocking at your fortune,
Don’t hesitate to open and embrace the new

Kick off everything and take up the new,
Confirm your strength to cope up the cold and open the door,
Smile and add the warmth to your soul,

Show the world Sweetie! You are worthy of that little bit of…
I know all in a day's work, you will get it entirely in that bit all,

My wish, for you, is that your life becomes the way you want it to be,
More than anything and most of everything, I wish it would be…

Your desires and dreams come true,
I wish, your pain and worry disappears too,

Let me give you a seed of peace from my prayer,
May you plant it deep down inside your heart and take care,
Let it grow firm and huge,
Let it give shade and cure your untold wounds,

This is my pining wish and this is my intense crave,
This is it’s all in a day's work for me to sustain,

And this little moment, humble though they may be,
I shall pray for you everyday and every split second ticking,
Yearning the mighty ages of happiness and love for you,

Winding the menace, crushing the stress,
This anxious endless round shall also have an end,
Time is rolling high, blinking the joyous instincts,
Your pursuit of infinite answers shall cease,
You will witness the spark, the faith beyond and within,
You will flutter and flaunt as ever,
Persuaded blushing in pleasure forever,

You never need to carry more than you can hold,
You never need to hold in back again, no matter what others told,

I want you to be hopeful and believe this insight,
This is my wish and this is my Prayer,

Between I hope you know somebody loves you here,
Remember that all in the day’s work…
I’m here praying all well for you!
That this too shall pass soon…

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01 December, 2009

Right Here Right Now - Red Ribbon

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
This 55 fiction present below is an effort to pay some respect, love, support and care to the people who definitely deserve it.

She chuckled,
I am living,
I want to live,
I might even live
longer than you.
Her lively poise reflected.
Unfortunately, her charisma is not witnessed by her parents,
she lost them in her childhood.
With care and support she evolved
as true transformation of power from pain.
she battles fiercely with AIDS.

~Red Ribbon © rachi creations..
red ribbon AIDS

 ~ || Right Here and Right Now - Lets Battle against AIDS ||~
RED-RIBBON is the symbol of solidarity of people living with HIV/AIDS

AIDS stands for : Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDS is a medical condition where a person is diagnosed with AIDS when their immune system is too weak for him to fight off infections.
  • Difference between HIV and AIDS:

~ HIV is a virus that attacks the body's immune system - the body's defense against diseases. If left untreated, HIV eventually weakens the immune system so much that the person falls sick with infections known as opportunistic infections.
~ The most serious of these opportunistic infections are called AIDS defining illnesses. When the person becomes ill with one of the AIDS defining illnesses, she/he is said to have Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

  • Some facts about HIV infection:
  • Here are some very basic facts about HIV infection to remember
  • HIV can be passed on through infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids or breast milk.
  • The virus is transmitted by sexual contact with an infected person.
  • The virus is transmitted by using infected syringes and needles and is also transmitted through infected blood and blood products.
  • You cannot be infected with the virus through casual contact like shaking hands.
  • People suffering with any sexually transmitted disease/s are more susceptible to contract the virus.
  • Symptoms may or may not appear within 3 - 6 months or could only appear later and could take a decade or more to manifest. This is what makes management of Aids difficult, since the incubation time of symptoms vary from person to person and also depends on the general health and immune system of the person.
  • Affected people can presently not be cured, yet many treatments are available to assist the infected person's immune system.
  • Condoms are not a perfect barrier or a 100% guarantee, yet they do offer some form of protection, and it is generally held that it is best to use a condom. 

  • Can HIV be cured ?
At this time, there is no cure or vaccination that can prevent or cure HIV infection, though a lot of research is being done for a vaccine. Nevertheless, timely diagnoses and treatment can keep the virus under control and the immune system healthy.
People on HIV treatment can live a healthy, active life, although they may experience side effects from the treatment.

World AIDS Day, is observed December 1 each year, not as a celebration but as a sincere dedication to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

  • History:
World AIDS Day was first conceived in August 1987 by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter, two public information officers for the Global Programme on AIDS at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. They took their idea to Dr. Jonathan Mann, Director of the Global Programme on AIDS (now known as UNAIDS). Dr. Mann liked the concept, approved it, and agreed with the recommendation that the first observance of World AIDS Day should be 1 December, 1988. In 2004, the World AIDS Campaign became an independent organization.
  • Choosing the theme:
Each year's World AIDS Day theme is chosen by the World AIDS Campaign's Global Steering Committee after extensive consultation with people, organizations and government agencies involved in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. For each World AIDS Day from 2005 through 2010, the theme will be "Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.” with a yearly sub-theme.
  • AIDS 2010 Theme : Rights Here, Right Now
It emphasises protecting and promoting human rights. Also emphasises all to incorporate in this urgent demand for action promoting human rights. Rights Here, Right Now is a call for leadership, accountability and action. It also underscores this critical moment in time for the global epidemic – with the 2010 deadline that world leaders set for providing universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support on the immediate horizon, right Here, right Now!

..wear a
 Red ribbon
as a symbol
of your support for everyone  affected by HIV  and to raise awareness...

Find out facts about HIV and talk to your friends, family and colleagues about HIV- make sure they know the reality, not the myths.

Know your HIV status: get tested if you have put yourself at risk. Talk to all new sexual partners about using condoms.

Using a condom during sex is the best way to protect yourself and your partner from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

If someone tells you they are HIV positive, treat them with respect and don’t tell others without their agreement.

Understand, the HIV infected people are living with two pains simultaneously. One a pain of the disease and other of the disrespect or discrimination been done. Both are absolutely wrong gesture simply not acceptable. Try raising voice against such behaviors towards affected people. Contribute in sharing the thought and spreading the awareness about HIV/AIDS.

Official Website of World Aids Day : http://www.worldaidsday.org/
Official Website of NACO : http://www.nacoonline.org/

Note: Today flagged off the AIDS awareness train that take more information about the disease to 10,000 villages in 141 districts across the country and will also provide on-board counselling. The Red Ribbon Express will halt at 152 stations in high prevalence areas and disseminate information about the disease among the masses and try to unite people by dispelling existing misconceptions during its year-long journey[...]
  • The painting above is made by thyself (c) rachi creations..
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