26 April, 2008

art lover - discovers Mona Lisa

check this:"GreenValleyScenery"

Imagine making a painting without messing up with your hands in colours. Some shall say its impossible but others like me believe it is possible.

If you are a bit computer freak and can do painting on MS-Paint or Adobe, you can play with colors. But definitely it’s going to be tiring to have hand in having perfection with your creativity.

I have been good in painting ever since my childhood. During my school days I was able to have nice control on my painting strokes on MS-Paint. I created my own website with my brand name Rachi Creations..”, in which all my MS-Paint creations are displayed. And as the saying goes “Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”, each of my painting went with loads of emotions, colors and creativity.

Recently when I was surfing Internet, came across a very wonderful site for painting ARTPAD .This site is exclusively for the people who either don’t know how to paint or the one who don’t like to draw.

I am pretty sure that after the people try their one paint stylish stroke on this abstract canvas will fall in love with colors. It’s definitely a user’s friendly site. One doesn’t need to worry about making mistakes as there is an unlimited “Undo” option. Moreover taking risk and doing the unconventional is the first major step in any creative work one does.
Creativity comes naturally without any sweet or frown on the forehead. It cannot be taught or learnt. It’s is definitely a God-Gifted talent. But ones you are familiar to this site and tools to work on surely you will love to call yourself a painter. And believe me there is nothing wrong in thinking so.
This site also have one interesting feature, that is whatever one paints making perfect curves and strokes this the abstract paint brush shall be saved as a data. And latter one can “Replay” the painting from the beginning. The speed of the replay can be adjusted. It shall show how the beautiful perfect painting has merged so well from those few shaky strokes and splash of green, white, blue and other colors.

This is my first attempt on this site creating “Green Valley scenery”. Though my hand is not so good with water-colors but my first painting on this site have turned amazing, which I dint expect. The colors merged so well with each stroke, gave me immense pleasure while painting. I am sure that you people will also enjoy making portraits or a simple abstract painting.

So don’t hassle much and move on with this rocking site to paint. Discover your hidden talent, be an Art Lover and you will notice your “Mona Lisa” smiling.

Check these LINKS:

ART Gallery.com


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