30 December, 2010

Thursday challenge - Toys

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. A theme is announced on this site each week.This Week challenge is "TOYS" (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,...)

  • This is no ordinary truck-toy...it is more than 50 years old and absolutely in a good condition!
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27 December, 2010

Fleeting Beauty at Christmas

Note: The collage below has the pictures taken by my very talented friend Parker! Hope you like it. Also the prose below is created in exactly 100 words!!

Fleeting fine beauty said..

Deepest-darkest winter hours,
Twist turn dance frisk in, freezing a moment,
Shiny wink,
I bat my silver lashes,
Fleeting beauty, falling head over heels...without a sound,
Touching the soul, other side of the windowpane,
Settling smoothly, waiting willingly,
Lingering and dreaming of him
Knowing all would be hard,
Knocking would hurt;
Knotless admiration is worth knowledge!
Graceful spark from the confident core!
Tiny yet so intricately inimitably joy formed.
Considering a contribution this Christmas,
“Before rays trace me, look at me, my love!
Warmth in me is the coolest thing...
I felt melting in your arms”...
... fine Snowflake said!

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23 December, 2010

young Indian Bride

Swirl spins eddy goes the world
Curl the eye shadow deep within
Mellow down the sleek cheeks!
Sealed lips with red tone sheen;

Wavy locks, speaking scores of lines
Sweat sweet, bat your lashes
Flame under the sapphire sky
Whispering feather plea to fate

Melody mingle in every move
Standing in the shallow
Unruffled emotion crept soon
Brewing premise awhile really slow

Smile O Smile! Solar flair!!
Dousing in mystery
Stretch fragrance forever
Rising in tranquillity

Brilliant angelic young bride
Begins to believe in being
Beautiful blossoming butterfly
Heart beats truly skips acting shy

Barely reciting apprehension
Before the whole comparing impression
Beyond the promising comprehension
Committing to care and considering compassion!

* To 'bat your lashes' is a piece of 1920s slang meaning to make eyes at someone, the idea being that the enormous false eyelashes in vogue at the time looked like bats when your eyelids fluttered.

Young bride

** Beautiful picture 'young Indian Bride' is captured by very talented 'Vijay Raghavan', which actually inspired this prose! Interestingly, the prose complies exactly 111 words.
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18 December, 2010

Holding Hands - 55fiction

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
A joy to discover something new!
A moment to rebound in a relationship!
~ This 55fiction is an attempt to recreate the overwhelming experience with a twist to the whole apprehensive look in the rapport shared.
~ The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend ‘Vijay Raghavan’! Thanks buddy :)

55fiction : Holding Hands

Little did she know that he loved her heartily!
That he would never hurt or hinder.

Shivering, trembling soft hand motivated to hold his hands;
He held her tender hands tight giving a slight hint,

Only brace, holding breathe,
She kept her head up,
Passion flows beyond blessing,

Her feet above the floor,
Eventually trusting!

my love my child@ Vijay Raghavan
my love my child (c) vijay raghavan

Okay this is when the whole world types in Google page to find out "how to hold a girl’s hand"...I wonder is it really that difficult. I could not think of laced fingers or curled up hands in an intimate relationship but a warm momentum of letting free followed by faith in building a bond!

For me, holding hand is just as deep and devout as competing to accept the person whole heartily.

Whether they are warm hands or cold, gentle by touch or rough by grasp, hands brings out the person’s persona fairly by choice. It is a convincing certain circumstance of a challenge to make a person feel comfortable and cared!

Perhaps greeting in a personal secured space, gears to hold hands brings a genuine lift in soul!

HOLDING HANDS ~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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12 December, 2010

Seasons Greetings Card

This is just the beginning towards the best and better days to come ahead and celebrate!
Wishing all my loved ones grace - bliss - spark!
Cherish with rachi creations..

The Christmas is down the corner in rush
Rachi Creations.. are token of affection and love
Convey for the treasured and care
Flattering the moment in joyous flare!

Bright faithful frosty flurry
Sugarplums tend to snuggle
Sweet candies, muffins and cuddle cream
Fills me in desires and lucid fulfilled dreams..

Holidays together in cozy home-caves
Hugs and Happiness is all that I share and crave
Warmth in the chilly wave truly saves
So here, THE Christmas card spreads cheerful parade!

Enchanting tiny silver stars; Engaging little golden bells
Sparkling and tingling roll over the Christmas tree
Angels around glowing graciously
Enough to help my grin unwind,
Wishing YOU all a refined radiancy!

~ Celebrate Life.. Celebrate friendship..
~ Keep the Spark ALive..

Red nose reindeer
rachi creations.. wishes you Celebrations of Seasons
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27 November, 2010

C for creative Colors chuckle

  • This post is written for Leo's Z to A Challenge in 26 Days for the month of November'2010.
  • A beautiful picture(below) is captured by my very inspiring talented friend Parker!
Creative Colours chuckled :

“I come to combine and concord your life
Spinning glowing down continue to celebrate time.
Challenging moments and composing human vine.
Confining fear in all verve turns,
Courageous care only returns.”

Green leaves crackling trees in the breeze
Cheerfulness orange sunshine rinse,
Here is life in every tone and yes in very rhyme!
Cute cluster pink flowers on the edge of earth prime,

Cloud and metallic fog in the winter evening’s log,
Chaste silver dews rolling down the deem
Culminate to conclude white mist within..
Bubble dwells for an instant but Joy everlastingly!

Ah! The colours of life it claims..!
Course of the rains on the blue plains,
A Kaleidoscope of colour in character trim..
Refinement in red charisma coalesce on cherry and cheeks elegance,

Little black locks swirled by.
Golden brown crop layering shy,
Busting joy charms one and all,
Come closure to the beam of colours radiance with a dash of magic wand,

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
Colours (c) Parker

Buzz against the boredom,
Nature engages enrichment pomp,
Fragrance gives me an ecstasy clue,
Beauty in colours just blooms and sail away the glooms..

This isn’t a complex line,
It got a warmth and world defines,
You gotta have a heart to daze mind to understand the art divine,
Akin to seasons serenity fetch changes over set-time..

And when the rain washes the world and there’s a glittering sun shine,
Soon a magnificent rainbow emerges in the blue
Bringing together serendipity in heaps of hue,
Stretching to touch the ground emerald green,

Miraculous Rainbow spreads the peace!
Shifting in comfort being firm bunch of bliss,
The tones and coloured curtsy bow and bend in grace sheen,
Embracing each of seven essential basic colours chase to be a team,
So Colours of life prism commences creative spectrum of cheerful marvel rim!
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22 November, 2010

They call me poet

This one is for all one the I truly love, adore, appreciate and get every time so much fascinated knowing them more! With affecting: Suni, Vijay, Mahesh, Rahul, Leo, Amity :), Madhulika, Mitul, Peeyush di and many many more..

They call me poet
When I wrote a line
I wondered if they were pulling my leg
Or simply my words were such worth prime!

They call me poet
Even when I made a painting
I wondered if they really liked the lines I draw
Or simply adored my skills of flaw!

They call me poet
When I cracked a joke
I wondered if they really understood my wit
Or simply admire my thoughts zing with cheer tinge!

They call me poet
When I step to dance
I wondered if they liked my basic moves,
Or simply flattered my stride sync the tune!

They call me poet
When I deliciously cook
I wonder if they truly loved my culinary skills
Or simply appreciated delightfully roasted whiff!

I know I’m not a poet
I don’t paint imaginary possessions with words.
I wonder if they absolutely believe my thoughts, I meant
I wonder if they believe my words, I said
I wonder if they feel the same affection, I wish
Or simply comprehend the pleasure and comfort with in!

My words are not just words...
It’s a language of heart to a heart,
It’s a link to connect the soul with poise,
It’s a spirit to transfer to cherish the choice,
It’s a hope to ignite the spark within!

My words are not just words in writing
It’s a might endeavour bestow enlightening
Nevertheless, it’s not just a prose to possess
When I don’t let my wholehearted words to get waste!

Attempt to regularize to memorize
Occasional rhymes that shines sometimes
Right spot wanna talk a lot
Mend thoughts and recollect emotions in words decode..

My words written are not always golden
Yet they are filled with eternal dedication
My words might not be wise always
Yet they cannot be just an uncared phrase..

My words are fully determined,
And here I admit my incline...
I like the sync and zing
In world of words dynamics rhymes sublime,
So far I’m not a poet yet!
But hold rhythm in every little humble care.

This is undeniably true,
My little words...
Passing by scores of perceptive barriers,
Touching countless apprehensions,
Warming many hearts!

Challenging to create a spark
Proclaiming a concord with a sword beckon as a word!
Yet! They call me a plain poet..
And I like to label thyself an ardent passionate ark!

~ Keeping the Spark ALive..
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02 November, 2010

Today I’m happy because

NOTE: This post is dedicated to my very inspiriting friend Pria and Leo, whose warm words constantly echo and encourages in bringing the better in little Humming mind.

It is so difficult to accept our limitation. I cannot stop thinking and believing that nothing much I can do with the worrisome moment of my mind. I know my options. Yet they are the best of both options. I cannot regret in what I get at the end of the race. Both shall be satisfying. However I cannot ignore I do get intended incline towards one of them. Though I’m happy with the options I have!

Now I realise to get activated to achieve something. To face the hardships strongly and not fear from taking a stand and make continues efforts till I accomplish my purpose. However I do know that my options available do not decide to give me opportunity to choose among the two. That shall be deciding seemly on luck and destiny, I suppose.

And as goes the path of destiny with immense difficulty and suffering, I take it as a challenge whole heartily with a hope. Now when I’m getting week at my knees I get to know how it feels to others. I’m consuming a lot on the subtle emotions and cleansing mind-set. Strangely though being compassionate by nature I realise I’m improving upon being more empathetic in nature for varied issues, which were quite unknown to me till now. There is a scope of learning in everything throughout the tenure of life. Indeed there is certain chain of things in life that one learns and discovers only when one actually goes through.

I got the reasons to follow and no reasons to feel low.

No matter the kind of rejection whether in person, proposal, application or admission. Rejections are so hard to accept.Yet when I know the reason, I raise my bar and recognize the truth. And there I know there is something always hiding behind that bitter truth is the golden chance for me to make a difference in my life and create history as a human. Yes I want my decisions to sparkle during the odd times of life.

Ballons (c) Vijay

I’m happy because I can see and explore such little things.
I’m happy because I can take a strong stand.
I’m happy because I can see conviction in poise.
I’m happy because I can feel hope of happiness.

And despite of all the hassle and bustle in a day,
I’m happy because I can see my people on my side supporting me.
This is a brighter side I see in the dawn and dust.
There is a blessing in disguise.

And I do realise life is far-far more than just winning and being on first place. The real charm lies in the claps of the cheerleaders and the motivating appreciation from the loved ones while you are still running hard to make it. However, they shall still care for you even if you actually lose to make it. And having said that all, until you keep trying, nothing can stop you from winning and nothing can stop people from loving you.

So true, God helps those who help themselves.
Nevertheless one is helped only when one never leaves hope in despair.

I believe that every day contains at least one happy happening, a distinct moment in time that we are thankful for. And if we are not...we should be definitely.

Even if certain day turns blur, there always be something to cherish and celebrate.
Something to look for and live for. Something that influences the aspirations and deep heart desires.
For I think we all need something to remember which is worth smiling over and staring a bright sunny side.

I'm happy today because for once, I've found very little basic reason not to be sad.
For I’m blessed
I'm happy being myself, which I've never been before.

  • There is a long thread of all the good things and happy moments to feel content.
  • Above beautiful picture is clicked by my very inspiring friend 'Vijay'.
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21 October, 2010

digitally losing

I hate to say that I hate sometimes the thing I love. I mean in simple language that sometimes the things turn such that I tend to dislike the things which I truly adore. This time it is this ugly technology!

Boy..I had a tough time in last few days.
For some reason I wanted certain documents and certificates as a proof. And this became such a challenging job for me. I had to get documents from all the places I have stayed. As per the Government rule I realised I had no certain exactly one certificate to prove all my identity. It is really tough to understand the norms in India. Where sometimes...college or school certificate is verified and yet sometimes they do not get applicable to prove certain issue.
Another issue is how to prove my living statue and present address. For being constantly moving from one place to another and having not stayed to a place more than one year create a havoc to generate the legal document or bunch of documents.

I got no electricity or telephone bill in my name, nor do I got Rashan Card; neither I have Election voter’s card (yep shame on me, I’m +18 yet haven’t voted even ones) but I have a PAN card and a passport yet both of them have the info which is still incomplete to what needed to be submitted. Luckily I’m surviving with bank account and Gas-connection certificate.

Being educated and literate enough, we still get engrossed about the proving documents limitations. I wonder how the villagers or poor immigrates deal with such issue when they hardly have any prompt certificate except or no Rashan card to prove the stuff in this so called digital world.

I’m still struggling to prove the technology at its best as it does not lend a hand to the helpless deprived citizens.

technologyHow do you feel when you are working on the computer on words or excel sheet and you forget to save a document and it gets erased or how about your laptop hanging or windows crashing resulting to lose all the files...!!

How would you feel when you see your email account has been hacked and tempered?

Or how would you feel when you care to go for the lamination of your certain important document or certificate to further protect it and you damage your work due to lamination machine heat.

Man! That happened to me actually.
I’m terribly upset for it. But I could not blame anyone nor could I scold much the fellow at work. Besides, the fellow at work was least apologized for his carelessness over a critical issue. It was a technological flaw and I was a sufferer unfortunately. Moreover I’m upset with the casual Indian way of behavior, _chalta-hai...! (_It’s okay we can adjust) kind of attitude.

I do preserve and keep my documents with utmost care in the files...with all kind of segregations. Though my document has been a bit damaged by the machine which is actually used to actually further shield it with transparent sheet to protect it. OMG...my heart sinks!

I’m fuming right this moment in anger for I know I will never get the original certificate back ever and moreover I will get the duplicate-one after lots of efforts, multiplying paper-work, pain and tension for ages...despite of computerized barcode, high-tech technology and machinery.

All I know I shall never ever in my life laminate any of my documents.
I shall always have a coloured Xerox with me of all my documents.

I thought to share this story with you so that you could save up all your stuff from such mishaps. Accidents do occur in life and when it’s with legal documents it’s the worst thing that happens.

This incident reminds me of the moment when in early 90’s my father lost his briefcase right before getting into the train. He was supposed to travel by train to do certain payment of the new house of ours to be build...and on the platform itself; he lost his briefcase due to burglary. The piece of luggage had most of his clothes for it was a long trip, his two major diaries with all the vital details and contacts; most important was the main-file of the house which had all the legal documents, significant bills and payment receipts. And needless to say...he was going for some payment hence he did lose a huge sum of money, which he was saving for certain long period for the same purpose.
He lost it all in a single moment like flash.

It was an era when people contacted each other during emergency through couriers; there were no so called mobiles or computers to get the xerox receipts’ quickly. He came back home empty hand from the station within an hour. I remember how pained he was right when he arrived. He went with my uncle to the police-station to feed a complaint and also in a strange hope to get things back. Thought it was only one legal step. He struggled hard to get the same large hunk of amount soon somehow the same night. It was a moment when he realised as no-one helps when it’s catastrophe moment. None of the relatives had willingly lent a hand to help. Later he borrowed few clothes from my maternal-uncle as he lost almost all his clothes and without a confirmed ticket he went from the other train the same late night.

Perhaps, there was no way available to contact at the earliest to the people to postpone the meeting. That was a sheer financial crisis and had a huge fear of losing some utterly important legal documents of house and other major moments. For a long time he struggled to get another copy of documents of house and stuff by travelling hard to and fro between two cities/states.

+ I still get goose-bumps when I think of that dark moment. It was hard to deal yet he did not give up on anything. It takes a lifetime to build a house perhaps, we could have lost our house too in a split second for we had already lost so many documents and of course no doubt money at that moment was important.

This one incident made us learn many things yet we still struggle with the pain when we thing of losing something. Losing in person, money, legal-document or simply losing a fight by getting stuck in the traffic is sheer painful and utmost hard to deal with.

However, life is full of these damn tit-bits of absolute twist and turns to prove every instant that we are warriors. And fighting the odd and sailing against the waves through the unconventional path yet possessing rainbow colours at the end has to be human nature.

It is believed that losing hurts but it motivates...hope it does same to all. I’m disturbed with the lost, losing something feels like ruining everything right in a moment yet I shall try hard to bounce back and retrieve the pleasure of joy and earning what I owe to deserve. Wish me luck my dear friends!
+ I wish same spirit to you too for your rough moments.
+ Right now I’m counting my recourses to recollect the trust bond from the one; I expect to gladly lend me a hand before I truly ask for.
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12 October, 2010

Best Friends - sweet companionship

This really short and sweet story shared below is one which long back I was narrated by my best-friend. I found it very inspiring and was very much touched with the base of emotion collectively cared. Hope you like going through. I shall look forward to see your views shared.
+ The drawing below is made by thyself as an extension of Rachi Creations..

A beautiful garden echoed with the laughing sound of children. Everything was green. The aura was covered entirely with sweet scented rows of flowers. The air was so incredibly light and cool and fresh and clear. Just a few steps away on the other bench some old age home senior citizens relaxing. Kids having fun during the happy hours of weekend holidays while playing on swings, running and hiding behind trees and bushes.

Best friends, John and Ken sat down on the white marble bench and breathed in the fresh wonderful air. They looked one another sitting silent and yet with a smile on their face, cared a sweet companionship. Over the years they have developed a warm friendship. Soon they as always started sharing new stories and ideas. Talks touched from butterfly to aeroplanes, they exchanged words on all aspects of fields and life phase.

As they were chatting, John got up and walks seamless around the bench just following the delights of nature and gazing the colourful butterfly that settles on the shoulder of his friend Ken who’s sitting almost on the edge of the garden.

Softly with a gentle breeze, the butterfly fluttering its wings flies away.
John observe that Ken gaze upon the butterfly until it really disappears. His eyes were a soft brown and yet with a depth and sparkle of innocence.

‘You really like butterfly!’ amused John said to Ken.
‘Butterflies are beautiful, colourful, full of life and free to fly anywhere.’ Ken replied!

‘What is your one foremost desire?’ John asked Ken.
I want to be like a butterfly...I have a desire to be liberated to soar high like a butterflyKen said.

‘Do you have any other such longing aspiration?’ Ken asked John.
Staring at the kids playing in the garden John replied, ‘I wish to play long hours, running here and there but with my best friend...
A light smile crossed his face, and Ken knew John was referring to him!

A mild orange colour of the sky had turned into violet sparkle; birds were flying back their nests and so as most of the kids’ rushing back home. Ken’s grandfather was warmly wrinkled, but soft came to take Ken back to home. Ken and John left for respective home with a see you around smile.

As John reached home he kept thinking of the aspirations he and his friend Ken had.
He was quietly amused with the wish Ken had... ‘A longing wish to fly high’.
~ Almost whole night with a tired sigh, John kept wondering how to accomplish these wishes that would multiply the bliss in recreating the resonate liveliness.

Next day usual time he again went to the park to see his friend. He looked bright and had a flash of idea.
Ken came to the park on time waiting for John to arrive. As John saw Ken he swiftly reached towards him.
Almost immediately John sat down on his knees and asked his friend Ken to hop over John’s back. Ken got baffled and almost clueless about the John’s intentions.

He curiously asked John, ‘Why do you want me to hop over your back?’
‘Just hop over...don’t think anything else! ’ excited John replied.

Ken again asked, ‘But why...what’s on your mind’
‘Remember yesterday I told you my one desire I wanna fulfil, here is the way to my dream...trust me just get on my back and help me my dear friend’ John whispered softly with a curve on his lips.

As Ken and John exchanged glances, and they all over again braced their bonding.
John stretched his hand to help Ken to get over lean comfy back from the wheel chair. Perhaps Ken, a little kid could not walk and the wheel chair actually helped the purpose.

My best friend
(c)  rachi creations..

After few adjustments, Ken got over John’s back. Curious and clueless Ken took his hands around John’s neck for support. As soon as John got him over his back...he started walking speedily. Almost sooner, more rapidly John started to run. He ran as fast as he could on the green carpeted grass.
Ken panicked and asked John to slow down.
But enthusiastic John wanted to fulfil his desire to play and run together with his ‘best-friend’.
Soon both of them felt the cool breeze over their faces and slowly Ken’s fear vanished. Ken hugged tighter and warmer from the back to John. They sure enjoyed the moments but the best was yet to happen.

John’s long time desire to run around and play with his ‘best-friend’ was getting fulfilled.
Further John said ‘My dream is getting fulfilled and now it’s your turn...open you wings and fly like a butterfly!

For the moment Ken got completely amazed and quickly he opened his arms and started flapping like a butterfly. Few butterflies encircled them while John was still running holding Ken on his back. Ken was more than happy to see he could fly. The look on his face as like compete amazement. John could hear the happy tone of Ken’s laugh and cheer in claps.

+ He felt immensely delightful pleasing his friend’s longing desire.

...Best-Friends bond shared regardless to differentiation and limitations..
There was a ripple of emotions and an irony of joy that complimented through the beautiful wonderful little life with an unconditional love of the best-friend. Mellow nature poured and they felt a healing touch warming hearts.
~ Every detail of the moment was so perfect. No further explanation or reason seemed necessary to prove that they were truly best-friends regardless to their limitation.
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07 October, 2010

Three Cheers - Indiblogger Meet and more

Three in one!
Nope..this post is not on some printer or some instrument that is three dimensionally multi-linguistic...however...it’s about a historic day that is 3rd. October, 2010.
For me there were mega three events in the day to observe.


Ever since I knew the venue of the Indiblogger meet was changed, I was a bit unsure to attend it.

Indiblogger had their 5th successful blogger meet in Bangalore. I thought I simply did not want to miss this time.

However I had a little confusion cloud even in the early morning that day. I kept tossing the coin, to decide to choose the right. It was long awaited weekend and my hubby had a holiday. It was supposed to be a day to spend together, having fun and going out. (..sometimes decision-making in choosing the best between the two unique best is really tough!)

Out of the blue while having morning tea, my hubby reading a newspaper reminded me of the Indiblogger meet. I told him that I was a bit unsure to attend. He insisted to go and asked me to get ready quickly. We had a bit of thought process, searched the route in the Google-map of the venue and finally I was ready to head towards the meet.

...bringing talent and thoughts together with
 hub of harmony and happiness..with honour!
The miraculous magic begins when one is not expecting anything and yet a bundle of surprises are stored to roll. Indiblogger meet has been one of them.

I was extremely excited to go and meet the people in person whom I have sure known them virtually through their blogs and other friendship-sites.

Plus I had a desire to meet the indiblogger team,  whose efforts have been behind beautiful concept of Indiblogger site bringing talent and thoughts together to twinkle the hub of harmony and happiness simultaneously with honour.

And as their tag-line say 'We Blog..Therefore We are', perhaps we blog not because we have to but because we want to :)

All the way while going I was wondering what my hubby will do at home alone while I shall be busy in attending this Meet. Well honestly I was actually thinking will he be cooking something for me as a surprise dish for the dinner! After all in my absence that day the kitchen was all his and he does prepare some of my favorite dishes with brilliance ;)

The venue was quite far from my home. Also it was a weekend and with lot of traffic around on the road I reached there in around 45mins. My hubby left me at the Fortune Park Hotel’s Corridors and went for the car parking.
Because I was already 10 minutes late, I gave a quick see-off to hubby and just rushed at the 7th heaven’s floor of the Hotel.

+ Got warm welcomed and soon registered myself.
+ As goes the first step after affectionate greeting, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed absolutely. And perhaps, I also knew then that I would have certainly missed so much if I hadn't come!

I was looking around slowly to get a glance of someone virtually I know. But you know sometimes it is so difficult to actually recognize and distinguish people in real and in photo.
Everyone look so different and yet so familiar.
However after waiting for couple of minutes, I noticed Nethra, I felt she was Nethra though I was not all that so sure. Suddenly I noticed her passing a sweet smile before I could and I knew my instincts were correct.

Who else...do I know, I wondered?
This is where I make out, 'the world is not that small'; however we interact with each other 24/7 through facebook or twitter or blogging or technology yet meeting in person is entirely different experience to look forward.

Suddenly my phone rang...It was my hubby, wondered why he was calling now in few minutes for it takes more than an hour to reach home. As I attended the phone, he said he was sitting in the same hall as a back-bencher. I was a bit amused to see him. I instantly went towards him, he said I could carry on with my stuff; he just came to see the function.
Well this was absolutely better than I telling him the whole story of the day, ten thousand times at home than he himself experiencing and getting more familiar with it. It was truly so wonderful having him around. All the time I was just muttering something into his ears about someone or something.

There was a good intro round and finally I saw few more people whom I’m familiar with. Tavish [absolute sensible], Leo(Vinay) [King of Rhymes without reasons], Avada Kadavra (Ashwini) [truly sweet gurl], Ayyangar Sir,[pioneer at opinion] Lakshmi Rajan Sir [founder of awesome Ginger Chai Site], Mr. Birla [owner of my fav. restaurant Potluck, guys you must try moong dal ka halwa there..its awesome. Address* LINK] and whole remarkable team of Indiblogger...Really it was so wonderful to meeting them and many more in person.

There were people of all genres and age,
Some made me feel as if I knew them,
Yet other time I felt I don’t know some,
Some know me and yet there were some we knew mutually!

In all it was a beautiful amalgamation of creative thoughts and blend of joy in every passing minute. Also got introduced to many new view people had and followed so passionately. Thoughts had a depth from gardening to environment concerns supporting the best of Green causes.

And sure there were some lucky guys who got the prize ‘HP-Printer’!
What else one could ask for better, gift as HP-Printers, free t-shirt, lovely snacks and delight for boozers initiate by the hotel for the Indibloggers only!
But my best part was being surrounded by the best and talented people around.
Perhaps, not every day is that blessed that we actually overcome all kind of difference to meet and exchange words to express so freely. Having said that all, I cannot just ignore the wonderful liveliness everyone was sharing with each other so willingly.

Above all because we were planning to buy Printers we were well impart through the presentation the HP guys gave over the new technology HP and their printers are working on.

Though Indiblogger have been conducting successful meets for Bloggers past some years at different metro junction all around India, I attended it first time. And was so much thrilled to see varied sections of ways to keep us engaged and with the composition of the Indi-meet. ‘Live and let comment’, ‘All hell breaks loose-IndiForum’, ‘Spirit of Bangalore’(photo contest) were some of the slice of fun and passion shared.

+ When the meet was over, I realised I had developed a bit of sweet hangover over the meet.
+ Mused over about the people I meet and about the experience I had over all.
While coming back at home all the way it was raining so heavily and I was recollecting the moments about the meet. Truly I was so touched to see the warm welcome towards me and my hubby got from my blogger friends...something I shall cherish for a long...may be till we meet again!

~ And little chain of moments of joy and bliss!

2) Common Wealth Games(CWG) commence: LINK

I thought I was lucky of being present in this Indiblogger-meet at Bangalore with sincere +250 people around than actually attending CWG in Delhi. Yes! It’s sad to make any such statement but then so much of negative-publicity about CWG seen on air really hurts. Indeed, it’s such an unpleasant feeling to have and declare with so much of difficulty...

Finally after reaching home, we had evening tea.
And I was ones again scanning in mind every moment spent at Indiblogger meet.

Switched on the television and surprisingly intended to watch the nineteenth Commonwealth Games opening ceremony at New Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. A tune into the theme song ’O yaaron’ of Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi by Oscar winner music composer A R Rahman...echoed. (to download the tune LINK)  Startlingly an inspiring and magnificent ceremony stretched out without a hiccup, portraying the best of India and Indian Culture.

+ I was so so happy to actually prove thyself wrong for having a negative perception over the arrangements. There was only so much of Uniquely India and shades of talent people had. More than 65,000 spectators and mesmerizing applaud echoed.
I was absolutely divinely proud as an Indian to see the reflection of dazzling art work India showcased. The glorious opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010 has truly surpassed all our expectations and perceptions...

3) Popular reality show Bigg Boss-Season4

And there after the state of new season popular reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’ hosted by Salman Khan(bollywood Actor) began at night on Colors Channel. It was a thrilling opening of the show with some much unexpected guests of honours of house.

Just like a little Amelie, I kept weaving my thoughts and wondered what if I’m trapped with certain group of bloggers in one house like Bigg Boss show concept... What will then the scenario would be...and perhaps who would actually win the race at the end.

One that have a popular blog,
Or one who is more popular than the blog,
Or one who gets 20 comments on an average in every post,
Or the one who is friendly despite of all the odds with almost zero comment!

I kept my dreaming caps on and found no unique conclusion than having a fun together under one roof with bunch of creative excellence followers! Ahh! Imagination...perhaps have no boundaries of any kind.

Everything was at the perfection, on 3rd of October, 2010...
Everything was grand and worth every endeavour!

  • 'Indiblogger meet@ Bangalore' followed by
  • ‘CWG Common Wealth Games’ organised first time India and
  • Than commence of 'bigg boss season-4'..

..three-in-one _mark of magic back to back multiplying delight in a single day!Three cheers to every creative mind..!
Perhaps, looks like after three awesome events I might just watch again 3Idiots movie tomorrow :)

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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26 September, 2010

Easy quick Diet Pink-Sandwich

I’m simply a lover of sandwiches. 
For they are not only very quick to make, yet I do consider them one of the healthiest food one can enjoy at any time of the day. Beautiful amalgamation of colourful fresh vegetables with hints of spicy sauces and tints of sweet touch of honey makes it my favourite sandwich to enjoy at happy hours!

It’s, crunchy, sweet, spicy, juicy, healthy, fresh, bright in color...and just what not...titillating the taste buds!

Diet Pink sandwich
To view an enlarge picture Click Here

To view whole recipe Click the Link;
LINK:  Easy Quick Diet Pink Sandwich

Enjoy butterpunch at HappyHours!
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17 September, 2010

beside the cold breeze cups of coffee - Part 2

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

Kindly read the First part (Click Here)

To taste the sugar in the coffee one need to stir it at bottom of the cup and let the tiny precious pure granules of the sugar gets dissolved and sweetens the coffee.

Same did she realise then, “I do have got some sugar granules in my life...all I need is just a tiny gentle stir” But then how...Was a question..??

Cups of Coffee
The break up was a mutual one and they moved on with our own priorities set supporting each other’s choice and career quotient.

She cannot say about him, but sure for her it was quite complex.
Though, it wasn’t a ‘conclusion-moment’ in relationship.
For her it was further a ‘commitment made for him,’ which she never confessed him.
Perhaps, she was a bit bewildered in the beginning yet time it the best healer, she realized.

And he is still single”, evoke her mind.

Walking down the lanes and memories all alone…wondered if she was a loser or having a lost feeling. She cherished the best moments with him. He knew her so well that even before she could ask she got everything.
Still a confusing clause!

A conversation at coffee table could not sort out the series of divulge and differences between they so by far. It was really tough how to start and end certain aspect. Though they could impart so many other subtle stories they preserved after they long back actually parted.

There was a slow struggle in opening frank dialogue, but that didn’t stop they from talking about their struggles in life they had different worlds to strive in. He sounded supportive and not sycophantic, which was so consoling to see. They realised, they revisited and they just read the embark underlines...yet hesitation and weird fear enclosed the partially elated evening.

Perhaps, that same euphoric evening after she reached home she found a clueless sweet note in her bag for “Café”!
This is how he loves calling her always!
The note stated in his handwriting ‘Sorry’!
So after letting three years separation and spending nearly three hours in café what they tried doing yet could not do, it was the little humble ‘the sorry’ who actually sorted all! It is just one word and she realize now its significance!

_She comprehend it wasn’t just the commitment issue rather it was the card of companionship clue to carry out as craziest conceal combination to lead and create a cheerful duo.

People always ask me about why she love winter so much.
And she can never really explain it to them for she have a whole list of longing for winters but they prefer to have an answer in one sentence. There is muffins, oranges, fog, mist, aroma, sugar granuals, cold breeze, warm cups of coffee, gloves and warm thoughts making her almost speechless every time she ponder upon. These are just a few of the many wonders of winter.
It’s not that always but often while its dark and night like tonight, it makes her admire the cold season.

Actually its end of rainy season yet the dark clouds making a dim aura, with really freezing breeze remind her of winter days… she exclaimed in her heart the lines of a song, “Wake me up, when September ends…” perhaps when the winter starts! Besides, there’s always the positive prospect of spring and summer.

It is still, chill, still, dark and damp.
She catch her breath as the insight suddenly dawns on me that, “It is the state of mind- Be Happy!
She keep staring the shadow on the wall and slight ruffle of the curtain and rumble, “We choose the condition, being content; accepting a challenge and a change of aura, creating conversion in celestial stars and little captivating charming conversation…”

Silence envelops this night yet here are few loud breaking woofs of dogs on the streets.
The street lights look dim covered in mist and fog. Yet the orange light gets its refraction bright on street. And here in my room, it is still dark….but bright with the best of memory lanes. Beautiful miraculous moments, which she usually create in a whole day sequence with every instance passing in his thoughts with him, by his side, hiding, and smiling, holding hands!

She like this slight shadow and shade in room near the window.
She love this peace in the air.
And soon the mobile rings shush melody in air, it’s a SMS beep tones evolved..

It’s raining outside,
Yet welcoming the winters…
Walk with me into my sweet dreams
And say good night to worries!”

She cave in and roll over the whole soft blanket over thyself covering completely. And she love it. Isn't it nice to cozy up a bit, when it rains or when its winter’s shades or when we want to warm up a bit with our loving thoughts! And with a delicate light of the mobile inside the blanket showering bright-tender-comfort, prologue her.

And in the dim mid-night or faded twilight aroma of coffee at the side-table of bed, sugar granules waiting to get stirred softly and perhaps also provoking to sip few gulps of joy that sets and binds all the beauty of the lovely journey of life through the cups of Coffee!

Okay...This is why she love winter…!

"And I'm madly in love with 'Coffee'!!
Luv, Café"

She replied back the SMS
Between, she like to call him 'Coffee' ;)
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16 September, 2010

beside the cold breeze cups of coffee - Part 1

This is a series of love.
~ For I don’t hate-love-story!

We cannot meet today” She got the SMS.
She wasn’t that upset thinking that at least he responded back so promptly.
For some usual unknown weird reason, She is just bound to pleasure with the bonded rapturous thoughts.
Little things sometimes make her so happy and contented. No more utter feeling blue, no more struggling on simple things! Indeed a beautiful revolutionize she see and she feel in thyself in this typical purple weather.

She picked up her bag and came out of her office. Running and crossing the busy road of the city. While crossing road nothing could divert her concentration. Though, today is definitely different.
Throbbing life and she arch up in memories, away from the city intensity,she is held happily helpless! Actually he and his thoughts were running through the wires of her mind all the time.

Got frostbite on the tip of her nose yet the blue cold winter weather suddenly turned into pink soft feather breeze. Yet the strange joy thinking about him keeps her alive all the while. She stood at the bus-stand waiting for the bus, and having him on her mind with fading lonliness!

Wrapped an red satin scarf around her neck, and earphones with her melody live under the scarf tuck into ears, completely packed in bundled of winter jackets and her gloves binding her fingers, and she is ready to combat with melancholy.

Despite all of those layers, it is actually his thoughts that keep her warm all the time. She truly believe that he is the world’s most warmhearted person she have ever met in her life. And the way they both love coffee is just so perfect little sweet thing for both of them to feel delighted.

She wondered, if he had come today, they would have gone to our favorite café, sat around and warmed up with the aroma of coffee and our mingling random thoughts. She had so many strings of things to share with him.

Staring out into the foggy street with smoky eyes, watching the world become a chaos in the evening but her mind still at quiet silent zone, composed in the conversation we used to have, colourful and collected with the dialogue she is sharing with thyself imagining as if talking to him. Either something is wrong with her or everything is just perfect around!

She didn’t realize that she was having a slight curve on her lips glued.

She observed that her smile was constantly ogled by some people standing around. Perhaps being a bit conscious she tried holding back her sweet smirk reaching her eyes however extra sweet fleeting joyous feeling reflection on face were simply impossible to ignore.

While, “Happiness is sure a state of mind”, she reflected upon and when one is really happy it naturally reveals and attracts all fine and wide spread dangerous grin around.

She was seeking nothing from external stimulus to get refreshed. She just seized thyself to summon a thought of bliss in the blue weather to get revitalized.
Her rosy cheeks and red nose enfolds the magnificence of the season.

There is no road to happiness. Happiness is the way." She remembered the Buddha quote watching the chaos on the streets.
Indeed a busy road…and further fast moving vehicles, hardly matched with the string of her thoughts which synthesize sweet memories stepping up in so soothingly supporting blend of the curve on lips and bliss in mind.

All of a sudden a vehicle gushing around came with a tyres sliding intense on the road, and a piercing sound with a honk. She gave a quick glance over the bike and swiftly looked the other side. Her heart pumped hard and sank soon in fear, thinking those must be some uncivilized boys gushing here to trouble her at the bus-stand.

She instantly, took two steps back and clutched her bag closure to her chest. Shrill honk ones again pierced her ears. Took a long breath and moulded her face in anger pretending with eyes wide open gave a gutsy yet a spark of annoyance look to the biker.
The biker was busy in removing his helmet. The moment he was done, it took her surprise, it was he. She couldn’t stop her feet surging towards him. A wide smile with bright eyes, she saw her face into his glinting eyes. And all of a sudden bloom radiance shield on her face despite blue winter wrap.

I thought you must be here, so just came to say ‘Hi!’”, he said with ease and a remarkable smile.
She knew looking at him that even he couldn’t stop blushing at this moment.

Without much ado and a perceived nod of acceptance, she sat on the bike…and during a leisurely shovelling of her driveway feels so exhilarating and bracing as for eternity...
Same amazing feeling…
Same sweet breeze on her face…
Same mist magic of evening…
And same Café, purposely the same corner table…
She gaze upon the haze leisurely embracing the aura…

He didn’t ask her and gave order, ‘Two Coffee and Blueberry Muffins’

She wished to be this moment was forever!
After all she meet him after three years and they both wanted the time to slow down a bit.
Perhaps,they were in no mood to rush into things and ruining the moments.
The exhilarated moments that they cherished,
The elated moments that they are still weaving
and euphoric instants still to knit...
Afterall, they also wished to slow down the rush of our blood-stream.

And as she gulped each time sipping coffee, her relationship with coffee grew.
She wished the relationship with him rise too.
The mist and coffee aroma was filling.
The warmth of coffee in cold breeze was magical comfort.

Interestingly, needless to say they did know our thoughts precisely and mutual perceptions to draw things positive with consequential pace. The reason behind these reciprocal feelings was that they had a break-up exactly three years ago...

Beside the cold breeze sipping a cup of coffee, they were excited, yet nervous - full of hope, and at the same time, weary of what our instantaneous momentum of meeting shall hold in future in fate...

...Continue to READ Part-2(CLICK HERE)...
NOTE: The above beautiful picture is contributed by my very sweet friend Devika :)
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04 September, 2010


RI draw these sounds of mind and hope it would reflect,
Rare is an occasion possibly repeating itself,
Rewriting the fear and rejoicing the remembrance..
Reclaim the radiance of rebound,
This is Return of innocence!

It made me forget the regret,
It made me to retrace and retain revel,
I came to realise I’m, I could and I can
Cherishing with honour the moments we spend,
This is the Return as second chance to cash in!

Respect the time which together shared and held
Holding hands in hands,
Entwined in passion and ramble;
Embracing the happiness in the hug,
Hearing the humble heartbeat..
In the hub of peace and poise imprinting,
With a Return of romantic innings!

A simple reason to hold is, ‘You heal my soul’
This is where I grow in the riches fold,
A precious reserve is absolute 'your charisma’ of course!
You anchor my random thoughts space
Envelop my wish-list and fulfil each one on daily base
And I tend to softly mould to your requests
Mirror in your eyes as true reflection sound!
Of good times and happy moments
You fill my life in joy with a serene presence,
And bliss Returns to me more than I have expected or given!

Return Gift

You are the true rainbow pouring colours in my life..
I look for you despite the endless rain and blur sight
I hope I’m able to reveal you in simple words, so plain,
That it’s only you who restore my faith again
A spirit who rescue my soul to mend
Rally round to release, renew and still rejoice in pain
It’s a Return of reminisce of regal Rumination!

I know I’m not a Poet nor do I could ever pretend,
but I grasp my gasp only to rhyme with your heart-beat
And I’ll forever remain mesmerized and breathless,
I’ll never refrain from submersing myself in the moment
I wish you know the untold truth; a secret relent reality,
Countless myriad motions and emotions to proclaim
That you are the essence of my existence
Removing the tears and enriching my soul;
Return a response for I’ve been waiting for!

Let’s make the radiant residue,
Resolve into resilient and resonant,
It’s never too late to revert back a playful smile,
Never too late to perhaps reunite,
Reconnect with unique zing we share,
We could have wonderful time like forever,
You can just hold my hand,
And I shall hold you for life-time!
My gift for you in my everlasting admiration,
Returns of retrieve reconciliation!

In the days we have not yet planned.
I have a momentum to recreate the moments,
With some really good rationalization,
I'll be a rolling compassion,
I’ll be a redemption to recline reliance,
With a refresh and re-energized motivation!
I'll be that worth warmth to eternal brace;
I’ll be a same righteous repair rake-up,
Under any condition or circumstance ahead,
I’ll be your fixed voice to raise the vote of confidence;
I'll be the a celebration host to raise the toast;
With a Return to Glory!

At the edge of my life illustration,
I toss and I turn, slip the tear,
Reminding you of 'us',
Relive the glorified revamp,
Every embrace is remembered,
Long lost pleasures gathered.
Little treasures touching souls,
Cherishing and celebrating in a complicated life,
Now found flames reciprocating spark,
We will be relieved that we took a risk in rough ruffle together,
So that we will return rowing and roaring refurbish success,
Floating away, far away where I’m alone not lonely..
Returning to dreams and desires!

Away from the rest of the world;
We will rebuild our own world - you and me!
The world we always wished to escape to..
Meeting ends, we must come back,
Back to our sanity and realism
I realize my greatest return on life
Where I owe each beam to you;
For giving the love that I give,
You owe me nothing in return,
Just a request,
Perhaps with your returning footsteps to me,
You can grant my precious Return-gift!

  • The beautiful picture is contributed by my very dear friend, Nandita :) Thanks gurl! You gurl sure rock!

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29 August, 2010

I do - frame of freedom

This post is for the beautiful photo contest of Blogadda.

I believe I got stronger, independent, compassionate, more passionately inclined and much responsible to pursue joy in each and every aspect of my life’s dream shared and supported in free-will to enrich bonds.

However, I definitely feel that When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face, in her smile..!

_No one say “I do” to lose the liberty..!
Perhaps, I married and found overflowing freedom!

~ It’s rare yet it’s precious, call it right or blessing to owe...I enjoy more choices in frames of freedom!

Frame of Freedom Rachana
~ frames of overflowing freedom ~
Click here to see in Enlarge

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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27 August, 2010

beyond drops of rain

When it rains, it pours. Past some days it has been raining very heavily every day. Yesterday, when I was crossing the road in the heavy rain and stiff traffic holding my umbrella...suddenly some strange random thought struck me. 'Umbrella not only shelters us in rain-showers but also when the sunrays wallop hard on head, it gives a soothing swathe.’
Every umbrella has its own story.
My umbrella too had a story or should I prefer to say my story too had an umbrella.
Under my Umbrella
~ rachi creations.. (c) Under my Umbrella ~

It was commence of the rainy season and my paa brought a beautiful orange-red with polka dots print umbrella for my mother and a blue-floral shade colour rain-coat for me. I was so excited. And often little things make me so happy. I was hardy ten years old then.

Other day after coming from school I had my evening snacks quickly. My mom was doing some work in the inner room. Soon I hastily held the new umbrella in my hands and rushed outside. I shouted, “I will be back soon mom, I’m going out to play...” And before my mom could see me with an umbrella I ran away. Griping a new umbrella into my hands made me feel so happy. It wasn’t raining heavily yet it was nice to shield under the umbrella. I went to my friend’s home and screamed her name outside her home gate. She came running and was excited to see my new umbrella. We together under the umbrella, half-side slight drenched went to a nearby park to play.

This park was ‘My Alice in Wonderland’.
The park had a tiny hill kind of the steep where we often run on the top of it and slide along. This is where I could unfold all my imaginations and fly along the colours of the nature. It was slightly drizzling making the aura more enchanting. We gaze upon the tiny caterpillars move stealthily on the shrubs, sluggy with shell small snails camp under the leaf, watching keenly very tiny eggs of the bird in the nest hidden in the leaves, delicate fine climber holding firm the branches of the tree stems, flowers with rain-droplets rolling over the petals, gape ground soaked and damp, green lemonade colour grass carpeting all around covered with elusive drizzles and little tadpoles, mini fishes, soft leaves floating in the rainwater accumulated near by the road...each and everything in rainbow colours studded beyond sparkling drops of rain was adding to the excitement and curiosity of my imagination skiing in monsoon. I wished if I could hide myself into the leaves.

We took off our shoes and kept my new umbrella near that tiny steep and played in the garden. Running here and there catching butterflies, observing birds unfurling the wings and looking up at distance grey fluffy clouds in sky feeling the cool breeze with open arms made us so delighted.

For hours we played merrily forgetting all. Everything amazed me though every day I saw the same thing, there was always something left to learn, to smile and ponder upon. I was so interested to know the enduring nature and learn more. The park was a perfect combo of imagination and practical life. I wanted to know it possibly all, ‘What created this beautiful rainbow in the sky with so prompt seven colours?’, ‘How long the tiny butterfly lived?’, ‘How the humming bird flew backward and so swiftly too?’ And above all the company of my best friend, who equally participated in being playful, curious to know things and planning mischief on every notion, was so alluring.

It was rainy evening turning dim. We decided to go back home. Again on the side-streets, under the reflection of street-lights, splashing the water, jumping, running, trying to catch each other and kicking each other’s back we reached our home.

As I opened my home’s gate, suddenly I realised I didn’t had my new umbrella in my hands. I got so numb for a moment. Instantly, I ran back to friend’s home and called her. I asked her if she could accompany to go back to the park to get my umbrella which I forgot there. It was almost dark with violet sky and I thought she might deny coming with me. But to my surprise she right away agreed to come with me. I could see she was more nervous than me for the lost umbrella. We ran rapidly back to the park. We went to the steep hill to get my umbrella but it wasn’t there. She asked me confirm if I have kept the umbrella there. But we could not see it. We together searched each and every hook and corner of the park, behind the trees, below the branches of the shrubs, under the bushes, around the big rocks and everywhere. But we could not find the umbrella. Soon she said, “I think someone must have picked up the umbrella from here”. I apprehend with pounding heart-beat that “I lost the new umbrella which belonged to my mom.” I was very upset and very afraid to go back home. It was getting dark and difficult.

On the way back home, my friend backed me with kind words,Everything will be fine...don’t you worry!She asked me not to panic and tell everything to parents.Admit the mistake and confirm them that this won’t happen again in future she affirms. I just wished her simple sympathetic words may turn into blessings!

As I reached home entered the hall, I noticed my father had come back from office and was watching television, sipping the evening tea. My mom was busy in kitchen making some evening snacks. And I was so scared. And shortly standing, slightly hiding behind the big chairs, I started crying in fear.
I wondered, last day only I lost my pencil box and a water-bottle in school and every now and then I lose my pencils and erasers in school...today I lost the umbrella, moreover a new one which above all belonged to my mom, they are going to be very upset and angry on me. A strange cloud of fear and distress encircled me. I was so much in an apprehensive mood, to take up this dreadful incident.

My father noticed my tears in my eyes; he immediately called me near him. He asked me the matter and why was I crying? He soon checked my elbows and knees to see if I’m hurt by falling down while playing. Nothing like that happened I told my father. He kept asking me the matter and I kept weeping badly.
Soon I said in a low tone, “I lost an Umbrella”, in expectation that now I would get the tight slap.
To this he replied, “It’s Okay!”
I thought maybe he didn’t hear anything properly.
I repeated saying, “I lost a new umbrella, which you brought yesterday”.
He again calmly replied, “That’s okay”.
I wasn’t sure why my father was not reacting aggressively or scolding me despite my mistake.
I got confused and still crying, yet ones again grasping a breath and repeated, “Papa, I lost a new umbrella, that umbrella belonged to Mom, that you brought yesterday...she will be very angry on me”

To my surprise my mom suddenly came there bringing a glass of water for me.
My paa took me into his warm arms and made me sit on his lap. This wasn’t planned at all. I believed that my parents would scold me but this wasn’t the case. In a little while, after I gulped some water, my father said,Firstly, we are a family. Everything present in our home belongs to us and not to an individual. If something good happens we will celebrate together and if something bad happens, we shall deal and manage it together...so basically that umbrella belongs to everyone and not just to mom or one person
He continued saying,We as a family with our strength together shall hide an individual weakness...it’s okay if you have lost it...She won’t scold you, don’t you worry..

And very unexpected my mom replied then, Care for things but don’t cry for things, for those things shall never cry for you

Latter to lighten up the air my father said laughing, And moreover until you don’t lose things, how will you get new one...

We together laughed, and soon I comprehend it all, We are one Family of course!

Ever since then I don’t fear to tell the truth or share any thought with my family. I became more cautions when dealing with things though I don’t cry over the Non-living things. Those are luxury to be cared yet not be cried and crippled upon I learnt. The emotions are more essential and crucial to be taken care than sheer shedding a tear over an object.

I heartily appreciated the unconditional love and support my parents have for me! They gave me a freedom, perhaps even a freedom to commit mistakes. They stand firm supporting me and helping me to learn from every bit with a realisation of responsibility.

Further, the kind empathetic words turned into a blessing from my friend had immense power, which still echo. She gave strength to take up things and face the consequences freely and fearlessly. Sometimes, we are afraid and we think this is what life holds as an ultimatum, yet we must strengthen our beliefs than our fears.

One incident and so many lessons...

Yet if I was told all this today...I would have questioned back...
 “sheer philosophy, but when it comes to practical life things s**ks hard” or
 “a friend plays as a host at great good times yet does not shy away to excuse thyself from the odd moments of your life...” or
“What the hell family support, if you committed the mistake it will be you an individual who will face the music and not other family members will pay for your sins/mistakes!” or
“Do you know how much that costs, perhaps the bill makes me cry?”

I grasped each and every word being a child without asking any question or verification to prove the implementation believing as a universal truth...which even over decades and passing eras...won’t change.

As a mature human, we have this strange tendency to calculate each and everything how, what, why...perhaps couldn’t have implemented some basics to lead a meaningful life.

...under my Umbrella
the Life is unconditionally pouring bountiful bliss
just beyond drops of Rain..
Life is beyond counting and calculating the hum tune of happiness in the moment by adding or subtracting the grammar and vocabulary, we least mean.
It's more in bits of beauty in daily delights and tints of joy in every sight.
It’s more of simple living being with high thoughts and surrounded by the best people around, who loves, cares, supports youunconditionally’!

~ Just like an Umbrella, protects you from unreserved rain and redundant sunrays.

Hope as holding consistent reasoning trait being an intelligent human we don’t calculate and consider as 'Condition' of "being Unconditional" as an excuse to hold on to a relationship and loving emotions for the beings!

  • Hope you enjoyed this journey in monsoon slide of my post!
  • Thanks so much Mahesh for suggesting the beautiful title of this post :))
  • The friend I’m referring in the post is my childhood best friend, ‘Hirna’. We have spent many enthralling moments together in the childhood. During school-days we shifted to different cities thus we were not in touch with each other for more than a decade. Though very recently we got in touch through face-book and just few days back I met her too co-incidentally. Yes! The Destiny definitely holds the best and better than the best people in life. Interestingly we still share the same vibe and amazingly our wavelengths matched after such an expanded time. We chatted and tried to recall as many incidents of our childhood, and this post story is one of them! Thanks to her recollection, we have quite same “Memory like an elephant” :)
  • This post is for you, Hirnu :))

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