25 March, 2007


I still remember my life's third school "K.V.(IOC);Noonmati,Guwahati(Assam) where i did my education from class 8th to class 12th.

This is where we had a small group of girls having funn..

The group that began wit the team of 6people..bt at last only 4 lasted in touch with eachother..
and ofcoarse myself..
The group was named as "M!STERIOUS G!RLS..only MG's"

SOME MOMENTS STILL CHERISHED..chill out places of our school
This is the link to my school ..

Well i really cant 4get thE canteen of our school...too small but enough to relish our needs...my group of friends[Preeti, Tanushree, Payal, Afreen,
Trishani, Sridevi, Palak... Suparna,
Namita, Shahana, Shahanara, Karabi, Jaya..]
used to alwaz hang around the canteen...eatting "CHANAAs"..and even those oily Samosas..Imagine we used to ask our friends to giv us a treat of CHANNA..hahhaaa....
infact channa ws so fav. dat even while going to the tution in class XI & XII at sector-2..we dint forget to eat it on the streets..

well we also enjoyed talking in the LIBRARY...

when sir ws nt around HINDI KAKSH...ws grt to sit n ponder things...and time spent in the CHEMISTRY,BIO,PHYSIC labs ws awsome doing the experiments..

Above all the best chill out i used to hav ws in MY OWN CLASS..u knw why i say this...its actually bcoz. we gals n guys used to hav antakshri competition and we all shouted the lines of the songs...we had really some gud singers..i remb....Payal,Tanushree,Preeti....Bitu..they r truly grt singer...and i ws .......i am still a person that can only REMIX...dat means...jst horrible singer..


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