02 January, 2008

Mission Kashmir - redirect to Paradise.

Kashmir have always out shined as the jewel crown of India studded like diamonds on the Great Himalayan Ranges inspiring many poets, photographers, artists and above all the Bollywoodwith its enchanting natural beauty.

Very well said in Kashmiriproverb,that means "The world is a theatre of love", and surely it gets reflected in the twinkling eyes of Kashmir People

India being a place where each state have its own unique language and distinct warm culture, Kashmir in its own simple way poses all the best cards to support the tourism. People from all over the world come India only to visit and feel the magic of Kashmir despite the hassle of terrorism. When you move in the valley on the zig-zag roads, with serene smell of flowers , almost for that moment one forget the pain and anguish suffered by the people. The composed voice of locals often gets translated through the art and craft which is so beautiful and colourful.

The tranquil passes in the breeze, felt sitting in the shikarain the Dal Lake and watching Himalayas covered with white snow. The beauty is simply incomparable to any place in the world.One feels God's presence in the nature which is indeed the strength of the region. Hence we call it "Kashmir-Paradise on Earth".

I believe that the road to a tourist-filled Kashmir goes through "Gulmarg". A mountains famous for Snow Skiing, accelerating with the best quality of snow, with the competitors like Switzerland and France. My Friends made a trip to Gulmarg for the adventurous skiing, and the brought the beauty capturing it in their cameras, its aura. Even though I have not visited J&K, I got very much moved by just watching the pics..and wished to visit the place soon..

The colour and culture of Kashmir some how really fascinates me but at the same time to visit the region..I have to every time rethink of the decision keeping in view of the consequences and past history that still follows in the day to day of there life. Call it as the security status, which often peeps into the first few pages of the newspaper..or say it the mercury this New Year 2008, dipped to deepest minus degrees in last two decades.

I might be having many excuses to not to visit J&K but , interestingly I have got one very big reason to visit it, is that its pleasing food. Authentic Kashmiri cuisine, traditionally known as "Wazwan" really fascinates me. I learnt about this cuisine a long back during my IHM days. The traditional number of courses for the wazwan is thirty-six. Which includes some of the rich variety of dishes like, seekh kababs, methi korma, tabak maaz, Zafrani murg,Rogan Josh served along with heap or rice and Yakhni Pulao(rice preparation). Robust flavours of the spices like–cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, saffron makes the food so lavishing and delicious.

"Kahwah", the green tea prepared with saffron, spices and almonds, is my favorite drink, as its washes all the oil from the throat leaves with the soothing warmth of flavoured tea. Indeed the moment, the first gulp, goes in... all I wonder is this is simply Heaven.

We often find many loops and uncertainty in the system while traveling J&K, forcing us to every time rethink t0 travel there. There have been many studies on this major issue, the tourism of J&K, and resulting into a vacuum situation every time. Hence, here we made a SWOT analysis, of the region Gulmarg. A simple analysis yet with strong strategies and thoughts to ponder on, Identifying the Strenghts , Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Keeping SWOT in mind, we can improve on our strenghts, rectify our weakness, work on the opportunities ahead and take firm major steps for the threats. (plz download the ppt file of Gulmarg-SWOT analysis, given below.)

I shall start my journey "MISSION KASHMIR" in the valley of flowers, breeze and warmth soon because being an artist I dont want to miss the beautiful, coloureful picture made by God, to be unseen and unexplored

Enjoy Travelling..!


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