13 January, 2008

A Window to the Past - a bicolor painting

A trail into black and white has been really very much deeper than what I expected. What I love about this Zebra-colour painting, with its beautiful curves, patterns and designs. Because this painting is different than what usually people make, I shall tag it as “Unconventional ART but in the willful way.” Almost all colours fade in front of this bicolour painting.

I appreciate, and heartily thanks for this piece of Art and the written thought process given by the creator to publish in the blog.

" Well…where to start? All I could say is that it is my first painting ever…I thought I was a goner in these type of artworks but there you are….the owner of this blog said it could be worth something so here it is…..I call this genre as weird artwork…..as you see that I never ever liked what you all call ‘modern art’…..its just plain, ugly….and a little sad(if truth to be told)…so what’s better then to start a new style….I’ve experimented and here is the result…..maybe you wont like it.

I’ve really tried to make this painting as eye catching as I could….wanted to be sure to make this absolutely memorable. Idea was hovering in my mind for quite a few weeks which then took shape and presently in this form.

I want to dedicate this painting to an anonymous person who made me a much better person, untapped the bitter face of life for me….my life then was never same as before. Look up closely ….I’ve painted her name somewhere…

Between you and me….particularly this painting mean a lot to me…gazing towards it opens a window to the past…..all memories, pain, endurances becomes more clear then ever before .I’ve put all my effort, my imagination, my pains, grief and sorrow to my first painting and very soon I am going to make a new one which would be greater and better then the debut. Look for it.

Please mail me your thoughts and your suggestions at- nations_of_dominations@hotmail.com , will surely love to hear from you. "

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