28 December, 2011

drawing and sketching in year 2011

Sketch Up Look up

Sad that I could not sketch this Year 2011, much though I so wanted to ...blame it my busy schedule. Yet the moment I pick up the pencil I knew I was into a new world! New World is not new to me but could be new to you. I was in my own Alice in Wonderland with a humble fine pencil!

Loved every bit of the husky sound of the lead leading to lines and pattern.
Loved every bit of poetic lines mingling into the waves of expression.
Loved every bit of merging of emotions, desires, passion and magic in all.

Please...You my dear reader please 'Live your Passion - Live with Passion'

Poem is sketching of expressions of characters!
Sketching is poetic colours of emotions!

© rachi creations..
>>its been long time after black and white charms so much...

This NEW YEAR_ 2012 I shall come up with a HUE-DAY Sketch UP every Tuesday where I shall be putting up my some old sketch or drawing or a new one all together!! Hope you will love to follow it :)
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25 December, 2011

Colours of Christmas - Poem

Christmas Prose below in exactly 100 Words!
This shall be my last post of this year so see you next year 2012!

Calm greens,
Pulsating Red,
Harmonious white,
Colours of festive life!
Vintage ornaments
Has a visual rhyme
Lusterware with gold-leaf accents
Serene, sparkle pretty shine
Candles are centre-piece
Gives much devout character
Ribbon tinsel
Peace and Joy
Rustic pine cones
Live Love Laugh
Family and friends
Homemade focaccia
Salads cease to satisfy
White chocolate
Melting away in mouth
Several sweetly satisfying bites
Hopefully holidays have hearty fare
Unique Snowflake slides down
Creative season’s greeting
Say’s it all
Sitting near the gentle glow
Stumbled upon a sweet little secrets
Silver tray carry hot cuppa of cocoa
Oozes warmth beneath
The charming Christmas tree!
Dazzling Picture is taken at one of my friend's mom place during Thanksgiving Day, Yr.2010
Written for Jingle Bells Poetry Week 19
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year,2012!
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24 December, 2011

Your life in 60 minutes - Easy Tip

Nature Discovery - Tip to reduce stress this Christmas and New Year Eve!
This is a venture for every week on Thursday dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. Venture called as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

PPeople and children are happy and eager to enjoy the festive holidays soon but it is also believed that festival time is one of the most stressful time of the year. Where people are buying gifts and the expenditure of the credit card rises, the blood pressure also streams down running from one shop to other to satisfy their urge of shopping escaping nutritional food on time. Sadly this is also a time when people are overloaded with many projects and down line submission of reports of the year. And other down with late night parties and get-together. Definitely there are many tips and ideas to cope up such financial loop of anxiety.
  • And here I add my one single easy practical tip to reduce the stress this Christmas.

Gone are the days when we used to play for hours in the garden/park watching the little delight of the nature. But guess that's one of the best practice one must have and get closure to nature to surface your innocence and boost you up with joy.

A simple walk in the garden for 60 minutes just brought be so composed. And I came up with this true prose exactly in 60 words with the rejuvenating feeling to be in the nature.

The picture below is contributed by very talented photographer 'Sandeep Rathod'! Do check his awesome unique art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

Smell of rain
Feel of breeze
Scent of spring
Mysterious dew
Magnificent mist
Embrace revival
Chirping rhyme
Colours to coincide
Cloud of dreams
Effuse equanimity
Sole earthy masterpiece
Tiny twig sustains
Nimble vine
Holding tight
Shoring high
Passion intervenes
Beauty at its best
Simple yet vibrant
Sprouting seeds
Living treasures
End of expectation
Willingness in words
Endless appreciation
Nature salutation!

Literally walking in the garden does not mean really walking even if your knees hurt. It just implies us to think to go to the garden and stop thinking what we keep thinking the whole day. A break from what you are regularly doing and bringing back a simple routine to give a slice of time to yourself and bringing forth the 'ME' in you.
Experience the incredible energy and power. Regenerate the great hope and discover the courage in you multiplying happiness and joy around!

Spend time with Nature - Spend time with You!
60 minutes - Simplify small and serious stuffs and bring back you Self-Confidence!

If you liked the post above you might also love to read 'Walk of Life'

~ Keep the Spark ALive..
~ Happy Holidays!
I wish you guys the best and have a blast in Happy Holidays!

Prose written for Poet's Rally Week_59
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23 December, 2011

Birthday haiku

Gust of scented breath
Blow candles flame into smoke
Prayer beams more dreams feat!

Submitted Haiku for Purple TreeHouse - 4th week
The picture above is taken from the movie Wake up Sid featuring Konkona Sen Sharma.
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22 December, 2011

quote with picture for my buddy

Merry-go-round with you

This is a venture for every week on Thursday dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. Venture called as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

It’s not that I’m crazy and you are Stupid...
It’s just that WE cherish a bit more than other idiots!
Celebrating Life in every Little yet Silly thing!
Cheers Buddy!

This thought turned quote just passed when I was chatting with my old time best buddy...
So this winters, this Christmas let me take a chance to share my warmth with all my loving readers, great blogger bonds, Humming Today Blog talented Contributors, sweet school friends, my college group, my best Misterious Girls/ MGs (source of support), my Miss Chamko ChamakChallo/Madhulika, only person who made maggie for me without ado my ex-room-mate college hostel, Nupu and My Bodyguard (source of strenght )....a still on goes the list...truly long and lovable!

Please ignore lines just in case you feel a bit offended reading them, I seriously mean it all and I thought you will understand since we cheers together :)
I wont spar anyone of you....there you go.....

  • this is simple, we are twins but no sibling, just brainless Rahul/RR
  • oh I call him joe the great ultimate photographer/VijayR
  • Though, I don't mind losing him in words, MaheshK. So I will fight till I win
  • the Haiku guru these days my blogger bond Leo, Konnichiwa!
  • Someone is definitely special/SIS, and I appreciate that
  • my sweetheart pair Nethra and Deepa
  • super talented painter Raja
  • twin to SPBala, Yes U.Clicked, dear Vijay
  • Morning is boring without Chaiwala/Lakshmi.R Sir!
  • it tickles when he writes Dear Gopinath Sir
  • wonder me wonder dear BKChawla Sir
  • Always a hint of smile in prose Dear Ramesh Sood sir!
  • Ultimate aspiration Vikram Karve Sir!
  • I don't mind to be a cartoon, I mean make my caricature too, Satish Acharya :)
  • my sweet new blossom mom Suni/Sunitha
  • my sweet new budding mom V-power/Surabhi
  • want to learn to write like U, I mean it Shivangi
  • little baby Sakshi
  • U miss T miss u Miss googli, Taskeen
  • one who gave a new dimension to my name as rasna, Siddharth
  • my new sincere reader Rocky,
  • aka all time photographer Amit Semwal,
  • the best hugger Saini/SRK,
  • just a keyboard away, PradeepKR
  • will make you dance one her finger tips and I love her rhyme dear Rhythm
  • fun is incomplete without the duo Ira and Ankita di
  • and loving Amity with whom I share maximum virtual hugs
  • Leena another Alice in wonderland, we are soulmate for thoughts
  • Pria, knows me since I started blogging...yep she knows me since, ones upon a time..
  • Tharangi and Ayu, I still love you my gurls!
  • Your words are Blessings, Dear Sir Nitin and Dasi!
  • hmm...what song do u want me to listen today....Ola Akiv 
  • pretty girl loves pretty girls, Baby Lily and Baby Ani!
  • ufff o get me a cup of coffeee, dear Sumit
  • with big inspiring ideas Jaky
  • and learn art of marketing by school buddy and blogger bond friend Mitul
  • I shall call him rather search song in youtube to listen Sonu nigam songs, Sameer

I'm sure I sill got a long list of people and presence of people to whom I want to tell that 'You mean a lot!'

Love always!
Celebrate Life!

Bubble of thought : I'm thinking of posting few more you decide wonderful or creepy thoughts/quotes of mine. I hope you will like and appreciate. Since my thoughts have been inspired by you all....you deserve to know them, I guess!

Between these beautiful cups in the picture were bought just few days back and like everything else in my life which adds to this blog fodder, my red pair of cups of tea instead of coffee this time also posses a sweet silly story...which I would sure share in due course of time...

~Keep the Spark ALive..
~Happy Holidays!
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20 December, 2011

in the city of people

We celebrate chaos in every tiny move...
This post is written for the 'Set you on fire' contest conducted by Indiblogger with association of KFC that is "Describe an event where your sharp mind and fiery tongue got you out of a sticky situation." If you find this post interesting, please do leave your comments and you can also promote it on Indiblogger or share the link on Facebook or Twitter.

CCouple of week back I was travelling in the bus, a local bus in the city Bangalore, back to home from work place.
I was terribly tired and so drained. I got into bus and searched a seat basically a seat reserved for the women. Unfortunately I was late and all the seats were filled. Soon I noticed an empty seat just behind the women seat. Yet it wasn't retained for women. I sat there and kept my heavy pullover bag on my lap. It was definitely a long day and I was looking forward to a little nap during my way back home in the bus. The bus was moving and many people were getting down and many were getting up in the bus. This is a usual chaos scene of every evening where nice working people goes mad to get into bus to go home.

After almost 10minutes, a young well-build guy came near me and asked me to get up from the seat. I wondered why he was saying me that rude. Actually the kind of person I’m, I usually get up without a do from my seat of I find any senior citizen, women with kids or pregnant women. And just when he said, I knew he wanted to sit but guess that he choose completely wrong words to speak with me.
I looked at him and asked him, "why should I get up?"
He looked at me with a dare and said that ‘it wasn't the women reserved seat to sit, hence you must get up. This seat is for men!’

My lord! Bless him, whom is he teaching those legal values, somebody like me who goes beyond anything to follow rules, he is asking me to watch it. I very calmly asked him, ‘where is it written it is the seat for Men?’

Of course certain seats are blocked for women, couple of them for senior citizen and few for specially challenged people but buddy tell me/ prove me where is it written that other all seats are for men?
He puzzled looked around and again with much higher tone asked me to get up. Interestingly to my next was the seat reserved for women where a man was sitting. I asked that rude guy to ask the man to get up from the ladies seat and ones he gets up I shall get up from this seat. But that rude character didn’t had the guts to ask that man sitting on the women reserved seat and was continuously poking me. He thought with his fierce tongue, I will feel afraid and will hastily get up.

But I know though we have millions of rules and regulations in India with adverse punishments, we remind them only when it is convenient to follow.

I didn’t get up from the seat despite being harshly treated. Interestingly none of the other person in the bus came to support me, nor did the conductor who has a responsibility to see if all the passengers are comfortable, was least bothered to interfere. In my own pace, took out my ipod, plugged my ears with the song I loved the most, closed my eyes and ignored that guy completely.

Mean while, when I was listening to the songs, I recollected few more crushing incident of travelling in bus or train.

LLong time back I was travelling in Delhi in the bus. I was then in my last phase of teens, were quite young and not that efficient enough to comprehend the temperament of the city and city people. The bus was fully packed with people. Hell is the phase in bus when stinking people keep leaning on each other. There I saw one of the very old women standing just beside me, looking tired and mob of people crushing her. I also noticed a ladies seat occupied by a young guy. No sooner, I asked him to get up so that this old lady could sit. That guy started arguing with me very rudely. I kept my tone low and kept asking him to get up. After a while making failing attempts to make this guy leave that ladies reserved seat, I asked that old woman to ask this guy to get up. I thought since she was elder, if she says he would definitely get up.
And just when I said that the lady with her fiery tongue started yelling on me.
For the moment I could not understand why she was getting upset with me.
Anyways, I was only supporting her and fighting for her right, couldn’t she figure out that simple story around, I wondered!
Later I realised that both of them were neighbours and knew each other. Hence, she doesn’t mind if that young guy who is capable and strong enough to stand or help others, prefers to sits comfortably on the seat reserved for ladies and give trouble to other indirectly.
I soon understood, after this incident that I was wholeheartedly welcomed to Delhi the Capital city of India and a very convenient City.

I was doing my training there in the city Delhi, basically New Delhi.
I was supposed to travel back and fro home by bus or local train which took almost every day couple of hours to reach. Travelling was a bit tiring but long journeys sometimes give us a time to take a nap or time to read a lovely novel. Hence, I never complained for long travels.

SSince while travelling by bus I had to change two buses to reach home, I had got my train pass for the quarter of year and decided to travel by train, it was more at ease. In the beginning it is quite an experience. I was amazed to see that the ladies who at home teaches their kids not to talk to strangers; actually compelled me to speak to them when I didn’t wanted to. Interestingly, Delhi people have this strange tendency to talk, talk with strangers and try to get into issues, especially when the issues are personal. They simply love to know your name, your family members and perhaps your job and even your home address. Please don’t be surprised of some day while you are waiting or travelling for a bus or auto rickshaw, somebody starts talking to you and ultimately asks your pet dog name.

After few weeks I noticed on the platform there was one more guy, one of the trainee like me travelling back home in the same train. Whenever we got out of our work early we used to come to platform to catch our trains together and used to talk.
Finally I got a friend to talk and finally I could avoid stranger ladies's personal questions.
He was a localite* and hence had ample of information of the city. He actually taught me many safe short cuts to follow and reach the destination early. Actually he was the first person who introduced me to the Cheese Sandwich sold at Janpath, back then it was only Rs.10/- He taught me the trick to get into an empty compartment so that I could get a seat to sit. It matter a lot to have a good friend in a city which is new to you. I sure had good company to enjoy and talk plenty stuff.
And just when the train used to arrive I used to get into a ladies compartment and he into general bogie. Just when we used to get into the train in different compartments, I used to message him and ask him, if he has got into the train. Since the train used to utterly packed and even getting into would be a severe headache. The reply would comeback, ‘all well and packed, feet being crushed’. It wasn't the scenario that men never got into the ladies compartment but since women were kind of afraid to ask them to get down, often a large group of young guys and men used to get in. They often used to stand at the door of the train compartment. Sometimes few of them even misbehave with ladies but you see I never found even one lady raising her finger against it. Even the ladies effortlessly behaved according to their feasibility and ease.

I often used to ask him, if he sometimes gets a chance to get into ladies compartment, will he come. But he was least interested; he chooses to struggle rather to break rules for suitability.

One day with the same kind of the routine, we were on the platform waiting for our train. Don’t know what was the reason but all the trains were moving fully packed. Unfortunately we even missed out first train due to heavy crowd. I couldn’t just move there, everyone was pushing each other to get first in the train. This friend of mine could have still gone anyways the circumstance would be but since I was unable to catch the train, he left the train and preferred to stay with me and go the same train. Perhaps, it was getting evening and more crowd was expected.

There was an announcement and the next train was about to arrive.
We were alert to get in the train and so as a huge crowd of other working-people. Just when I saw the train getting slow and then stopped for couple of minutes. While I was still getting into ladies compartment, I noticed that my dear friend wasn't able to get into his general bogie. He was about to miss the train. Soon I shouted his name and asked my friend to join me ladies compartment. Obviously he denied and I insisted even more. He wasn't still agreeing but had no choice; general compartment was fully packed hardly to put down the feet. So he came with me in the ladies compartment. I know according to the legal rules, he wasn’t supposed to be in ladies compartment.

We decided to stand rather to sit.
Between do you know,‘Why there are seats or compartment in train blocked for ladies?’
For those who thinks that women are today working shoulder to shoulder with men and with that their responsibility is over there. I shall appreciated if men bring down their ego meter a bit and behave like a gentleman. The reserved seat for woman is so that ladies to feel secure and comfort. Since our men are often so uncivilised, that sometimes they just forget to be human. They forget to give respect and dignity the woman deserves.
And very often we women forget and ignore to demand our own rights just for the sake of the convenience.

Anyways, we were standing and talking about our making of reports and daily stuff. Suddenly a woman sitting few steps far said, ‘this is a ladies compartment and men/boys are not allowed’. I was so surprised, when big men get into the compartment these ladies hardly ever say anything. Some young men even misbehaved with them but these ladies never protested. And just as one sheep walk other sheep follows, similarly one woman said and other women also started saying. Legally they were correct and there is not two thought for it. But why two rules for same people.

My friend kept asking me not get engaged into any argument with them but how long could I hold feeling. Finally there was a reply to their fierce tongue. Just then I brook my silence. I said, “What wrong is this boy doing to you, he is not disturbing you by any means, nor he have occupied any seat of your, neither he pushed any one of you with his shoulder or pinched any one of you. And just because he is a young teen boy standing quietly at the corner you are yelling on him like this. Why don’t you point finger when big old men get into ladies compartment, they even sometimes misbehave with you all, isn't it? ”

Finally there was a pin drop of silence.
After the out-pour, it felt this was something I wanted to tell them since the first day I got into this last local train.
There will be 90% of people not agreeing with me on this note.
Sure it was against the rule and regulations.
Definitely I was not supposed to support on this issue.
I agree!
But I don’t regret having supported the right person, especially when it wasn’t his fault at all.

I opened my eyes, since all my songs of the ipod were over and I had almost reached my home. That troublesome guy got down some place when my eyes were close. Everything was so usual and just as typical as always.
Soon I got down my stop. Walking back to home I realised, a long time have been passed ever since then, almost a decade. Yet I do not regret my stand.

Definitely if someone is my friend I shall stand for him/her any ways the wave of support be.
And one more thing sometimes no matter how polite and sweet you are, you needs to be bold enough to make decisions and stick to them. Being rude and aggressive is no fun, yet sometimes one needs to have a fiery tongue to get out of the sticky situation!

  • This is my personal opinion, you need not agree on everything.
  • No matter what I have written about a place and people, I still love that city and have special bonding with it. I love India and all these silly incidents make my bond with people, city and culture more intact.
  • There is no disrespect for anything or anybody in the above post, just an experience being shared with my opinion.
  • You have whole right to celebrate and share your opinion and ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts and incidents while travelling.

The picture above is taken from the movie Dil se featuring Prity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan.

~ Keep the Spark Alive..
~ Celebrating City life!
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16 December, 2011

It didnt work out - Relationship

Relationships are very delicately spontaneous.
This post is dedicated to one of my very sweet friend*!
“Holding spark inside you makes you strong,
Yet sometimes letting it go makes you Spark!”

S Since you never know how other person shall react and watching other person how you are going to react. Or will you choose to not see the consequence and prefer to act the way you feel it right. There is a huge scope of possibilities, one must not ignore the probabilities of the relationships.

Let's live or leave them gracefully!

Any broken relationship leaves lots of bitterness around.
But one needs to see the positive aspect that it wasn’t that cruel when things turned upside down. If the relationship were meant to be worked out then despite of all hassles it would have carried a smooth journey.

Yet if now it does not work, it was meant to be that way.
Few things like clothes, jobs, adjusting to a new place and some relationships do not work out.
No sugar coating, let’s realize the simplest explanation of life, certain things doesn’t work out.
And this is absolutely normal.
  • Remember anything happening in your life leaving you pondering upon scattered things is for the reason that is it ensues for your good; occur for your upbringing and arise for your growth.

When we buy a knife, sometimes it is nice but difficult to use, sometimes it cuts fingers while cutting vegetables, sometimes one uses certain techniques to make it work and sometimes the knife works is just fine! Same goes with the relationships! Sometimes one need to put lots of efforts and sometimes it’s just fine.

However one thing is determined, knife is the basic need while cooking and so as one need to be in relationship to feel the warmth, that's perhaps is basic Being Human!

Don't let one incident ruins your kind sweet nature.
Believe in Love. Between I love YOU!!

There are trillions of taboos to fear.
The society makes it for its convenience.
Those taboos are enough to break you down when you are week. And from time to time it will be brought up into your notice until it makes you feel lost. It’s you who need to be strong and smart enough to understand and take a stand. Never let others or any situation to make you feel deprived.

Why it happened to you?
Actually it just happened and nobody choose it for you. However things are meant to be learned. There is no such thing as good or bad moments.
  • One has this power to change the worst moment of his/her life into the best turning point of life.
  • One also have this ability to spoil the best moment of the life with just one silly do.
You can dwell for ages and feel sad or you can be a motivation for life and move forward against all tides and sail away as a winner in life.

Good healthy relationships are the catalyst of cheer and charm which will definitely reflect on your face and in your thoughts.
And when they turn up bitter, overshadowing and complicated, it’s the right time to focus on something better in life. One Life! Live it at your best and do not crib for something silly which you cannot control.

You need to choose what you wish to cherish.
Certainly you have this chance to celebrate life!
The more you value life the more the life gives you back the praise.

Was it a mistake in the beginning or a blunder later on?
You will never understand why it ended up this way or what exactly the reason was?
Probably there is plenty of other a lot of wrong things you never understand.
Why there is hurt?
Why there is so much pain?
Why there are rolling tears?
And why now there is a unconditional rain?
  • There is no reason to believe everything you do or aspire for won’t work out.
  • Perhaps, there is definitely no reason to believe you are lacking in something good.

Sometimes there are moments one cannot control the circumstances and shuffling of time.
You need not be a miraculously genius to comprehend and mug up everything.
Little then we knew that the life have its own way to teach you something worth.
And we must learn to let it go.
Let it go smoothly like an ocean wave and let the new tide comes back touching your feet in gratuity!

  • Take this opportunity to create an art of your own and show the colours you got to flaunt.
  • Crop up the picture of your life as you want it to look beautiful and wise.

Sometimes when children fail in exams or class, there will be certain group of people who will blame them or their parents for their poor performance. But the people who love will then say; “it’s okay, study harder next time. You can repeat the class with new friends until and unless you have a focus to work hard.” So it okay, we all lose or gain at certain point of our life. We all have our own kind of battles to fight for. Indeed my dear friend you are not alone.

  • Let’s not dwell in hardship but strive for excellence.

It didn't work out - take it easy - it’s okay to be a bit plum and have curves!
Celebrate YOU!
Wish you lots of Creativity Curves, ebb and flow!
Set yourself free for only good, for something greater!
Focus for something that make you heart happy and that is something which will work and most important Compliment YOU.

Bring back my darling YOUR quote of Life, “I’m my Happiness” and know how heavenly you are blessed in many little ways! You will sure see the assent in the eyes of your parents, consent in the care of your friends!

Dear Readers need your best wishes and blessing for my sweet friend!~ Keep the Spark ALive..

The picture above is taken from the movie 'No One killed Jessica' featuring Vidya Balan.
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15 December, 2011

I want a gift for Christmas - 11 days to go

  • Prose written for the Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 58 (December 15-December 21, 2011)
This is a venture for every week on Thursday dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. Venture called as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

Some precious faces
Some giggles and laughter
Some enriching sweet smile
A dash of creamy sweet potatoes!

Some colourful light
Some candles scent
Some delighting flowers
A piece of mellow marshmallow draws!

Some kindness
Some appreciation
Some beautiful decoration
Our joy will never cease celebration.

You betcha!
I’m only shyly hinting
I just love gifts and chocolate pudding
Any little or giant gift, even a candy box gratify!

Cherish people of our life
With unexpected gifts - memories to treasure
Cheering each day is a sweet surprise this auspicious season.
A wonderful hug is a warmth wrapped gift, I perhaps desire, this Christmas!

Picture above is taken from the MovieLove Actually featuring Hugh Grant.

~ Wish you all, my dear friends and sweet readers, a very Beautiful warm Christmas!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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11 December, 2011

covert affair - Haiku

A Haiku 5-7-5 written for Haiku Heights - Prompt # 98 - Covert

appeared Care in veils
flashed out of the Bolted doors
vice Covert Abuse!

  • There is numerous kind of abuse. Yet not always yelling or hitting hard is only left abuse. Someone might just ignore you, be rude and rough with you are considered equal cruelty. And obviously you know that you are being insulted for nothing and utterly abused!
  • But covert abuse is subtle and disguised by actions that might appear to be normal, at times loving and caring. Covert abuse leaves you with doubts, insecurity, feelings of foolishness, jealousy and acts of mysteriously strange frightening.
  • Yet most of the time one never take any action against it, being in uncertainty of circumstances and fluctuation partner's behaviours. They are simply so unsure due to their own lack of insight into their feelings.Same things get repeated and the situation gets worst.
  • Though such victims may experience the abuse on every single little moments turning into weird issue. They will still keep wondering if abuse is occurring at all, indirectly weakening the bond of the relationship.
read more about Covert Abuse..a serious crime....

The picture above is taken from the Hindi Movie Videsh featuring Prity Zinta.
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08 December, 2011

Sometimes words are not enough - Thoughts to ponder

This beginning of new month December, a venture for every week on Thursday is dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. So I shall call this venture as 'November Rain', showering just the best of every thing in the coming days!

When he was trying to praise her, he tried giving examples of little beautiful things in life existed. Not that he was comparing but he was making an attempt to give the best suitable definition.
Such was the beauty!

When she was upset and crying in pain, she could not speak her sorrow or explain him, how badly it hurts! Only this she said was, ‘one understands only when one is going through such betrayal’.
Such was the pain!

When they were celebrating the sweet moment of life together, they smiled, blushed and blessed. Unparalleled moment of joy couldn’t be described in words!
Such is the happiness!

He stood by her side in rain and sunshine. She would have broken if he was not that supportive and encouraging. Appreciating and saying thanks in words are not enough for the care taken.
Such is the gratitude!

Indeed there are many instances in life when you are actually dumbstruck.
It’s not that you cannot talk or speak fluently. You certainly think a lot. There are infinite thoughts and boundless lines for that one feeling you want to put across. But honestly you know that you just miss words to put in right sequence to reflect the best of the feelings.

You wonder about grammar, adjectives, adverbs and beautiful synonym to convey certain thoughts.
And you a literate though nothing seems generous and you are literally lost in such awe moments!

The best of purest strong emotion are supreme and unreasonable to be depicted in words.
Any form of example set is just not adequate, making it difficult to describe the emotions! There are millions of harmonizing influences of inspiring words and more multiplied sacred sounds in different languages, yet they are not just sufficient sometimes!

The feeling to miss someone badly, cannot be explained in words how deeply one cares.
No poetry or song can explain the love one has for someone, who only prays for the best; loved one should posses. May be this is the reason; despite of many accomplished creative work of arts, pious souls painted, writers wrote, musicians composed... people are still trying best to invent new lines, recreate the fascination of aura with decent definitions for the ecstasy that might just replicate the true state of mind and heart. (I’m also striving and struggling each day to express the best way I can and this post is again one of my sincere effort to put across my humming thought..)

Sometimes just one word touches the heart cords and sets the whole attachment into a strong bond. Words are powerful and can instantly change life. Words can hurt and words can heal. But beyond the powerful realm of words and valuable sounds as a strong form of expressions. Whether within our own thoughts, verbally spoken or in written form, we stand sometimes speechless with grace in eyes, glory in soul and prayer in heart portraying true emotions.

That’s the time when, words are just not enough to express the best true sentiments!
One must learn to differentiate between text and thoughts...
Not everything which is written or read is actually felt, yet every single thought that passes through your mind in the split of second signify feeling!

Perhaps, the gestures and a simple attitude that is moving and are sometimes just more than words to add that missing warmth in hearts and leave a mark on memory.

It's when I don't require speaking my mind.
Because frankly I’m in a right mind state and won't be able to say straight.
And I don't want you to wait to listen to my narration!
All I need just a warm hug and a sweet smile that mend my day.

And just in case if I give you a hug first, hope you see that smile with a blink and understand the whole motive behind the simple affectionate act.
While words fall short to convince the feelings, gestures speak often aloud silently!

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04 December, 2011

Love is a dream - mini Love Story

This is a series of love. ~ For I don’t Hate-Love Story!
We met and I knew you would fall for me.
Well that was my presumption; it went the other way round.

But then he did call yesterday morning.
He asked me out, but was it a date? I was so confused then...

~ Cafe ~

As fixed time and place, we met in a cafe and sipped together our first coffee. Ever since then I had been a big fan of coffee though being a tea-lover. There was no guitar tunes or piano rhythm, still the thumbing of my heart beat was enough of artful music to excite me.
Looking around people sitting and having a good time, I looked dumb struck with lost words to start the conversation. Usually, I'm quite a talkative person and getting into any conversation, giggling comes easily to me.
But don’t know why I was feeling so conscious then!
Isn't it right to hang around with friend? LOLs! The beginning itself is so screwed with this friends tag!

“It’s a beautiful day!” I instantly bluffed believing that he will ignore my dumbness right that moment, since I'm not like this always! .......ahhh Today, was definitely so special and speechless I was proving it every passing moment!

I liked this guy for several months and we used to hang out with our other friends. We were not really great friends but sure we shared something uncommonly common between us that today we are sitting facing each other sipping coffee.

Of course you were responsible for that, I murmured without his notice.
“Now, he had good sense of humour, was smart enough and had excellent conversation skills. This guy was hot! This is definitely a bonus to everything!”

It was a slow start but it had that magical spark which can be proclaimed as a good talk.
We started sharing our few remarkable life incidents and few embarrassing moments too. I was surprised to see how he had planned the whole day. A coffee time, followed by a lovely movie latter some shopping to still keep me up lively and finally a lavishing dinner at my suggested restaurant.
Ah! It was not just the sweet friendship...sure it was more than that any fool could make out. But neither I’m a fool nor am I smart enough to believe on pretentions. Until he does not say it...I get into no concrete conclusions.
“If you love me baby, you got to show me and say me simultaneously that I’m being loved!” I stick to my old rule-book.

At the most I assumed that he was truly a gentleman and sure treats any lady with charm and care, ultimately which is the most important gesture in any kind of meeting, and I appreciate that truly!

~ Shopping ~

We decided to go for the shopping first. Actually it was my decision. Why to keep the best for last?
So moving on to the best part of the day, Shopping!
First time in life, I thought I had nothing to buy, I had everything....ahhh let me complete my whole filmy line, “I need nothing to buy since I have you, My Love!”
Well I did buy little stuff here and there on the streets.
And he was helping me by holding the shopping bags while I was still busy in bargaining.

I was just trying to divert my mind from the coffee table.
Every time I blinked, I saw his eyes.
I was so much occupied by his thoughts and this was creating a complete new notion of emotion into me. I cannot take it for granted; when this sweet guy has asked me to only hang around like good friend!
But honestly ‘ignorance is bliss’ sometimes.
That hide-n-seek of acknowledging my feeling for him while I still pretended looking busy in shopping was so beautiful. I clandestinely looked at him from behind the shopping bags. It was beautiful to see him, how he didn’t get annoyed moving with me from one shop to other and finally buying from the first shop I saw the stuff earlier.

Between this was also a good way to see, what his taste was like.
From shoes to earrings, I took his opinion on everything. His positive outlook was shining! I was having a great time and it was a good day for him too. That’s what I presumed anyways, it was his plan to take me for shopping!

~ Movie ~

Then moving on to the movie, which movie...Ah! Just any mediocre movie, he just wanted to consume the time schedule. What an efficient act! I thought, he wanted to spend some good time with me and watching movie, sitting next to each other was a beautiful endeavour.

Whatever could have been his thought, I still feel it was one of the best times so far.
Sitting next to each other, giggling and often trying to find a chances to whisper into ears to get closure!
It was so cute!
And just when I was enjoying that darkness of the hall with some splits of light rays of the movie, I felt something. There was a sudden current running into body. It was the damn touch of his rubbing shoulder. Secretly, I wished if he would hold my hand, play with fingers...But I think I was rushing into my expectation. It was just by chance a little touch but it made my day I guess.
Who watches the movie when you have your crush sitting next to you that too so handsome one? I loved the way he brought pop-corn, coke and water for me considering my preference.

Moment by moment, action by action, all the while he was proving to the best! I was already so impressed.

And while the movie was still running into its pace of the climax, I was busy dreaming about our future together. How we gonna live together? How will our family react to our decision? Which dress will I wear in the wedding reception and finally how our kids gonna look like?
Everything seemed so right with him around. Was this moment like ‘This is it!’
“How was it?” he asked me shuddering my hand.
The movie was over so as the dream.
And my brain is genius making real movies out of nothing. Welcome to reality, gorgeous!

~ Dinner ~

Way to our dinner!
I was still dreaming, couldn’t believe I could think so much.
"How could you...?" I yelled!
He bewildered looking at me asked what was I asking! I replied softly, ‘Nothing!’
Goodness! I marvelled so much but the fact is I don’t even know that is this my first date or we still hanging around as “Just good friends”!

We reached the restaurant and ordered our food.
Mean while, just summing up the day and cherishing good moments.
Now it was dim lights, delicious smelling pasta and awesome crisp garlic bread.
"Flirtini" for him, which is a flirtatious cocktail with the elegance of Champagne and vodka with the fresh, muddled pineapple in the tulip. I just wished if he would be a less gentleman all the time and flirt light with me now after drinking this cocktail.
We ended our dinner with ‘Death with Chocolate’, a kind of dessert within itself blends chocolate ice cream, syrup and dash of vodka and coffee liqueur and tops off with whipped cream and a cherry.

It was a soul satisfying food and a superb day supposing ending.

This is a day which shall be cherished throughout my life, I wonder. If it is a date than then there are still few more surprises to unfold. But if we are having a good time, I just wish and pray to have more of good time together. Well that’s like an optimistic, I praised thyself silently but craving for more!

~ Back Home~

He being a true gentleman came to leave me till my home almost at the correct time considering my family would worry about me if it gets late. Streets were subsequently busy. It was almost dark and street-lights were quite bright for the late-evening. We smiled a lot. And I blushed a lot. I was just pondering how he could not notice this glow on my face while I talk to him. Or is it just too much of expectation for the day. The day was perfect and I couldn’t ask for more.

One star was shining bright in the sky in the east. He handed over my shopping bags. We like good friends, said good-bye. That was good enough for a beautiful starry night to start with twinkle reverie.

Just when I reached my home, I realised I was still into the little moments we spend together whole day.

Well I couldn’t ask for more as promised but I could dream a little more.
Same like it happens in movies, I felt like singing, dancing and flying high. I opened my balcony doors. The night was really beautiful with cool breeze blowing curtains.

Was it a date? Will we spend time together again? Are we really just good friends? Such weird numerous questions passed my mind in a split second.

And my phone rang, it was him,
“I forgot to tell you, I had great time today with you!” he said.
This is it...he is a man with few words indeed!

“Even I loved being with you..I mean it was a good time!” I said desiring him to say more, something really sweet...
I...umm...I..truly like you..ever since the day we first time met.” He said after a bit of pause.

And a hidden beneath piles of ignorance, plea heard.
I was in such an awe phase that I couldn’t utter a word and spoil the whole love scene.

I wondered dreaming in the dark silent night. Only thing which was not right at that moment was that he had not even any wild idea that I had fallen for him.

...Cute love story have many Comical moments to Celebrate and Cherish.
And further the worst thing was that I was dreaming and there was a dream into my dreams.
Cute love story usually have many comical moments.
And that’s where my own cute love story unfolded.
A center folded miracle which blossoms into dreams of bliss...!
Love is like a dream which cannot be explained!
Strange yet sweet are those dreams!

The photo above is taken from the movie, 'I hate luv story' featuring Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan.
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01 December, 2011

Talking to you is like

This beginning of new month December, a venture for every week on Thursday is dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. So I shall call this venture as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

Talking to you feels like summer vacation,
In the park playing on swings-set, slides and seesaw!
How much I loved going up on the swing with a slight push you gave...
And when the gust of cool breeze rove in hair replicated the same emotion each time you said a word in my ears...Oh! I didn't know it was secrete, you meant and I assure you, I did maintain!

And when every time my bare feet go up on the swing brushing softly the green grass below...touching the blue sky above almost the sunset horizon,
It seemed as if each word you said was an echo for a while in the aura!
Your simple stories with such poetic lines conclude with crystalline sweetness sublime!
Leaning for love and value for life's more overlooked oozing little joy of that summer evenings!
You said ‘Say that you can sing too’, urging my soul to shape up a little more
But I saw, you sang more than you said...proclaiming silently that ‘You're blessed!’
And I say,‘You're the best!’

Years fluttered yet feel like Yesterday..

Same summer scent, same breeze and same blue sky with same soaking rain of tears standing under the tranquil Gulmohar tree!
Without a blink I see, I feel the whole wonderful notion right in front of my eyes.
Me dancing and you singing the tune so incomplete yet with a merry melody node,
As I grow old they say memory does get lost slowly but Ah! I bet some memories never fade!

Never thought you would turn up as a serious sincere singer some day
The silver lining nights lines, surprisingly singing sweetly as sunshine!
And I still see my breath believing in you,
And my heartbeat dancing for you,
And thyself tapping feet at your guitar tune!
Vibrant vibrating guitar wires with your fingers,
Roaring proud to see you, sitting in the first row
Watch my little star, childhood sweetheart grow as rapture RockStar!
But to me, you still sound like a song to me...while you say those small silly stories!

Picture above is taken from the movie 'Rockstar' featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri
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