19 January, 2008

Things You Didn't Know About Me

Things and funny facts you might not have known about me, here it goes on demand:
  • My mom as at my age now 24 was already taking care of one yr. old baby girl which is me. My pet name "Umi", was kept by my papa, he too being very creative in his own way, thoughts to have its each letter represents their presence. "U" represents my father’s name Updesh and "M" represents my mom’s name Meera. I guess next letter “I” stands as I, me to Myself.. I like coincidences, and this particular numerology about my name and birthday is simple wonderful. I was born on 7th September which is the 9th month of the year, and believe it or not, but my name also consists of same numbers. My first name “R-A-C-H-A-N-A” has 7 letters and my surname “S-H-A-K-Y-A-W-A-R” has 9 letters.
  • I traveled in India over 23 years. Lived in all the major four directions of the country, including the core center of India. I'm Indian! An Integrated Indian!Almost4276.26834 miles

    The of directions is North-West-East-Centeral-South. From, Mathura, my birthplace to Baroda(Gujarat), studied from Std. I-VII, the heading towards Guwahati(Assam) where I completed my schooling and getting my bachelor degree in Hotel Management, and further to Gwalior(M.P.) where I did my MBA. And finally to Bangalore shift after Marriage.

    Hence, am experienced of almost the major ethnic cultures of India, which works as a huge strength, being a Tourism Student.
  • Indian flag having a "Chakra/Wheel" with its 24 spokes, which intends to show that there is life in movement and death in stagnation, was sometime in my childhood I believed that the spokes represented the number of "States" in India, as during that time there were total 24 States. There was no "Uttranchal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and above all the status of Delhi to "national capital territory" was not there.
  • I got introduced to computer almost 15 years ago, playing games and studied as a subject in school. But I got my first laptop, in year 2001, brand-IBM and the Window program I worked there in was SmartSuite-2000, which often made me difficult in working on normal MS-Windows. But that laptop gave me ability to handle well the lappe, in fact I got my control over MS-Paintbrush, and painted around 20 mater-pieces. (Ref. to http://www.freewebs.com/rachanashakyawar/ ).
    Today I have another laptop, which is brand-HP again 19months old and its working with wonders. But interesting I poses one more connection with computer ever since last 5months, that is I have a Computer-Software Engineer/Husband.

  • It’s been long back when Archies introduced publicly in India with its Gallery of greeting cards and other gift accessories. It was something like revolution of Yr.1995, where all started greeting on seasons, particularly on the Indian festivals and ethnic occasions with its fascinating greetings. It was the same era when I was having my thoughts over expressing through sketching. I started making my own greeting cards for my friends and family. I gave it a commercial name “Rachi Creations” which was very much inspired by Archies Greeting Cards. My first name RACHANA which is in Hindi language, have its English meaning as “Creation”. Thus it became Rachi Creations..
  • Childhood is the time to grow a passion for things and hobbies. Collecting coins and stamp are some of the common yet interesting hobbies. So, even I had a collection. But in my case it was Pebbles and stone which I found walking down the streets or just playing in sand gave me huge variety and excitement for the colorful, nice, smooth, tiny, cool pebbles. They have always inspired me. Don't get surprised! As even today walking down the lane, my eyes search for that tiny one. "
  • If you were to buy me a drink I'd have Orange Juice. I don't like aerated water like Coke, Pepsi , coca-cola etc. Although recently I have stared having few gulps of Sprite, which more tastes like lemonade! I am also very much chocoholic, so if I drink milk than Bournvita is compulsory. And coffee is something I am very much addicted to.
  • Orange is my favorite fruit and my favorite color. Again one more coincidence.
  • Being a Girl, shopping comes very easy to me but I like to have a market survey, before buying the product. The matter of fact is , I might even postpone my shopping list if I don't find what I am exactly looking for.
  • When I seriously like some movie or just a t.v. show, I feel as if it should have more extended series. Hence I luved the movie "Sister's Act-I,II" , Home Alone, Harry Potter.
  • I have to have the last word !
  • I love Elephants! But unfortunately I don’t have any at my home . I look forward getting one as my pet soon.
  • I feel enriched! Life is bountiful. Ah yes, I am often seen doing the flamenco and applauding my own ass. Dontcha you love to do it?
~ OK..that's it for now...I apologize in advance because I'm not sure this is really all that interesting. But as an aside, I believe there is so much of silly yet cute in my own way expressions and things in my life.
~ I hope this blog shall also have an extended series of the things you don't know about me.


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  2. Here is the Part-2 of this blog on demand; enjoy knowing more with this link.

  3. thanks for sharing Rachna!!!

    Keep writing & Keep the spark alive!


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